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Mischief Managed by Phoenix_Rayne
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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Chapter Four- Diagon Alley

To GreenBeadedSirius, my dear brother.

Rayne’s POV

“Kids! Hurry up! Do you want to go out or not?” I heard Mrs. Potter call from downstairs.

“COMING!” we chorused.

La fecha de hoy es 14 de agosto.
Mi nombre es Rayne. Sirius Black es una mujer disfrazada. El y James son amantes. Tengo un pinguino en mi pantelones. El pinguino es muy muy malo.

Just kidding! (About Sirius secretly being a woman. Though I’m convinced he and James are secretly lovers.)

I was serious about everything else.

Anyway, a few days ago, we got our Hogwarts letters. I thought it was a little early, but what the hell? Who cares? So the verdict was:
James is Quidditch Captain. (No surprise there.)
Lily is Head Girl. (See previous comment.)
Remus is only a prefect. (Slight surprise there.)
Alice is the other Gryffie prefect. (No surprise there either!)
And here, the shocker comes into the picture.
James is Head Boy. Oh yes, you heard me right. James-I’m-too-good-for-everyone-and-I’m-in-love-with-Lily-Evans-to-the-point-of-fucking-OBSESSION-and-Sirius-and-Remus-are-my-BFFs-and-I’m-so-cool-and-awesome-that-I-make-Evans-scream-and-I-mess-up-my-hair-as-a-nervous-twitch-giving-me-the-I’m-too-good-for-you-and-I’m-running-my-mand-through-my-hair-because-it-wasn’t-messy-enough-already-so-I-have-the-I-just-got-off-my-broom-and-I’m-the-awesomest-guy-ever-James-Potter look. Yes. HIM.
But the scariest part? Is that that isn’t the most surprising!
The most surprising thing was that dear Lils was cool with it. Sure, she was speechless for 7 minutes and 38.281728 seconds, but she was fine after that! No tantrums. And then, she congratulated him. I say she’s finally seeing James for the nearly man he is.

Okay, fine. He’s still somewhat of a deep-voiced man-boy.
But, still! Sirius says someone gave ‘ol Evans some “special” brownies. Ha. Ha.

Mrs. P walked by and waved her hand in my face. Instinctively, I jumped back from her.

“Sorry, dear.” She apologized. “As I was saying, stay with Lily or Sirius. Don’t talk to strange people. We meet at the ice-cream parlor at 3:30. That gives you three and a half hours to shop.

“Right. Sorry.” I replied.

She kissed my cheek, pulling me into a hug. “I love you, dear.”

“Love you too, Mum.” I said, eyes tearing up.

“Right, well, let’s go!”

Mrs. Potter directed her attention to the boys, who were huddled with their heads close. Never a good sign.

Those punks better not be planning something without me.

Sirius grabbed the stroller, taking Will’s hand. I picked up Grace, wrapping my arm around Sirius’s waist while making sure to give him the evil eye. At which he smirked.

With a crack! we left.

Sirius’s POV

Rayne took Will and Grace to the bookstore with Evans, leaving me with James. We were going to Hogsmeade, and Remus was buying something from Zonkos for our cover. (Our excuse to go to Hogsmeade was pranking supplies.)

Remus had run into my cousin, Tonks, and they were currently shopping.
Rayne would insert her perverted French man laugh here.
I snorted to myself and James raised an eyebrow. I quickly waved my hand, dismissing it as nothing.

We were off for Rayne’s present, for her birthday. Maybe I should have taken Evans, but James would do. Besides, it would have been suspicious. We quickly found the old jewelry store. It was quaint, with russet bricks on the outside and a homey shape. The walls were painted a teal-ish jade color. We browsed the incense filled store, but nothing caught my eye. As I turned to leave, I saw a unique dream catcher hanging under a window, the wind swaying it gently, as if beckoning me to look. Corny, I know.

The dream catcher was tan leather and mahogany wood, with raw jade and amethyst, as well as turquoise, scattered through the pattern, and hanging from the bottom in a glittering arrangement. Large tan and white feathers hung from the bottom. I immediately asked to see it, and the old lady quickly fetched it for me.

I blew off the dust, and there, clear as day, on the top where the width was wider, carved into the wood in an elegant scrawl, were the words, ‘To Rayne, my beautiful daughter. May your dreams be filled with happiness without exception. Always, in life or death, your loving Dad. Happy 14th, Nyx.’

“Where did you get this?” I asked the shopkeeper slowly, looking up.

“A man came in and pawned it. He reeked of alcohol.”

I nodded curtly, acknowledging this as true. Seth had taken it from Rayne years ago in an effort to rid what was left of her father from her life.

“Are you the owner?” she asked.

I shook my head. “No, my best friend is.”

At this, James looked up, making the connection. He had been engrossed in an emerald and diamond necklace on a slender gold chain.

“How much for it?” I asked.

