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Being Summer by PygmyPuffLover
Chapter 6 : The One That Comes After The Fifth One
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i had forgotten how gorgeous this man was. yum. gorgeous chapter image by Magic_Phoenix.


“Sorry,” James muttered, pressing his lips back to mine and running his tongue along my bottom lip. “What were you saying?” The moment he finished his question he pressed his lips back to mine and knotted his fingers in the roots of my hair.

I tried to think but then decided that I couldn’t remember what I had been saying.

“Doesn’t matter.” James made a strange moaning noise that I think was supposed to be a way of saying ‘alright, that’s fine’.

At least, that’s what I like to think.

James grabbed my knee with his hand and forced my back up against the side of the broom closet, hooking my knee around his hip and running his hand all the way up my thigh to my hip. He moved his mouth from my mouth to my neck, nipping at my skin and tracing patterns with his tongue, his hands pressed up on either side of my head.

“James...” I breathed in his ear, and he pressed his chest even harder up against mine.

“Yeah?” He groaned, and nipping at my neck a few more times and then pressing his lips against my jawbone so I could speak.

Now what was I going to say?

Fuck. Never mind.

James’ hands moved from the wall on either side of my head to the part of my thighs that were hidden under my skirt, pressing insistently on my skin, his fingers leaving hot traces on my flesh, feeling like a painless burn, magical, tingling, so strange yet so right.

James’ hands moved slightly higher up my skirt and I groaned as James continued to ravage – ahem, kiss the skin of my neck, his hands sliding dangerously high up my skirt and the other slipping up my shirt and brushing along the skin of my chest.

“James.” I hissed, using the hand that wasn’t locked in his hair to shove his hand away as it roamed uncomfortably high, and he groaned, pressing his chest even harder against mine.

“Shut up and kiss me.” He grumbled into my neck, and I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I could swear that the boy lives in his trousers.


“What the hell have you been doing, you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.” Ah, the friendship of Dominique Weasley and Summer Lancaster.

Try not to be too jealous now, children.

“Nothing.” I grunted, flapping my hands on top of my head to try and smooth down the knots. Dom cocked an eyebrow and hauled herself off the bed with a noise that suggested it cost her great personal effort.

She opened her fingers and dragged it through my hair, ignoring my startled squeals and angry hisses as she yanked at the roots, prying open the tangles and trying to get it to lie smooth. How on earth James’ hands manage to get it so knotty I will never know.

“Okay, you’re not telling me that this happened on its own. What have you been doing?” Dom muttered, grabbing hold of a comb off her vanity and attacking her head with it.

I don’t think she realises that the hair is still attached to my scalp.

“I’m going to get these fucking knots out if it’s the last thing I ever do.” She growled under her breath, ignoring my mingled yelps of protest and the fact I was trying to punch her as she help my head in an iron lock.

“Get off me!” I grunted as her finger jammed itself into my eyeball and nearly blinded me.

“No. People know you’re my best friend so you can’t go around with something that mostly resembles a dead cat on your head. It’s undignified.” Dom sniffed. Since when has Dom cared about being dignified? At the last party we held to celebrate Gryffindor winning the House Cup Dom got so pissed that she ended up tap dancing on the top of the table wearing nothing but her underwear and a pair of (borrowed) denim shorts.

Not her best moment, I have to say.

“Right.” I would have looked very sarcastic and belittling if my head hadn’t been stuck under Dom’s armpit as she tried to pull the comb out, which had somehow managed to get stuck in the roots of my hair.

“This is my favourite comb, it’s not staying in this beast that you jokingly call hair.” Dom grunted as she leapt onto my back, and I glared at the floor.

My hair doesn’t normally look like this; it normally lies relatively flat, which is surprising considering my mother’s hair generally looks like that of an electrocuted poodle. And because of the fact that the only time my hair looks like this is when her darling cousin has been involved, I take offense to her comment of my hair being a beast.

My hair’s not a beast. Hers is. Stupid part Veela.

“Okay, I’m not joking now. This comb is stuck.” Really Dom. I had no idea from the fact you’ve been swearing and grunting about it for the past ten minutes.

I thought you were practicing your audition to be the next Mary Poppins. Whoops, my bad.

“What are you two doing?” Penny’s voice floated across the room, her confused tone laced with amusement. Dom whipped around, her mouth twisted in a dramatic scowl and my head trapped under her arm and resting in the nook of her elbow.

“Baking a fucking cake.” Dom scowled, giving the comb one last yank with some kind of devilish war cry that echoed around the room.

“Got another comb stuck in her hair?” Penny asked, folding her arms and smirking at the pair of us.

