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When she wore the Seeker's sweater by clanmei
Chapter 1 : To fall all over again
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When she wore the Seeker's sweater


1. To fall all over again


James Potter was a mess. A. Big. Bloody. Mess. He was searching for the snitch, trying to ignore the reproaches of his team mates (“What the fuck, Potter? Are you really you? Or is it some twit who polyjuiced you” “James, in case you failed to notice in seven years of your quidditch, you are suppose to be flying behind the snitch” or the wordless, yet most effective sign by Sirius who aimed a bludger right at him). But none of them understood his misery. Screw the match against Slytherin. Screw the bloody quidditch cup. Err…Actually he’d rather take it back. Don’t screw the quidditch cup. But how could anyone possibly expect James Potter to concentrate when the love of his life, the girl of his dreams, the angel who he worshiped, the  lady who made his heart flutter, the girl who totally gave him unholy and wicked thoughts, the woman…erm, you get the point…

Lily Marie Evans was standing in the quidditch stands, in the front row, looking ever so beautiful wearing his old red sweater that said “Potter” at the front and back. Her red hair was tied into a half bun and lose strands blew gracefully against the wind.

She hated him. He was sure of it, now more than ever. Why else would she do the one thing that absolutely assured his distraction?

“Lily Evans is wearing my sweater. Lily is wearing my sweater with my name on it. Lily Flower is wearing my sweater with my name on it, in front of the whole bloody school. Lily Evans is dressed in a garment that has Potter written in it. Potter...Lily Evans…Sweater…My Sweater…Lily…Lily Potter… Oh fuck!”

James narrowly missed a bludger. His eyes drifted towards Sirius and the Slytherin Beater both of whom seemed to be at the verge of getting off their brooms to engage in a muggle fight mid-air.

“Potter!” his captain yelled “Get your ass back in the game. If you don’t catch the snitch, I’ll personally…” But James couldn’t hear what his captain would do if he didn’t catch the snitch (which was a very likely possibility) because at the precise moment he made the mistake of looking at Lily again.

She had her mouth in a little ‘o’. Her small hands softly perched upon her chest, one on top of the other and her eyes fixed on him in…worry?? Lily Evans was worried about him?? Well, just kill him now and be done with it !

“Oh fuck” he swore out aloud this time, having been caught off guard by another bludger that did actually hit him. Hard. He lost control of his broom and found himself pushed to another direction…which just happened to be the Gryffindor stands. Why? Why? Why? Why? Did Lily have to take the front row today when she was wearing his sweater that had Potter written front and back…wait…front? that meant it covered her… Holy Godric ! He couldn’t even find a trace of a tshirt inside so that meant…well at least she must be wearing a bra covering those soft breasts… Great ! Now he could picture Lily in bra… and another image of Lily almost without it.. Fuck ! His old sweater was touching Lily Evans’ skin…her smooth creamy, ever so soft looking…

“James!” a sweet voice broke his stupor. And sure enough the voice belonged to the girl who was an inch away from killing him or worse, making him lose the match.

“James, the match!” her sweet urged again.

The match! He frantically looked around to find that he had been standing in front of Lily for god knows how long, right in the middle of a quidditch match of which he was the seeker, for crying out loud !!!!  ARGH!

He glared at Lily. Yes, James Potter glared at Lily Evans. She was torturing him. The woman was working for Voldemort. He was sure. Her mission was to bring James Potter down. Make him lose his sanity. So he glared at her, with every ounce of glare he could manage. Then next instant however his expression vanished looking at Lily’s face. Her eyebrows were knit in an innocent question. She was biting her lower lip softly, looking so ….adorable that he instantly felt guilty of glaring at an innocent, soft, delicate creature like her.

“James, look out!” her expression changed to that of horror. Her arm was frantically pointing behind him.

James turned around and swiftly moved again to avoid another bludger, missing it by a hair’s breath. Phew!

“James. The snitch!” Her sweet, hurried voice came again. She was frantically pointing above him this time.

Geez, was Lily going to tell him what to do, the whole match !!

