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Reasons why. by stickyfingers
Chapter 1 : Beginnings.
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There's a package at the door for me. Not a fancy package, just a plain brown box with my name on it which was fairly light.

"Maman, what's this?" I asked mum, pointing an elegant finger towards the brown box.

"How would I know? Et ez for you, ez it not?" Mum asked, flicking a strand of blonde hair from her perfectly smooth face.

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I picked up the box with my two hands and shut the door with my hip, and made my way towards the kitchen, where the stairs to go upstairs were.

"Oh, A package! Dom darling, thanks for bringing it in for me." Victoire, my older sister cooed, reaching for the box.

Pulling it away from her clutching hands, I frowned.

"Vic, its for me." I told her and pushed past her, stomping my way up the stairs. Walking into my bedroom, I grinned. It was my safe haven, where I go to find peace.

My bedroom walls were black with bright colors splattered over the walls. The floor was strewn with things like clothes, books, shoes, make up, you name it. By my bedside table, there is a photo of Rose.

Anywhere around the house, you will see the same photo of her. In the kitchen, in the lounge, the bathroom, the garage, my room, Louis's room, Vic's room, mum and dads room. I don't even want it in my fucking bedroom.

Placing the box on my bed, I looked at it for a couple of minutes, taking it all in. I wanted to saver the moment, it wasn't like I got packages every day.

But the curiosity took over and in seconds I had ripped it open and tipped the contents over my bed.

I frowned yet again, there on my bed, were cassette tapes. Muggle cassette tapes.

"What.." I trailed off, examining the tapes thoroughly.

They were normal cassette tapes, with numbers on the corner, painted by pink nail polish.

Remembering I had a portable cassette player somewhere, I dug around my room before finding it under my bed.

Scrambling for the tape that had #1 on one side, #2 on the other, I popped it in and pressed paused, also putting the headphones in my ears.

Closing my eyes, I lent back on my bed. What would be on this tape? I had no clue, so the only thing I could do was press play.

"Hello, boys and girls. Its me, Rose Nymphadora Weasley. I'm back, bitches."

No way. I couldn't believe it. Was this someone's some sort of a sick joke? My first reaction was to puke.

"Some of you are confused, I get that. 'Why would Rose Weasley send out a bunch of tapes before she died?' You might ask yourself. Well.. Here's the answer. You all know I died. You all think you might know why I died, but you don't, so here I am telling you why. If you got sent these tapes, you're one of the reasons why."

AN: yeah yeah, another story that's probably not going to go anywhere. Its a crossover from Jay Asher's fabulous book; 13 reasons why.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize either belongs to queen Rowling, or Jay Asher. I don't even own the plot.

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Reasons why. : Beginnings.


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