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Awkward Turtles by LittleMissPrincess
Chapter 2 : Albus Potter - Easily distracte....BUNNY!
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A/N :  Usual disclaimer~ 
Also i have used this chapter name for another one of my stories, but truth be told, the characters are really similar... so yeah. 
Okay. thats it, I think. Read and Review(: ♥ 

“Oh hey Al,” Albus said, while tightening his hold on his towel.

Oh Merlin…

It’s things like this that makes it really obvious that I’m not a real Weasley.

I cleared my throat, and mentally slapped myself. “Yeah, you don’t want to come out here.”

“Why?” he asked, grinning.

“No, this isn’t some kind of gift or anything. You seriously don’t want to see this.”  He looked a bit disappointed by that but cheerful none the less.

“Then what is it?” he asked again, ever the child.

“Fine you want to see it, be my guest.” I dramatically waved my hand to where Rose and Scorpius were trying really hard not to be seen.

“Eww!” Albus shrieked like a girl. “That’s my bed!”

Ohh. That’s why he screamed. He really is such a girl. Atta boy, just like his brother.

Albus stopped hyperventilating about the cleanliness of his bed and then stared at Scorpius.  Uh-oh, I knew that look.

“Scorpius get out of the way!” I yelled.

Too late. Albus had already lunged.  “My own cousin, Scorpius, MY OWN COUSIN!” he said, attacking Scorpius’s face.

“My hair, my hair!” Scorpius was saying. “Don’t touch the hair!”

I raised my eyebrows, something I’ve learnt from James. “How do you like something like that.” I asked, pointing to Scorpius.

“Oh he’s fine under all the cosmetics.” Rose replied.

Scorpius looked up from where Albus was attacking him. “Rosie, I don’t use any cosmetics at all, I’m completely natural--” Albus took to pulling his hair again.

Fred came into the room, dressed like one of the three musketeers. “James, she’s in here!” he called down the steps.

James then came running into the dorm with a similar costume for me. “Lexie, I got the costumes, lets go be badass!” He yelled, synchronizing a punch in the air with Fred. “Huzzah!” 

James and Fred stopped their happy tribal rain dance thing, and look at Scorpius and Albus on the floor.

Fred strokes his faint mustache that he thinks is his beard. “Sexual tension, much?” he says.

Scorpius pushes Albus off him.

“It doesn’t really help that you’re in a towel bro.” James tells Albus. “And all this time you were lying to me about being straight.” He says, snatching a quick glance at me, and back to Albus again.

Was it just me, or did Al’s cheeks look a little pink.

Speaking of potter boys, and pink stuff, James still hadn’t changed his hair back.

“James, sweetie,” Rose only used that voice when she was talking to Padfoot, the Potter’s dog. “Why is your hair pink?”

James struck a pose. “It's cause Lexie was kind enough to give me a makeover. I look sexy, don’t I.”

“Ooo! I want one!” Fred said.

“You call that a makeover?” Scorpius asks, wiping his white blond hair, like some muggle singer whose name I forgot.

Rose suddenly appeared to realize that she had been in the middle of some intimate moment with Scorpius and motions me with her eyes, to get us all out of here, leaving her alone with him.

I roll my eyes at her, saying something along the lines of ‘leave you alone? You were busy snogging when Al was in the shower the whole time.’

She looked at me pleadingly, ‘I’ll help you with your charms homework.’

Yeah, like I needed help with that. I was perfectly capable of charming random articles of my family’s bodies to different things without her help.

I narrowed my eyes at her. ‘Give me one good reason why.’ I look at Scorpius and back at her and make a gagging sound.  ‘I don’t approve of him anyway.’

She pouts her lips. ‘I’ll give you extra pudding tonight.’

I was officially bought.

“Okay housefly’s, Let’s bounce.”  I tell the bozos.

“Huzzah!” Fred and James chase each other out the door.

Scorpius gets off the floor and puts his arm around Rose.

“Jeez, wait for us to leave.” Albus said, with a look of disgust on his face. “And don’t think I’ve let it go Scorpius, just because you’re my best friend and all, and have always been there for me, through thick and thin…” He trailed.

He just talked himself out of it.


“I’ll be expecting tomorrow night’s as well.” I tell Rose as we leave.

Rose shrugged. “I don’t like pudding anyway. It’s all yours.”

“Huzzah!” I yell, elated.

