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Blind by CooperTowne
Chapter 2 : The Chihuahua Seeing-Eye Dog
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“Isa!” Kate whined later that day. “You cannot sit alone! Come sit with us.” Kate grabbed Isa by the arm and pulled her along.

“Us?” Isa asked.

“The rest of our year in Gryffindor! James, Freddie, Charlie, Peirce, Dom, Anna, and Polly!” Isa knew their names of course, but didn’t have time to tell Kate that before she yelled, “Sit here!” and pushed Isa into a seat.

The chatter that had just been happening at the table stopped. Isa could feel their eyes on her. She repositioned herself into a more comfortable position, which was close to impossible since she was jammed in between two muscular people. Isa barely had any room to move her arms until both people moved away from her giving her just enough room. The silence was painful. The only one who could break it was Kate and she was taking a long to time to walk around the table.

“Err—” said a male voice next to Isa. “Hi.” It was Freddie. Fun fact about blind people: we are amazing at knowing people by their voices. Isa glanced in his direction.

“Hi,” she said quietly. This could not be any more awkward. Kate sat opposite of Isa, smiling to herself as she saw Freddie and Isa talking.

“Oh, shit, you probably don’t know who I am,” Freddie said. “I’m—”

“Freddie Weasley,” Isa said smiling slightly still looking in his direction. “I can tell by your voice.” It was silent for a moment. Then Anna spoke up.

“Can you tell everyone by their voice? Even if you’ve talked to them like twice?” she asked. Isa nodded. “Who am I?” she asked eagerly.

“Anna,” she said in Anna’s direction.

“Wicked,” said James right next to Isa. Brilliant. Freddie and James. That’s who I’m shoved in between. The rest of lunch, they tested her. Grabbing professors and random people from other houses for her to identify.


“Bloody hell. If you shove Peirce in my face one more time—” Isa said in a warning voice running her hand through her hair.

“Fine fine. So what if someone has a cold? And their voice is totally unrecognizable?” Dom asked.

Isa let out a huge sigh. All the years of not knowing each other are really caught up to them. “Then I obviously wouldn’t know who was talking.”

“Well we’ve got to run. Professor Longbottom will have our heads if we’re late again.” Polly said. Followed by Pierce, Dom, and Charlie, she walked out of the Great Hall.

James watched them go for a second before turning to Isa. “Wanna hear a joke?”

Isa looked at him questionably. “Err—sure.”

“Ok! A man goes to a bar with his dog. He goes up to the bar and asks for a drink. The bartender says ‘You can't bring that dog in here!’ The guy, without missing a beat, says ‘This is my seeing-eye dog.’”

“A blind joke? James really?” Anna interrupted.

“Shut up! It’s funny I promise.” Anna rolled her eyes and James continued, “‘Oh man, " the bartender says, ‘I'm sorry, here, the first one's on me.’ The man takes his drink and goes to a table near the door.

“Another guy walks in the bar with a Chihuahua. The first guys sees him, stops him and says ‘You can't bring that dog in here unless you tell him it's a seeing-eye dog.’ The second man graciously thanks the first man and continues to the bar. He asks for a drink. The bartender says ‘Hey, you can't bring that dog in here!’

“The second man replies ‘This is my seeing-eye dog.’ The bartender says, ‘No, I don't think so. They do not have Chihuahuas as seeing-eye dogs.’ The man pauses for a half-second and replies ‘What?!?! They gave me a Chihuahua?!?’”

Isa laughed quietly. Smiling politely, she said, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a blind joke before. It was pretty good.” Merlin, this is weird. Does anyone else find this odd?

James looked at her wide-eyed. “Really?”

“Oh no James,” Anna said. “Don’t you get any ideas.”

“I just have one more,” James said. “So there’s a guy visiting—”

“No!” Anna said loudly as she slapped James upside the head. He rubbed it and looked angrily at her.

“Oi! It doesn’t take long to tell!”

“You’re ridiculous,” Isa said shaking her head. “Er—you’ll have to tell me it later. I have to get to Muggle Studies,” Isa standing up from the table.

“I’ll walk with you!” Anna said. “Bye James.”


Lunch is my new favorite meal, Isa thought as they walked away. I got to sit with people and talk. They weren’t disgusted by my eyes or scared that I couldn’t see them. Blimey! I’ve been wrong this entire time! James teased me for being blind but not in a cruel way. They were impressed.