“Yes.” Dom grunted, nearly snapping my neck as she twisted me around with some kind of vicious snapping motion.

“Did you never think of just using your wand to get it out?” Penny asked, and the pair of us froze just as Dom leapt on my back and I screamed like a startled banshee. I turned my head slightly so I could glare up at Dom’s armpit.

“Yeah Dom. Did you ever think of just using your wand to get it out, as opposed to nearly ripping all the hair out of my skull?” Dom glanced down at the floor and slowly climbed off my back, her cheeks flushing pink.

“Yeah well, um, where’s the fun in that?” Dom shrugged.

“The fun is in me not having to drown you in the bathtub and pummel you to death with Penny’s Encyclopaedia of Mushrooms.” I hissed, and Dom suddenly became very interested in a patch on the wall.

“I think I’m just going to go to dinner.” She said quickly, and in one of those lightning fast and ethereal darts that you can only make if you’re part Veela or an angel she had bounded across the room and shot down the stairs towards the Common Room.

One day I am going to be in prison for homicide. And it is going to be because of Dom. I just know it.


My darling Summer,

How is Hogwarts? How are you feeling? Are you eating healthily? Are you keeping up with all your homework? Are you doing well in class? Have you started studying for your NEWTS? Have you managed to sneak around Scorpius and found a nice boy that you might like to settle down with?

Ah, only one paragraph into the letter and I am already feeling the pressure. Honestly, what other seventeen year old girl has her mother writing her letters at school and asking her whether or not she has found someone to ‘settle down’ with? I don’t plan on getting married until I’m at least in my thirties.

Everything is fine at home, we have actually purchased a new settee and I can’t wait for you to see it. It’s lovely, brown leather and knitted beige cushions, oh it’s exactly what I always wanted when I was younger, the couch I always dreamed of owning.

Who on earth has decided on their dream couch? That’s like me deciding on my dream ironing board cover or my dream curtains. Honestly, my mother is such a strange person.

Your father has been away for business for nearly two weeks now, and with you being away at school I’m starting to feel very lonely. The house seems so much bigger without any of you here, especially as I had grown used to those friends of yours being around the house in the summer, and walking into the kitchen to find that handsome friend of Scorpius’ raiding the fridge.

Why don’t you settle down with that boy? The two of you would have such attractive children, and you both have that lovely dark hair so you would complement each other nicely.

Please tell me that my mother is not encouraging me to ‘settle down’ – honestly, does she think I’m a pigeon or something – with Albus Potter. The little brother of my best friend/snog buddy. I think my brain is bleeding.

Anyway, the reason I wrote you the letter is to tell you something rather important. As you know, Scorpius’ seventeenth birthday is in a couple of months (well, you should know, considering it’s going to be your eighteenth!) and we have decided that he has reached an age when his parents can no longer plan his birthday parties, so we have decided that you should plan the party for the pair of you!

You can invite whoever you like, and it will be held in the ballroom of Malfoy Manor, just like usual. I got the impression that Scorpius is quite a popular lad, so if you need any help with writing out invitations, I’m sure you can always ask that Albus Potter to help you (wink wink!).

Anyway, keep up with your schoolwork and make sure that you eat a balanced diet.

Lots of love,


My mother’s letters try far too hard to remain ‘down with the kids’. It’s quite sad actually.

And what she means when she says ‘he has reached an age when he parents can no longer plan his birthday parties’ is that they have finally taken the strops that my cousin has thrown for the past four years into account, and decided that hiring a clown and dressing him up in face paint and party hats is a little below his age bracket.

And the age bracket of everybody else at that party. Scorpius swears that he has never been able to look Joseph Scart in the eye ever since. Still, it wasn’t his fault. How was he supposed to know that a sixteen year old boy would be terrified to death of clowns, and would go into a heart-attack-like fit if one squirted water at him?

Honestly, the bloke should wear one of those bracelets, you know like the ones that epileptic people wear?


...or something along those lines.

I don’t think I should be allowed to think. Ever.


“They are letting you plan my birthday party?” Scorpius cocked an eyebrow and dropped down onto the bench next to me, his expression drawn up in haughty derision.

“No, they are letting me plan our birthday party. Get your head out of your arse, you little git.” I am such a marvellous cousin. Really, I am. You should take a leaf out of my book and try to be just like me.

“If they put you in charge then I’m probably going to end up sitting in a dark room with a glass of warm water playing sober Chinese whispers with my clothes on.” I closed my eyes to try and get the image of Scorpius’ idea of a party out of my head.

Seeing your cousin ‘dance’ with a pair of your dorm mates wearing nothing but a lovely pair of women’s...ahem, undergarments scars you for life. You are the never the same again.

