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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 16 : Beautiful when angry
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A/N: Eek it's been a while since I updated this story and I apologise for that *sends out sorry cookies* I hope I have some readers left. I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Disclaimer: I own what you don't recognise.


 “Oh grow up Weasley!”


“Me grow up?”

“Yes YOU grow up, you pathetic excuse for a human being!” Draco snarled.


“Now now ladies” Fred said, strolling towards them.


“Handbags at dawn” George added.


“George, I believe that these two have a problem that they need to sort out between them”


“Yes we do now sod off!” Draco snapped, the twins looked at each other and then slowly leant forward, as though inspecting Draco through a microscope.


“Yes…yes I believe that solves it…”


Draco looked a little confused.



”What” he repeated, the twins looked back at each other and smiled.




“That solves it!”


Ron was beginning to look a little confused now.

“What is going on?”


“Ron I’m sorry but you lose …Draco is definitely wearing more make up!”


“Why you…” he growled walking forward grabbing hold of his wand, but he was shoved back forcefully. Stumbling backwards he managed to regain his balance, looking up angrily expecting to find Potter or Granger he was surprised to see an angry Lucida standing protectively in front of Fred, George and to his disgust Ron.


"Don’t you dare touch him" she growled, Draco felt his eyes widen slightly she was picking Ron over him.


"And what are you going to do to stop me?" Draco asked raising an eyebrow and licking his lips, Ron clenched his fist angrily.


"don't you all think you should be in Hogsmeade?" came a voice to break up the group, turning her head Lucida saw Professor Sprout standing by them, her robes slightly dirty with mud from the greenhouses.


"I’m not going anymore" Ron muttered before storming past Lucida bashing into her shoulder as he passed her, the twins had already left and Draco was still standing looking at Lucida who walked away from him and went after Ron.


She finally caught up to him in the Gryffindor common room.


"What is the matter with you?" Lucida seemed to radiate anger as she glared towards Ron; they were stood in the deserted common room as everyone had run off to Hogsmeade leaving Lucida and Ron the only Gryffindors left behind.


Ron didn't answer.


"Ron! What the hell has got your wand in a twist?" she said grabbing his arm to turn him around to face her.


"I know about Draco" he told her.




"I know what you and him have been up to!" Ron shouted Lucida felt herself root to the spot as it seemed like a bucket of ice was poured over her, he knew.


"How?" she breathed shock filling her every fibre .


Ron’s face flushed with hatred "I thought you would have at least denied it!" he took a breath before angrily spitting out "I saw you through the power of sight!" he pointed at his eyes in a slightly deranged way.


"I thought I made you happy! I thought I was the only one for you!"


"You do make me happy..."


"Then why do you run off to him!" Ron growled angrily "why did you start all this!"


"I didn't start anything!"


"You may not have started it but I don't see you trying to stop it!"


Lucida fell silent as she watched an angry Ron start to pace the room.


“You made me believe that you loved me!”


“I never made you believe anything…”


“…But I did love you…I do love you…”


Lucida saw the tears in his eyes and tried to hold back her own.


“I …it wasn’t… Ron I’m sorry”


“What can he give you that I can’t? What is it?” Ron demanded, Lucida threw her arms in the air.


“I don’t know” then she saw his face


“Oh Ron…I didn’t mean…”


“What did you mean? What do you mean! What s going on!”


Ron ran his hands through his hair .


“Do …did you even feel anything?” Ron said staring at her intently.


Lucida just didn’t know what to say…was it wrong to love both of them?


She sighed.


“Of course I did”


“Did?” Ron asked frowning.


Lucida closed her eyes and looked away.


“I do!” she said in frustration


“I do feel for you …but…” she looked back at him wishing he would understand.


“But…” Ron said


“But what!” he snapped “it's simple do you love me or him? or is this some sick game that you play with people?”


Lucida gaped at him.


“What is THAT suppose to mean Ron?”


“For all I know you could have done this before…” Ron explained with a face like thunder “…For all I know you could be playing more people”


“How dare you!” Lucida growled.


“What makes you think that love is a game?”


“Because I keep on getting hurt!” Ron cried.


Lucida stayed quiet, Ron turned away and lent on the windowsill.


“I can feel a something pounding in my brain, every time someone speaks your name…I love everything about you, I’m being serious, you’re everything to me,”


Lucida could hear the tears in his voice.


“…I can feel a small sensation taking place in my heart every time I look at you, every time you smile every time we kiss”


Lucida wiped away a tear, Ron turned back around to face her.


“But you don’t seem to care, all you seem to think of is yourself, all you care about is you and Draco, don’t you know that he’s playing you too!”


“What makes you think he’s playing me?”


“Because I know about him he…”


“You don’t know anything about him!”


“Neither do you!” Ron bellowed back “you only know the side he wants you to see!”


“Well at least he shows me affection Ron, the only reason you’re talking to me about this is because Hermione forced you too” Lucida said glaring at him.


Ron stood their quietly glaring at her.


“…And we all know how you don’t want to make little miss know it all unhappy…” Lucida stopped and looked up at the stairs to the dormitories “… and yes Hermione I know you put him up to it, I can hear you talking to Harry now, don’t forget ‘Vampire senses’!” Lucida said mockingly.


“At least I care for people who love me back, unlike you and Draco!” Ron said quietly.


Lucida turned around slowly to look at him.


“Like I said before you know nothing about affection!” Lucida said bellowing at him.


Ron stormed over to her.


