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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 17 : Torn between two houses
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A/N: Yep that's right, another update. :-D I just felt so bad that I left it so long before updating this story. So this is for you all who are still reading, and new readers "welcome, how are you?"

This chapter is dedicated to the lovely NymphadoraLupin who has stuck by this story and for her lovely reviews, I really appreciate them :-D


Draco was standing at the bottom of a stairway that led to the great hall, ready for breakfast. He had managed to convince Crabbe and Goyle to meet him in the hall and had brushed aside Blaise’s request for a talk. Instead he had hurried back across the school to near the Gryffindor tower, and there he waited, ready for any nasty remarks, from any other students as to why he was hovering near their tower.


Luckily he had missed Ron, Harry and Hermione on their way to breakfast; he was waiting for someone else.


After a few moments he saw her talking at the top of the stairs with Longbottom, 


‘Go away’ he thought and soon enough Neville was spotted by Seamus and dragged away to breakfast.


Quickly running his fingers through his hair Draco propped himself up against the wall striking a cool pose until she reached the bottom of the stairs


“Good morning” Draco said appearing at Lucida's side, she jumped but when she realised who was talking to her she looked away and continued down to breakfast.


“Aren’t you even going to say hello?” he asked putting his hands in his pockets and turning to look at her


Lucida shook her head and continued walking


“Not even a little smile?”


“Leave me alone Draco”


“Hey I’m not the enemy here you know that”


“Oh leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you!” Lucida said sharply stopping in her tracks to talk to him “I don’t even want to be seen with you!” and she turned to carry on walking


“No matter what you will come back, you crave it too much, you enjoy the rush of excitement” Draco said catching up to her and grabbing for her hand Lucida gasped and then wrenched her hand away from him


“And how do you know what I like?” Lucida snapped, walking away into the great hall


“It’s true!” Draco called after her.


But he knew he couldn’t make too much of a fuss in the hall, so feeling rather frustrated he went to sit down for breakfast.


After a while, Draco found himself buttering his fourth round of toast thinking ‘great I’m as bad as the weasel’ when suddenly a loud hoot came from above, some of the post had arrived


“It’s your owl Draco” Goyle said cheerfully


“Mmm” Draco replied


Watching the large eagle owl land near him on the breakfast table gave Draco a feeling of dread, slowly he put down the butter knife and reached out for the letter attached to the owl’s leg, it squawked loudly causing Crabbe to jump.


Draco sighed as he slowly opened the letter, absent mindedly handing the bird a piece of plain toast from Goyle’s plate




But Draco was too busy reading to watch his owl leave or to answer Goyle’s protest.







            Uncle grows impatient, when are you going to give him his present?

He has collected few so far and it is proving difficult. Your mother and I understand that this is a big thing to ask of you, but we feel that you would be able to manage this. This present is the most important and you understand why…


                           Love from your mother and father”


His father had scrawled, the short letter although harmless from the point of view of others reading it, was full of earnest and determination,


“Oh no” Draco groaned throwing the letter back onto the table and burying his head in his hands


“Something wrong?” Goyle asked through a mouthful of breakfast


Draco sighed and looked up,


“Certainly nothing you could cope with Goyle” and he sighed again snatching back his letter and stuffing it into his pocket., he swiped up his toast and, ignoring Crabbe and Goyle’s questions got up from the table and walked out of the hall,


“Oi!” without thinking Draco had walked straight into someone, it was Dean Thomas


“Watch it will you?” Dean said


“It should have been you watching where you were going Thomas, so get out of my way”




Draco turned around; he really wasn’t in the mood for this


“You alright Dean?” Harry asked, it looked like he had followed Ron out of the hall, for Hermione was walking rather quickly to catch up to them both. ‘Sad loser’ Draco thought, obviously he’d seen Draco follow Lucida into the hall and had wanted to know what was going on.


“Yeah, Malfoy here just needs to borrow your glasses for bit” Dean chuckled, before barging past Draco into the hall.


