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T.E.C.H.:- Part Two:- The Pirion Affair. by magicmuggle01
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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From the deep dark depths of space, just beyond the Earths moon, a small space craft fly’s at speed through Earths Solar system, flashes of light could be seen exploding around it as it followed a zig zag course. The craft shuddered as the occasional shot hit the protective shield that surrounded the small space ship. As the craft passes over the Northern Hemisphere of the moon a larger ship comes into view firing its laser cannons, sometimes hitting and sometimes missing the smaller ship it was pursuing.

Between bouts of laser fire a voice could be heard speaking through an intercom,

‘You cannot get away Randew, give up now and you will be well treated. If you don’t things will go badly for you, even more so since your entering the system of a closed world.’

‘What’s the difference’ came back the reply, ‘either I give myself up and come back with you and die or I enter this forbidden system and die. It’s a no win situation either way you look at it, I die anyway. So I think I’ll take my chances with the way things are situated at this time thank you very much. I’ve got more chance of living’

And with those words the pursuing ship renewed its weapons fire, relently bombarding the little ship until one shot got through the protective shielding and hit one of the engines, and with smoke trailing behind it the craft spiralled out of control towards a distant green and blue planet below.

Silvery gladded hands move swiftly over various controls, trying to control the downward spiral of the craft. But all Randew could do was watch helplessly as his small ship hit the planets atmosphere at such speed that it made the outer shell light up like a Christmas tree, and sparks started to fly from one or two of the controls in front of him and he thought to himself,

‘At least if I do die, it’ll be quicker burning up than being held captive by the people pursuing me and possibly being slowly tortured to find out why I escaped from where I was being held and rebelling against my programming.

So, as the planet below loomed closer and closer, all the person in the ship could do was watch on helplessly and think to himself that this was maybe going to hurt a bit.

All he could think about before the end came was what he could remember about his life up to that moment. Firstly he remembered the first moment he was able to feel what life was all about. He remembered being young and being with other beings that were in a similar situation to him. He couldn’t remember who his parents were, if he had asked any questions concerning his birth he’d been fobbed of with some form of answers, such as your special and special people don’t need to worry about that sort of thing.

As he’d grown older and took part in test after test that tested his endurance and his intelligence he’d began to question to himself what it was that he was actually here for. It was when he’d started his combat training that he’d finally realised that he was being trained to kill and he didn’t want to do that, and had decided at the first possible chance he’d try and get away.


A/N. Just a short prologue to introduce part two of my T.E.C.H. series of stories. If you’ve not read part one yet, I’d recommend that you do. I’d make this one a bit more understandable where the time machine is concerned.

Thanks for reading and please leave a review in the box below. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


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T.E.C.H.:- Part Two:- The Pirion Affair. : Prologue


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