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Picture Perfect by katekat
Chapter 1 : Back to Hogwarts
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  The Hogwarts Express slowed to a stop at the station and I stepped off the train, looking up at the castle where i grew up.I sighed and muttered, “It’s about time, finally.” Briefly I began to walk towards the school without checking to make sure my friends were behind me. They were being simply ridiculous, arguing with me about myself the whole way here. Really, I was in no mood to talk to them.

  During the war, maybe afterwards, I had changed. I was no longer Hermione Jean Granger bookworm extraordinaire. No, now I was someone better, someone who wouldn’t just look away as she got pushed to the ground. In fact, I dare someone to do it. I would just absolutely love the look on their face when I get back up and then shove them to the ground. Who knows, I might even add in a little extra kick for fun. My love for books had all but vanished, for what good was reading about something when you could be doing it instead? Live life as if your going to die tomorrow, is my new motto. And trust me, I intend to get everything I can from this life. Thank god I changed too, because now that I have finally discovered the art of beauty products I must say, I look hot. My once bushy untamable (yet managed to be tamed) hair now falls in chocolate ringlets to my waist, my eyes ringed with kohl and my too slender body has filled out in all the right places. Judging by the looks Ive already gotten, I must look really good today.


  After my relationship with Ronald (I simply refuse to call him Ron anymore) ended, I turned to muggle boys to comfort me. After a wild, long summer, I came back a new girl. In fact, that was exactly what the boys were arguing with me about on the train. Since I was a petite girl that needed “saving” all the time I was supposed to be perfect. Which was another way of saying, I was supposed to have no mind and follow the men around like a good little girl. Apparently I’m not even allowed to act like a girl, and wear clothing that reveals any skin at all. I roll my eyes as that thought came to mind, I was wearing a v-neck tank top and skinny jeans for Merlin's sake! Hell, going into the castle I even glance to my left and see Parkinson, practically drooling after Malfoy, wearing something I wouldn’t even dream of wearing. Well maybe I would dream of it, I thought, quietly giggling to myself.


  I arrive at the Great Hall and promptly sit down on one end of the Gryffindor table. A few seconds pass and Harry and Ronald sit down opposite my discussing chess or quidditch or such. Thankfully I developed a real knack at ignoring people this summer, and quickly tune them out. I glance around the room and it honestly seems almost empty. The war had torn apart families and i guess many of my classmates decided to stay at home an extra year or start jobs now. Only around nine Gryffindors, six Slytherins, four Hufflepuffs, and eight Ravenclaws were in their seventh year along with me. Only Ron, Harry, Lavender, Paravati and Neville where those i actually knew. Though i do know Ginny though, and she seems friendly enough. Even thought shes a year younger I’m sure Ginny is going to spend every second she can with her new, “simply amazing” as she put it, boyfriend. Who happened to be one of my  best friends Harry. I honestly did not see it.


   “Attention, attention students.” McGonagalls voice pulls me out of my thoughts and I stare up at her for a second before letting my eyes wander yet again. Unfortunately they seem to land on a surprisingly handsome blond lad across the hall. Who just happens to be my arch nemesis and is staring directly back into my eyes with his piercing grey ones.


  “..all seventh year students will be in the same class together the whole year seeing as there is only twenty-eight of you.” I snap my head up to face McGonagall, a whole year with ferret-faced Malfoy? Merlin’s beard, this was going to be terrible. Across the table I hear Ronald come to the same  conclusion as he whispers, “bloody hell.” The Head Mistress continues to ramble on about nothing important and soon food appears before us. I start helping myself to mashed potatoes before I even utter a word to the boys and when I do its the words, “you ready to say you sorry now?”


  Both Harry and Ronald look sheepish but Ginny just gets annoyed and says to me, “Why on earth should they apologize? They were just providing the facts so you don’t make an even bigger fool of yourself by dressing like a total slut.” She ends this with a glare but I just raise a single perfect eyebrow. Okay, never mind being friendly, I already know I will not like this girl one bit. I glance over her and smirk quickly thinking of a come back. “Would you like to say that again? Miss I’m so conservative. Ginny, we all know you aren’t wearing anything underneath that robe, the way you’ve been leaning over to Harry all night like a tramp makes it oh so obvious. So I repeat would you like to say that again?” I actually had no clue if any of that was right, in fact I didn’t even realise Ginny was sitting next to us. The way her cheeks flamed up red though just confirms the lie. Who knew, I made an observation and made an educated guess in a matter of seconds all with my little ol’ brain power. Guess being a complete bookworm comes in handy. Ronald's mouth is hanging open in almost a comical way and I can’t help but burst out laughing. Which of course causes everyone else around us to start laughing as well which honestly probably doesn’t help the situation.


  Ginny ran out of the hall, tears rolling down her cheeks and the big doors slam shut. I look around and, crap they are glaring at me. “So.. um.. sorry?”, I manage to make out. Harry just shakes his head and says, “we’re really not the ones you should be say sorry to Hermione.” I roll my eyes at this and if possible he glares even more.


  “Well this has been fun but I’m going to go to the common room, i guess I’ll see you tomorrow the.” And with that I stand up and walk away, swiftly brushing through the Great Hall doors and into the long hallway ahead.

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Picture Perfect: Back to Hogwarts


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