Yes, I was a little awkward, but in my defense I didn’t really know what I was doing. But they accepted me into their lives. No questions asked! They were a little skeptical, but they didn’t ignore me. I didn’t bother even trying to befriend them before because I was scared they were going to treat me differently. How could I have been so stupid?!

Anna grabbed Isa’s arm as they walked out. “Kate told me about counting everything. That must suck,” Anna said interrupting Isa’s thoughts.

They walked out of the Great Hall and turned down the corridor. Isa shrugged her shoulders. “You get used to it. I didn’t know you were in my Muggle Studies class.”

“I sit way back,” she said laughing. “I think I may be the only person who actually enjoys the class though. Muggles fascinate me. Like did you know they have moving stairs?”

“What? Moving stairs?”

“Escalators. I really want to see one. James says that during Christmas holiday, he’ll take me to see one.” This girl likes to talk. Good thing for her I like to listen.

“I should know that since it is a NEWT level class,” Isa said. Anna laughed and turned them down another corridor.

She shrugged. “I just have a weird obsession with them.” Anna gasped loudly, stopped, and grabbed roughly on to Isa’s robes.

“What?” Isa asked alarmed.

“What if I marry a muggle?” Anna asked. “And I got to learn how to drive a car!” Anna voice had gotten high and very excited. Isa could hear the eagerness in her voice as Anna spaced out as she thought about her future fantasy life.

Isa couldn’t help but laugh at Anna’s sudden burst. Anna was awesome. Quirky, but awesome. “That really would be something,” Isa said laughing.

“Oh shut up,” Anna said smiling as she returned to reality. “I think it would be brilliant. I can just see myself behind the wheel driving my muggle husband to the movies!” They re-linked arms and started walking once more.

“Aren’t you going out with Freddie?” Isa asked. Anna blushed and smiled.

“Yea. He’s the absolute best! Forget the muggle husband, I love Freddie too much to leave him,” Anna said. Isa smiled. I wish I could have a love like Anna and Freddie’s. They seem happy and Anna seems happy with him. It’s too cute!

“Isa! Isa!” yelled a voice behind them. Merlin, at this rate, we’ll never get to class. They stopped and turned towards the voice. Taylor came up panting. “Give me a second,” she said between big breaths.

“You’re out of shape,” Isa said smiling. Anna took this opportunity to play with Isa’s wavy dark red hair. Anna had naturally straight blonde hair and has always been interested in hair like Isa’s.

“Shut up Isa.” Taylor caught her breath. “Who’s this?” Taylor asked looking questionably at Anna. Anna stopped playing with Isa’s wavy hair and turned to Taylor. Anna stuck out her hand.

“Anna Vivian.”

“Taylor Marksmen.” They shook hands and smiled at one another.

Isa let out a frustrated sigh. They ignored her. “I’m a friend of Isa’s,” Anna said.

Wait. She said friend. I have a friend.

“You must be her sister,” Anna said.

“Yea, I—”

“Tay,” Isa cut her off. Taylor looked at her sister. “Anna and I need to get going. What do you want?”

“Oh well remember that it’s Mason’s birthday soon.”

“Right. Don’t want a repeat of last year when we both forgot,” Isa said shuddering at the memory.

Taylor scowled. “There were so many howlers. I have to go, but we’ll talk later about gifts.”

Isa nodded. Taylor turned and left mumbling about their ‘bloody attention whore of a brother’. Anna and Isa began walking. “So how many howlers did you get for forgetting his birthday?”

“Seven. They were all from him. He enjoys getting attention and he got beyond mad when it slipped our minds.”

“Sounds like it!” Anna said. “Whoa—wait we’re here, don’t keep walking.” Anna turned Isa into the classroom, and took her seat in the back. Do I sit next to her? Would it be rude to sit in the front? “There’s an open seat here.”

That answered my question, thought Isa as she slid into the seat next to Anna. Isa took out parchment and her Nice Notes quill. It flicked up and brushed its feather across Isa’s face.

Isa laughed as it tickled her. “Ok Barry, down,” she commanded the teal quill. It did one another quick swipe at her nose and laid itself down next to her parchment. Anna looked at the scene that just unfolded in front of her.

“Barry?” she asked bemused.

The quill popped up on its tip and spun around. “Yea,” Isa said. “That’s the quill’s name.” Merlin, she must think I’m insane!

“You named your quill?” Anna asked now sounding amused. Isa nodded. Anna laughed and said, “Hello Barry!” Barry hopped over to Anna’s blank piece of parchment and elegantly wrote ‘Barry’ on it. “Barry sure has a mind of his own.”

