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Happy Apathy by Bugarooni
Chapter 3 : In which a day is quite bad.
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 Disclaimer: I do not own the Potterverse, I do, however own the OC's in this story.

Chapter images by me! ^.^


Chapter 3




Last night I had trouble sleeping. For a while I wasn’t even thinking about falling asleep, I was dwelling on what Albus had said




And then I realized what nonsense that was, and cast a sleeping charm on myself.




I haven’t been spectacular with charms lately.


Cause and effect: I slept through breakfast and half of my Herbology class.




How do people do that to themselves every morning? At the first glance of the time on the clock, I nearly had a heart attack. I jumped out of bed and frantically put clothes on. I didn’t have a hard time matching or anything, because all of my uniform clothes are either blue, grey, or black. I can never go wrong. All of my pants were dirty, so I had to wear a skirt and tights.




I looked in the mirror. My hair looked terribly dirty, but I was extremely late. My whole day would be off now. I pulled it tight into a ponytail and put some baby powder on my roots. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and ran out of the tower.




Without my books.




I ran back up the stairs, and I found my texts, but my planner was missing. I rummaged through the scattered clothes on the ground, but it was nowhere. That’s when I freaked out entirely.




I actually cried a little bit in frustration. As I started down the moving stairs again, the very same person who caused all of this was on the stairs that were rotating, being connected to the one that I was on.




I remember something I read where if your feeling distressed, and your face is post-tears, you take a deep breath and adjust your posture. At worse it will seem like you have allergies.




“Late as well?” he asked. How dare he look so non-chalant. I didn’t know what to say, so I ignored him.




“Slow down!” he called, “I want to talk to you!”




“I’m late for class, and so are you.” He grabbed my book bag to hold me back a bit.




“Once your twenty minutes late, it doesn’t matter how late you are after that,” he told me. “We’ve missed half the class, might as well take our time getting there.”




The logic is twisted, but I was too tired and hungry to call him out.




“What’s wrong?”




I looked over; his face was wrought with concern.




This bloke is bloody bipolar.




I couldn’t actually tell him about how the things he said put me into an insomniac fit.




“I’ve never been late in my life.” I tilt up my chin and wince as my eyes begin to well up again. Albus drew near.




“Never?” he asked, disbelieving.




I shook my head, and finally wiped the hideous wetness off my cheeks.




“Well listen, I have something to say.”




“Oh dear.”




“I was up pretty late thinking about you.” This sent a small unfamiliar jolt through me. We stepped out of the entrance hall, and down on the path to the greenhouses. “And I just wanted say that I was sorry... For being so harsh to you. I was sort of in a bad mood, and that’s just the way I am sometimes. I take things out on people who don’t really deserve it”




I noticed I was drooping my head and looking at our walking feet in consideration, so I picked myself up and regained composure.




“Thank you for apologizing,” I said.




“Your welcome, although I still think that you shouldn’t be so reserved.” he replied apprehensively, squinting at me. I didn’t know what to say, so I remained quiet. He kept looking bck up at my face, trying to gauge my reaction. I gave him none.




We arrive to the greenhouses, and Longbottom waves us in.




“It’s about time, mates. I don’t want to know where you’ve been, just take a pot of pume seeds, and find a seat.




I hated the feeling of not being up to speed with everyone else. We took seats across from each other. As he sat, Albus rustled the hair of the kid next to him playfully. That was Daniel Spottinger, and he was in Ravenclaw. He’s in the Latin club, and has always been a prick to me. He’s pretty good at Latin though, I wonder if I could troub-




“Edith! Pay attention, this will be on your NEWTs next year. Important stuff to know. I straighten and listen carefully. If I want a job in the ministry when I leave Hogwarts, I need to be a good student. I have sort of been neglecting my grades lately.




I took a whole page of notes on the effects and dangers of the pume seeds. I look into the pot and they are wiggling around each other. I grimace at the disgusting creatures, and Albus across from me laughs. He was holding out his cupped hands which were full of the seeds, his shoulders shrugged up high as if he was going to piddle himself in excitement, and yet still grossed out by them. I give him my best I-don’t-care-what-your-doing-so-please-stop-trying-to-show-off face.




