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Psychopath by Lostmyheart
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Authors Note

Hi Lovelies!

I have totally re-written this story, from scratch. It's the same plot, same events and scenes but from a different angle.
I do hope you'll like it! And please don't hate me in the end, hate Pansy! *smiles innocently*
Thank you so much for taking your time to read my story! *hugs you*
- A



The silence was deafening.

As if they all held their breaths, waiting for the moment to come.

The moment they’ve been waiting for, for months, had finally arrived.

She watched as the tall, hooded, foul creature silently glided over the floor. As it came closer, she felt as if the life was sucked out of her. She could hardly catch her breath.
She didn’t understand why she was here. What had she done to deserve this? She saved his life, didn’t she?


“I cannot believe this!” Pansy screamed furiously and threw the recent edition of the Daily Prophet on the floor.

She pulled her own hair and screamed with frustration.

How could this happen? Everything was going so well! She had a plan and now it was all screwed up.

Oh she was furious.

She had it all planned, she was so close to succeed and now it all went down the drain.

It was all because of her.

She quickly walked out of her bedroom and into her fathers’ office. The owl was asleep and she violently slammed the cage to wake it up.

She found a parchment on the desk and quickly scribbled a note.

My love,

I need to talk to you as soon as possible!
Meet me at the Leaky Cauldron tonight at 7pm


She angrily attached the letter to the poor, frightened owl and threw it out the window. It quickly managed to stay in the air and flew away as fast as it possibly could.

Pansy watched it as the owl became a small black dot in the sky.

Draco better have a good explanation for what he did.
She was better at this game, far better than Pansy expected her to be. Now she had him.

But he was never hers; he always had his heart on Pansy.
That shady little muggleborn, she would have to pay for this.


Later that afternoon, she had lunch in the large dining room of her parents’ mansion.

Her father entered the room, looking rather angry and disappointed at the same time.

Pansy gently pushed the plate aside, knowing what he wanted to talk about and it was a serious.

“Can you tell me what this is about, Pansy?” he said and threw the Daily Prophet on the table, the front page towards her.

“I can explain father” she started but was quickly interrupted.
“You can never explain what this is! He’s engaged to Hermione Granger and you’ve been telling me all along that you two were dating!” He screamed, “This is madness! You disappoint me so much!”

She merely looked at the paper, before letting her eyes coolly meet his.
“He will find out sooner or later, that what he did was wrong” she told, “he’ll come back to me.”

Her father looked shocked and threw his arms in the air, “you make no sense!”

Pansy rose up, hand on the table and pointed at the front page, “Granger stole him from me! She drugs him every day just to keep him with her all the time, she’s so sick and I’m going to make sure everybody knows what she’s doing!”

His eyes wide open, he stared at his daughter. Her eyes cold and alien, nothing like the daughter he raised.

“We’re still together, father” she said, “I’ll bring him back.”

Her father shook his head, “I don’t think you two were ever together” he said, “I’ve never seen you with him and I’ve been hearing rumours of Granger and him for a long time, thinking it was just lies… Now I’m not so sure anymore.”

Pansy didn’t reply, she was furious at her fathers’ disbelief in her. This was all Granger’s fault!

He left before she had time to say anything, leaving the newspaper on the table.

Pansy looked at the front page; it had a large black and white picture of Draco and that bushy haired girl in his arms. It was from a press conference yester, where they had announced their engagement and their faces were lit up with happiness and the continuous flashes from the cameras.

“Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger Engaged!”

Granger stole him from her, two years ago, in that bar…
Pansy hated her for that; it was obvious he was drugged from that night on. Granger possibly wanted his fortune and good name, to get rid of her own hideous surname.

Pansy was destined to be a Malfoy and there was no way Granger could get in the way of that.


She sat at the corner of the bar, hidden in the darkness and waited for him to arrive.

Since it was on a Wednesday, the Leaky Cauldron was far from full and busy. It was almost deserted.

She had waited for him in a while; he was supposed to be there twenty-five minutes ago. She began thinking that Granger may have found the letter before he did. Maybe she drugged him even more, just to keep him away from Pansy. Draco was not one to tame, if he wanted to see Pansy, she shouldn’t keep him locked up like that.

Frustrated, she looked out the window, searching for him in the pouring rain.

The door opened and a tall man entered. He was hooded and his face was hidden behind dark shadows. For a moment he looked around and walked towards Pansy, the moment he spotted her.

She smirked proudly; of course Granger couldn’t keep him away from her, not in a million years.

He loved her.

“Draco my love, I knew you’d come” she said sweetly, but the man who answered was not who she thought it was.

“Shush Pansy! Now listen to me,” said a voice she instantly recognized as Blaise Zabinis.
He removed his hood, revealing his stern face and gave her a glare.

She was about to ask him where Draco was, when he raised a finger – indicating she should remain silent.

This only infuriated her even more.

 “You listen to me and you do not speak until I am finished” he said angrily, “I am here to tell you to stop contacting Draco. Stop sending letters to him, stop visiting him at his office, stop dropping by their house and stop spreading rumours about him loving you – it’s not true, don’t you get that? How long are you planning to do this? Isn’t it about time you get a life Pansy?”