“Anything else you want to add?” Draco sighed irritably


“You’d better watch yourself on the pitch Malfoy” Ron said taking a step forward


“Ron” Hermione warned


 “We’ll beat you and you know it”


“You know I really am not in the mood for this at all” Draco drawled scratching the back of his neck impatiently.


Ron looked a little taken aback, but quickly covered it up


“Suit yourself” Ron shrugged


“I’ve got better things to think about weasel, so just back off alright?” Draco snapped


Harry looked a little puzzled, Draco was usually up for a bit of banter, but now he seemed almost worried about something ‘oh what do I care!’ he thought


“Fine…see you on the pitch” Harry said, and instead of replying Draco just tutted at him and marched off in the opposite direction.




It was the day of the Quidditch rematch game Slytherin versus Gryffindor, due to cheating on the Slytherin’s half, and Lucida was sitting with Neville Longbottom. It was windy today so she wore a scarf bearing the Gryffindors colours, much to the annoyance of Draco and the joy of Ron.


But she wasn’t wearing the colours for any of them, she was supporting Gryffindor, this was of course her house so she felt she had to support them.


She didn’t feel that much like cheering for anyone so contented herself with sitting in silence.


The game was being seen by several of the team players parents this was due to it being some sort of qualifier for the final, Lucida didn’t really care about scores and qualifiers, she just enjoyed watching the game.


Lucida leant forwards in her seat; her and Neville were sitting in the front row of the stands, and looked over the edge as Lee commentated the match.


As she saw Draco and Ron her stomach gave uncomfortable jolts, the hatred between the two teams had been evident as soon as they got in the air and began the game.


The game was the most violent one that she had seen, most of the time the beaters were hitting players instead of actual bludgers. Madam hooch had to blow her whistle so many times that she had to threaten to forfeit the match if they didn’t behave more civilly. This caused them to act more friendly towards each other.


At the end of the game Lucida walked out of the stand with Neville.


“I’m going to wait here Neville I want to talk to Professor Snape”


“Ok Lucida im gonna go into the great hall, I’ll catch you later on in the common room” Neville smiled and waved as he left.


Lucida smiled and waved back, then turned around and looked out for Snape.


“Hello” someone whispered in her ear


Lucida whirled around and saw Draco standing there still in his Quidditch robes


Lucida glared at him and turned back around


“Are you still ignoring me?”


“What do you think?”


“I think you’re being childish”


Lucida turned back around


“Me being childish? What about you out there on the pitch with your other Slytherin mates”


“Hey Gryffindor were being ‘childish’ too, they started and we reciprocated”


Lucida turned back around and continued looking for Snape; she spotted him talking to the headmaster


“Talking of Quidditch what the hell are you doing wearing a Gryffindor Scarf?”


“See if you knew anything about me Draco or cared about me as you keep saying you do then you would know that im in Gryffindor house”


“I know that but why support them? Why not Slytherin?”


“Because all of Slytherin are scum”


“Now that cuts deep Lucida … what about Snape then? His head of Slytherin is he scum?”


“His the exception … the only exception” she said seeing the look on Draco’s face


Draco shook his head


“Anyway why am I talking to you im ignoring you”


Draco smiled “you can’t stop talking to me for that long, you wanna know why?”


Lucida crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at him.


“Because you love me too much”


Lucida scoffed and turned back around and saw Snape walking towards her.


She walked with him to the castle leaving Draco where he was.


Draco watched them for a second and then turned around and nearly walked into someone


He didn’t say anything and went to walk off


“Manners Draco” the person said


Draco looked up and saw his dad “sorry father”


“Was that her?” Lucius asked looking at Snape and Lucida


“What Lucida? Yeah that was her”


“Well I think I may need to meet her, you shall take me to see her Draco maybe we could arrange something in Severus’s office?”


“That’ll be easy; she’s always in Snapes office”




“Nope his helping her or something”


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


Lucida sat down and put her feet on the desk, Snape pushed them off


“What have I told you about putting your feet on my desk Lucida?” Snape said as he looked through some papers


“Sorry” and she got up and walked around the room,


“What’s the matter?” Snape asked






“Ok everything’s wrong… well not everything … it’s mainly Ron and Draco”


“Oh…what’s been going on now?”


