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Southern Comfort by Muse2488
Chapter 8 : Realizations and Terrible Plans
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We’d been back at Hogwarts for a week now and my cast was finally off. Madam Pomfrey gave me the go ahead to play Quidditch and the next match was Saturday. I was happy to be able to play again. It was about the only thing that made me happy lately.



James and Kaelynn were dating.



I tried my hardest to pretend like I didn’t care but I wasn’t fooling Dom and Roxanne and Starlene. The moment I entered the dorm after classes this afternoon I was bombarded by the three of them.



“What’s wrong?” Starlene demanded.



“Nothing.” I said as I sat on my bed and pulled my Potions book out.



“Liar. You’ve been moping all week.” Starlene said.



“I have not been moping.” I muttered as I opened my book to read the latest chapter that was set for homework.



“Don’t make me hex you.” Starlene threatened.



“You don’t scare me.” I muttered darkly. And that’s when I remembered she’d already mastered non-verbal spells.



“I take it back!” I said quickly automatically hugging my knees to my chest and wrapping my hands around my middle to try and protect myself from her impending tickle hex.



Dom and Roxanne laughed.



“Then out with it. What’s wrong?” Starlene asked pointing her wand at me. I sighed loudly and lay down on my bed, covering my face with a pillow.



“I don’t honestly know to be honest.” I said.



“How can you not know what’s bothering you?” Roxanne asked. My bed dipped and I felt the three of them sitting on my bed.



“I’m just antsy all the time now. I can’t concentrate on anything and every time I see Kaelynn I want to punch her lights out. She’s annoying as all get out and I hate that James brings her everywhere we are. She watches him during Quidditch practice and cheers like a cheerleader high on crack every time he touches the dang Quaffle. I swear it’s driving me up a freakin’ wall.” I said angrily.



The three girls started grinning. Widely.



It was rather scary.



“What?” I asked them sitting up.



“You fancy James.” Starlene said with a smug grin.



“What? I do not!” I denied.



“Yes you do! You fancy James!” Dom agreed with Starlene.



“Ya’ll are nuts.” I said with an eye roll.



“Paislee think about it. You and James flirt all the time.” Dom smacked me in the back of my head when I opened my mouth to protest. “Shut it Paislee, you do! He couldn’t take his eyes off of you at his party. You kissed at least three times.” That’s when I interrupted again.



“It was a game!” I shouted.



“Maybe, but the way that you two kissed…it was as if you were in one of those Muggle movies. It was sweet looking and you should’ve seen your faces. You both look stunned, as if you couldn’t believe what had just happened.” Roxanne said.



“And now James has a girlfriend and you are jealous. You don’t even know this girl but everything that she does drives you absolutely nuts. You’re jealous because you fancy him.” Starlene added.



I thought back to that first kiss. It truly was amazing. It was perfect and I found myself thinking about it all the time even though he has a girlfriend. And I’ve never hated anyone before in my life but I all of a sudden hate a girl I don’t even know?



Could it be? Do I really like James?
Do I like him like him? 



Oh no.



Oh this can’t be happening. I finally have my first crush and it’s on a boy that annoys the hell out of me and is unavailable.



“Oh no.” I groaned out loud and fell back on the bed, covering my face with a pillow.



The girls erupted into a chorus of giggles and clapping.



“This is so exciting!” Dom shrieked.



“You and James would be perfect for each other! He’s a complete prat and you’re not! You’ll balance each other perfectly!” Starlene said excitedly.



“No.” I groaned. I don’t want to think about it. Thinking will just make it hurt worse because he’s with someone else now.



“Wait till James finds out!” Roxanne said.



I shot up from the bed.



“No! Don’t say anything!” I practically screamed.



“Why not?” Dom asked standing up and putting her hands on her hips.



“Because I don’t want him to know. It won’t change anything.” I said in a defeated tone.



“What do you mean? Of course it will! It’ll change everything!” Dom insisted.



“No it won’t! He’s got a girlfriend Dom. I’m too late.” I said and sat back down on the bed.



“Well she’s a total slag! We all hate her. Even Al! And he likes everyone!” Starlene said.



“I don’t care. I’m not going to be the ‘other woman’ so to speak. I’m not going to try and break them up because I like him.” I said.