The buzzing sound of the snitch caught his mind strings. He looked at Lily for another second. Her big green eyes sparkling in the sun and soft red lips curved into … was it a smile?

James Potter loved Lily Evans.

James Potter Loved Quidditch.

But when Lily Evans told James Potter to catch the snitch then no one, absolutely no one could ever stand in his way.

The next instant he had turned his broom and zoomed right behind the snitch, drawing the attention of the entire field. The Gryffindor’s broke into a frenzy and cheered him on, ecstatic to have their seeker back in the game, finally ! 

“Lily” giggled Isa. “You totally drove him crazy!” she whispered in her friend’s ears as the Gryffindor’s continued to cheer loudly.

Lily couldn’t help herself and burst out laughing with Isa.

James was flying behind the snitch with a skill that could only be accomplished after years of practice. His lean form bent low on the broom, eyes focused on the golden ball.

“You’re drooling, Lily.” snickered Isa.

“W…what? No! Am not!”

“Oh! Come on, girl! Enough with the d...”

The crowd burst into another wave of screams. The two girls turned their heads to see both the seekers zooming behind what could only be the snitch. They were flying at a dangerous rate with sharp turns and maneuvers. Lily’s heart beat faster as James flew right towards the Ravenclaw stands. Oh God ! Did he even realize he would crash?

The Slytherin seeker began to get hesitant. The snitch rode towards the stands with a single-minded intent and James rode behind it with the same emotion. The Slytherin seeker cowered at the last instant, clearly terrified of the crash that was bound to happen.

Lily clutched her heart. Her eyes were wide open and she stopped breathing entirely. Oh god ! Oh God ! James !

He stretched his arm towards the nasty little golden ball, balancing his fast paced broom with one hand. He leaned forward, pressing his entire weight ahead and enclosed his hand on the fluttering snitch. Then very next instant, he reversed his body weight backwards and managed to halt just a breath away from the stands.

The Gryffindors erupted in a deafening cheer. They had won. Even after the Seeker’s exceptionally odd behavior, the said seeker had saved the day.(and his ass from the captain!)

His face broke into his signature adorable smile. He felt his team mates flying closer to congratulate him and the commenter announcing their victory vigorously. But his eyes scanned through the crowd in search of only one face…as always. After every single match James had ever played and after every single snitch he caught, which he did always, his eyes would move towards the only girl he’s ever loved, as if the snitch was a gift, a tribute to her.

And every time he looked, he would be greeted with frowns and scowls, half hearted applauds that were generally for Gryffindor winning or a blank look with the applause like last year.

This year however, what he saw made him lose his breath and his heart all over again.  Never had he felt this ecstatic after a match. He knew he would remember this sight for the rest of his life.

The sight of his beautiful Lily Marie Evans, wearing his old sweater that said ‘Potter’ back and front, smiling at him.

“Merlin, Wormtail if you panic like this, you will get us caught !” said Sirius as they made their way to the kitchens.

“Seven years of doing this and your still shivering like a first year!” added James.

“Seven years of doing this and you both still can’t keep your voices down!” said Remus, rolling his eyes.

Sirius was about to reply when they heard girlish voices echoing from behind the kitchen door.

“So” came a voice for which Sirius mumbled ‘Isa’. “Did you enjoy today’s match, Lily?” They could practically hear the smug look on Isa’s face.

“Yes” came Lily’s short reply.

“And did you enjoy James Potter clad in quidditch robes?”

“W…what? How?  No !!” Lily stuttered, indignantly.

She looked at Isa with part glare, part guilt and part curiosity.

“It’s much too obvious. Every match you stare only at James and you do this without any restrain because obviously no one would notice. People are going to look at the seeker, after all”

“So? Everyone can look and I can’t?”

James’ eyes went wide open. He looked at friends who mirrored his shocked expression. Had Lily just wondered why she couldn’t voluntarily look at James ?

“Oh but Red” continued Isa in an unrealistic imitation of James’ drawl. “Everyone is not mentally undressing the seeker. Everyone, well with the exception of James Potter’s Fan club who, by the way, is glaring daggers at you, is not fantasizing about oh-so-hot-James-in-quidditch-uniform doing positively wicked things with his wand if you know what I mean. Everyone is not wondering how it would feel to have him insi…”

“Isadora !” Lily yelled in horror.