“Well im ignoring them both because their being idiots… to put it nicely…you see

They don’t understand me; they don’t know how I feel or what I think …”


“Maybe you should try opening up to them?”


Lucida rolled her eyes and looked around the room “I cant open up to them, its not that I don’t want to …its just … oh i don’t know”


And she sat down at Snapes desk and put her feet up on it again




“What?” and seeing Snape look at her feet on the desk, moved them saying “oh sorry”


Lucida stared around the classroom and then looked back at Snape


“What are you marking?” she asked leaning over and looking at the pile of parchment




“For what year?”


“Your year … and I haven’t marked yours yet”


“Well of course you’re going to give me an O because my work will be outstanding”


“Yeah outstandingly awful” Snape smiled


“Hey! My works not bad!”


“What did you get for your last bit of homework with me?”


“A Dreadful” Lucida whispered not looking at Snape


Lucida looked at the door when she heard a knock on it


“Enter” Snape said


The door opened and in walked a tall man with long blonde hair


“Lucius, how nice to see you” Snape said as Lucius walked towards his desk


“Hello Severus I was just at the castle seeing the match and thought that it might be

Nice to come see you and …catch up” Lucius smiled and turned to look at Lucida


“Ah … you must be Lucida” Lucius walked over to her and took her hand and kissed it


“Draco’s told me all about you … he tells me that you two have become quite fond of

Each other”


Lucida scoffed “yeah right, as if ill be fond of that idiot”


“Lucida be nice” Snape warned


Lucius surveyed her “well…you might not be fond of him but his very fond of you; you’re all he ever talks about”


Lucida looked at him; if she was all he ever talked about did that mean that he told him about her being a vampire?


“Lucida will you leave us now? I will speak to you later on” Snape said standing up


Lucida walked out of Snapes office and closed the door behind her; she walked down the corridor and saw Draco standing against the wall


“Hey” he said


She ignored him and walked past


He grabbed her arm and made him face her


“You can stop ignoring me now it’s getting annoying”


“What have you been telling your dad about me?”




“What have you been telling him? It better not be about me…” she looked around to see if anyone was there “…being a vampire”


“I haven’t told him about that I swear”


“Then what have you been saying?”


“I’ve just been telling him…how much…I like you”


Lucida rolled her eyes and walked off


“What is wrong now?” he asked her


“You’re what’s wrong Draco, you and Ron … you’re both as bad as each other!”


Draco watched her leave and turned around to see his father standing behind him


“What do you think your doing?” Lucius hissed “you’re meant to be friendly to her not having arguments with her!”


“But father I was being friendly she’s just feeling annoyed and fed up with Weasley”


“You are jeopardising the dark lord’s plan,” Lucius whispered frantically


Draco looked over his father shoulder and saw Snape walking down the corridor,

Lucius turned around and hissed “you go find her Draco and you make this right or I

swear to god … Severus shall we go to the headmasters office?”


Snape looked at them both “yes lets”


“Off you go Draco” Lucius said smiling


Draco turned and walked off in the direction of Lucida


He caught up with her a few corridors down.


“Where are you going?” he asked her


“Why do you care?” she said


“Because I care about you”


Lucida rolled her eyes and carried on walking


“You are aware that you’re making me want you more, with you ignoring me,” he said smiling wickedly.


Lucida stopped and looked at him


“Really?” she asked crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at him


Draco smiled and moved towards her


“Really” he said running his finger up and down her arm, Lucida moved away and said “well you’re going to have to want me then aren’t you” and she smiled and walked away.



                        *          *          *          *          *          *          *

‘Why is this happening?’ Draco thought to himself,


He’d only just been able to change out of his Quidditch robes and now he was hurrying down the corridors of Hogwarts trying to work out where Lucida would be, he had to talk to her, with his father being in the building, the sense of urgency about his task was lingering over him.


“Ah Draco” Draco stopped with a jump and turned to see his father step out of the shadows. Draco suddenly realized he was near Dumbledore’s office.


“Just the man I’ve been looking for” Draco felt the colour drain from his face.