I drop a leaf in for them to munch on. Longbottom was droning on about this time where he blah blahh, I don’t really care, an-




My stomach makes a largely audible grumbling noise, and I hug my middle desperately.




I’m so hungry. It’s about two and a half hours since I usually would have eaten.




The girl next to me elbows me lightly in the side.




“I’m hungry too,” she says uselessly.




“I missed breakfast,” I respond, and then bring my head back up to listen to the lesson.




My stomach wretches again, but this time it’s so loud that even Longbottom looks up.




He ignores it the first time, but it keeps happening, louder and louder.




“Edith, your not starving yourself are you?” My jaw dropped. Of course I’m not! I’m late for your class, don’t you connect that I merely slept in.




“No.” I told him more calmly than I felt. “I missed breakfast.”




“I have a granola bar here, would you like it?” Everyone looked at me. Well I had no choice, did I? I f I declined he would have given me more self-help pamphlets. I had already thrown away my collection of the “So you have obsessive cleaning problems?” I walked up to him and accepted it.








“Hey Ed, I have an apple, do you want that too?” I scanned the room with a small scowl on my face. Albus was holding up the apple. Tucker, who was a few seats down from him, snickered.




Without responding I sat down back across from him.




“Thanks,” I said again, remorsefully taking the apple. I would have snobbily declined it, but we’re in the middle of the class, and that would be rude.




“Please don’t call me that,” I whispered as an afterthought, but he was pretending not to hear me.








We started to strain the seeds under a tampered sprinkling auguamenti spell and into our own small cauldrons. The idea was to make a goop of them for an ingredient for certain basic cleaning potions.




The girl next to me was leaning across the table to grab a ladle from somebody. Her stupid little elbow hit my cauldron.




All of a sudden there was bright red sticky rubbish all over my lap.




“Oh no! I am so sorry!” she said as she began swatting at my clothes to get it off.




“STOP,” I said firmly, “I’ve got it.” I looked up pleadingly at Longbottom.




“Go ahead and clean off Edith, we were rapping up anyway.”




I turned and hurried back outside as quickly as I could.








As I left my dormitory, I was still feeling completely out of sorts. I could only change my clothes; I didn’t have time to take a shower.




Halfway through the defense wing I realized I didn’t have my book with me.




So I ran back down to the greenhouses to get it.




“Tucker grabbed it for you,” said Longbottom, in front of a huge group of first years. “He’s probably at your next class.”




As I ran back up to the castle, my eyes were stinging with tears again.




What an awful day.




In defense class – to which I was fifteen minutes late – Tucker motioned to the seat next to him, where my text was out and to the right page a parchment rested with notes written on it, and my quill was lined up nicely to it. It looked as if I had been there the whole time.




I had been planning on yelling at him for making me walk back and forth, but this was a nice gesture, so I smiled sadly and thanked him as I sat.




Near the end of class we had a surprise quiz, and I don’t think I did well.




Finally it was lunchtime. As tucker and I walked to the dining hall, a girl from calligraphy club, Venti Chalen, told me that another kid in the club was talking smack about me after a session. Venti told me he said my handwriting was “too generic,” and that I “wasn’t even trying.”




Well great, the people I share interests with, the people that I relate to the best, are turning on me. I had never done anything wrong to him. Bloody hell why are things starting to fall apart!




I sat down next to Heather at the Ravenclaw table without saying a word, and started organizing together a pastrami sandwich.




I ate it and it was ruddy delicious. I was excellent at making sandwiches. Sometimes Tucker asked me to fix one up for him, just because I had the touch. The Wizarding Cooking Club is one of my favorite hobbies for a reason.




After Lunch was a fifteen-minute free time, so I utilized it to talk to McGonnogal again.




She was sitting tall at her desk per usual. Her head was held so high, that her eyes were gazing straight down her long nose. Now that is posture I can aspire to.