“Yea. If he just wrote all over your paper, sorry. He gets over excited when meeting new people.” Get over here Barry. Isa reached over and laid her hand palm facing up and Barry hopped right in getting little dots of ink on her palm.

“You are a strange one Isa Marksmen!” Anna exclaimed. “I think we’ll be great friends.”

At that moment, Professor Gibbs clapped her hands to call attention. “Good news everybody! I have some very good news.” Anna rolled her eyes.

“Gibbs was never one to get to the point,” she whispered to Isa who suppressed a laugh.

“If everyone would quiet down please. I have some very exciting news! Some that I think you’ll be very happy about! Now please just quiet down,” Gibbs told a silent class.

“Also slightly delusional,” Isa whispered. Anna promptly raised her hand in the air.

“Everybody qui—oh yes Miss Vivian,” Gibbs said. Anna put her hand down and smiled sweetly at Gibbs.

“We’re really anxious to hear what you have to say Professor. Please do not keep us waiting any longer!” Anna said in a very kind voice. If Gibbs could hear the sarcasm, she didn’t let on.

“Right, well. I have discussed it with the Headmistress and she has approved a daylong Muggle Studies field trip. On this trip—” Gibbs stopped suddenly at the loud pitched squeal coming from Anna. The surrounding people covered their ears from its piercing volume.

“Miss Vivian!” Gibbs managed to yell over Anna. “Miss Marksmen is already blind, I doubt she would want to be deaf too!”

Anna stopped shrieking and turned to Isa, “Isa. Isa. Isa. We’re going to the muggle world. Holy Merlin’s pink knickers.” She was grabbing onto Isa’s robes and pulling it roughly.

Isa pulled her robes out of Anna’s tight grip and rubbed her ears to makes sure they were working properly. “Yes I heard,” Isa said amused at her friend’s sudden burst of energy.

Anna grabbed Barry and brought him straight to her face. “Barry! I’m going to the muggle world!” People must think she’s crazy for talking to a quill. Time to intervene. Isa held out her hand for Barry and he wiggled himself out of Anna’s grip. Once back with Isa, she put him back in his inkwell.

“We aren’t just going to the muggle world. We were approved to take a trip to New York City in America,” said Gibbs.

Anna is going to ruin my hearing. 



I didn’t know how to act. These people considered themselves my friends now, but I have no idea how to act around them.

Well at least the girls considered me their friend.

Anna has been by my side practically every moment since Muggle Studies the first day and she has already agreed to tutor me in it. She really does have a huge interest in muggles. I swear to Merlin, she better work in the Ministry’s Muggle Relations department. She’s funny and has a huge personality. She doesn’t judge people immediately. But Anna is one of those people that when you first meet her she is quiet and them you start a conversation and suddenly she has all of this personality.

Dom is anything but quiet. She is aggressive with her point of view and stands up for herself. And, being part werewolf and veela, no one bothers to fight against her. Believe me, I learned the hard way never to disagree with her. She has a certain knack for styling hair. My dark red hair has always been down, and Dom took upon herself to rid me of that torture. I can’t say that I exactly understand when she means braid, but it felt like she was just moving my hair inside and out of each other.

Polly was the one who really surprised me. She always seemed like a very reserved person. I always thought she was shy and only talked when she needed to say something. But, then again, that might be only because I was in the room. Since the day I sat with them at lunch, Polly has not stopped talking. She’s very nice and loves to talk about her brother who apparently is playing on the Chudley Cannons as a reserve beater. She’s very awkward talking about guys she finds fit, sex, and other teenage shenanigans. Which I obviously find incredibly funny.

Kate was very pleased with herself over the budding friendship of the sixth year Gryffindors. She did technically officially introduce us. Her spunky and sarcastic attitude has never made a minute of my life uninteresting. But she is surprisingly smart. She’s top of our year, over all of the Ravenclaws. But she doesn’t go around flaunting that she is smart like the ‘Claws. She is very useful when I want to visit Taylor. I’m shit with riddles.

Even though Anna, Kate, Polly, and Dom have really accepted me as a part of their group, the guys seem a little hesitant to make any concrete effort to talk to me. When I sit with them, they usually ignore me. But they aren’t rude or mean to me it’s just that they don’t talk to me.

It’s awkward for me, and sometimes I honestly just don’t want to be there. I don’t know if they just have no interest in being friends with me, but I don’t want to cause a split in their group because half of them want to be with me and half don’t want anything to do with me.