She looked at him for a moment.
So Granger had sent Blaise to tell her to stop contacting Draco? Why didn’t she come herself?
Pansy bet she was afraid of her. Of course she was. She was prettier than her, she was more deliciously curved and she came from a rich family. She was everything Granger wasn’t. She knew perfectly well how attracted Draco was to her.

“You’re Draco’s best friend, right?” She asked, ignoring what he just said.
He seemed to be taken by surprise, but answered yes without hesitation.
“Have you ever noticed something fishy about Granger?”
“What do you mean?” he asked, looking quite puzzled, so Pansy assumed he hadn’t noticed anything, unless he was very good at acting.

“I believe Granger drugs Draco with love potion everyday” She said to him importantly, “it’ so obvious she does it, I bet it’s every day she puts it in his drink.”

 “You what?!” he said in disbelief, “why on earth do you think that?” he asked, raising his voice.

“Oh please, like he would ever fall for that bookworm we only remember because she once had teeth like a rabbit!” She spat, “it’s true and you know it!”

He dramatically rose from the chair and pointed his finger at her, “don’t you ever think such thing about Hermione! She is one of the nicest people on this planet and the most loving and giving woman I’ve ever met.”

She glared at him. He should be embarrassed by himself for calling a mudblood for nice and loving.

“He was never interested in you, other than bang you a few times. Ever thought of why he always left before the sun rose? He wasn’t in love with you, Pansy, he never was! He loves Hermione and he wants to live with her for the rest of his life. Deal with it, because it won’t change. I can tell you that, because I’m his best friend.”

Why was he still lying about Draco and that mudblood? Wasn’t it so obvious something was wrong?

“Leave Draco alone” Blaise ordered as he walked away.

Pansy had no intention to stop contacting Draco.
One day, when Granger forgets to put love potion in his milk and he sees her, he’ll figure out what’s been going on for two years. He would make sure she regretted everything she’s done.

This needed to end.


Two days later, Pansy stood in front of their house.

In the dark, she would be hard to recognize and nobody would be around to see her.
She whispered “alohomora” and the lock softly clicked open. She smirked, this was too easy.

She silently closed the door behind her and stood still for a moment. There was nothing but silence in the house. She looked up the stairs, figured they were in bed already and started walking up.

She could hear them snore peacefully, she recognized his snoring and guessed Hermione was the softer snorer.

She finally reached their open bedroom door, unable to hide her big smile as she saw them lie in bed.

She watched them for a moment, as she stood by the door. Draco was by the left side of the bed, closest to the window and Granger closest to the door. Perfect.

There she was, the woman who had made Pansy’s life a living nightmare. She lost the love of her life to a muggleborn because of love potions. Everybody knew how good she was at potions, she could easily make a batch that lasted for a month.

Hatred boiled inside of Pansy, she could feel it flow in her veins and her muscles twisted.
The urge to hurt Granger was too great.

She didn’t deserve his presence, he was like a god that should be worshipped, not held back and drugged.

Pansy walked over to the bed; standing this close to her was intoxicating. She felt a thrill inside of her, an excitement she had never experienced before. She slowly took the knife out of my little shoulder bag, the metal shining deadly in the moonlight. She studied the knife and smiled, in a minute it would all be over. Draco would be hers again; they’d get rid of Granger and she could finally be Mrs Malfoy.

Her bushy hair was all over the place, her hands delicately touched Draco’s arm.

“This is for the best, Hermione Granger – there’s only room for one Mrs Malfoy in this world” she whispered and plunged the knife into her chest.

Her eyes opened and she gasped for air, almost screaming. Her eyes widened when she saw Pansy and her hands automatically grabbed hers that still held the knife. The blood oozing from her wounded chest, Pansys hands covered in red. She put a hand to her mouth to stop Granger from yelling. She shushed her as fresh teardrops fell from her brown eyes.

She tried to remove Pansys hand from the knife; she struggled for a few minutes, slowly getting weaker.
Pansy couldn’t stop smiling, she almost laughed at the sight of Granger wounded and for the first time in years she felt truly happy.

Pansy watched as Grangers hands let go of the knife, the last breath escaping her pale lips, her brown eyes became blank and then she was still.


The dementor came even closer, Pansy could hear it breathing and its horrible smell hit her.

She looked up, to see Draco standing amongst them. There was a vicious hatred in his eyes.
He was standing with Potter, the Weasleys and all of Grangers friends and family.

She still didn’t understand why he hated her so much. Didn’t he know that she did it for him? That she did it for the two of them? They could finally be together again.

Pansy remembered how he reacted when she woke him up, whispering sweet things to him.
Shock painted in his beautiful face when he saw her standing there. When he turned to look at Granger, when he saw she was dead, he reacted much different from what she thought he would.

He’d jumped to her, screaming, holding her lifeless body and he cried so hard. He tried to wake her up for several minutes, while screaming at me, demanding her to tell him why she’d done it.

His heartbroken cries and piercing screams still echoed in her head…

The dementor was close enough to touch her. Its long fingers slowly pushed the hood from its head. Her heart skipped a beat.

Why didn’t Draco stop them from doing this? Pansy looked up again, he had turned his head away but his lips and jaws were tight.

The dementor grabbed her head and leaned its head closer. Its jaw clamped her mouth and she felt a strange pull from inside of her.

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Psychopath: Chapter One


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