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Life's Curveballs by slytherinchica08
Chapter 2 : Theodore Nott
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Chapter two: Theodore Nott

This was the most boring meeting that I have ever been in. The speaker was droning on about our newest model of a flying broom telling us all of its new safety features and how fast it could go. Honestly, I could care less. It was a broom! I don't care that we have now added in a new spell blocker that made sure no spells could harm the person or the broom. My stomache growled loudly as it passed the seven o'clock mark and the speaker still continued on as if the time of day didn't bother him at all. I was getting restless in my seat and began shaking my leg up and down so that I was at least doing something rather then just sitting as I had for the last hour and a half. A question was brought up and I resisted the urge to groan. Were these people not listening? Did they not realize how late it was getting? If it wasn't mandatory for my job to be here I would have walked out ages ago!

Finally, it seemed like the meeting was starting to wrap up so I sat higher in my seat hoping my boss hadn't caught me slouching. Everyone began to stand and I thought I was home free. Until someone mentioned going out for dinner to discuss a few loose ends. I groaned out loud and thankfully only a few people near me had heard but it had been decided in that one moment that everyone would be going to dinner. Well, at least I was going to get dinner, I supposed. I was one of the last few out the door and gave a longing look towards my office wishing I could break free of this group but with my boss behind me it didn't seem possible.

We all apperiated to the restaurant and began to pile in the doorway. The hostess looked up at us for a moment and seemed to be only slightly annoyed with the large group coming in at quarter to eight. None the less she smiled and asked us how many and then went to set up our table for us. It was a rather nice looking restaurant and this would be my first time eating here so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but for first impression in the lobby way it wasn't bad. They made sure that their entrance was nice and clean and it had a nice crisp look to it with the white walls decorated with posters of some of their food items along with posters signed by quidditch players. It had a relaxed appeal about it, a little bit of something for everyone- the child, the teenager, the adult, and the older adult. The hostess came back up front, grabbed the menu's, and then called for us to follow her to our table.

I found a spot towards the end of the table, facing the exit, so that I could hopefully get out of here as soon as possible when our waitress came up to our table. She began she speal and I zoned out slightly until I looked up and recgonized the face of our waitress, an old classmate and Slytherin. A grin appeared across my face, my night just got a lot better.

"Tracey, Tracey Davis." I called out to her just to make sure that I had the right person.

"Uh, yeah, that would be me," she called back looking confused until she caught my eye.

We stared at each other for a moment surprised to see each other until my co-worker David cleared his throat. She turned away, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink, and began to take the drink orders for the table. When she reached me her cheeks flushed a slightly darker shade of pink then they had previously been but she didn't waver this time and left to make the drinks. I had never thought that I would see her here, I guess I hadn't really thought that I would see anyone. Conversation picked up around the table some just general small talk while others at the opposite end of the table began to talk once more about the broom. My thoughts hadn't strayed from Tracey though since the moment I recognized her. Some of the guys tried dragging me into a conversation with them but when they noticed that I wouldn't even really respond to my buddy, Jason they began to leave me to myself. I was thankful when they did because I just wanted to be left alone with my thoughts.

I had finally had a plan formed when everyone started getting up from the table. I made sure to stay behind so that I could have a chance to speak with Tracey. She came over to me though I could tell she was a little tentative at first. Trying to make things seem casual I struck up a conversation about the first thing I could think of.

“Tracey, how have you been?” I asked her.

In my head I was berating myself. How have you been? That’s all that I could come up with to start a conversation with her? I was such an idiot.

“What’s with the small talk, Theodore?” she quipped at me.

I winced a bit at Theodore but spoke up, “Come now, call me Theo.”

“Alright Theo, what’s with the small talk?” she questioned again.

“Fine I’ll skip the small talk and get straight to it. What are you doing tomorrow afternoon for lunch?” I spoke giving her what I hoped was a convincing grin.

She seemed slightly taken aback by the question but spoke up anyways. “ I don’t know, I’ll probably be having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with my daughter, then go to the park. Why?”

“How would you like to join me for lunch tomorrow say around one at the small café, just down the street from my office?”

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t have anyone to watch Audrey at that time.” She said timidly.

“Bring her with.” I provided.

“Really, it wouldn’t bother you?” She asked.

“Not at all,” was my fast reply.

“Yeah, we’ll meet you for lunch tomorrow.” She replied as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Alright, see you tomorrow then,” I responded as I walked towards the front of the building.

The cool night air felt good against my skin as I walked down the almost deserted road. I turned on the spot and apperiated to my house. The windows were all dark inside which meant that my roommate was not back yet. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my roommate, since it was my work buddy Jason. It was just that I didn’t feel quite up to his questions this evening about what happened between me and Tracey. My guess is that he’s probably at his fiance’s place for the evening, or at least part of it.

I sighed and plopped myself down on the couch in front of our TV. Jason was a muggleborn so he introduced me to the wonders of muggle TV. At first I was really confused by it, trying to figure out exactly how it worked but when I finally figured it out I began to enjoy the contraption. I turned it on to a random channel and tuned it out just staring at the screen while in my own thoughts about this evening.