James thought he was going to faint. Lily Evans, the perfect holy angel wanted to check out his wand? Dear Merlin! He was sweating. His wand was clearly reacting in a way he wouldn’t have preferred it to react in front of his friends who, by the way, were just as shocked as he was and in Sirius’ case, particularly smug. 

Isa snickered and nudged Lily suggestively.

“Come on now Lily flower” she continued in her annoyingly teasing voice. “It’s just me. You can…”

There was a whooshing sound and Peeves, that little bugger, chose that precise moment to float across, cackling madly about catching some 6th years  “dawdling their tongues in the wee hours”, making the ‘wee’ awfully elongated and loud.

“What was that? Shit, Isa I told you to keep your voice down!” came Lily’s voice.

“Sounds like Peeves to me”

“I don’t care. We’re going to get caught”

Speaking of caught, though Remus. They had been standing outside the kitchen, clearly after hours. Shouldn’t they be worried too? He looked at his fellow Marauders who, apparently had thought of the same thing and scrambled inside the kitchen the very next instant.

The girls squeaked, jumping out of their seats and stood clutching each other, terrified. They looked with eyes wide open, at the four fallen Marauders.

“Red! Isie!” drawled Sirius with such confidence as though lying on two other guys on the floor, limbs tangled and all, and greeting two startled girls with names that made them instantly mad, was the most charming thing to do.

“Black!” squeaked Isa angrily. “What are you guys doing here? Were you eaves dropping?”

“As flattered as it might make you feel to know that we’d come all the way to listen to girl-talk, I’d have to say no. Though we did hear some…oww Prongs, what the fuck ! What was that for !” Sirius swore, clutching his throbbing ankle.

“We came to get something to eat.” Remus covered up, quickly.

“Eat? Didn’t you guys have an after-party right now?” asked Lily.

“Yeah. It’s all over now. We only had drinks, anyways.” Replied Remus, picking himself up from the mess of the tangled limbs of his friends.

“Master James !” “Master Sirius” “Master Remus” “Master Peter” came the voices of half a dozen house elves who made their way to greet the Marauders excitedly as if they were a long lost family in a the middle of being reunited.

“Hey midgets” said Sirius gleefully, giving high-fives to a couple of elves.

“What can we get to Masters?”

The four gave their orders without hesitation in a manner of regulars ordering at a bar. So much for a lost family !

The six Gryffindor’s sat across a table enjoying the elf treats.

“So let me get this straight. You call the elves midgets, give them hi-5s, order food like you come here everyday and they still serve you with abnormal zeal?” Isa asked Sirius.

“Its called the Black Charm, Isa.” He said, winking which made Isa blush just a little. Of course she hid instantly. And of course he saw that pretty blush before she hid it so well.

After a few minutes Sirius asked in his annoying smug voice, “Like the match, Red?”

“Yes. It was spectacular.” replied Lily, shortly.

“Good. Good.” He said, smirking.

Lily put her spoon down and looked at Sirius pointedly, indicating him to explain the ‘Good. Good’ reply.

Sirius ignored it and went on to ask what he was just dying to know.

“I see your wearing a familiar sweater, Lilykins. I wonder why would you… owww.. fuck, James. What the fuck is wrong with you today? Leave my leg, alone !”

If looks could kill, Sirius would be cackling through the halls with Peeves by now.

“Err…” Lily instantly looked away and stuttered nervously. She fidgeted with the black scarf around her neck and tried to mumble something.

“Its…ahem…fine, Lily” James mumbled back, trying to amend what his best friend had caused.

“Yeah. Erm…… I just thought it would  show… unity..inter-house. I mean,” she gulped nervously realizing they were of the same house, “Head boy and Girl Unity.”

“That” James coughed “ was good thinking.”

“Good thinking, indeed” piped Sirius again.

James was going to throw his best friend off the astronomy tower.