“I was thinking more along the lines of a party with most of your year and some of my year in the hall of Malfoy Manor, were we do wear clothes, but you will not be drinking warm water. Possibly iced water, but not warm.”

Scorpius cocked an unimpressed eyebrow, and by that I do not mean that his eyebrow was unimpressed, but he was unimpressed and his eyebrow was just part of the master plan of his face to look unimpressed...

I go back to what I said about me not being able think. Ever.

Things can get rather dangerous at times.

“This party is going to be bloody awful, I just know it.” Scorpius groaned and slammed his head into his hands. “This is my seventeenth Summer, you’re going to have to make it a good one for me. I don’t want to end up looking like an even bigger idiot in front of Rose after the other day.”

I blinked at him for a moment and then patted his hand with my fork.

“I’m going to be the best fucking party planner in the whole world, just you wait and see.” I said confidently through a mouthful of waffle. Scorpius nodded, his eyebrows still drawn together slightly, looking uncannily serious.

“Alright.” He said, not sounding at all appeased.

My cousin has so much trust in me. He got up off the bench, nicked a piece of my toast – hey look, he’s another one that never eats food off his own plate – and pecked me on the cheek. He turned to walk back towards the Slytherin table when he turned around and suddenly asked –

“Who’ve you been snogging?”

I think Scorpius believes if he springs in the question on me at random intervals without any warning then I’m just going to tell him. Well, har-he-har you little mongrel, you’ll have to get up earlier than that to beat Summer Lancaster.

“None of your business.” Scorpius scowled and then stropped off to the other side of the Great Hall to sit with Al, who was waving at him like some kind of prize winning ninny.

“I’ll find out one day, you know.” He called over his shoulder, and I rolled my eyes. Over my dead body, Scorpy-poo, over my dead body.


“Are you wearing glasses?” I asked James, but the evidence was sitting right upon the nose of his face. He looked up and peered at me through the thin metal frames, blinking a couple of times.

“Yes. I ran out of contacts because my dad forgot to send in the new order. He forgot to tell Aunt Hermione, so unless I want to be blind for a couple of days then I have to wear these bloody things. I look like such an idiot.” He pushed the glasses up his nose and scowled at the table.

“No, you look fine.” Penny smiled, patting him on the shoulder and sitting down on the bench next to him.

“I look as stupid as hell, I hate wearing these things.” James grumbled again, and his cheeks flushed slightly pinker as well all turned to look at him. He actually looked alright in his glasses; they made his jaw look manlier and brought out his cheekbones.

James glanced up again, glanced at Fred and then pulled the glasses off his nose and shoved them into his pocket.

“I’m not wearing them, I look like a twat.” James decided, and I rolled my eyes. Not that he would be able to see me roll my eyes, he’s as blind as a badger without his glasses, it’s actually quite funny. I had the good fortune to have to wake Connor up one morning, and upon entering their dorm at half six in the morning, I woke the three of them up and got to watch James blunder around like a beaver until he found the bathroom door.

The highlight was when he walked into the wall and had to be woken up by Fred slapping him across the face with a used sock.


“I have to go, you coming Dom?” Penny asked, grabbing her bag from the floor and swinging it over her shoulder. Dom nodded and grabbed her bag as well.

“Oh, are you going to the library? I need to copy down one of your essays for Charms; Flitwick wants my blood because I haven’t done the past four homeworks.” Fred grabbed a quill from James’ pocket – his version of a school bag – and followed the two of them out of the hall.

Connor glanced up for a second, his eyes stared at the back of Dom’s head for a moment and then he leapt off the bench and followed the trio, leaving James and I sitting on a bench together looking like a pair of sad little loners.

James’ bottom lip was still jutting out slightly, and I could hear his fingers flicking against the lens of the glasses in his pocket. Honestly, the bloke cares more about his appearance than I do.

That’s rather disturbing.

I leaned sideways, pressed my forehead against his jaw and slid my hand down the top of his shirt, my fingers playing with the silver chain around his neck.

“I think your glasses are hot.” I murmured, and James shrugged slightly, his hand sliding out of his pocket and resting on the small of my back instead.

“I look like an ugly idiot.” James grumbled. Honestly, the bloke moans more than my father does, and that is an achievement in itself. I kissed the bottom of his jaw and ran my tongue along the bone, pressing my other hand against the back of his neck.

“No you don’t. You look hot.” I kissed James’ jaw again, and he lifted his head slightly so I could kiss further down his neck. I twisted the chain around my finger and let it bounce back down onto his chest. “Put them back on, you’ll probably fall off the bench without them.”

James chuckled and I could hear the sound echoing in his chest.