 “I need some air.” I said suddenly and ran out of the room. I heard Dom and the others yelling for me but I ignored them and continued running. I ran all the way out of the Common Room and was just about to run outside when I ran into something very solid. My head snapped back and I was about to fall when someone grabbed my elbow and stop me from hitting the floor. I looked up and saw the absolute last person on the face of this earth that I wanted to see.






“Whoa there American! Where’s the fire?” He asked with a grin.



“N-nowhere.” I panted. I practically melted when he put his hands on my shoulders and then tilted my chin up to look at him.



“You okay?” He asked his face getting a look of concern.



“I’m…I’m fine.” I assured him.



“You sure? You look a bit peaky.” James said.



“Uh…no, no. I’m fine. I promise. I just needed to get away for a little while that’s all.” I said stepping back and around him to go outside. A walk around the Black Lake sounded like a good idea. A chance to clear my head. I marched down the stone pathway when I heard James calling.



“American! Oi! American!” He yelled but I kept walking. I really wanted to be alone. “Paislee wait up!” He said. I turned around and saw him jogging towards me.



“What James?” I asked as I turned around and continued walking.



“What’s your rush? And why do you need to get ‘away for a little while?’” He asked as he shoved his hands in his pocket and walked with me.



“I dunno. Just felt claustrophobic all of a sudden.” I said.



It wasn’t a lie. I really did feel claustrophobic and that was why I needed air. I just didn’t tell him why I was feeling claustrophobic.



“Why were you feeling claustrophobic?” He asked.



Of course he’d ask that.



“I dunno.” I lied. James tilted his head and looked at me with a quizzical expression. I shrugged my shoulders and walked towards the bench by the lake. I sat down and James sat down next to me. James put his hands behind his head and grinned at me.



“Are you ready for Saturday’s match? Helmet ready to go?” He asked.



“Hardy har, har.” I muttered.



“Just yanking your wand.” He said. I looked over at him and he grinned again and I couldn’t help but smile back.



“Ah, there it is.” James said.



“There what is?” I asked.



“That lovely smile.”



I blushed furiously and he chuckled.



“And there is that famous blush of yours. So easy to summon.” James said with a smirk.



“Shut up.” I said and nudged him in the ribs with my elbow.



We sat there in silence for a few minutes and I was desperately trying not to scream at James and ask him why he was with the whore.



“Some party huh?” James asked suddenly. I looked up at him with a confused expression. “My party, last week. It was fun wasn’t it?”



“Erm…yeah. It was fun. I haven’t been to too many parties in my life but out of the three I’ve been to yours was the best.” I said with a laugh. James chuckled.



“Thanks. I don’t remember too much of it actually, I was too pissed.” James said.



“Why were you pissed? I thought you were having a good time?” I asked him confused as to why he was angry at his party.



“Did you not see the vast amount of alcohol I consumed?” James asked with a grin.



“Yes, but that doesn’t explain why you were pissed.” I said still confused.



And then James threw his head back and laughed, hard.



It was a rather nice sound. He should laugh more often.



“Pissed means drunk.” James said once his laughter died down.



“Well in America it means angry.” I told him with a scowl.



“You have the strangest meanings for words.” James said with a shake of his head.



“Says the Britian. I swear I haven’t had this much trouble with words since I was three and had a lisp.” I said with an eye roll. James laughed at that.



“I bet that was adorable.” James said.



“Not as adorable as you putting on your Mom’s make-up when you were four.” I said with a sly smile.



Ginny and Harry told me some very interesting childhood stories of James.



Can we say blackmail?



I looked up and saw James eyes narrowed at me.



“What did you just say?” He asked. I grinned maliciously.



“I said, not as adorable as you putting on your Mom’s make-up when you were four.” I said emphasizing each word.



“And who told you this story?” James asked.



“I have my sources.” I said.



James stood up.



“Who told?” He asked crossing his arms over his chest.



“My lips are sealed Britain.” I said with a smirk. James smirked back.



“There are ways of making people talk.” He said and made a move towards his wand. I did the same and we both shouted, ‘Expelliarmus.’ Our wands flew out of our hands at the same time and we both looked at each other.



And then I ran.



I was small and had a good burst of speed and truly thought I could tire him out before he could catch me.



Oh how wrong I was.



I felt an arm snake around my waist and then I was pulled to the ground. Each of us was trying to get the upper hand as we rolled on the ground, until finally James pinned me on the ground. I glared up at him and tried to push him off but he easily grabbed both of my hands and pinned them above my head.



“You can’t make me talk.” I told him and stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed and then transferred my wrists into one of his hands, freeing his right hand.



