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Their Happy Ever After by rbrammer
Chapter 1 : James Sirius Potter
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            “HARRY JAMES POTTER!” Ginny Weasley Potter screamed murderously.

            Harry Potter winced as his pregnant wife tensed on the hospital bed where she lay, ready to give birth to their first child. “It’ll be alright, Gin, you just need to push,” he said reassuringly, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze.

            Ginny glared. “What on EARTH do you know about giving birth to babies? YOU DID THIS TO ME, HARRY! I’M DYING, TRYING TO PUSH YOUR CHILD OUT OF MY UTERUS! Do you know how small it is down there?!” She screamed frantically, tears leaking out of her eyes.

            Harry resisted the urge to tell her, yes, he did know how small it was; that was how the baby was made, after all. He knew that Ginny would probably murder him on the spot, and Hermione would kill him, as well, for saying something so Ron-like while his wife was giving birth. “I’m so sorry, Ginny,” he whispered pitifully, frightened for his wife. Ginny’s face was an angry red which rivaled her hair, and her expression was equal to that of Neville’s when he was being tortured in the Department of Mysteries.

            “I’d prefer the Cruciatus Curse at this point,” Ginny sighed, making a face as a contraction passed.

            Healer Meade smiled. “Well, Mrs. Potter, you’re nearly there. This little boy is certainly eager to meet his mum and dad.”


            “Just like Ronnie,” Mrs. Weasley said fondly, brushing her daughter’s sweaty hair out of her face. “It will be a quick birth, baby; be thankful for that. With Fred and George, it took nearly two days for them to come out.”


            “Probably already plotting mischief,” Harry joked, smiling at his mother-figure. Mrs. Weasley beamed, wiping away a tear. Even seven years after the War, Fred’s name still reduced her and George to tears.


            Ginny scowled. “Oi! I’m having a baby here!” Her voice broke, and she sounded as scared as Harry looked. She shrunk into the pillows, but suddenly, her body went rigid and she let loose a bloodcurdling shriek of agony.


            Healer Meade took a look and smiled contentedly. “Give a good push, Ginny, dear, he’s crowning!”


            Tears leaked out of her eyes as she pushed. She pushed three times before she finally heard Harry and her mother’s gasps of joy.


            “You have a boy, Mrs. Potter,” the healer said proudly, handing Ginny the hurriedly wrapped infant. He had a dusting of black hair, and he made small mewling sounds like a little kitten.


            “Harry, he’s perfect!” Ginny cooed, kissing her son’s forehead. She frantically wiped at the tears that wouldn’t stop, but soon gave up, content to just look at her baby son. “Look, Jamie, love, there’s your Nana Molly,” she cooed, looking up at her mother with a look of pure joy.


            Harry smiled. “Jamie?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.


            Ginny grinned, a mischievous sparkle in her brown eyes. “I thought about how much of a pain it was to give him birth and how much of a pain your dad and his friends must have been when they were kids… So, I decided on James Sirius Potter. Doesn’t it sound like a lovely name?” She beamed at her child. “You’re going to be a fine wizard, James Sirius. You’ve got plenty natural talent from your daddy.”


            “And his mum,” Harry reminded her, grinning. He held out his arms. “Can I hold him?”


            Ginny nodded, placing their son in his arms. Harry cradled James, the baby fitting perfectly in his arms. He looked radiant. “Hello, there, little guy,” he whispered. “I’m Harry, but I suppose I’m Daddy to you, then, aren’t I?”


            Ginny laughed, exasperated. “He can’t answer you, Harry, he’s only minutes old!” But nonetheless, she was happy at how quickly Harry and James bonded.


            Harry just smiled. “Can I go show him to the family?” He looked to Ginny, who chuckled, nodding. Harry grinned, walking out of the delivery room to where the whole of the Weasley family were waiting for the newest addition to the Potter family. “We’ve got a boy!” He exclaimed.


            Ron and Hermione beamed. “What’s his name?” Mr. Weasley asked, smiling.


            “James Sirius,” Harry said confidently. He let his friends have a peek at the napping James, who was still nestled in the crook of Harry’s arm.


            “Oh, Harry, you’ll be a wonderful father!” Hermione exclaimed with tears in her eyes. She looked positively ecstatic. She tugged on Ron’s arm affectionately. “Oh, sweetheart, when can we have a baby?”


            Ron stammered, his ears reddening. Harry chuckled, moving over to where his father-in-law sat. “Would you like to hold him, Mr. Weasley?”


            Mr. Weasley smiled, nodding. As Harry placed his grandson in his arms, Mr. Weasley said, “You know, Harry, it’s about time you started calling me Arthur.” He looked up at his son-in-law and smiled with the same twinkle in his eye that Ginny had gotten when she told him about their son’s name. “Or you could call me ‘Dad’.”


            Harry’s throat constricted; he felt like he did on his seventeenth birthday with Mrs. Weasley. “I- Thank you, Mr. Weasley.” He blushed, and then amended, “I mean, thanks, Dad.”


            Arthur beamed. “Well, you better take this little scamp back in to the women. If I know my daughter, she’ll be fuming about how you’ve kept her child from her.” He chuckled, giving James back to Harry.


            Harry grinned as he carried James back into the delivery room. “That’s your granddad Weasley,” he told his son with a gentle smile. “He’s one of the best men I’ve ever known; he accepted me into his home when I was just a skinny, trouble-making kid. He and your Nana Molly are pretty amazing people, James.”


            And for years afterward, Harry swore that was the first time he saw his baby son smile.

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