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The Resistance by nitenel
Chapter 6 : The Battle of Chestnut Hill
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A/N: So so so so sorry for my absence. I've been busy... Never take AP US History. You will have no life. Also don't start watching Doctor Who... I watched the first five seasons of the revived series in a month. Remember when I watched Lost in a month? But actually, you should watch Doctor Who. It's the best!

I waved my hand forward and the Divisions began to move forward. Unfortunately, as commanding officer, I had to stay in the rear so I wouldn’t get hurt or killed.

Cole had been removed from command, as he had not apologized to me. When I contacted Headquarters, they had sent me Mara Jade, much to my delight. She was a woman and already respected me.

I heard a booming noise from the right flank. Immediately, I turned to Dean. “Find out what’s going on.”

He nodded and apparated away. I waited patiently, listening to echoes of gunfire and spells. They had obviously engaged with the enemy already. I nodded to Veronica and she sent out a patronus to the commanders telling them to hold position.

“Send out a scouting party from the Center Division. Disillusionment Charms,” I said to Sean. He nodded and sent his own patronus to Mara.

Dean appeared next to me. “Jennings has encountered stiff enemy resistance. We outnumber them slightly and will be able to overcome them.”

“Anything else?” I questioned.

“He respectfully suggests we flank them. As the rest of our force has not encountered the enemy, we can shift the line down and move the forces at the far right into an L-shape and flank them.”

“Give Jennings my permission,” I ordered.

Nodding, he apparated back to Jennings. Almost instantly, Mara appeared next to me. “It’s all clear in front of us. There is a small village about half a mile away from us. Do you want us to check it out?”

I turned to Sean. “How many drones do we have?”

He pulled out a notepad and flipped through it. “We have seven low flying drones and ten high flying drones.”

“Send one high flying drone over it. Make sure you put a Disillusionment Charm on it,” I said to him.

He saluted and apparated back to our supply base. I turned to Mara and Smith, who had arrived seconds before. “We’re shifting the line down to the right so we can flank the enemy.”

They nodded and disapparated. Dean appeared again next me and said, “The plan is in place. It should start now.”

As if his words were magic, the line started shifting to the right. I nodded in approval and turned around to a small stable.

“We’re going to the Right Flank,” I announced.

I walked into the stable and went to a unicorn. Putting my mouth next to its ear, I said,” May I ride you?”

The unicorn snorted and bowed its head. Grinning, I mounted it and wheeled it around to face the open stable door. The other three quickly followed my lead. When they were done, I lightly tapped the unicorn with my heel and it shot forward to the Right Flank.

As we passed a group of soldiers making their way to the front in a truck, I wrinkled my nose. I distrusted cars, trucks, vans etc. I had been injured in a car accident when I was in my fifth year of Hogwarts. So now I preferred apparating, unicorns, brooms, or portkeys. And when I needed to move around a battlefield quickly, unicorns were my best bet.

We galloped past lines of troops until we reached a small hill that overlooked the battlefield. I gasped when I saw the amount of destruction.

Our lines were frayed and starting to crumble. Magi and muggles alike were fighting and dying next to each other. Smoke and dust covered the battlefield and was illuminated eerily by gunfire and the lights from spells. The flank had already been decimated and was falling back to the main line.

Dementors flew lazily over the battlefield, occasionally swooping down and grabbing one of our men. The dark masses of Death Eaters kept on gaining ground. The situation was dire.

A buzzing on my walkie-talkie grabbed my attention. “Ana! Come in Ana!”

“Mara?” I said uncertainly, holding the walkie-talkie to my mouth.

“We’ve encountered enemy soldiers. I don’t know where they came from! We’re heavily outnumbered-“ The walkie-talkie fizzled out into static.

“Mara!” I yelled into it. “Mara!”

I turned to the other three. “The Center line has been attacked too. We need a plan. Now.”