“Good afternoon, Miss Stradeki,” she said as if she has an extra pair of x-ray eyes in the side of her skull.




“I don’t mean to be a bother, professor, but I was wondering how your decision making was going?” I cocked my head to the side innocently.




“It’s coming along,” she said, peering at me over her glasses.




“I’m going to the quidditch game!” I said enthusiastically. “And I’m going to start designating leaders over clubs.”




“That is very wise, Edith.”


“I’m going to stop going to the clubs that I am not as committed to, providing the people involved are prepared to take over.”




“Thank you for taking my advice.”




I shifted onto my other hip and scratched the back of my dirty head.




“I just want you to realize how important this position is for me.”




“I know it is,” she said. Her voice sounded understanding, and it gave me a bit of comfort.




“Can you give me more pointers?”




“Just keep working on your balance,” she said vaguely.




I nodded. “Thanks,” I said, and then I left.




I know I put on a sort of bullshit show in there, but I have to nurture different objectives in my life.




But maybe she’s right. Head girl is a full time job, it will be hard to keep everything organized and up to par. During Runes I make a list.




Clubs and activities priority list. (Highest to lowest importance to me.)




The Prefects Guild.


It is not as important to me as it is to the school in general. It doesn’t take very much energy, and I’m not the president...yet, but it’s an easy priority number one.




Houses of Hogwarts Unity League [HHUL]


This is an important cub. It’s about the prestige. And we really do take a lot of action. Blood prejudice is practically archaic now, and we deal with conflict resolution.




Quidditch Strategy Club


As important as this club is, there is enough enthusiasm that I could probably stop attending meetings. Hugo will be fully capable of keeping things ordered. I only have to ask him first.




Homework Club


The biggest attendance. It’s in high demand, and all I do is show up and do homework with everyone.




Wizarding Kitchen Skills Club


It’s so high up because it’s honestly just my favorite club. I love to cook. This one stays.




Jogging Team


We hardly ever meet because there is so little of us, and we only get together when it’s a nice day outside, so it’s not worth quitting.




Wizarding-Giant Alliance [WGA]


Maybe I can ask Heather if she wants to take over for me here. To be perfectly honest I just don’t have the conviction for it like she does.




Herbology Club


As much as I hate this club, and herbology in general, there is a large following. I’ll hold an election, and step down from my position.




Calligraphy Club


The kid talking about me was right. I have pretty bad handwriting. Ill hand the whole thing over to him.




Latin Club


This isn’t even mine, professor Lupin heads it, and I attend most of the meetings. No one would notice if I just stopped going.




Magical Aquadica Society


It was failing anyways. I don’t know what I’ll do about it.








Making that list made me tired and weary. I have a lot of work to do. I have to find people to take charge for four clubs, quit three, and discuss the demise of one.




How many people am I going to anger doing this?




Well I truly have no concern about that, it’s just... these are my creations. I’m attached to them.




Hemingway said you had to kill your darlings, and that doesn’t have to apply only to writing.




I do what I need to.








Because my planner is still missing, I walk into an empty classroom where the Magical Aquadica Society usually meets. I run into a third year who is a member on my way back through. I bite her head off for forgetting about the meeting, and she meekly corrects me. Their meetings are on Friday afternoons.




During Homework Club (which I was late to), Phoebe sits next to me and asks me how I’m doing. I snap at her and tell her about the terrible day I had.




“I have those days all the time,” she replies.




But I never do,




“Don’t take it so personally,” she says, before getting up in a huff and sitting at a different table next to that David bloke.




Since when does he come to Homework Club?




He’s sitting awfully close to my Phoebe. Stop touching her arm like that!








I get up in a hurry to step outside the library for a while. It’s kind of like getting air, but not.




Albus Potter, of course saunters past me.




“What’s wrong with you?”




“Nothing,” I reply shortly.




“You appear to be seething,” I eye him murderously, and then take a deep breath.




“What happened this time?”