“I said the same thing to Lily in the morning, when she was frantically searching your sweater, James.” Added Isa in a seemingly nonchalant tone.

Maybe they could both go together and throw their best friends off the astronomy tower.

Before anyone could make the pair any more nervous, Remus stepped in, like that good man that he always was.

“I think” he stressed looking at Isa and Sirius, both of whom were bursting with comments “its getting late. We should get up.”

Lily and James were the first ones to get up.

“Guys, don’t you two have to go to the head’s room?” said Peter politely wondering why the two were walking with them towards the Gryffindor common room.

“Oh yes. You two have to go the head’s room” smirked Sirius.

“Alone” added Isa in a merry tone.

Merlin, why were they friends with these people!

After a few exchange of glares (Lily and James), smug, suggestive smirks (Isa) hi-5s (Sirius) eye rolls (Remus) and non committal smiles (Peter) they departed in separate directions.

Boy, wasn’t it going to be an awkward walk.

Lily had the nicest ass. He couldn’t stop staring at her hips as they swayed temptingly in front of him. He hadn’t realized before that she was wearing dark denim shorts that were indeed short and which gave her legs and her lovely ass, a whole new dimension. Of course there was the ‘Potter’ written on her back partly covered by her long red hair. Merlin, his wand was getting out of control now.

Lily walked nervously, very unnerved by James’ presence behind. She knew he was looking at her and, shockingly, she found herself not minding it one bit and instead wondered meekly if he liked what he was seeing.

If only she knew just how much he liked it.

“Er…congrats on catching the snitch, James” she said, wanting to break the increasingly uncomfortable silence.

“Thanks” he mumbled distractedly. He thought how different his name sounded when she said it.

“And the thing you did in the end that was so… reckless, James. What if you’d gotten hurt?” she asked without realizing how concerned her voice sounded.

James’ heart skipped more than a couple of beats. He found himself tongue-tied and breathless. He loved this girl and here she was, dressed in tiny shorts and his sweater with his name on it, worrying over him.

“I wouldn’t have crashed, Lily. Don’t worry. I’ve been playing quidditch for seven years. I’ve known how to fly since I was five. That helps build strong reflexes, good control an… oh fuck !” he yelped having walked right into the shield of a suit armor.

He saved himself quite impressively from crashing during a quidditch match but managed to be a dim witted ninny while walking with the one girl he wanted to be charming for. Just fucking perfect!

But his inner rant died down when he heard a small sound that seemed like the sound of little Christmas bells. It was Lily. She was laughing. Of course she was trying to be polite by covering her mouth occasionally and being discreet but the mirth reached her beautiful green eyes. She walked close to him and stood on her toes to reach his forehead. Leaning into his personal space, she moved her hand to touch his forehead to observe any bruise.

“So much for good reflexes, huh?” her voice was tranquilizing. Her smile was so broad and honest…almost affectionate.

James stared at her, not even bothering to look away. Her scent captivated all his senses rendering him immobile; her small hand sending strong electric currents from his forehead right to his toes and specifically affecting his little friend. The way she smiled, her red lips curving into a wondrous shape, making him lose the sense of reality entirely. He loved her. He really did. He wanted her. He wanted to hold her and touch her and keep her close to him at all times and look at her…

“James!” his Lily whispered urgently. “Someone’s coming” her voice panicked.

That brought James back to reality. Lily was still standing close to him. The hand on his forehead was casually resting on chest as she turned around to locate the source of the footsteps that were nearing much closer to them.

“Come with me” he said, taking her hand in his and running towards a secret passage. He was surprised again to find that she protested neither to following him without question nor to his hand holding hers. If he wasn’t wrong then he could swear that he almost felt her softly squeezing his hand in return.

He pulled her into a corner, nudging her close so that they both could fit in and poked his head trying to see someone. It was only a minute later that he realized how close Lily was or to be specific, how she was pressed up against him. She was a tiny thing, really, compared to him at least. Not that he would ever dare to tell her that. Lily was awfully touchy on the subject of being called ‘little’ and ‘delicate’ which she directly translated as ‘insignificant and weak’. It was totally silly, as far as James was concerned. He loved Lily’s 5’4 frame as opposed to his 6’2 height and thought it was amazing how her soft body fit so perfectly against his bigger and broader form.

