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Lonely No More by GinnyLilyana
Chapter 1 : As Long as the Snow Falls
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“It’s snowing,” she said quietly.


He looked up from his book and glanced out the window. “So it is.” He started reading his book again.


“Draco, let’s go play in the snow.”


“I’d rather not.”


“Well, can I go out at least?” she sighed. “We’ve been cooped up in the manor for so long now.”


“I suppose. Don’t make any stops and be careful who you talk to.”


“I know the rules, Draco. I’m not a child.”


“Speaking of child, protect the one in your womb. Don’t do anything stupid.”


“I know, Draco.” She went to the bedroom to change. She layered well, knowing that it was freezing cold outside. In all honesty, she hated the snow. But she felt so trapped inside Malfoy Manor she would’ve trudged through fire to get out.


She finished getting ready and pulled her gloves  on as she was walking towards the door.


“I love you, Draco. I’ll see you in a little bit.”


“Love you too.”


She opened the door and immediately regretted her decision to play in the snow. She pulled her scarf around her face and pulled her coat down further to protect her belly. She wasn’t very far along, only ten weeks or so, but she was still afraid of anything hitting her. She walked down through the courtyard, and started walking down the sidewalk towards town.


She listened to the snow crunching under her feet. She was cold. So, so cold. She thought that maybe she could stop by a bookstore… of course any book store she went to would be no Flourish and Botts, but it would do. Surely something for sufficient enough reading, so she wouldn’t think of coming outside in the snow again. If Draco knew she made a stop, though…


Draco would never hurt her. He would just be very angry. He would probably shut her out for a few weeks, sleep in the guest bedroom, and leave for work early and come home late. Yes, in all aspects he acts like a child. That’s the price you pay for marrying a Malfoy who is used to getting his way, though.




She lifted her head up and looked at whoever was interrupting her deep thinking.


“Harry? Ron?” Her eyes lit up. “Harry! Ron!” She ran towards them.


“Hey,” Harry smiled. Ron kept his distance. “How are you?”


“Oh, you know, same old same old… I’m pregnant!” She said with a smile. “I just found out a couple days ago.”


“Congrats,” Harry said with a smile. She could tell it was forced.


“Yes, congratulations on your demon spawn,” Ron drawled sarcastically. “Come on, Harry. She’s still delusional.”


“Ron,” Harry warned. Ron rolled his eyes and kept walking.


“I’ll meet you at the house.” Ron said, and kept walking.


“He’s never gotten over me marrying Draco, has he?” Hermione asked with a sigh.


“No. He’s still angry. Especially since you’ve practically fallen off of the face of the earth.”


“I’m… busy.” She offered.


“He doesn’t let you do anything.”


“No. He doesn’t.” Hermione smiled. “But he does love me. And protect me and provide for me.”


They walked toward a park bench and sat down.


“I could’ve done that too, you know.” Harry said quietly.


Hermione stayed silent.


“I still love you, Hermione.”


She still didn’t say anything.


They sat in silence for a few moments.


“Harry, I hate being married to him.” She finally said with a sob. All at once tears started running down her face. “We don’t do anything. I asked him to play in the snow with me, he said no. I ask him to help me decide baby names, he says no. I haven’t seen my parents since we got married. I haven’t seen you guys since we got married. I can’t stop and go to the bookshop and I can’t go inside to get warm. I have to go straight home. If I want to do anything.” She breathed in. “I miss you so much.”


Harry pulled her into a hug. “Hermione, we miss you so much, too. We know you’re miserable. And we know that’s a relationship that you can’t get out of easily. Especially now that there’s a baby involved.” He sighed. “And the question begs to be asked… why are you so happy about this pregnancy if you hate being married to him so much?”


“It’s a baby, Harry.” She said with a smile. “It’s my son or my daughter. Plus... and I know this sounds bad…  but it’ll give me something to do. Draco wanted to get a nanny but I said absolutely not.”


“You’ll be a great mother.” Harry said, squeezing her shoulders.


