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Deliverance by Sunflower
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The history books would never mention a pandemic after the War. They would not describe how the skin would melt off the bones, how the magic would leak out in tears of blood, or how the very air they breathed seemed to be rotting. They would never describe the bloodcurdling screams of grey-eyed monsters, which seemed to reverberate from the walls in the years following. In time, no one would remember the horrors. But she knew the story. It was the story of how she saved a nation from destruction and found love.

In this case, it was also the story of her own death.


It was later: before falling in love, before dying.

The cold metal dug into her skin as it screeched loudly. The sound echoed in her head and as the red blood gushed to the floor in soft, sickening splashes, she closed her eyes and saw his face a million earthly minutes away, snickering at her lame jokes. Hours became seconds, and seconds became mere ticks of her heart; her own blood dripping onto the stone floor in spatters of silence. The pain ceased to matter; she ceased to matter. All that was left was the endless space between heartbeats where she wished to die. She wanted it to end; she begged for it to end - for her to end.

In the end, her wish was not granted.

They pulled her into a dungeon - dragging her along the floor behind them as if were they carrying a heavy load of garbage. She supposed that was what she was: waste. She remained silent, watching as her bloody fingertips tainted the ground red beneath her. They left a trace. She - she would leave a trace whether they wanted it or not. Blood did not erase easily.

There was a fire inside of her. The undeniable truth that she had unraveled. Rain Man was dead - dying, really, but in another reality he was already dead and Devon wasn’t, Lily wasn’t. They weren’t dead.
She needed for this to be the truth. It was nothing more than a whirl in her head and - and she knew the cure - only she could -

Her heart still wasn’t enough.  

She did not know at what point her eyes closed, but she found them shut when they dropped her onto the hard floor, and it was impossible to open them again. Her head smacked to one side and hit something solid, the pain ripping a loud noise from the back of her throat, yet she could not muster the power to move her head. Wetness seeped onto the floor.

She lay there motionless, waiting for the silence to stop. There was a cruel emptiness in her head; a mindless blankness that she could not erase. After eternities she started screaming again, pleading for the pain to begin once more; for anything to begin; anything other than the dull ache that was settling in her body. Everything was black.

It was not until her screams had subsided to soundless whimpers that she sensed the presence of something else in the room through her closed lids. Her heart started up again, beating irregularly against her chest; it was some sort of undeniable human urge that took over as the numbness of solitaire disappeared. It became the skidding pulse that brought her back to life as she lay immobile on the ground.

She willed her eyes to open, knowing that this was the only way in which she could possibly go on. There was nothing behind her; only an empty black void of silence. She could not go back.

An aching contraction beat through her body as her eyelids parted, her eyelashes sticking together with dried-up blood. The sight before her eyes made her wish that she were dead.

She blinked slowly as if to dare the scene to disappear - wishing - no, hoping beyond hope that the blurry figure would disappear. There was a course of something, a whisper in her head. He’s alive, he’s alive, he’s alive. Scorpius’s bloody face was still lying right in front of her, his face bruised beyond recognition, his skin so pale that it looked almost blue. He was staring at her, his eyes going in and out of focus, seeing her and then not seeing her. His gaze heavy just like that first time he had told her he loved her. His breathing was shallow and wheezy, almost soundless. Only his eyes had remained beautiful, they had destroyed the rest of him. The pain was more acute now, a dull ringing was settling in her head and suddenly she could hear it all and she was wishing for it to stop, for the sounds to end, for the world to cave in.

His eyes met hers once more and as his face split into an unearthly smile, she studied his full lips, her mind spinning to a moment of his mouth sliding over hers with that desperation she felt so palpable. It was irony that she should find him in that second of time, in that space of the world, just as everyone awaited her next move. Just as they held their breaths, she found love.

She wanted to caress his face, to pull him closer, but her arms were bricks by her side. She could no longer breathe, could no longer feel. There was only a hollow hole inside of her as her hands curled and uncurled.

But he was beautiful as he whispered,



A/N: Huge thanks to EverMalfoy who betaed this! Remember to review xx

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