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Do they know it's Christmas time at all by hp lover
Chapter 1 : Do they know it's Christmas time at all
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Do they know it's Christmas time at all

Vernon Dursley gripped a 6 year old Harry by the collar of his over-sized hand-me- down shirt and tugged him towards the small door under the stairs, he ripped the door open with his spare hand and roughly pushed Harry into the small room where he fell onto the bed. Harry heard the bolt on the outside of the door slide into place then his uncle's gruff voice came through the vent "and no more funny business from you boy." The heavy steps of his uncle then moved off in the direction of the lounge room. Harry slid to the corner of his bed and pulled his knees up to his chest. He let the tears that had welled up in his eyes fall softly down his cheeks as he pulled the small Christmas ornament he had grabbed from the tree out of his pocket. The ornament was a small, chestnut brown reindeer that fitted into the palm of his hand it was made of soft fabric with pipe cleaner antlers and a bright red nose. Harry stared at the soft toy and wondered what it would be like to live in the north pole, or really anywhere but here. He could hear carols coming from the neighbors house and the ripping of Christmas paper from Dudley In the lounge room. He hadn’t meant to be naughty, he hadn't meant for it to happen sometimes weird stuff just happened around Harry.



That morning Harry had come out from under the stairs at the cry of excitement from Dudley as he ran down the stairs above Harry's head. Harry had quietly tiptoed to the entrance of the lounge where he saw his plump cousin sitting under, the well organized and professionally decorated Christmas tree, amidst a pile of presents. Harry had entered the lounge room and sat on the floor as far from Dudley as he could get. He didn’t bother to look under the Christmas tree as he knew there would only be one package addressed to him and inside it would contain some old clothes of Dudley's that were either falling apart or he had outgrown due to his excessive weight gain that seemed to always be a problem for the boy who stuffed his face with every piece of food he could reach. Harry's uncle and Aunty had entered the room and sat on the couch to watch their son unwrap his presents, they failed to see Harry in the corner and continued as though he didn’t even exist, which was what they often tried to do. Harry didn't mind though at least his uncle was not yelling at him or hitting him. Harry watched on as Dudley unwrapped; toy cars, plush toys, a board game, a new soccer ball, though Harry was yet to see him use the old one, and many more gifts. After all of Dudley's gifts had been unwrapped he started to run around the house playing with all of his new toys and that was when he had noticed Harry in the corner. He had his new soccer ball in his left arm and his old one was sitting near his feet. His face was set in a sneer as he turned on Harry. "oi harry, you can have my old soccer ball," he said and then laughed as he drew back his left leg and kicked his old soccer ball at Harry's face. However the ball did not make it to connect with its target as just before it reached his face the soccer ball exploded mid flight. The bang resounded through the house and attracted the attention of his aunt and uncle who were making breakfast in the kitchen. They came running into the room where they were faced with the sight of a shocked looking Harry, a frightened, red faced Dudley and the shredded remains of the soccer ball where they had fallen at Harry's feet. That was when His uncles face had turned a shade of deep red and he had crossed the room to grip Harry by the collar, lift him from the ground and drag him from the room.



The tears were falling steadily now as Harry continued to stare at the small reindeer he was holding, he knew he shouldn't have slipped it from the tree as he was dragged past by his uncle but Harry longed for a toy at Christmas, he longed for someone to give him a gift that hadn't already been destroyed by his cousin and that someone had actually cared enough about him to buy. And just as he wished this he noticed at the foot of his bed, a small wrapped parcel sitting on the edge of his bed. It was wrapped In gold paper with red trimming. Harry leant forward to see the parcel better and inspected the tag that was hanging off it, which he noticed had Harry written on it in cursive, delicate writing, in a vivid shade of emerald green. Harry was sure that the package had not been there a moment ago and yet here it was, as if by magic. Harry got up from the bed and made his way to the door, he peeked out of the vent to see if his aunt, uncle or cousin were anywhere in sight. Satisfied that he would not be overheard he quickly picked up the parcel and ripped open the wrapping, to reveal a golden star. Harry cradled the delicate star in his palms, he rolled in over in his hands searching for an indication of the sender. However there was nothing but a small engraving on the back face of the star, curled, thin letters shone out in stark contrast to the rest of the star, the letters spelt HOPE.

Harry smiled as he held the star up and watched the light glint off the smooth surface. He then stood on his bed and reached up standing on his tippy toes to reach an old rusted nail that protruded from the ceiling just above where his pillow lay. He hung the star from the nail using the thin red ribbon he had taken off the reindeer ornament. Once the star was secure harry slipped back down to his bed, lay his head down in his pillow and looked up at the star above his head. He took the reindeer beside him into his hand and slid it under his pillow out if sight of the Dursleys and he lay there listening to the neighbors playing "Do they know its Christmas." And he knew that somewhere, somehow, someone had cared enough for Harry to send him the gift of hope and he no longer cared that he was locked in a small room under the stairs on Christmas day.




Hey guys just a little bit of a random thought for the Christmas season hope you like it. The title and the carol is from the song "do they know it's christmas" by Band Aid. please review and let me know what you think, give me the Christmas present of a review :) Hope you all have a great Christmas.
ps: all characters are the of the great J.K Rowlings and not mine.

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Do they know it's Christmas time at all: Do they know it's Christmas time at all


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