“I think I can.” He said with a grin.



My breathing was labored and my heart was beating erratically as James shifted slightly on top of me. I could feel the warmth of his skin through his uniform. My skirt had risen a few inches and his pants were rubbing against my bare skin and I felt myself blush.



“Think my child hood stories are funny?” He asked.



“Yeah, I do.” I said.






“And not just funny, hilarious.” I said with a smirk.



“Is that a fact?” He asked.



I nodded.



“I’ll give you something to laugh about.” James said. I had a second’s realization before his hands found my sides.



I gasped and tried to bring my hands down but his grip was too tight. I clamped my mouth shut and tried to keep the laughter that was threatening to come out, in.



“Oh come now American you wanted to laugh earlier, don’t stop now.” James said. I shook my head from side to side in a non-verbal ‘No.’



And then James went for that awful spot on my ribs and I lost it.



“J-James! Stop!” I shouted through my laughter.



Have I mentioned how absurdly ticklish I am?



James caught on to my reaction and kept his hand on that spot, fingers stroking slow and spidery. It gave me a moment to take in a gulp of air and then his fingers sped up and dug in again. I exploded in a fit of giggles.



“P-plehehease!” I begged. James moved from my ribs to under my arms and I shrieked with laughter and couldn’t stop myself from bucking up.



James lost his balance and had to release my hands to stop himself from falling on me. He had his arms braced on each side of my head and our faces were so close I could see the light freckles that spread across his nose I saw a slight smile playing on his lips and I couldn’t help but smile back at him. His head started coming towards me slowly and I closed my eyes in preparation for the kiss we both wanted.



“James! Hey James are you out here?” A girl’s voice called. James’ head snapped up and he got off of me quickly. I scrambled to my feet and quickly smoothed out my clothes. Luckily we were behind a tree so the whore didn’t see us. I tried to steady my breathing as James walked out from behind the tree.



“Hey Kaelynn.” James said with that smile of his. His charm was back in full force and Kaelynn was sucked right into it.



“What are you doing way out here?” She asked in that sickly sweet voice of hers. I picked up our wands and walked to where they were standing.



“He was helping me with a few spells for DADA. I’m kinda rusty on non-verbal spells.” I said and handed James back his wand. He looked gratefully at me and I smiled an extremely fake smile.



“Oh Jimmy! You are the sweetest guy ever!” Kaelynn said and wrapped her arms around his neck. James patted her back clumsily and it looked as if he wanted to roll his eyes but he stopped himself. “Helping out that poor foreigner. You always take up lost causes.” Kaelynn said.



Stupid-whore-that-totally-stole-my-future-husband, say what?



“Lost causes? Listen here you-” But I was interrupted by Starlene.



“Paislee! There you are silly! I’ve been looking for you for ages! C’mon, Dom and Roxanne are already saving us seats for dinner.” Starlene said with a fierce look in her eyes. I was about to ignore her and hex Kaelynn when Starlene roughly grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards the castle.



“See you around American.” James said.



“Bye Pasty!” Kaelynn said with a sneer that only Starlene and I could see.



“It’s Paislee!” I shouted at her and then allowed Starlene to drag me. James would be ticked off if I killed his girlfriend so it was probably best to let Starlene take me away.



When we were safely inside of the castle Starlene let out a string of curse words. I blushed at some of the things she was saying and tried to calm her down as we made our way into the Great Hall. McGonagall would give her a month’s worth of detention if she heard what was coming out of Starlene’s mouth. We found the rest of the crew and sat down and finally Starlene stopped swearing. Everyone’s mouths were open and gaping at Starlene and me.



“Bloody hell woman, where’d you learn to talk like that?” Freddie asked with a grin.



“Probably the internet.” I muttered.



“The what?” Al asked.



“Nothing. She’s just a bit angry.” I replied.



“Angry doesn’t even begin to describe it! Kaelynn was a total bint to Paislee and James just stood there and let her!” Starlene said as she crammed food onto her plate.



“What happened?” Al asked.



“Nothing! Starlene’s just overreacting.” I insisted and sent a look at Starlene which she promptly ignored.



“It wasn’t nothing! She called her a ‘lost cause’ and a ‘poor foreigner’ and then she called her Pasty instead of Paislee when she knows damn well what Paislee’s name is.” Starlene said through a mouthful of food.



Everyone gasped.



“Paislee is this true?” Dom asked.