“Are you sure I don’t look like a grade A prick?” He asked, and I kissed his neck again. I slipped my hand into his pocket and pulled the glasses out myself, deciding that I was too bored with waiting around and to just put the bleeding glasses on him myself.

I pulled each of the arms out and slid them onto his nose, kissing his chin and each of his cheeks.

“There. Very manly.” I grinned, and he frowned but managed to twitch the corners of his mouth up anyway. I pressed my lips against his quickly and then pulled back, ignoring the way he clawed at my back and tried to pull my mouth back to his.

“James, we’re in the middle of the Great Hall. Just wait until later, will you?” I kissed the bottom of his jaw again and pulled my finger out of his chain.

“I don’t want to. You’ve already made me put my stupid glasses on; don’t make me wait until later as well. That’s just mean, you teasing little minx.” James lifted his chin so I could kiss his neck one last time and then let me pull back.

Gah. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we were dating, then we could snog in the middle of the Great Hall and no one would even bat an eyelid.

But nooooo. It’s all sneaking around and being all Secret-Ninja and lying and deceiving and...oh who am I kidding? The whole thing is made so much more fun by the fact no one else knows about it. Being James’ girlfriend would take the fun out of everything.

“I’ll see you in the Black Lake at midnight tonight.” James murmured, winked at me and then let his face back into a scowl as he crossed his eyes to stare at the frame of his glasses.

I froze and then turned my head back to look at him, my mouth hanging open slightly.

“Did you just say that we’re meeting in the Black Lake tonight?” I asked James, my brain quickly coming up with a couple of possibilities for his sudden onset insanity.

“Yep. We never do anything new, so I thought it would be a cool experience.” James grinned quickly again, still pulling the face of an insane person as he attempted to stare at his glasses without a mirror and without taking them off.

Strange child.

“A cool experience would be you taking me to a theme park and us snogging whilst riding a rollercoaster, not us snogging whilst being soaking wet and under constant threat of being eaten alive by the bleeding giant squid.”I said flatly, and James rolled his eyes.

“It’ll be fun. And Stan wouldn’t eat you if I was there, we’re mates.” I blinked.

“Did you just call the giant squid Stan?” I asked, and James nodded. How on earth do these people find me? Do I have some kind of beacon that draws lunatics towards me? Or do I just have sign on my back that says ‘IF YOU HAVE EXTREME MENTAL ISSUES, PLEASE BE MY FRIEND’?


“Are you going to get in the water or just sit on the bank like a twat?” James called from the middle of the Black Lake.

“Sit on the side like a twat.” I promptly decided, and James rolled his eyes, kicking his legs out like a frog so he could zoom through the water towards me. His head disappeared under the surface and a couple of seconds later it popped up next to my leg, a devious smirk twisting the corners of his mouth up.

“Get in the water Summer.” James grinned as I raked my eyes down his chest, which was wearing a soppy wet white school shirt that was clinging to his muscles in a way that should have been made illegal.

“No.” I said, sticking my bottom lip out and folding my arms. James grinned at me for less than a second, and then fast as lightening grabbed hold of my leg and pulled me into the water, sending water cascading everywhere as I hit the surface.

I shoved my head out from under the water and grabbed hold of his shoulders to prevent myself from drowning again.

“That was evil.” I growled, running my hands down his arms and leaving them to sit in his elbows, kicking my legs around to keep myself up at the top of the freezing body of water.

What is it with blokes at Hogwarts and pulling me into the Black Lake? Seriously, do they just like seeing me with my hair sopping wet so I look like a stupid fuck?

“Yeah, well, what are you gonna do about it?” James shrugged, looking completely disconcerted, his glasses slipping down his nose with the water on his face.

James leaned down and pressed his lips against mine, slipping slightly with the water on both of our faces. I locked my fingers in his hair, the wet strands tangling around my fingers.

After a couple of minutes I pulled my face away and stared James straight in the eye.

“How exactly is this more fun now we’re in the Black Lake? Couldn’t we have just done this in a broom closet? I would have been one hell of a lot drier if we had.”

James rolled my eyes and smirked, pressing his lips down on my collarbone.

“Well, this way I get to see you in a soaking wet white shirt. I prefer this situation much more.” James smirked and flicked his eyes down, which resulted in me hitting him upside the head and trying to poke his eyeballs out when he didn’t look up.

“You little –” I was cut off by James slamming his lips back on mine and shoving my shoulders down so I was further under the water. I still maintain that this would have been more enjoyable if we were in a broom closet.


disclaimer: none of this belongs to me.

sorry this chapter took a little longer than usual, i put a one-shot in the queue instead of the next chapter of this.

but anyway, apart from my general updating-suckiness, how did you find the chapter? 

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