“Take it. Free.” she said serenely.

“How much did he charge you?”

“I paid him 300 galleons so that one day the owner might find it and take it.”

“I’ll give you what you paid for it, and interest, for your trouble.” I put down my signature on a Gringotts slip and gave it to her, Prongs’s eyes widening as I wrote it, and the lady’s eyes as I gave it to her.

I cut him off. “I just received a large sum of money from my recently deceased uncle, Alphard. It’s nothing.”

He nodded, dropping it.
James bought the necklace he had been looking at while I looked at some Celtic wedding banns that were really cool, and when I saw the price of his necklace, I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Iz pretty.” he said in a voice that was unmistakably uncharacteristic and had me rolling with laughter.

We then left the shop, me chuckling and Prongs smirking.

Lily’s POV

“Look at these!” Rayne giggled. “They’re awful!”

She’s looking in the muggle romance section.

“How thick can you be? Did Juliet not realize that Friar Laurence was a wizard and he had given her the Draught of Living Death? Oooh! What about this one?” she mused. “Are you afraid?” she read out loud. “No.” she snorted. “Of course you are, stupid girl! Wait! He sparkles! No self-respecting vampire sparkles!” she guffawed.

“Rayne, hush! They’re going to kick us out!”

Despite, I’m giggling myself, now.

“Do you have school books and extra quills?” I asked, struggling to keep a straight face.

She nodded, not looking up from her book and mocking it with a disgusted face.

“A lion can’t love a lamb! He would eat her!” was her sudden outburst.

“That’s the point.” I said.

She put the book back, recoiling as if it was a snake. Which is saying something, she’s terrified of them. Last time she saw one, she climbed up Sirius, one leg under his arm, around his waist, and the other over his shoulder, both hands covering his face in a groping fashion, her face in his neck, and incessant screams ripping through her body hysterically. She kept screaming until James got rid of it, and even then, she didn’t release Sirius from her death grip for 20 minutes and couldn’t be separated from him for the rest of the day. Needless to say, they skipped their classes and she slept in their dorm, which she does half the time anyway. They’ve all gotten quite good at expanding and duplicating charms. Even Peter.

So anyway, she has snake issues. I don’t blame her though; I would too with her background. I have dirt issues, being a mudblood and all.

“Don’t call yourself that.” she said sharply.

I raised an eyebrow.

“You were wearing your ‘I’m-worthless-because-I’m-muggleborn’ face. Much like Jamie-poo has his ‘Maybe-I-have-a-chance’ face.” she giggled.

We browsed a few minutes more until I spotted Rayne talking to the shopkeeper. She was trying to convince him to get rid of the book she was so horrified at because it was an ‘inaccurate representation of the food chart’ and some blabble like that.


“Alright! Time to go!” I said, gathering the kids and dragging her out by her arm.


“Yes, yes, and such a sick, masochistic lion, too, right?” I mock snapped at her.

She looked at me, appalled. “You read it?!”

“I grew up muggle.” I reminded her in a singsong voice.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m appalled at you, Lilyflower.” she grumbled.

I rolled my eyes.

Remus’s POV
James and Sirius went to get Rayne’s gift. I already got her one. I suspect that they also went to the Quidditch supplies store. Nymphadora, or rather, Tonks, is rather fun to be around, so they can stay away as long as they want.

She has short-ish hot pink hair, large blue eyes, and a uniquely shaped face that fit her perfectly, the structured cheekbones of the Black family, and full lips. She’s short by their standards, seeing as most of them are giants. Sirius is 6’6”. She’s 5’6”, and very clumsy, but I find it endearing. She has Sirius’s sense of humor. The time passed quickly. I didn’t even realize that she was holding my my hand when we entered the 3 Broomsticks until we sat and had to untwine our fingers.

We talked blithely for what seemed like only minutes, but before we knew it, it was time to meet at the ice-cream parlor. I asked her if she would like to join us, but she politely declined, saying that her mother was expecting her. I insisted on walking her back, our arms linked. What kind of man would I be if I let her walk back on her own? I walked her back, thanked Andromeda for letting me borrow her daughter, and made to leave, until I heard Tonks call for me. I turned around, and barely had time to prepare before she hurtled herself into my arms, holding me in a tight hug. When she pulled away I grinned, and she leaned onto her tiptoes and kissed my cheek gently, before jogging back to her smiling mother. I whistled merrily all the way to the parlor, my fingers tracing the spot she kissed until I ran into Padfoot and Prongs and we walked back together.

A/N: You like? I’m so sorry it’s short!
Once again, only the plot and a few characters are mine. The rest belongs to JK and I am simply playing in her world. Twilight is Meyers, and I personally mean nothing against it, it just makes for interesting humor. Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s. The snake incident really happened. To me. Yes, I’m that pathetic. ;)
Review! They make me happy!
I’m sorry it’s so short!

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