“If you want me to be like Draco then I’ll show you affection”


“But I don’t…” but at that point Ron pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately “Merlin you’re beautiful when you’re angry” Ron whispered in her ear.


Lucida pushed him away “you can’t do that Ron!” and she stormed out of the common room tears of anger streaming down her face.


*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *             


Lucida ran down to the dungeons to see if she could hide down in Snape's office. As she was running down she was violently pushing objects and people out of her way.


“Hey watch it!” a Slytherin second year shouted to her.


She turned around “shut up!” and then carried on.


She continued on her way still pushing at things violently until a quick arm suddenly grabbed her, but with her quick reflexes she had already pinned them against the wall.


“Lucida” Draco choked


She slowly let him down, and went to carry on walking down the corridor.


“Hey…where you off to?” he asked.


“Leave me alone I’ve had enough of you from Ron”


Draco sighed and pulled her back “what have I told you about listening to him, he obviously doesn’t care about you the way I do”


“I begin to wonder sometimes if you’re actually telling the truth”


“Don’t take it out on me because the Weasel’s thrown a hissy fit”


“Don’t you dare call him…” she rounded on him pushing him into a wall again.


“What the hell is your problem!” he asked as he grabbed her arm and spun her so she was the one against the wall


“Do you hate me or something?”


“I do. I hate you!” she said slowly but harshly.


“You don’t mean that”


She ignored him and tried to push him away but he wouldn’t move.


“Yes I do …I hate everything about you!”


Draco was taken aback ‘what was happening?’ he thought ‘and why did that comment hurt so much?’


“Why do I feel this way about you?” Lucida whispered quietly, Draco caught every syllable, regaining his confidence and slowly pulling her towards him in a reassuring hug.


“Because I care for you so much”


She pushed him away “I don’t need a hug from you, I don’t need anything from you or anyone else!”


“Merlin you're beautiful when you're angry” he smiled at her wickedly as he pulled her towards him and went to kiss her, but she slapped him.


“I’m tired of this!” Lucida said.


“And I’m tired of you slapping me…if you’re going to do it, please let it be in a seductive way” and he pulled her towards him again and before she could retaliate he was kissing her overpoweringly.


She pushed him away and shouted “GET OFF OF ME!”


“What is going on here?” Snape drawled as he appeared out of nowhere.


“Mr Malfoy let go of her this instant!”


Draco reluctantly let go of her arms, and Lucida walked away.


“What are you doing with her?” Snape asked


“I’m having fun sir” he smiled.


“What’s this?” Snape asked raising his eyebrows


“You wouldn’t understand”


“Understand what Draco?”


Draco shrugged and said “its past curfew now sir, I have to get back to the common room” and he walked off.


*              *              *                              *              *              *              *              *              *                              *


“Lucida” Lucida looked up and saw Draco peering over her.


“Go away” she said.


“Lucida...” Draco said again, looking around him and then grabbing for a chair to sit next to her.


“Don’t” Lucida, caught the chair with her foot to stop Draco from pulling it out.


“Can we talk somewhere” Draco asked, a little agitated about whispering in the library.


“No” Lucida spat, snapping her book shut and stuffing it back into her bag.


“Oh come on!” Draco groaned ignoring a hush from the librarian as he followed Lucida out.


“Go away”


“Please listen to me” Draco said speeding up to walk in front of her.


“I’m not going to, so there is no point”


Lucida said, she hitched her bag back onto her shoulder and carried on walking. Draco was getting aggravated by now.


“I’m choosing Ron, he’s better then you!”  Lucida snapped.


Draco opened his mouth to say something, but was just too appalled.



“You can’t think that!” he said.


“Well I do, so just leave me alone Draco I don’t want anything to do with you…”


“So you are going back to him” Draco said angrily.


“I’m not ‘going back’ to anyone!” Lucida cried pushing Draco away forcefully and ducking past him.


“Don’t you dare think about doing it!” Draco called after her.


“Don’t you dare!”



“Lucida are you ok?” Neville asked, as Lucida had her head rested on the Gryffindor table in the great hall. Lucida shook her head as she felt a pang in her stomach she recognised as hunger, and even though the table was full of delicious food it wasn’t what she needed, it was dinner time and she was feeling miserable.


Sensing someone’s eyes penetrating into her, she moved her head slightly her eyes searching the hall for the culprit, looking up at the teachers table she saw Umbridge staring down at her a smirk playing across her toad like features, she turned away from Lucida her nose in the air slightly as she conversed with a fellow teacher, one who looked like she was only talking to the foul woman because her job was on the line. Lucida felt her lip curl as she let out an angry growl, causing many people to turn and frown at the pale girl before going back to their previous conversations, occasionally sneaking looks back at her.


“Err Lucida?” came Neville’s soft voice from beside her.


“what?” she said still glaring angrily at Umbridge, her nose screwing up in distaste as Umbridge laughed the annoying laugh that made Lucida want to bite her.


“Why did you just growl?” he asked timidly as though she might bite his head off.


“It’s that hag…” Neville nodded understanding what she meant “I hate her, I hate her”


She stopped her rant as another searing pain shot through her, she wrapped her arms around her stomach as she leant her head onto the table, her eyes screwed tightly shut.


“Do you want me to take you to Madam Pomfrey?” Neville asked worried for his friend.


“No -” she said shortly “- thanks though Neville”


Turning her head slightly her eyes searched the teachers table for Snape; he was watching her - a pained look on his face as he saw the suffering she was going through. 



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