Right now, sitting with three of them in the common room, I feel very alone and out of place. Anna and Freddie are talking all cutesie in the corner. James keeps letting out frustrated sighs and sifting papers around. Charlie, Polly, Dom, and Kate aren’t even here. Does anyone else feel this awkward?

Isa stood up to go up to her dorm to read in peace. Grabbing her wand and her heavy textbook she starting walking towards the girls’ dorm. She managed not to trip and getting away silently, and Isa believed she was home free.

“Hey where are you going?” Kate said as she reached the bottom of the stairs blocking Isa’s path.

Facing the floor, Isa replied shyly, “Upstairs. I have to finish reading.”

“Oh, well, we’re going down to dinner soon. Why don’t you just stay down here and come with us?”

“That’s okay,” Isa said quietly. “I’m not hungry. I’ve got to read. You have fun.” With that Isa stepped around Kate and walked up the stairs. Isa slid her hand on the wall and found her carving indicating the sixth year girls’ dorm.

The sixth year girls’ dormitory was a large circular room with five beds in a circle. There were large windows between five of the beds and directly across from the door was a small fireplace. With a full view of the Forbidden Forest, it really had one of the best views in Hogwarts.

Isa walked in, dropped her book and wand on her side table, and lay down on her bed. She breathed deeply in and smiled as the familiar smell of her bed swirled around her.

Why do they want me? Isa thought. I’m nothing special. Yea, I would like friends, but what will they think if I am myself? I get cranky sometimes. I talk too loudly when I’m excited. I can’t run because I trip. I’ve never ridden a broom. Merlin, I’ve never had a friend who wasn’t biologically forced to be my friend.

We have lived peacefully for the past six years, and suddenly Kate and Anna are adopting me into their group. Their messed up, troublemaking group.

What if they end up hating me?

Isa let out a groan and covered her face with her arms. She felt her stomach growl. Maybe I should go down with them. No, they’re probably already down there laughing and forgetting all about me.

Barry wiggled his way out of her bag and tickled Isa’s hand. “That you Barry? Once for yes. Twice for no.” One swipe. “Barry, serious question time. Do you honestly think I could be friends with them?” One swipe.

Isa smiled. Good ol’ Barry.

Sitting up, Isa took her wand and her Transfiguration textbook and began to read. She had gotten through most of the chapter when her four other roommates entered the room.

“Bellie!” cried Polly. A…nickname? “We missed you at dinner.” Isa smiled at her weakly but did not respond.

Isa’s bed creaked as Kate and Anna sat down, but strengthened using magic, it would not break. They sat staring at Isa, who suddenly found the hem of her shirt very interesting.

“So,” Kate said awkwardly. Kate and Anna exchanged glances. Isa bit her lip but didn’t look up. “How was reading?”


Another silence.

“Can I ask you something?” Isa asked. I have no idea why I’m going to ask this, but the curiosity is killing me.

“Of course!” Anna said sounding excited.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, because I’ve loved nothing more than actually having people to talk to for the last couple of weeks. But I’m just wondering, why now? After six years, you just suddenly decide to talk to me?”

Anna and Kate sat for a second trying to think of a good answer. Finally Anna spoke up, “I think we were just intimidated by you. You seemed to enjoy being alone and we actually talked about this last year, but we never knew how to start a conversation. We never meant to ignore you, Bellie!” Yep, a nickname. I don’t understand why. Isa is already a nickname for Isabelle.

Wait, hold up—

“You were intimidated by me? How?” Isa said while laughing quietly.

“Because you were so different from us,” Dom said sitting on the floor next to Isa’s bed. “I don’t know about everybody else, but you are the first blind person I have ever met. I didn’t, and still don’t, know how to act around you.”

“Dom, that was surprisingly deep,” Polly laughed sitting next to her. Dom slapped Polly on the arm and shot her a glare. “But it was what the guys were saying today at dinner.”

“What did they say?” Isa asked nervously. The guys had been more hesitant when talking to me. It’s been bloody annoying actually.

“Just that you seemed like a perfectly nice person, but they just didn’t know how to talk to you,” Polly said with a wave of her hand.

“Oh,” Isa said. “I thought they just didn’t want to be friends with me.” The four girls surrounding Isa’s bed burst out laughing.

“Are you serious?” Kate said wiping a tear from her eye as she continued to chuckle quietly. Isa nodded looking very confused. “Charlie and Fred can have a 3 hour conversation with a mop. They’ll be friends with anything.”

Isa opened her mouth then closed it. I am really not sure how to respond to that. What do you say to a mop?