I squirmed in my seat.



“Uh…yeah kinda. I was going to say something when Starlene stopped me and dragged me in here.” I said and scowled at her.



“I was saving you thank you very much. You don’t know Kaelynn like we do.” Starlene said darkly. “She’s very close to some very influential professors. One wrong word or action and she can have you kicked off the Quidditch team, have detention for the next month, or be forced to partner with Slytherin’s in every Potions class.”



“She doesn’t scare me. I can handle myself just fine thank you very much.” I said and started piling food onto my own plate.



“Starlene’s right Paislee. On top of all that Kaelynn’s a prefect and not just a prefect, the prefect. She’s Head Girl.” Roxanne said.



“And?” I asked not exactly sure what Head Girl meant.



“She has about the same amount of authority as a professor does Paislee.” Dom said.



“Oh.” I said my heart dropping.



“What were you and James doing over there anyway?” Dom asked and I immediately felt my face heat up.



“She’s blushing!” Freddie said with a laugh and I threw him a dirty look.



“We were just talking.” I muttered.



“Sure you were.” Rose said with a sly smile and Scorpius laughed.



“Oh shut up.” I said and started eating. Everyone was giggling and speculating on what James and I were doing. Some of the suggestions made me blush even harder and I vehemently denied all of them. The table got quiet as James and Kaelynn entered the Great Hall.



“Speaking of total bints.” Starlene muttered under her breath. I shot her look. James waved to us and everyone put on fake smiles and waved back.



“Oi, Freddie. I have a few new plays in mind for this Saturday’s match. I need you to look over them with me and tell me what you think.” James said while piling food on his plate.



“Sure thing mate. After dinner then?” Freddie asked. James nodded.



“Jimmy, I’m going to go and sit with a few of my friends. I’ll see you tomorrow morning ok?” Kaelynn said.



“See you in the morning then.” James said. Kaelynn smiled and leaned down and kissed James right there in front of everyone. And of course it wasn’t just a quick peck, oh no, it was a looong and thoroughly wet sounding kiss. I averted my eyes and squeezed my fork so tightly in my hands my knuckles were turning white. Al and Scorpius started making gagging noises and they finally pulled apart. At least James had the decency to look embarrassed. His cheeks were slightly pink and he cleared his throat loudly before digging in to his food.



“Next time, snog your girlfriend while I’m not eating.” Al said as he pushed his plate away with a look of disgust on his face.



“I agree with Al.” Hugo said pushing his plate away as well.



“Hughie, you still owe me a chess game.” Al said standing up.



“Oh cousin, when will you ever learn? I’m just going to slaughter you. Again.” Hugo said with a smug smile.



“We’ll see about that. I’ve been practicing.” Al said with a look of confidence.



Everyone but me snorted.



“Well thanks for the vote of confidence you sorry lot!” Al said with a scowl at his friends and family.



“Sorry little brother, but you could practice every day for the rest of your life and still not beat Hugo. He’s had special training from Uncle Ron who is the king of all that is wizard chess.” James said.



“Sod off Jimmy.” Al said in a perfect imitation of Kaelynn. Everyone started laughing and James flipped Al off as Hugo, Al, Scorpius, and Rose all left the table



“They’re truly perfect for one another.” Roxanne said with a smile as we watched Rose and Scorpius walk closely together.



“He better be good to her, especially if he wants to keep his man bits.” James said. Freddie nodded in agreement.



“Do you honestly think Scorpius would do anything to hurt Rose?” Lily asked with an annoyed expression on her face.



“No but it just goes without saying that if he did then Freddie and I will remove his man bits.” James said not even looking at his little sister.



“You’re such a prat James.” Lily said with an exasperated sigh.



“What? It’s true. And the same goes for any bloke who tries anything with you.” James retorted.



“Who I date is none of your business.” Lily said.



Uh-oh. This was going to get loud and angry really fast.



I looked up and saw Starlene, Roxanne, and Dom all looking at me with the same unspoken thought.



Get the hell out of there before Lily exploded.



“Uh…I think I need to go ask Professor Longbottom for some pointers on today’s homework.” I said as I scrambled out of my seat. Everyone but Lily and James agreed and followed me quickly out of the hall just as we heard Lily screeching something about ‘sexist prats.’






