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Expecting by SaritaMalfoy22
Chapter 1 : Prologue - Expecting
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Prologue: Expecting


I’m expecting my father to kill me.

I’m expecting to see the look on my mother’s face that says ‘I’m disappointed in you.’

I’m expecting that my friends will be horrified, but will fight anyone who judges me.

I’m expecting my Nana Molly to throw a hissy fit.

I’m expecting my Granddad Arthur to try to be diplomatic.

I’m expecting my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry to try and be understanding.

I’m expecting James Potter to protect me from everyone who thinks I’ve done a terrible thing.

I’m expecting Albus Potter to stick up for me.

I’m expecting Dominique Weasley to stick by me.

I’m expecting Hugo to take my side over Dad’s.

I’m expecting Lily Potter to tell everyone in her year that they can shut up about me, her insane cousin.

I’m expecting Teddy Lupin to be shocked, but to treat me like nothing’s happened after it all.

I’m expecting Scorpius Malfoy to hate me for as long as I live.

I’m expecting to see the looks on the faces of strangers to read ‘poor her’ or ‘silly girl.’



But most of all, I’m expecting a baby.





Chapter 1  Sneak Peek

I turned over in my sleep one last time and my eyelids fluttered open. It felt as though someone had stuffed my mouth full of cotton wool and then driven over my head in a car driven (I use the term loosely) by my father and full of my family members playing the cymbals.

Hung-over? However did you tell?

The last thing I remember was celebrating the win against Ravenclaw last night in the Room of Requirement, where my raven-haired and utterly mad cousin James usually makes us party until we drop. I remember drinking so much I felt I was going to die, and then being picked up on the shoulders of Steve and Danny from my Quidditch team and my darling cousin James dancing around us with a plate strapped to his head with elastic.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it many more times to come; there’s something very wrong with James Potter. Maybe Aunt Ginny dropped him on his head as a baby. I’ll have to ask her when I –

“Morning sunshine!” a deep gravelly voice said from beside me, almost scaring the magic out of me. My head of elbow-length wavy auburn hair turned and my blue eyes fixed upon Scorpius Malfoy’s own. My eyes trailed down to where his blonde hair ended and past his bare shoulders and chest. I started hyperventilating as I realised I’m as naked as a baby too.

You cannot be serious! I slept with one of my best and oldest friends?!

'Ok Rose', I thought to myself, 'try not to panic. Maybe it's just a dream' I shut my eyes tight until little lights floated inside my eyelids. I opened them, hoping to see my dormitory, my old toy duck dad got me when I was little and my group of girlfriends sleeping soundly. Instead, I saw Scorpius looking concerned.

It's not a dream. We slept together.





Hey guys, a brand new story from me, this is just a quick taster.. updates won't be very quick but hopefully won't be very slow either. Tell me what you think. :) -Sarita x








I’m pregnant. My life is over. And my friends are going down with me: James Potter is madly in love with the school beauty - my best friend Sarah - while Dom pines for a player, Becky falls in and out of love, Albus Potter is stuck in the middle, Lily Potter is playing cupid with disastrous results, my brother Hugo is fighting his hormones, and Scorpius Malfoy holds more of a flaming torch (and possibly a pitchfork) than just a candle for more ways than one.


Love is blossoming on the Quidditch pitch, but hate isn't far behind it...                                                        

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Expecting: Prologue - Expecting


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