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We Never Gave Up by LittleEllehammer
Chapter 6 : Operation Danger-Ahead.
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Lily appeared with a little crack in front of a giant manor. This would have to be the home of the Malfoy's.

Quickly she ran through her plan – in, seek, out. She would have to be quiet, and make sure that no one would find out that she was there.

Her first task would be the iron gates. She swallowed her fears, and stepped lightly through the grass. 

When she was inches from the gates, she started to wonder how many spells and enchantments she would have to break. Of course they would have their house top secured.

And then, knowing it would be too easy, she reached out and pushed it open. The gates opened easily, without a sound. Could it really be THAT easy? 

Apparently Death Eaters seemed to really trust one another.

She held her breath as she walked through. Nothing happened. Knowing that it was now too late to go back, she continued to step lightly over the stones.

A cold wind reached her, and she pulled the cloak closer. It would be too dangerous if she lost it.

Lily continued to the door. Should she go through the front door, or maybe find another way in?

Her eyes caught a little light coming from the ground. She walked closer and found some steps that lead down to a door.

A good place to start, she thought and walked down the steps. The door she unlocked with the spell Alohomora, and hurried inside. The air was warmer inside.

Lily faced a dark hallway, cut in stone. A light burned somewhere in front of her.

A sudden fear hit her life a punch in the stomach. What if he wasn't there? What if they caught her? She had never been the sneaking person, this would be something Sirius could rule at.

But something told her that he was there. A golden light burned in her heart. She and James had been separated far too long, and now that she was close all doubt vanished.


Deeper in the manor, down a lot of stairs, Lily walked around freezing. She didn't really have any light to follow any more, and only the sound of her quiet footsteps could be heard. 

They sent an echo through the halls, but she didn't realize it could be a problem. As she started to wander how big this place could be, she heard a scream. Loud, shooting through the walls, it pierced through her ears. 

James, she mouthed and walked faster. The sound grew bigger and bigger, and she didn't stop until she turned at a corner. 

Her eyes popped open, and she forced a hand over her mouth, refusing to come with the smallest sound.

Before her stood Severus Snape, and evil grin on his face, pointing his wand at someone who was hidden behind iron bars. 

James was mashed up against the wall, squirming in pain. A fresh cut on his cheek had soaked his face in blood. 

Lily was frozen, watching her old best friend torture she man she loved. Something inside her broke apart, and dropped on the floor. It was impossible to repair. 

Her friendship with Snape, was now officially over. She wished to see him on the floor, weak and dying. She wished to do it herself.

 But if she were to move the tiniest bit, he would find her and alarm the Malfoy's.

It continued for a long time, and for each moan and scream James let out, Lily's fury burned wilder. Snape finally lowered his wand. His eyes were cold and empty. His smile was evil. Something told Lily that nothing made him happier than this.

“Realize it Potter. You're dying. First you, then your son. And soon after that will each and every of your friends be hunted down. Slaughtered. And I will happily be there to watch as it happens.”

He walked away. Lily saw that he was moving towards her, and she pressed herself up the wall. She held her breath as he walked past her. In a second she thought he knew she was there, as his expression got softer. 

And then he was gone. She waited there until she was sure he was far away. Then she took after step towards the room with the iron bars. 

She felt her fury be pushed back into her head as she watched him. He was gasping for air. It sounded as though he had trouble breathing. 

He was also taller and thinner than she remembered. His hair was the same as it had been since the first day she met him – in no order at all. He was obviously dirty, and drenched in floating and dried blood.

Lily watched the man who was a stranger to her. She didn't know if he would recognize her, or even remember anything at all. But it didn't matter. He was James, and he belonged to her. 

She unlocked the door and walked inside. The little room had plenty of space for her to sink down next to him. He watched the door open, and heard the sound of her next to him. His eyes were hollow, but they showed confusion. He tried to get up.

“No.” She whispered. James' eyes opened more, as he looked at her. She remembered that she was still under the cloak. Lily leaned down, placed a finger lightly on his lips. They were rough.

“Don't be afraid. I am here to save you, love.”

He relaxed instantly. She pushed the cloak away from her and pulled out her wand. 

Above her was a lantern, and she lighted a warm fire so she could see him better. Both their eyes closed at the sudden light, and her eyes adjusted quicker than his. 

She waited for him to see her. And he did. Something lost, returned to his face. His jaw dropped.

“Are you... an angel?” He asked. It pained her how much his voice had changed.

“Not quite. But I will get you out of this hell. Before that, I just need to heal some of these wounds. You have to be quiet.”

She almost smiled. She had always wanted to be a healer, and this was the time to prove that she could become it someday.

His eyes never left her face as she leaned over his body. She placed the tip of her wand at a cut in his leg, and started mumbling the spells she remembered. 

His skin grew back together. And as she worked through the worst wounds he stopped moaning. Most of his pain was gone, and she couldn't do more here.

Lily got up and reached out a hand. He took it, his hand trembling, and tried to pull himself up. Once he was standing, she lay her arm around his waist, just in case. 

The cloak was back over them, and they started walking through the cold hallways. Lily's was too focused on getting James away from the place, that she didn't realise how far she always was.

In what seemed like no time they reached the steps, and climbed out in the night. The went quickly over the stoned towards the gates, not bothering to be quiet. So close, they were so close...

“POTTER!” The voice cut through the air, and Lily stopped. She felt James eyes on her, and she slipped out under the cloak.

“Please... Continue. Get as far away from here as you possibly can. Don't worry about me.”

Lily turned around to face her enemy. Unbelievingly close to them were Snape, his wand pointed at Lily. She pointed hers at him as well. The fury from before flew out of her, before she knew what she was doing.

“Can you really blame me for doing this Snape?!” she hissed. His eyes were watching her carefully, and then it watched around her. She didn't dare to move her eyes from him. 

Any second she would be surrounded by enemies, and she would take as many down with her as possible. This was all she could expect. And she was ready.

“Lily... I don't want this to happen,” he said slowly. His eyes proved that he was telling the truth, but Lily was beyond any begging he would be doing. He was nothing to her. 

Lower than nothing.

“You don't deserve to live through this. You don't deserve to love. You don't deserve ANYTHING!” she snarled. Snape took a step back. 

Lily's sight had gotten red. No way back.

Her wand slit through the air faster than anything she had ever done it before. Snape gasped as blood started to run from a deep cut over his arm. 

She lifted her wand, ready to attack again, when something gently pulled her back.


James was still there. Still weak, he used all his power on trying to get Lily away. Before she knew it he had her through the iron gates, and she grabbed his arm tightly. 

The last thing she saw was Snape fainting.

They disapparated.

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We Never Gave Up: Operation Danger-Ahead.


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