Scorpius detaches himself from Roses long enough, to shut the door in our faces.

I rolled my eyes. Stupid pathetic boy hormones.

“So, what were you and Rose ET’ing about?” Albus asks me, completely forget the fact that he’s still in a towel.

Stupid easily distracte…. “What do you mean ET’ing?” I asked him.

“Eye Talking.” He tells me, as if it was in the dictionary.

“I question why I’m friends with you.” I say, uncertainly.

“So are you going to tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“And you say I’m easily distracted.” He said.

 “You are. Look, Al, if we were, as you like to call it, ‘ET’ing’, then it’s probably what we can’t say out loud.” I explain. “So why would I possibly tell you?” I ask him, completely satisfied with my response.

He looked at me sarcastically, and opened his mouth to say something.

He looked at me again, and then down at his towel.

And then at me again with his eyes wide with horror.

“I’m in a towel!” He shrieks. ( I don’t have to mention again ‘like a girl’ ) “Bloody hell, open the door Scorpius! Life and death matter here!” He bangs on the door with all his might.

He looks at me with his puppy dog eyes.

Which is such a fail by the way, but he doesn’t know that.

“What do I do?” he asks me, desperately. He goes down on his knees and joins his hands. This looks familiar. Oh yeah, it was one of my fantasies that he does this with a ring to me.

I must have had a dreamy look on my face because, “Uhh, Al?” Albus raises an eyebrow at me. “People are starting to stare; can you just say you will, already?”

I swoon.

“I do.” I say. Oh shat, “I mean, yeah sure.” Trying to look normal. “What did you ask?”

He sighed. “If you could help me get out of this half naked mess.”

“You couldn’t have phrased that any better.” I roll my eyes.

He just looks at me.

“Okay fine, you can borrow some of my clothes.” I tell him, leading him up to girl’s dormitory.

“Woah, Al, I can’t go up there!” Albus protests.

“Oh come on, you’ve seen bra’s before.” I say, tired of his antics.

He shuddered.  “I meant that I can’t get up the stairs. Its gonna turn into a slide.” He explains.

Oh right. Wait, I just got struck with an evil thought.

“Yeah right.” I say, tossing him my sweater to wear over his towel. He puts it on. Al does not go well with purple. “Your just chicken.”

“I’m not chicken!”

 I start flapping my arms up and down, making chicken sounds.

 “It’s a well known fact. I read about it in Hogwarts, A history.” He says.

“Prove it.”

“Maybe I will.”

“Maybe you should.”





“So, what are you waiting for?” I challenge; all this part of my plan, knowing exactly how his one track mind works.

Albus takes a step towards the stairs, as if afraid it would swallow him.

He steps on it. Then another step. And then another.

He reaches the top, and looks down at me.

“This isn’t usually possible, trust me, being James Potter’s little brother, I would know.” Al tells me suspiciously. “What did you do?”

“Why do you possibly think this is MY fault?” I ask him.

Albus scowled.

“Hehe, you’re right, this is my fault.”

“I merely changed your outside body parts to make sure you don’t hurt yourself by falling down, while walking up those stairs.”

 I waited a moment for him, or should I say her, to realize what I just did to him.

“YOU MADE ME A GIRL!” He shrieks, his scream for once going along with his body.

Just then Dumb and Dumber come galloping towards me. 

“You said you were coming to play with us!” James whines like a 7 year old who didn’t get the toy he wanted.

“Yeah, we even managed to convert the common room to a HUGE battle field!” Fred adds.

“HUZZAH!” they yell together. I'm still trying to get Aunt Angelina and Aunt Ginny to tell me if they dropped them when they were babies. They said no with a laugh. Denial.

“Hey wait a second,” James drops his regular voice, and picks up his playboy voice. Atleast, what he thinks is his playboy voice. Poor thing, he doesn’t know yet that he doesn’t have one. Silly little lamb.

James continues, “Who’s your little friend here?” He asks, checking out the girl he doesn’t know is his brother.

“EWW!” Albus exclaims. “It’s me you freak! Albus! As in your brother!”

Fred burst out laughing. “I so have to spread this.” And he leaves with a wave of his coat.

“FREDDIE!” James yells.

Oops, need to breathe. I’ve been laughing too hard.

Al the female, and James the hobo are red as lily’s hair.

Oh I love my family. 

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