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The Professor by Fawks5
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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"Ah, Ms. Sulton. So good of you to come," an old man greated. His bright blue eyes twinkled behind half-moon specticals, and his sliver hair and beard shone in the light of the moon and stars.

"Good to see you again, Professor. How are things?" the young woman asked, falling in step besides him as they made their way through Hogsmade.

"Good as every, Ms. Sulton. I thank you again for coming to be our Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. I must warn you: we do have a very roudy bunch this year," the old man advised, his tone serious, though his eyes twinkled merrily.

"No worries, Professor Dumbledore. I can handle them," she said. Then to herself, "I can handle anything."


"Greatings! For the new students, welcome. To the old, welcome back. This shall be a very good year for Hogwarts! We have added new classes, new rooms are open, and a new professor. Please help me great our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Ms. Maribel Sulton!" All around the Great Hall, whispers had sprung up.

"A new teacher!"

"I wonder how long she's last."

"I'm betting 3 months."

"Come on! I bet 3 weeks!"

"Let's be nice! We don't know what she's capible of!" This one stood out to Mari the most. She smiled.

"Would you like to say a few words, Professor?" Dumbledore asked. Mari smiled and stood.

"Hello!" The Great Hall took a breath as one, surprised to see a 16-year-old girl standing up at the professor's table. She had been expecting this.

"I know I'm young, but I am talented. Who wants to hear a spell? Any spell," she said, looking around the room. One boy dared to stand.

"Conjure a Protronus!" he yelled, though it really wasn't necessary. His words bounced off the stone walls, causing the room to get even louder.

"Very well," Mari said with a smile on her face. She pulled her wand (9 and 3/4 inches, yew, with dragon heartstring) out of her pocket and said, almost lazily, "Expecto Potronum!"  A large cat jumped from her wand. The patronus was so in depth, everyone could see its fur ruffle as it walked, could hear its long, elegant tail swish behind itself, could feel the penetrating power of its large, intellegent silver eyes. Everyone gasped.

"It's beautiful!"


"Can you teach us how to do the spell?" At that one, everyone started yelling the same thing. Those who couldn't wanted desprately to learn how to, and those who could wanted to make theirs better. Mari smiled.

"I plan to keep my class schedual a secret, so just sit tight," she said, holding back a laugh. They were so cute.

"Please settle down! As there are no more words from Professor Sulton, please dig in!


Everyone went to be that night, thinking about their new teacher. What was she going to be like? What years would she teach the patronus to? What was in store for them? What years would she teach the patronus to? That thought was the prime thought of everyone. They all went to sleep, anticipating the next day.


A/N: Hey agian. I hope you enjoyed it.

I also hope you won't get too bored with the tiger patronus/animagus. If anyone feels I'm over using it, please leave a review and tell me what animal you would like to see. I'm always open for new ideas.

Thanks again,


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The Professor: The Beginning


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