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Harry Potter and the Time After The War by rebeccanna
Chapter 2 : Trying To Talk
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When Harry entered the common room ten minutes later, he saw a large table covered in food in the centre of the room; and seated around the table were the Weasley’s and Hermione, just as Kreacher said. Everyone had a nearly empty plate in front of them; except Ginny – her plate was full and untouched. As Harry came down the stairs from the dorm room, everyone turned and smiled at him (some with tears in their eyes, some with a strained smile); except Ginny –she turned and saw him, stood from her seat and walked out the portrait hole. Everyone in the room stared after her, and then turned in shock as Harry moved to follow her. Hermione ran and stood in front of him as he neared the exit.


“Harry; I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


Harry gently pushed her out of his way and left the common room. He heard Ginny before he saw her. She was running, crying, downstairs, heading, he presumed, outside the castle. He ran after her.




She turned around, saw him, and began crying harder and running faster. Harry ran through a secret shortcut she didn’t know about to cut her off. He stepped out a metre in front of her. She made to turn and run the other way but he caught her arm.


“Ginny, I know you probably hate me, but I love you!” With those words, she turned to face him with a shocked look on her face, stopping her flowing tears and silencing her.


“Could we please talk about this? But first, could we please eat?” He grabbed her hand and led her to an empty classroom they had passed and called Kreacher.


“Kreacher!” He materialised in front of Harry.


“Yes Master?”


“Could you please bring some breakfast to us here?”


“Of course Master.” He disappeared for a second, before reappearing with other elves and placing trays of breakfast food on the desks. Kreacher turned to Harry as the other elves disappeared.


“Anything else, Master?”


“No, that will be all, Kreacher, thank you.” With that, Kreacher disappeared. Harry and Ginny were alone again. Harry spoke to her.


“Ginny, you need to eat.” He gave her some food and she ate it, but her movements were robotic. Harry ate his breakfast while watching her. He was sure she was in shock. After they finished eating, Harry spoke to her.


“Ginny, talk to me. What’s wrong? Do you hate me? Do you blame me for Fred’s d–” Ginny interrupted him when she slapped his face.


“DO NOT blame yourself for his death!” she said harshly through gritted teeth. “Fred died fighting to end this War! It was not your fault! It is Riddle’s fault! It’s the Death Eaters’ fault! It’s his killer’s fault! NOT yours! Get that into your bloody thick skull or I’ll leave!” Harry was stunned into silence. “And as for your first question, I’ll answer it honestly.” She said quietly. “Yes. I do hate you. A lot.”

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Harry Potter and the Time After The War: Trying To Talk


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