It was a huge surprise to see Tracey but not an unpleasant one. I found that I had enjoyed the little bit of a conversation that we had shared and was interested to see where tomorrow would bring us, not that I was expecting anything, after all she did have a child. I couldn’t help but notice though that there was no ring on her finger which meant that she was at least not married to anybody so my chances were at least there. Thoughts of her little girl came into my head and I wondered what she looked like. I have always liked children at least to a certain extent and I knew that if I wanted to continue seeing Tracey at all, even as friends, I would have to impress her and most of all her daughter.

Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day and even though I had to work for most of it, I found myself excited for the day to come. I turned off the TV as a yawn escaped me and decided it was time for bed. I quickly undressed from my business attire and slipped on my pajama bottoms, usually the only thing I wore to sleep in, and climbed into my bed. For the first time in a long time I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I woke up the next morning slightly groggy and wished to go back to bed though I knew if I did my job would be on the line. Robotically I got up and began to make breakfast, just simple eggs and toast, and read the mornings newspaper as I ate. Jason stumbled into the kitchen, grumbled a quick ‘morning’ to me and poured himself a bowl of cereal and plopped down in the seat across from me. I could see the gears turning in his head as a goofy smile spread across his face.

“So,” he started, his goofy grin getting even bigger.

“So, what?” I continued unsure of what was going on.

“Tell me about her,” he all but spat out at me.

It took me a second to figure out what he was saying but then I remembered the night before and meeting Tracey again as our waitress. A smile briefly crossed my face until I remembered that Jason is sitting across from me and looking for any piece of information.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” I said hoping to lose him.

“Ah, but I didn’t ask what’s going on between you, I just asked you to tell me about her,” he said in his smug voice knowing that he got me now.

“Tracey and I went to Hogwarts together we were in the same year and both of us were Slytherins.” I told him as I looked up at the clock wishing that it was time to go but we still had a half hour before we needed to be there and he knew that.

“So, when are you going to see her again?” he questioned me.

“What do you mean?” I asked back.

“You’ve got that stupid grin on your face. I haven’t seen that grin in years since Natalia broke things off with you. So, when are you going to see her again?” He concluded looking amused.

“I’m seeing her for lunch,” I paused, “today.”

“You’re the man! But how did you manage to swing that?”

“I just asked her.” I said not really wanting to go into the full details.

“You just asked her? And she said yes right away?”

“No, not exactly, she said yes after I told her she could bring her daughter.” I mumbled knowing the response that would get from him.

“Man, your going after a married women?” he questioned me as he got up out of his seat.

“No, there was no ring on her finger. Besides it’s not a date, we’re just meeting up for lunch.” I said defensively.

“You keep saying that, Romeo. Have fun on your date,” he taunted me and then closed his bedroom door behind him signaling he was done with the conversation.

I sighed and got up from my spot at the table. Grabbing my plate, I brought it into the kitchen and placed it in the sink to be done tonight after dinner and went to my room to finish getting ready for work. I made sure to take a little extra time to make sure I looked my best and then apperaiated to work just on time.

It always seems like the clock is against me when I’m at work. First last night it took forever for that meeting to get done and now today each second was dragging on each second slower then the previous. At 12:30 I thought I was going to be home free, until my boss walked in the door to announce that he would like me to meet him in his office in ten minutes. I gulped but nodded my head unsure of what the meeting was going to be about. Those ten minutes seemed to speed up so that the meeting was here in no time at all but once I stepped foot into his door the clock began to slow down once again taking forever to reach the One o’clock mark.

The meeting wasn’t about anything in particular. We went over the statistics from last nights meeting and how I thought the broom would fair with the general population. When it was one minute to One I began to shoot glances at the door hoping that the meeting wouldn’t last much longer otherwise I would be late to meet up with Tracey. My boss continued to drone on as the clock kept ticking making me officially late to meet up with Tracey. Just before he let me go, he threw a curve ball that I had not been expecting.

“Theo, I would like you to run the next meeting,” he stated looking right in my eyes.

“Me, sir?” I questioned unsure if I had heard him right.

“Yes, you, I will give you more details about the meeting as it approaches but it seems as if you are anxious to get out the door so I’ll let you go,” he chuckled shooing me out the door.

I got up in a daze and walked to the door wondering where that had come from. I have never ran a meeting before and nor did I ever expect to but apparently my boss felt that I was up for it. Upon reaching my office, I remembered that I was supposed to meet Tracey eight minutes ago! I hoped that they hadn’t left thinking I was a no show. Quickly I ran out of the office and down the street to the little café I had mentioned to meet me at. I slowed down as I neared the café and looked through the glass windows to make sure she was still there. Finally, in the corner towards the back of the shop I noticed a little blonde haired girl and her mum sitting there rather impatiently. I double checked to make sure that was them and then walked in the door.

AN: let me know what you think! I’m still looking for a beta so hopefully I will get all the errors fixed soon! Thank you so much for reading!

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