Lily could hear her heart beating inside her ears. She breathed unevenly, her breasts rising and falling against James’s hard chest. One of her hands was on his chest and the other held the shirt over his bicep, loosely wrapping the fabric in her small fist. She couldn’t help but look up at his face. He was so handsome. The distinctive features glowing peculiarly in the dim light. He smelled so good too. She unconsciously leaned towards his neck drowning in his scent.

There was another disturbing sound. “James” Lily almost whimpered. She pressed close to him which was a very very bad thing for James. He could feel every single curve of her body, practically molded into his. Her small hands clutched at him tightly.

His girl was clearly terrified. He wouldn’t have that now, would he?

Tightening his hold on her waist and wrapping his other hand around her shoulders, he brought his Lily still closer, if that was possible.

He was holding. He was holding her close to him with a strong and protective intent. It made Lily shudder, sending tingles in her body and making her legs squirm uncomfortably. She blushed hard feeling the heat. Merlin, why was she reacting this way? What’s the worse that would happen if they did get caught? Deduction of house points? A long sermon on responsibilities that would make her feel guilty? A detention perhaps? Then why was she reacting this way? Clinging to him? Letting him hold her? Basking in the safety of his protectiveness?

But that is what Lily didn’t understand. Running away from being caught was just the excuse. Her reactions…both their reactions to one another were the direct reflections of their long suppressed feelings.

“Lily” he whispered, his hot breath on her forehead making her visibly shiver. “Hey Lily, look at me.” He whispered again. She shivered again and he held her closer unaware that, that is what was causing the effect. “Lily Flower?” he asked, teasingly, trying to get her attention when she continued to stare at his shoulder. The playful nickname that usually got her angry, got her attention this time. She moved her face upwards and tentatively locked eyes with him. She felt weak. It was a good thing he was holding her tightly because her legs felt too wobbly all of a sudden. He had the most mesmerizing eyes…so hypnotic.

James had to bite back a groan at the way Lily looked at him with her green orbs and slightly parted lips. She looked so innocent. Hell, she was so innocent. He couldn’t help it. He had to touch her. He just had to. He brought his hand closer to face and softly placed it against her cheek. His hand shivered at the contact of her impossibly soft skin. He brought her face closer to his, slowly and delicately. He didn’t want to risk hurting her with his hard palms and long fingers. The green eyes making his heart ache.

“I won’t let anything happen to you, Lily. Ever”

He wasn’t talking only about right now. Fuck. He wasn’t talking about right now at all. He was talking about … later; in the real world. He was talking about forever.

Something in her heart snapped tight. His voice was naked and honest. There was no hint of any casualness or friendly promise. It was intense and real. She looked at him without saying a word. Her lips still parted slightly.

She never realized when a tear emerged from her eyes. But she saw him moving closer and felt him breathing against her face. He slowly and hesitantly pressed his lips to her cheeks to kiss the tear away.

Lily closed her eyes. His lips remained for a minute longer than required. He pulled away but was still so close. He didn’t ask her why she was crying. He didn’t look surprised. He understood. He understood the need and the intensity.

Trailing his fingers to her chin, he softly urged her to open her eyes. “Lily” he breathed reverently.

Her eyes found his again. She licked her lips unconsciously and his gaze travelled there naturally. If only they would lean in just a little… 


 I saw her for the first time and fell in love.

I saw her in class and I fell in love.

I saw her in the café and I fell in love.

I saw her after work and I fell in love.

I saw her yesterday and I fell in love.

I see her right now and am falling in love.

I’ll see her tomorrow and I'll fall in love…all over again. 



AN: I've had this almost completely written down. It actually started as a One-Shot but as I wrote, I decided to spread it across chapters. So it really wont be too long.

This will be, in a way, a companion to the companion of my other story: Dark nights, Darker Knights. but it can definetely stand on its own.

Please review. it would mean a lot to know what you think



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