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Innocent by SiriusPotterhead
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Sirius, Peter and I sat in a compartment while James and Remus were in the Prefect’s meeting. I was lying on the bench with my legs across Sirius’ lap while Peter sat opposite us. A blonde sixth year Hufflepuff called Tia ran into our compartment. She ignored Peter and I and licked her lips at Sirius. Tia bent down and whispered something in his ear while Peter looked longingly at her. She tried to sit on Sirius’ lap which meant she tried to sit on my legs. I coughed to make her aware that I was sitting there but she turned away from me with a flick of her bouncy hair. I coughed a bit louder this time and she still ignored me. My patience was all gone by this point so I just kicked her until she got the message and left.

“Bloody fan girls,” I hissed as the door slammed shut behind her and Sirius laughed.

“Maybe I wanted her here,” he said casually and I just looked at him with one eyebrow raised.

“She was one of last year’s girls; you’re not that desperate yet.”

“Cheeky,” He slapped my leg and his warm hand rested on my thigh. He left it there until the door opened again and James and Remus walked in.


“J, get your fat arse down here. You’re missing the party!” James shouted up to my room. I was wearing black leggings and a black lacy vest. I had a chest that most girls were jealous of but it just got in the way of Quidditch; I had to strap them down so I could even balance on the broom. My leggings emphasised my long legs and curvy figure. The reason I was so late was my hair; the curly black mess never went right. I’d tried every spell I could think of but nothing made a difference. Eventually, I gave up and back-combed it so it was huge.

James frowned at my outfit as I entered the common room, handed me a firewhiskey and pointed for me to sit with Remus. I was sat down for all of five seconds when a Ravenclaw seventh year asked me to dance. We started off innocently but then his hands started to wander towards my bum. I heard a glass shatter and felt arms pull me backwards.

“Get your filthy hands off my sister!” James roared as he pushed the boy towards the Portrait Hole. The hands were still pulling me backwards out of the crowd. I heard a small intake of breath as my top rose slightly and the warms hands touched my bare stomach.

“J, just come and sit down,” He growled in my ear as he pulled me towards a sofa. I let myself be pulled into a seat and Sirius looked at me; his eyes were unreadable and I frowned at the seriousness of his expression.

“J, we know what he’s like. I’m not having him touch you like that.” James had appeared and was looking at me softly.

“I don’t need you to fight my battles for me.” I hissed and both boys left me sitting alone. I watched as James sat with a random girl on his lap. “Hypocrite!” I hissed as I stomped up to bed.


“I want you to sit in alphabetical order.” Flitwick squeaked from the front of the class. I groaned; I had to sit with James.

“Come on, J, are you still pissed?” James attempted to look serious. I nodded and turned my back to him. Sam Richards smiled at me as he took his seat on my other side.

“Can I talk to you in private?” Sam asked at the end of the lesson. He looked from me to James and I followed him out. He led me into an empty classroom and shut the door. “Do you wanna go to Hogsmeade with me?”

My mouth dropped open in shock. Sam wasn’t ugly but he wasn’t my type. He was blonde with blue eyes. He was too skinny and shorter than me; most boys were but I just couldn’t go out with someone shorter than me! “No, I’m sorry.”

“I can handle James. Don’t worry about him.” He grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes.

“It’s got nothing to do with James. I don’t want to go out with you.” I turned and left the room.


A week had passed and Sam used every waking moment to try and convince me to go out with him.

“Are you alright, J?” Remus asked as I slammed my bag on the table.

“I’m being harassed by a fucking Hufflepuff!” I shouted and all four boys looked at me. “Now I know how ‘Lilyflower’ feels about you!” Sirius, Remus and Peter started to laugh.

“Who?” James looked deadly serious.

“Richards,” I said and James stood up.

“Oi, Richards, outside, NOW!” James roared as he left the hall. Sirius and I ran after him. James had Sam pushed against the wall and Sirius pulled out his wand. I hovered uselessly in the background.

“Leave J alone,” James looked really angry.

“This is between me and Jessie.” Sam didn’t know when to shut up. I rolled my eyes.

“She hates being called Jessie.” Sirius hissed as he moved closer to Sam.

“It’s got nothing to do with either of you,” Sam was either brave or stupid.

“She’s MY sister, Richards. It has everything to do with me.” James looked dangerous. I’d only ever seen him look like this before he sent Snape to the hospital wing. I had to calm him down but I didn’t know how.

“Minnie’s coming, Prongs,” Remus had appeared next to me.

“This isn’t over, Richards,” James hissed as we turned to make our way to Gryffindor tower.


I was making my way back to the common the day after the confrontation between James and Sam when a hand pulled me into a broom cupboard.

“Jessie, please, I think I love you.” Sam had his hands on my arms so I couldn’t hit him.

“Richards, get of-” I shouted but his lips clamped on mine, trying to force my mouth open. I did the only thing I could think of and kicked him between the legs. He screamed in pain and I ran back to the empty common rom.

I sat in the chair by the fire and was nearly asleep when the Portrait Hole opened. Sirius walked in looking slightly ruffled. He made his way over to me and sat with me.

“So, who was tonight’s victim?”

“A Hufflepuff. We didn’t shag, just snogged a bit.”

“Sirius Black, you are such a gentleman.” I said dryly.

He kissed my head, “And that is why you love me.”

“Sirius, you just had your lips on a random girl and then you put them on my hair! Now I have to wash my hair again! Who knows where you and that Hufflepuff slag have been!” I stormed up to my room, hoping that he didn’t realise that I hadn’t denied loving him.

I woke up next morning to find a note on my pillow. You Love Me!! I recognised Sirius’ handwriting and threw the note out of the window. I couldn't help but laugh at his ego as I went to get ready.

“Richards said he loved me last night.” I told James as I sat down for breakfast. He stormed out of the hall and I rolled my eyes. I casually grabbed some toast, “And he kissed me.”

Sirius’ head shot up, “What?”

“Just leave it, yeah,” I grabbed his hand to stop him following James. His tensed arm relaxed under my hand and he mumbled something under his breath. “Sirius Black, you leave Richards alone. I don’t need you or James to do anything about it. I can fight my own battles.”

“Fine,” Sirius muttered but he didn’t meet my eyes as he spoke.

In Charms, Sam was missing and James looked perfectly calm. I tried to get his attention to find out what he had done to Sam but my brother had his eyes on the front of the class and was ignoring me.

The door suddenly flew open and all eyes turned to see who had disrupted the lesson, “Black!” McGonagall roared as she burst into the classroom and it was obvious that she was fuming. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with her rage and her bun looked tighter than ever. “Why is Mr Richards in the hospital wing with his lips glued together?” Sirius looked at me out of the corner of his eye and shrugged. “Detention, tonight!” She left the room and the whole class started whispering. James looked at Sirius with a small frown.


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Innocent: Chapter 2


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