The next day I was up at the break of dawn for another hellish Quidditch practice. James truly was a tyrant. We had just finished with our warm up (which of course consisted of ten laps around the pitch with jumping jacks and sit-ups in between each lap) and were now working on the new play James had made. He named the play ‘Hedwig’s Last Flight’ which was apparently his Dad’s first owl who died trying to protect him. ‘Hedwig’s Last Flight’ consisted of me and James passing the Quaffle back and forth to one another at varying speeds until I threw it to Lily and she would then throw it in one of the goals. While this was going on, Delton and Freddie would be pounding the Bludger towards the other players as much as possible to distract them and keep them on their toes. James told Delton and Freddie that they needed to keep their movements choppy and random so that the next target couldn’t be deciphered easily. With the Puff’s thoroughly distracted Al would be able to find the Snitch and win the game. If used properly this play could actually be pretty awesome.



“Alright now American, you see that line?” James suddenly shouted to me. I looked at him and with a flick of his wand he marked the ground about twenty feet from where I floated on my broomstick with a huge yellow X. He made a few more with the same amount of distance in between each one. I nodded.



“Good! I need you to come to a complete halt once you reach that X. Do not slow down at all until you are at that X. The Puff’s won’t know what hit em’ once you stop.” James said.



I nodded.



“James, are you sure about this? What if she falls?” Lily asked with a worried expression.



“I won’t fall Lily. I’ll just hang on extra tight.” I assured her with a grin. Lily shook her head and sighed before flying up above James and me.



“Alright then! Go!” James yelled as he threw the Quaffle to me and I sped towards the X. I felt so…good! I loved going as fast as possible on my broom. I felt free and all my worries seemed to fade away into the wind. I was right above the X and I came to a complete halt. My whole body surged forward and I used that momentum to thrust the ball as hard as I could towards James who surged off to the next X. I zoomed off towards the next X, staying slightly behind James so he could throw the Quaffle to me which he did. I snatched and zoomed off to the last X coming to another complete stop. I threw the Quaffle above me as hard as I could and Lily caught it and slammed it through the first hoop. Scorpius tried to block it but he missed it by an inch. Scorpius swore but grinned at James.



“That was brilliant! The Puff’s won’t know what hit em! Now I want to practice this move a few more times before we call it quits for the day.” James said. I was actually excited to practice this move because it was rather awesome. James really had a knack for coming up with plays. We practiced the move a few more times and then Kaelynn came by and started cheering for James in the stands.



Everyone started groaning.



“James, please tell your girlfriend to leave. I can’t concentrate with her shouting like that; this is supposed to be practice for goodness sakes!” Al said. James blushed furiously when Kaelynn’s voice picked up an octave and she kept calling him Jimmy.



“I swear to Merlin…” I whispered angrily to Lily who looked at me sympathetically.



“Alright you lot. Great practice! Remember that tomorrow is our last practice before the match so I’ve booked the pick for 6am and then again right after dinner. Hit the showers team.” James shouted to us and then he zoomed over to Kaelynn, doing a few loop de loops.



Stupid show off.



All rolled his eyes and Freddie roared with laughter. I touched down and shouldered my broom and stalked off to the girl’s changing room. I slammed my locker shut after getting my change of clothes and jumped in the shower. I heard Lily come in and soon the shower right next to mine came on.



“Your brother is a show-offy git.” I said with a British accent. Lily laughed at that.



“Quite right you are Paislee. I have no idea what he sees in that slag. He knows we all hate her. Al makes it known at least three times a day.”



“Yeah well I’m going to throw up the next time I see her.” I muttered angrily.



I hate being in love.



It sucks.



“I agree.” Lily said.



We both finished showering and got dressed for classes and then made our way to the Great Hall. We spotted the rest of the crew excluding Roxanne as she was with Ashton at the Ravenclaw table and so was James as he was sitting with the Whore.



“Good morning American and dear cousin of mine!” Freddie said brightly. Starlene waved and started chatting excitedly with Dom about the upcoming Christmas ball.



“Another party?” I asked incredulously.



“It’s more of a dance. There’s a lot of classical music in the beginning, but then there’s always a band that comes in after about half an hour and the real fun begins.” Starlene said.



“And let me guess…this is a formal affair?” I asked already groaning inwardly.



“You got that right American. I love the annual Christmas Ball, sexy women in short dresses…ah, nothing better.” Freddie said dreamily.



“You are such a prat!” Dom said with a laugh.



“So it’s a month away and we need to start planning on what we’re going to wear. The next Hogsmeade trip we should all go and pick dresses before all the good ones are gone.” Starlene said.