“I wish you could stay with me longer.” Hermione sighed, wiping tears away. “I miss you so much.”


“I miss you too.”


Hermione got up and started walking towards the playground. It was an abandoned one, with broken steps and broken monkey bars. The slide was in abysmal condition and there was only one working swing. She walked up to one of the forts and leaned her forehead against the wood. She heard Harry walking up behind her, his feet crunching in the snow.


“Hermione,” Harry said, half whispered, half spoken.


She turned around, her back against the post. “Yes, Harry?”


He took three large steps to her, put his hands around waist, pulled her towards him, and kissed her.


She was startled at first. She couldn’t say she didn’t expect it. She couldn’t say she didn’t want it either. She could’ve left a long time ago if she didn’t want it to happen.


Hermione kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around him as he pushed himself against her. He moved his hands up and down along her body.


Their breathing was heavy as Harry pulled away.


“Hermione, I love you so much.” He put his head against his forehead. “I’ll never get this chance again. I already know that.”


“Lets make love, Harry. Show me what real love feels like.”


“It’s freezing outside.” Harry said quietly.


“I don’t care if you don’t. I don’t feel a thing right now.”


Harry pulled his jacket off and put it on the ground. Hermione put hers next to his and laid on it. They pulled off their layers until they were bare. The snow was falling all around them, but they couldn’t tell.


They joined. Hermione had tears running down her face as Harry touched, kissed, and worshipped her. He told her how beautiful she was. How much he loved her.


When they were finished and redressed, Harry kissed Hermione’s forehead.


“Oh, Hermione.” He sighed. “I wish you would leave him. I would take care of you.”


“I know you would, Harry.” Hermione said. “I’ll leave him. At least, I’ll try.”


“Send me an owl when you do.”


“I love you, Harry.”


“I love you too, Hermione.”


They parted, and Hermione had a new will. She was going to leave him. She was going to divorce Draco Malfoy, and go back to being Hermione Granger. She was not going to be controlled and unloved. She was going to be an independent soul once again, and she was going to feel beautiful. She walked down the sidewalk and through the courtyard. She opened the door and into the study.


“I know you were with him, Hermione.” Draco said, not looking up from his book.


She stopped dead in her tracks.


“W-who?” She asked, shaking.


“You know what I’m talking about.” Draco said coldly, slamming his book shut.


“Draco, I-“ Hermione felt around in her pockets for her wand. “It was an accident.”


“You thought you would walk in here, and act like everything was okay, didn’t you?”


“No, I-“


“You thought you could hide it from me?”


“No! I-“


“You thought you could cheat on me and get away with it?” He roared.


“NO!” She yelled. “I’m leaving you, Draco! We don’t love each other! All I’m good for is controlling and carrying your child!” She screamed. “You can still see the baby whenever you want. I can’t be your wife anymore.”


Draco stared at her, hatred in his eyes.


“You’re not leaving me.”


“Yes, I am Draco. I’m not going to be your wife anymore.”


“You are not leaving me!” He cried. “Incarcerous!


“Draco!” Hermione cried. “Stop!”


“You think you’re leaving me for him? For Harry Potter? I don’t think so. Not with my child in your womb.”


“Draco please! For the baby, stop!”


“No! I won’t stand for thi-“


Suddenly Draco fell to the floor, and Harry emerged from the doorway.


Finite Incantatem.” Harry said, releasing Hermione. “Get your stuff and lets go.”


“I don’t have anything worth keeping here. Everything I cherish is at my parents,” Hermione whispered.


“Are you allowed to Apparate?” Harry asked, grabbing her arm.


“As far as I know.” Hermione answered. “Just get me out of here.”


Harry closed his eyes, and next thing they knew they were in Harry and Ron’s house.


“Hermione, you’re safe now.” Harry said. “I have an attorney here for you already.”


Ginny walked out of the room and smiled. “I hear you want a divorce, huh?”

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Lonely No More: As Long as the Snow Falls


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