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The Hiccups of Love by pink_rook
Chapter 1 : The Hiccups of Love
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A huge thank you goes to the expert opinion of Lorren (jazzeh_turnip), who encouraged me to post this story and had good suggestions for both the story and the summary. :)


The Hiccups of Love

Rose Weasley was standing half naked in front of the full-view mirror in the corner of the bedroom. “Do I look fat to you?”

Scorpius Malfoy, the only other occupant of the room, suddenly felt he was in a trap. “Weasley, don’t ask questions only to get me in trouble just because your stupid womanly hormones tell you to start a fight. You’re pregnant. You’ll only get fatter and fatter until you pop that baby.”

Rose scowled. “I’m a Malfoy, now. Remember, Malfoy? I was the one wearing white and you said ‘I do’ and I stupidly said ‘I do’ and then my father started to cry like a baby. Remember that, Malfoy?” She waved her left hand, where a golden ring was very visible, in front of his face. “And my hormones aren’t stupid. It’s this bloody pregnancy! It’s making me fat and nervous and... I really want to cry right now!”

Scorpius sighed. He loved his wife and loved the fact that they were soon going to bring a little Malfoy-Weasley into the world, but all these mood changes and the almost constant animosity towards him were starting to get on his nerves. But, since he wasn’t the one who was growing a baby inside his belly, he had to keep calm and act rational.

As the many books Rose read out to him every single night stated, he didn’t really have the right to complain; she was doing all the important work. With all the patience a husband can manage, he looked at Rose in the eye. “You’re not fat, you’re pregnant and this makes you the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world to me. And you know that my opinion is the only one that really matters, right?” He showed her his left hand with the matching golden wedding band. “I love you, Rose. And please, don’t cry. Not again, it’s the third bloody time since you woke up.”

Rose plopped on the bed beside him and snuck her head into his shoulder. “Sorry, I just have so many emotions right now I can’t even understand what I’m feeling! And when I stop for a moment to understand what I’m actually feeling, suddenly I have to pee... It really kills it for me! I can’t think straight anymore!”

Scorpius hugged her with one arm. “I know, Rose. I’m sorry, I’d carry this baby for you, but..”, he trailed off.

Rose let out a small laugh. “You’d be a lousy expecting mother... But I’d love to see a pregnant belly on you!” Her eyes suddenly glowed with mischief. “Now, if you let me take my wand, maybe we can try a little experiment...” She tried to reach for it on the bedside table.

“Don’t even think about it, Weasley!” Scorpius stopped her and started tickling her sides. He knew her weak spots too well.

“Stop tickling me, you moron!” Rose was trying to escape his hold, but she couldn’t due to the convulsing laughter; she couldn’t even talk. She held her arms high in sign of defeat and Scorpius moved away from her.

“Stop it! I said you won!” Rose protested once again.

“I did not do anything this time, I swear!” In fact, he was on the other side of the bed, looking quite astonished. He wasn’t even close to touching her and held his hands up in the air and he wasn’t even holding a wand.

“Oh.” Suddenly, Rose’s eyes went large. “OH.”

She crawled on the bed to get ahold of the heavy book about pregnancy on her bedside table and flipped to a precise page with a gigantic stork-shaped bookmark on it. As she was reading, her eyes went larger and larger; she started smiling like a crazy woman and placed a hand on her protuding womb.

“Sorry Scorp! It’s the baby! It has the hiccups!” She proclaimed.

He started grinning widedly and climbed on the bed towards his wife. “The hiccups? The baby can have the hiccups?” He couldn’t believe Rose’s words. Tenderly, he touched her belly and stroked it, not leaving the eyes of his wife for a second. “Can I?” He asked.

“Of course you can, silly. Half of this is yours.” She lifted her shirt, so he could place his ear directly on her belly. He always did that. Sometimes, she woke up at night feeling something tickling her stomach and she found him, quietly whispering things to her bellybutton. And every time she saw him like that, she was so glad she didn’t care for what he dad thought and married him. She’d found the most awesome dad in the world for her child, well, their child, since he had played a huge part in making it.

Scorpius closed his eyes and listened. Rose even tried to hold her breath to give him the most silence possible.

“Did you hear that?” Rose finally asked.

“Wasn’t it your stomach? I can’t hear bloody anything!” He answered frustrated.

“Actually, that was the baby’s second hiccup.” She smiled.

He started kissing her stomach. “You have the most beautiful hiccups in the world, Louise. Nothing like your mum’s.”

“Thank you, daddy.” Rose said sarcastically and then kept staring at the ceiling.

After quite some time, she let out a sigh. “Scorp, I need to tell you something. But I know you’ll get mad at me the second I say it.”

“Is it a bad thing?” He tried to study her face, but she was not letting out anything.

“No. It’s a beuatiful thing. At least, for me it is.”

“Then I won’t get mad. Boy-scout promise, or whatever those Muggles say.” He held the right hand to his heart and lifted his left arm.

“You know I went to the medi-witch yesterday and you couldn’t come because an idiot tried to set half your department on fire?”

“Yes, of course. But you said everything was fine and normal. Is something wrong with the baby?” His face became worried in just a matter of seconds.

“No, no. Everything is fine...” He relaxed a bit. “But, we’re not having one baby anymore.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? TELL ME, ROSE!”

“I am maybe uhm... expecting... uhm... twins.” She looked at him as if waiting for a bomb to explode. But nothing did.

The room went silent and all the little colour there was drained from Scorpius’ face; he was pale like a ghost and looked about to pass out. “Scorp, they told me they missed the second baby last time because the first one was hiding it. They told me it can happen. I’m sorry! Are you not happy we’re having twins? Scorp, please, say something! Please...” She blurted out.

As no answer was coming, Rose started to panic. He didn’t seem thrilled at all at the prospect of having two Weasley-Malfoys soon in the house. He just kept getting paler and paler.

“Scorp, say something, anything! I’m sorry!” She pleaded.

Suddenly, the colour came back to his cheeks all at once and a stupid grin became plastered on his face. He looked as if he’d spent the night drinking bad wine.

He spoke a few words, but not the ones Rose was expecting to hear. “I get to tell your Dad this time. I want to be the one to give him a black eye.”

She threw herself at him and kissed him on the nose. “Can you imagine his face? A Malfoy impregnates his baby girl not with one, but with two of his evil spawn! Mum’s going to have to tie him up to the wall to prevent him from strangling you to death!”

They both laughed.

“I love you. All three of you. But don’t even try to hide these things from me again, alright?”

“We love you too, daddy. And I won’t.”


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The Hiccups of Love: The Hiccups of Love


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