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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 7 : Starry
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Georges P.O.V



I lay on Luna’s bed watching her walk towards her bathroom. I sighed heavily. Things had gone too far, too fast. A flash of doubt crossed my mind. What if she doesn’t like me that way? Had I pushed her too far? Was this the end to our relationship? Did we even have a relationship in the first place? I closed my eyed and tried to block out the thoughts of our break-up. How would she do it? Would she regret it? I suddenly felt suffocated. All around me was Luna. I rolled off her bed and, not caring that I had no shirt on, raced down the stairs and out the front door. I didn’t stop when I heard Harry call my name, I just kept on going. I only stopped when I reached the nearby lake side. I needed someone to talk to, but the only person that I wanted to talk to wasn’t here. I felt a tear slide down my check as I sat down next to the lake.


       “Fred if you’re listening I want you to know that I miss you so much,” I said staring up at the starry sky. “I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve lost every one that was the most important to me. If you were here you would know exactly what to say. Now I don’t even know if I have Luna anymore. Do you miss me Fred? Why did you have to leave? Our life was just getting started and now it’s over.” The tears were sliding down my cheeks faster now. Everything that I had been bottling up was now spilling out. “Are you happy, Fred? Am I becoming happy too fast? What do I do!” I yelled the last part, throwing a rock into the river. Water exploded up from the river, forming into the shape of a fox, Fred’s Patronous.



  “What are you doing George?” Fred’s voice came through the Fox’s mouth. I gaped up at it shocked. “You aren’t supposed to be so sad. Yeah, I’m gone now you have to move on. I’m so sorry I had to leave you like that. But take care of Luna, that one’s a keeper.”

       “Fred?” I was astounded. The fox nodded his head. “But how can you? I, I mean you’re gone forever.” Fred’s Patronous just shook its head and smiled at me.

       “I don’t have any time left but just remember that I love you and be happy. Good-bye Georgie, never forget me.” The tears were sliding faster and thicker down my cheeks now.

       “I love you too, bye Freddie,” I managed to choke out as Fred’s Patronous floated up into the starry sky, where it made a constellation of a running fox.


I collapsed against the grass again. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. But it had to have happened though. I was covered in water; the river was still in waves. I ran my fingers through my soaked, ginger hair. Since the war it hadn’t been cut at all and now curled just under my ears. I looked up into the stars, the tears now dry on my cheeks. The fox was still there, not moving at all. I knew it must have been real.

       “That was beautiful,” a voice from behind me said. Luna stepped out from behind a nearby tree. She wore short purple tights and a large grey sweater. Her feet were bare and her hair hung loosely to her waist, still dripping water. Even in her casual clothes she still looked stunning.

       “I saw what happened. I read about it once. It only happens when a connection between twins is so strong it can’t even be broken by death. The deceased twin appears only once when their twin is in their greatest need of company. Now I only wonder why you need him so badly.” Luna came down and sat on the grass next to me, leaning on my shoulder despite it still being wet. I sighed and looked down at her. She really was beautiful.

       “You,” I said simply. “I stuffed everything between us up and needed someone to talk about it too.”
       “You did nothing wrong,” she said, putting her arm around my waist. “In fact you did everything right.” With that she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.


I awoke the following morning to a tickle on my cheek. I opened my eyes to find Luna half lying across my chest. I saw a flash of green on my cheek. I wiped my hand across it to flick off the leaf that had settled there off. I shifted slightly and Luna rolled off my chest, still sound asleep. I sat up rubbing my neck. It was stiff from the position I had slept in the previous night. I stifled a yawn behind my hand and looked down at Luna’s sleeping body. We had stayed out the whole previous night just talking. I felt closer to her then to anyone else alive. No one could ever replace Fred though. I still had a massive hole in my heart, but Luna dulled the throbbing pain of it.


       “George?” Luna’s voice sounded a few minutes later. She sat up rubbing her eyes, her hair falling behind her shoulders. “Did we stay out here all night?” I nodded and stood up grabbing her hand and pulling her with me, embracing her in a hug. We walked back to the house hand in hand. I pushed open the front door and it swung inwards to let us in. Luna and I stepped into the lounge room to find sleep bodies strewn everywhere. Draco and Hermione were entangled on the couch looking like two pretzels that had been baked together. Harry was lying on the floor spread out like a starfish with Ginny curled up in a ball on his chest. The only ones that were missing were Ron and Lavender. I exchanged a glance with Luna. She had an amused expression on her face. We crept quietly up the stairs to look for Ron and Lavender. We didn’t have to look far to find them. Ron sat, unconscious, in the narrow hallway with a thin sheet draped over his naked body, a beer bottle slipping from his hand. Lavender was underneath the sheet as well. She resembled a lump as only her foot was visible. I felt Luna shaking with laughter next to me.

       “We leave this house for less than twelve hours and look what happens.” She said doubling over with laughter. I joined her in her laughter as we started to clean up the aftermath of the party.

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