Dom nodded excitedly.



“Do you blokes have any girls in mind that you want to ask to the ball?” Rose asked.



“I have a few prospects in mind.” Freddie said with a suggestive smile.



 “I asked Annabeth yesterday.” Hugo said without looking up.



“WHAT?!” Came the shocked cry of the whole table.



I squeaked in surprise and Hugo jumped slightly as well.



“What?” Hugo asked his family and friends.



“Way to go Hughie!” Freddie said and ruffled Hugo’s red hair. Hugo swatted Freddie’s hand away.



“Sod off Freddie.” Hugo said while trying to restrain a smile.



“Who’s Annabeth?” I asked.



“A fifth year Gryffindor. She’s one of my dorm mates.” Lily said. “She’s super nice and very pretty. She didn’t, however, tell me that you had asked her Hugo. I’m going to have to have a nice little chat with her later on this afternoon.”



“She said yes and she’s already made plans on having dinner with me this evening so I’ll be sitting at the other end of the table and you lot will be sitting as far away from us as possible.” Hugo said with a pointed look at his family.



“Oh Hughie, come now. Don’t you want to introduce your new girlfriend to you closest friends and family?” Starlene asked in an overly sweet voice.



“No I don’t. Stay away or I start spilling the beans on what you lot did last summer, understand?” Hugo asked. The table started groaning but then obliged after a few minutes of protests.



“Excellent. I’ve got to ask Professor Barden a few questions before class. See you lot later.” Hugo said with a smug smile. He left and a petite girl with blonde hair stood up and followed him out.



“Is that Annabeth?” I asked. Freddie grinned wickedly and shook his head yes.



“She’s a looker alright. Looks like our Hughie is taking after his favorite cousin.” Freddie said.



“Well Hugo’s going with Annabeth, James will obviously going Kaelynn, what about the rest of you blokes?” Lily asked.



Al, Freddie, and Scorpius all squirmed slightly in their seats. I stifled a giggle at how uncomfortable they all looked. Hugo was younger than all of them and he already had a date, their little cousin was showing them up.



“Well, like I’ve said I have a few prospects in mind, but I’m not up to sharing quite yet until I’ve asked her.” Freddie said



“I think I’ll wait a bit longer before asking anyone. We’ve got a month so there’s still plenty of time.” Al said. And then all eyes turned to Scorpius. It was a well-known fact with the Potter and Weasley family that Scorpius and Rose were meant to be together. The family had been pushing those two closer and closer ever since James’ party.



“Uh…well…I do have…erm…one girl in mind…” Scorpius trailed off and snuck another glance at Rose.



“Come on guys, let’s get to class…erm…I need to ask Professor Longbottom a question.” I said and ushered everyone but Scorpius and Rose out of the Great Hall.








After classes I went straight up to the Owlery to write my Dad and friends. I informed the girls of James’ party and the upcoming ball. Dad would probably tell me that the boy who asked me to the dance had to ask him first. He was old fashioned like that. After writing my letters I went to the dorms and changed into some Muggle clothes. I wasn’t one for make-up and girly girl stuff. I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and a black and pink plaid shirt with a pink cami underneath and slipped on my chucks then made my way down the stairs into the common room. Rose, Dom, Roxanne, Lily, and Starlene were downstairs and talking excitedly. They all shrieked when they saw me. I jumped slightly, startled as they ran to me and dragged me down to the floor where they were all sitting.



“Scorpius asked me to the ball!” Rose practically screamed. I gasped in mock surprise and hugged her.



“That’s great Rose!” I said. I looked around and noticed that no one else was in the common room.



“We scared em’ off.” Starlene said with a wide smile.



“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” I asked with a wry smile.



“It’s for the best. Now Rose was just about to tell us how he asked.” Dom said.



“Well once you lot left he sat closer to me. I could tell he was nervous so I tried to make it easier for him by looking away slightly instead of right in his eyes. He cleared his throat loudly and then grabbed my face with both of his hands and kissed me! It was so romantic! And right after he kissed me he asked me to not only the ball but to be his girlfriend!” Rose shrieked the last part. We all started screaming and hugging Rose and gushing over how romantic Scorpius was and how he was going to be the perfect boyfriend etc. All of a sudden there was pounding footstep sounds coming from the boys’ dorms and then Al, Scorpius, James, and Freddie appeared.



