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Alicia Malfoy by potterhead42
Chapter 1 : Prolouge
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A/N: so the first chapter of my first fanfict I hope you enjoy it




Disclaimer: anything you recognise belongs to J.K anything you don’t belongs to me   




 I’m upstairs in my bedroom away from the meeting. It isn’t fair all of my family is down there: my mother, my farther, my brother and my aunty. You may wonder why my brother is down there and I’m not, well he is of age, a death eater and about to start his seventh and final year of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. I am about to start my first year. Tomorrow me and my brother we will be the Hogwarts express I have been waited for this ever since my brother went.




Well when it comes to my mother and farther they used to didn’t mind going to the meetings but now they do. For them the reason is because of what happened a year ago in the department of mysteries this lead to my father’s imprisonment in Azkaban. I also believe that voldermort is using me as leverage. So if they don’t go I will be the one in the firing line. Knowing the dark lord he will probably set Greyback on me. Greyback terrifies me ever since I first laid my eyes on him. However my Aunty, Belitrix Lestrange, is absolutely devoted to the dark lord. I think she Fancies him a bit which is just wrong in my opinion. She wasn’t sent to Azkaban for what happened in the department of mysteries. but before I was born she was in there for torturing two people. Even know she still seems as Cray and deranged as ever. 




My brother Draco doesn’t like the meetings much but since he is a death eater he has no choice. Last month his task didn’t go to well I don’t know much about it though all that I no is that he had to try and kill Dumbledore. With my family I have no choice but to hate Dumbledore I wouldn’t know what he is like because I have never met him but he seemed kind I also have four chocolate frog cards of him. Looking around my bedroom boredom tearing me apart, i was thing what I can do until my brother Draco comes to say goodnight. Me and my brother are close relay close. Some people it is unnatural how close we are. T could check my trunk for the umpteenth time or i could read. But then it suddenly hit me. I could go over my life so far, so i will be prepared for all of the questions when I start Hogwarts and get on the train. But then again with a name like Alicia Malfoy who would want to be involved in my life, also with the dark lord having his base hear and having death eaters coming in and out all the time. But I will anyway. Well what else can I do? So here it goes my life the life of Alicia Malfoy so far.




A/N: so what did you think? Was it good, bad or ok? Please review whatever one it was. Chapter one will be up as soon as possible.






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