“Some Gryffindouche that we talked to for the first time yesterday is getting all sweet on Phoebe!”




“Gryffindouche?” he doubles over laughing. “Hahaha! I gotta start using that!” After a while he looks up at my unamused face and tries to bite back his unattractive guffawing. “Who’s the bloke? Do you need me to ruff ‘im up a bit?”




What a tool.




“His name is David, he looks Jewish.”




His face lit up. “David? He’s a great kid! Why don’t you like him?”




“Phoebe is like my baby sister, I refuse to watch someone drooling over her”




“Hey, you kind of sound human right now. Real emotions!” I give him a blank stare. “You have nothing to worry about, though, he’s a nice guy. Admiral, even.”




“But still-” I pout.




“He would be daft not to like Phoebe, she’s great. Pretty, and nice...”




I look at him horrified.




“Her family comes over every holiday, I’ve known them my whole life, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her either.”




He only looks at me side long for a couple seconds.




“Loosen up! I feel like your shoulders are always up to your ears.”


“I am afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say, turning to go back into the library, and then being practically run over by the vacating homework club.




As the crowd clears, I see David leaning casually on the table, hunched quite close to her. His hair is in his eyes. It seems that look – the slouchy laid-back look – is his trade mark. Well I think it’s messy and assuming.




Phoebe is sitting with her books all organized on the table, and she’s smiling up at him. Her legs are crossed primly.




I don’t think he should waste energy on her. They are so different. Her hair is always neat, and she wears matte makeup. She’s a sweet preppy girl, and he is a sloppy hormonal boy.




“Just let them be,” says Albus behind me. I jump in surprise, forgetting he was there.




“Why is she doing this?”




Albus shrugs.








“Calm down!” he looks confused as to why I am making such a big deal out of it. “They’re fifteen, this is a normal thing.” I remain quiet, and shift my gaze back to the two of them.




It was never normal for me.




“Well I’m going to back to the dorm,” he says, already walking, waving to me behind him. “See you later, Ed.”




“DON’T– ahh forget it!”




David walks past me, smiling goodbye, and I go in after Phoebe.




After homework club every night, we stay an extra while, to catch up, plan, and what have you.




I decide that I don’t want to mention the David thing. I’m so tired, I can’t deal with that sort of thing right now.




She has a pink tint on her cheeks, and it makes her look even prettier than usual. I feel miffed, and maybe a little jealous. Why didn’t boys ever talk to me like that?




“So I have collected all of the muggle sports sign up sheets from the common rooms,” she says, professionally, tapped the stack of paper on the table.




How can I stay mad at her forever? I can’t. She is terrific.




“I don’t think there should be any hurry with taking them down, we won’t truly start it until next term.”




“Well I started with taking Gryffindor’s down because both sheets were full with signatures,” she beams. “And then I went to the other dorms, and everyone else was pretty full, except for Ravenclaw.”




“That figures,” I say, not surprised. We aren’t the most active of houses. I turn back to her with a big smile. “This is excellent! Let me take a look.” She hands them to me and I scan the first page, from Gryffindor. “Bonnie Finegan, Terrance Phillips, Elena Kondracki – she will be a nice addition...” I mumble a few more names. “Albus, Potter, Weasley, Weasley, Weasley... Alastor Shacklebolt. Oh, he’s in seventh year, I don’t think he got the memo...”




“He has to retake the entire year,” she informs me.




“Ahh, good then.”




I pause and sit back in my chair in amazement. “I have never seen so much enthusiasm from Gryffindor!” I realize that within the last ten minutes, the stresses of my bad day have melted mostly away.




We spend the rest of an hour looking up books on information about sports, and we take out a few books on transfiguration recreational supplies. I will spend the least amount of money on this, if I can.




Tonight, I sleep well.







Alright, so after rereading this before posting, I realized that this is a filler if nothing else. At first it was an attachement of the last chapter, but it didn't flow, So I made it it's own. 

Still it glimpses at Edith a bit more. She is quite the enigma.

Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think! :)

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