“We...need to have a little talk”


“Mr Malfoy” now it was Lucius’s turn to jump, for Dumbledore had appeared round the corner beaming at them both.


“I assumed Draco was looking for you, a few of my staff members had seen Draco heading rather frantically through our corridors, did you not know your father was here Draco?” Dumbledore asked looking at Draco over his glasses ad smiling kindly


‘Stupid old fool’ Draco thought, but he just shook his head.


“Well, no damage done eh?”


“Thank you for looking out for him headmaster” Lucius drawled taking a step forward and placing a hand on Draco’s shoulder.


“Well, that is the main part of my job is it not Lucius” Dumbledore said looking back to Draco's father, who just smiled.


“Well Draco…” Dumbledore said after a pause “… never before Draco have we had your father so interested in your school work”, there was a knowing twinkle in his eye. Draco just looked to the floor, as his father laughed


“I’m just checking to see if he’s working headmaster, he never gives us much information in his letters” Lucius said looking down at his son, who refused to look at him, and tightening his grip on Draco’s shoulder. There was another pause before

Dumbledore broke the silence and in a cheery voice said


“Well Lucius! I shall leave you to interrogate Draco, but he’s got to be back within a

Reasonable time I’m afraid, he rules are the rules”


“Yes sir” Lucius said with a tight smile and nodded his goodbye


Draco winced at the use of the word ‘interrogate’ and mumbled a farewell as the headmaster walked away.


Slowly Lucius turned to his son and released his grip on his shoulder, once he was certain Dumbledore was out of headshot.


“Now…Draco…” at this Draco took a deep breath and raised his head, staring at his father with all the confidence he could muster.


“Yes” he said


His father smiled at him


“Shall we take a walk around the grounds?”


Draco nodded slightly and turned around, leading the way.


For a while he and his father walked in silence, Lucius looked about him, as though taking in the scenery, but Draco knew this was not what his father wanted to talk to him about. He couldn’t imagine Lucius saying how nice the weather was at this time of year. After a while Lucius took deep breath and stopped walking, they were the other side of the lake well away from earshot,


“Draco” he said


“Draco we need to talk”


“Why did you have to come? You don’t need to check up on me” Draco said cutting over his father with confidence that surprised even himself.


“I’m fine!”


“Don’t you dare talk to me like that!” Lucius spat, raising his cane and stepping forward “How dare you! If you were doing your job properly I wouldn’t be here!”


Draco looked to the grass at his feet


“Just because I’ve been given an important task by the dark lord and you….” Draco muttered.


“I am here out of your best interests” Lucius hissed interrupting him.


“You haven’t told us anything in your letters, the dark lord is asking questions, you know how difficult it has been to get the vampires on our side, getting someone this young and easily manipulated should be simple! It proves the dark lord’s strength if he can get a student of Dumbledore’s to join his army, and if that doesn’t happen soon, we are all at risk!”


His father paused and watched as Draco slowly raised his eyes from the ground to make eye contact.


“I…am….trying|” he said through gritted teeth.


“Well, obviously not hard enough”


“There have been complications….” Draco said thinking of Ron.


“That wouldn’t stop a true death eater!” Lucius snapped slamming his cane onto the grass, the wind catching at his hair and cloak making it billow out behind him.


“I’m not one yet father, if you didn’t think I would do well, why they didn’t get Snape to do it” Draco quickly added before his father could interrupt him.


Lucius looked out over the lake and muttered something about trust, and then he shook his head and looked back to his son.


“Draco you need to do this, this isn’t a game this is serious, you agreed, we tried to argue your case to do this”


“You just said I was too young!” Draco said folding his arms


Lucius’s lips pursed in anger


“That was your mother; I thought you were up to this task”


Draco was surprised; he thought both his parents had agreed to him doing this task.


“Don’t let me down Draco, “said Lucius


“…your mother wouldn’t be able to bare it…” and with that Lucius stormed past his son without a second glance.


Draco didn’t move, he just stared at the spot his father had stood, as he realised the seriousness of his actions. If he didn’t act soon, he and his family would be in big trouble…or worse…dead.




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