“Pierce is a little sarcastic, but he really is sweet,” Polly said fondly.

“And James is a prick. But he’s funny and he has his moments of kindness,” Kate said. “Just give them time, they’ll come around.”

Isa yawned loudly at that moment. It was still early, but reading the textbook had made her drowsy. “As much as I would like to stay awake, I’m going to go to sleep.”

“Do you want help getting ready?” Polly asked. Dom slapped her on the arm.

“She’s been getting ready just fine for 6 years, I think she’ll be okay,” Dom scolded. Isa laughed.

“Yea, I’ll be okay.”




It was a short 5 hours later when Isa woke up. The dorm was dark besides the small amount of light coming from the moon. The others were asleep and Isa could hear Dom snoring peacefully.

Isa’s stomach growled. Shit I didn’t eat dinner. Maybe I should go to the kitchens. Pros: food. Cons: not sleeping. The choice is obvious. To the kitchens!

Isa dragged herself out of her bed and threw on a large jumper that covered up her shorts enough that made it look like she wasn’t wearing any. It was unlikely that she was going to see anyone anyways. Isa grabbed her wand and stuck in the elastic of her shorts. Beginning in her dorm she had 3,008 steps to walk to the kitchens. Teachers and prefects never stopped her in the corridor anymore. Every time they did she would claim she was just lost and they would take her back to her dormitory. They eventually caught on and stopped caring.

I’ve always liked the corridors at night. They’re peaceful and vastly different from the daytime. When school is in session, there’s always a lot of noise and confusion. But at night, there is no noise except for the faint steps I take. It’s almost therapeutic.

There are never many portraits awake however. I like talking to them even if they can be a little snippy. I think they like when I walk during the night because I don’t rely on a wand, which would wake them up.




1,991—voices, I hear voices.

Isa stopped in her tracks and listened closely. “Potty and Weasel out for a romantic stroll?” followed by cackling laughter.

“Sod off Peeves,” James said angrily. Isa walked towards their voices.

“Potty and Weasel! Potty and Weasel!” Isa sighed. Here we go again.

Surprisingly enough, Peeves and Isa were on good terms.

Isa and Peeves’ truce began back in Isa’s second year. Isa had just been taunted by a particularly nasty sixth year Slytherin. In retaliation, she set off a dung bomb in their common room. I had just gotten tired of them.

Peeves had found out and declared that any girl who was like Isa and still could do something like that deserved to be praised and left alone.

At Isa’s request, Peeves stopped bothering Taylor. Isa had actually specifically asked not to bother Taylor or Taylor’s friends. He promised not to bother Taylor, but her friends were a different story.

Two days after Isa talked Peeves out of bothering Taylor, her friends turned up in the Great Hall covered in paint while Taylor was completely clean.

Isa walked closer to the voices and eventually called out, “Hello.”

The three heads snapped around and stared at Isa. Peeves broke out into a huge smile and James and Freddie looked very surprised. “Isa?” James asked.

Isa smiled shyly at him and opened her mouth to speak only to be cut off by Peeves.

“Ladies and gents please welcome the ever lovely and secretly devious, Isabelle Marksmen!” Peeves shouted loudly.

“Peeves, always a pleasure,” Isa said smiling and deeply amused. James and Freddie were quiet. “I don’t think you can call me devious when I only pull pranks on people when they are mean to me too much.”

“Details,” Peeves said with a wave of his hand. “What do I owe this honour?” Peeves asked smirking while floating closely to Isa. Always flattering me Peeves is. Kinda odd. Half the time it sounds like he’s flirting with me. But then again he is a ghost, so that wouldn’t work out too well.

“I was actually on my way to the kitchens. I skipped dinner,” Isa said shrugging while crossing her arms. “But, I have another favour to ask of you Peeves.”

“Anything for the fair maiden!”

“Can you not bother James or Freddie anymore? Any of the sixth year Gryffindors for that matter.” Isa didn’t expect a positive response. And she didn’t get one.

Peeves, for the first time, looked sad. “But—but—” he stuttered dropping his arms limply to his side. “They’re just so fun to prank.”

“Oh I know! But believe it or not, they are my friends now, and I think it would be a personal favour to me if you didn’t.” Peeves was silent for a second thinking it over. “I’ll give you a prank in return.”

Peeves’ smile turned devious. “Excellent,” he said rubbing his hands together. Flying close to Isa’s face, he stared right into her eyes. “I want my prank by Sunday or no deal.” Peeve floated slowly away keeping his eyes on Isa.