“We can’t retreat,” said Sean. “Berwick is not a good defensible location. And the pull back would be chaos, to say the least.”

I nodded. “We have to fight. That most is certain.”

A sudden brainwave hit me. “Call in the bombers. We cam bomb them right back to their makers.”

“Our own troops will be hit,” protested Dean.

“We will pull back as best as we can to a defensible location,” I said.

“What if they don’t make it?” demanded Sean.

“Then that is a risk we’ll have to take,” I said grimly.

He glared at me. “We can’t kill our own troops.”

“They’re dying right now,” I snapped. “If we don’t do this, more will die.”

“I won’t call this in,” he said quietly. He looked at the other two and they both shook their heads at me. “We can’t do this.”

“Fine then,” I growled. “I will do it.”

I pulled out my walkie-talkie and thumbed in the channel to the supply base. “Send in the bombers. I’ll try to pull back, but do not hesitate if there are still troops there.”

“Understood ma’am,” a grim voice said.

I turned to the three who were watching me warily. They eyed me with slight anger and fear.

“Well what are you waiting for?” I said coldly. “Spread the word. Sean – you go to Mara. Dean – Smith. Veronica – you come with me.”

They nodded and pulled away, galloping off. I yelled after them, “Apparate! We don’t have time to ride there!”

They raised their hand in acknowledgement and apparated, taking their unicorns with them. I turned to the battle in front of me and galloped into the midst of the chaos.

Spells flew around me and soldiers fell all around me. I yelled to Veronica, “Start pulling them back.”

She nodded and veered away from me. As I continued on my ride, I took in the scope of the battle. A group of Death Eaters had broken through the lines. Without stopping, I shot a curse at them and they blew up.

A Dementor flew up in front of me and I trembled as the coldness swept over me. I tried to fight it, as best as I could.

As a large clump of Death Eaters surrounded Andromeda she looked directly at me. With a pointed stare at me, a green light hit her in the chest and she collapsed on the ground.

I shook my head angrily and shot a patronus at it. The Dementor flew away to find another person to destroy.

Finally, I reached Jennings who was dueling a cloaked Death Eater. They were exchanging killing curses as best as they could. I pressed my heels inwards and the unicorn shot straight at the Death Eater, knocking him over.

“I almost had him,” said Jennings crossly.

“Pull back! I’m sending in bombers!” I yelled at him.

He nodded and shot a hex at a heavily armed man chasing after a knot of soldiers. He turned back to me. “I’ll pull them back. PULL BACK!”

I turned around and galloped to the front where a group of muggles was surrounded by Death Eaters. I pulled out a machine gun and shot a few rounds at the Death Eaters. All but three fell, and were easily taken care of by the muggles.

“Pull back!” I screamed at them. “PULL BACK!”

A buzzing sound above me distracted me. The bombers were coming too soon. There was still to many troops unwarned. Thinking quickly, I shot massive shield charms at groups of my soldiers who would be in harms way.

I noticed objects in the sky falling quickly. I had only seconds before they hit the ground. Casting the most massive shield charm I could, I huddled close to the ground with my hands over my head.

Time seemed to slow down as the bombs hit the ground. I could hear the shudders in the ground as some exploded. Groups of Death Eaters exploded. As far as I could tell, none of my troops had been hit.

My bubble shuddered and shook as more bombs exploded. I closed my eyes and prayed to every single deity I could think of. A small click in front of me made me open my eyes.

A small bomb was sitting innocently in front of me. I glanced up and saw my shield falling apart and no more bombs falling. And then I started running.

A/N: Such suspense! Will Ana live or die? Will the invasion fail?

I was listening to the Deathly Hallows I and II soundtrack and I found it extremely inspirational. I particularly liked Battlefield, Broomsticks and Fire, The Elder Wand, Captured and Tortured, Snape to Malfoy Manor, and Courtyard Apocalypse for this chapter.

Pease review and let me know your thoughts!

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