James really is too gorgeous for words. It’s unfair. And it also isn’t fair that he is taken by someone who is not me.



I hate my life.



“What the bloody hell are you females screaming about?” Freddie asked while rubbing his ears.



“Nothing.” Rose said all too quickly and blushing furiously.



“No need to blush cousin we already know everything.” James said with a smirk. Scorpius rubbed his neck sheepishly and shrugged.



“They ambushed me.” He muttered. We laughed at that.



“It’s alright Rosie, we approve…so far.” Freddie said as he grabbed Scorpius around the neck and gave the blonde headed boy a noggie.



“Sod off Freddie!” Scorpius said wriggling his way out of Freddie’s grasp.



“I think it’s brilliant.” Al said and slapped Scorpius’ back good naturedly.



“Me too.” Lily said with a bright smile to Rose.



“Me three.” I said and smiled as well.



“Well that’s settled then isn’t it? What say you we prank the Slytherin’s during dinner?” James asked with a nudge towards Freddie.



“You read my mind cousin.” Freddie said and promised to meet him in the Great Hall in twenty minutes. Once James was gone I released a breath I hadn’t even noticed I’d been holding. The girls turned and looked at me with pitying expressions and I rolled my eyes.



“I’m fine ya’ll. Really I am.” I assured them.



“Come off it Paislee. We know you’re not okay and we know you fancy James.” Freddie said. My eyes grew wide and I looked at Dom with an incredulous expression.



“I didn’t say anything!” Dom said quickly and she did look genuinely surprised.
“No one said anything to us Paislee. We’ve known for a while now.” Al said.



“How?!” I asked as my voice gained a few octaves.



“It’s written all over your face Paislee. Plus once you two kissed at his party…well…let’s just say girls get this look and you definitely had the look.” Al said. Freddie nodded in agreement. I sighed loudly and lay on the floor.



“This is just fan-freaking-tastic.” I grumbled. Everyone laughed.



“If it makes you feel any better we would all approve of you and James.” Scorpius said. I snorted.



“Sure…that makes me feel loads better. His family would approve of us dating and yet we can’t because he’s dating the Whore.” I said.



“Despite what you may think James fancies you too.” Al said and I snorted again. “It’s true Paislee. He thinks you’re bloody gorgeous.”



“Spare my life.” I said and threw an arm over my face.



“Half the school thinks you’re bloody gorgeous actually. I’ve even heard a few Slytherin’s comment on your bod…er…features.” Freddie said carefully. I felt my face heat up and I groaned.



Great now people were talking about me behind my back.



“I know what we need to do!” Dom said suddenly with an excited sound to her voice. I groaned even more and she smacked my head.



“Ouch! Freaking-A Dom!” I said sitting up and rubbing my head.



“Shut it Paislee. Listen you lot we need to break James and the Whore up.” Dom said. There murmurs of agreement and Freddie inserted a ‘Here here!’



“And how do you suppose we do that?” I asked with doubt in my voice.



“We get James to realize how crazy he is about you.” Dom said simply.



I rolled my eyes.



“James isn’t crazy about me. He’s crazy about Kaelynn.” I said sadly.



“No he isn’t. He’s in lust with her.” Lily said and Roxanne nodded.



“I agree with Dom. Oh my gosh this is gonna be fun! We can dress Paislee up every morning and apply her make-up and do her hair! She’ll be even more gorgeous and all the blokes will be ogling her and James will be wicked mad with jealousy!” Starlene said at about 100 miles per hours.



“What? No freaking way in hell! I don’t do make-up and all that girly girl crap.” I protested. I was not about to parade around like some dolled up skank. I’m leaving that for the Whore.



“Someone silence her please.” Starlene said and then Lily jumped up and wrapped her hand around my mouth while Freddie hugged me in a deathly tight bear hug, keeping me from moving.



I hate these people.



“Alright then. We’re all agreed then? Operation Get James to Dump his Ugly Slag and Go for Paislee is now commencing.” Dom said. I struggled to say that I did not agree but they all just laughed at me and assured me their plan would work and that I ‘needn’t worry my American self.’



Worst plan ever? I think yes.








A/N: AHHHH! What is Paislee going to do with her crazy British friends? So I had a ton of fun writing this chapter and I hope ya'll had just as much fun reading it. The next two chapters are going to be filled with romance, humor, and of course shenanigans!!! Keep reading and keep leaving me reviews! They give me warm and fuzzies! =]]









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