“Scram will you?!” Isa yelled at Peeves waving her arms maniacally. Instead of looking angry and vengeful like he usually does after someone yells at him, Peeves laughed loudly.

Peeves floated away singing “Potty and Weasel! Potty and Weasel!” and leaving the three of them alone. Freddie and James looked at Isa with shocked expressions and their mouths wide open. After a few silent and uncomfortable moments, Isa turned around and walked back the way she came. Soon she heard fast footsteps behind her.

“Wait up!” James called. “Oi! Isa!” Isa stopped abruptly and was promptly knocked over by one of the teenage boys who were running after her.

“Oops sorry,” Freddie said leaning down and picking her up. Once back on her feet Isa brushed herself off and rubbed her sore hip from where it hit the ground. “You okay?” Freddie asked sounding concerned.

“Yea, fine,” Isa replied simply. They stood there for a second. Freddie and James didn’t know what to say. The girl who they hadn’t known how to talk to for the past 3 weeks saved them from the wrath of Peeves.

“You’re the one Peeves talks about!” James exclaimed smacking himself in the head in sudden realization.

“Huh?” Isa asked confused.

“Yea! He always says there is only one person that has the power to control him. And that they were hiding right under our noses. It’s you! That means you were the one that pulled that prank on Slytherin second year,” Freddie said in complete awe.

“I’m also the one that charmed Hufflepuff’s food last year to get up and run away from them,” Isa said matter-of-factly.

“That was you?” Freddie exclaimed. Isa nodded sheepishly. I’ve never been praised for my pranks by anyone besides Peeves. It’s interesting. “Brilliant.”

“What about when Slytherin started screaming out their secrets last year?” James asked. “That wasn’t us.”

“Yea,” Isa said laughing quietly at the memory.

That time the Quidditch captain of Slytherin stole my bag and put it three meters away from me. Since I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t find it for thirty minutes. And the only reason I found it then was because someone kicked it over to me.

So many professions of love with that particular prank. Delia Hyte, a sixth year, proclaimed her love for a Hufflepuff. It was a mighty big shock to her giant seventh year boyfriend. Poor kid was in the Hospital Wing for two weeks. That was pretty much the only time I’ve felt regret. But she and the Hufflepuff are together now, so go me!

“So he’s not going to bother us?” James asked hopefully.

“Who?” Isa asked when she was yanked back to reality.

“Peeves. You know the loud, obnoxious poltergeist that apparently listens to you?” James said.

“He might a little. Not as much as he does now, and not as severely either. As long as Peeves gets his prank, you’ll be fine.”

James picked up Isa and hugged her tightly. “You are the most incredible person ever!”

“Fine, but put me down!” Isa said laughing. James put her down smiling sheepish at her.

“Butterbeers on me!” Freddie said throwing his arm over Isa’s shoulder. “We are going and celebrating our freedom from Peeves. And Isa will be the guest of honour! And Isa, I know this may be awkward for you, but why aren’t wearing shoes or pants?”

Isa stepped away from Freddie. She blushed furiously and laughed awkwardly. “I was too lazy to put on shoes. And in my defense these are just short shorts! They’re my pajamas!” Isa lifted up the bottom off her jumper to show them her shorts covered in snitches.

“Snitches. Classy,” James said amused. “Whoa your wand is so cool!” Isa felt her wand slide out of her elastic as James snatched it away. The wand was unusual for a wand. Most wands either had simple decorations or just a smooth surface; Isa’s wand was decorated with intricate ivy that slowly crept up the wand. “What is it?”

“Willow and unicorn tail hair, 10 ½ inches.”

“I have unicorn tail hair also,” James said still examining the wand. “And no, that core is not girly in anyway. I’ve never met someone with a design like mine.”

“Your wand has a design like mine?” Isa smiled slightly and held out her hand for her wand.

“Well, yes and no. Mine has flames carved out that spiral around it,” James said proudly handing Isa back her wand.

“Okay, as fun as this is, to the kitchens!” Freddie cried as he took off running leaving James and Isa alone.

“Err—thanks for waiting!” James called after Freddie sprinting figure. James turned to Isa and said, “Shall we?” Isa nodded and together they walked to the kitchens.





Thank you to everyone who reviewed and favorited! I'm so happy to hear that you guys are enjoying the story. As of right now I thin I'm at around 150 views which makes me extremely happy!

Thanks so much and please R + R!!

Oh and any characters you recognize are property of the lovely JK Rowling!

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