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The Weasley Girl by MaryJane99
Chapter 4 : Just a Dream
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Another awesome CI by B_skulls @TDA


So. I was effin' mad about that 'incident' earlier. But, as we were dismissed by Professor McGonagall to our dorms, I felt a bit pained. Adrianne and I were walking up to our dorms in Gryffindor, the talk around us, masked our silence. And sometimes, silence screams louder than any voice ever could. I have no bloody idea what Adrianne was thinking about, but I was thinking about my reaction earlier. Perhaps I was being a bit mean to Jake. But on the other hand, he had cheated on me. I had every right to be angry. But did I have any right to behave the way I did? Perhaps revenge, is only in the emotional moments for me.

I was having a little war inside my head. I felt kind of stupid though; it's not like Adrianne and I had a real plan in mind. She would probably want to discuss it in our dorm. I snuck a sideways glance at her. She looked uncharacteristically thoughtful. I instantly wondered what it was she was thinking about. Adrianne was actually a smart girl, but no one really realized it. I always felt bad whenever I heard those rumors buzzing about her.

My mind always wanders like that! Ugh! Back to the matter at hand, Jake. He was such a prat! On the other hand, my behaviour wasn't the smartest, most rational. I won't deny that the whole satisfaction thing from my actions, felt quite nice. Like you finally finished a project that you worked so hard on, and you know it looks really good. It was a similar feeling, though not as vindictive. Certainly not as vindictive. It made me feel a bit guilty when I thought about it. Even though Adrianne proved I wasn't the only one.

I blinked and decided to try and stop thinking about it all for now. Well at least I got into my dormitory. I said I would try. Anyway, we actually came all the way up to the Fat Lady portrait. She smoothed her pink skirts haughtily and asked,"Password?" Adrianne and I rolled our eyes. The Fat Lady knew a lot of us, even if she didn't like us. Even though it was only for safety measures, it still bugged some of us. Some of us older ones that is.

"Drakon's tail," a prefect confidently said and the portrait hole instantly opened. I smiled at the first year's gasps. It was certainly a sight to behold. Who knew what magic could do when you were only a first year? I certainly hadn't. And neither had Adrianne, for the record. Everyone clambered in. Some people tried to squeeze past others which resulted in people tripping and falling. It was a painfully slow process; with these idiots, I thought it unlikely that Adrianne and I would get in for a while. It was pitiful how dumb kids could be, including teenagers.

Finally, Adrianne and I made it through the door. We headed up the stairs to our dorm, ignoring the warm fires and comfy, chintz chairs of the Common Room. Some fellow Gryffies just collapsed right onto the chairs. Of course there was a 'Welcome Back' party but it was usually the worst party ever. I had learned to avoid it. Usually, only the prefects and the first years attended. It was pointless. The prefects tried, but failed epically.

As we climbed up the stone steps, other girls following, Adrianne nudged me just as I knew she would,"Rosie, what exactly happened?" Adrianne's motto was to react first and think later while I was usually the opposite. I understand that people would think otherwise from the way I behaved toward Jake earlier. I was silent for a moment. Then I spoke slowly.

"You know, Adrianne? I have no idea." I replied. That was my statement for now. I heard Lily, Dom, and Roxy chatting away. Lily would just be peachy if she found out about the whole 'Jake' fiasco. I grit my teeth and led the way into our dorm. my trunks were lined up next to my bed.

There were no other girls except for us. Well for now at least,"He's had history with Adelina, you know." Adrianne said, her eyes avoiding mine. Well that's just brilliant! Did she now have a part in this? My best friend was lying to me too? I sat on my bed, unable to stand any longer. How could this be? This had to be a joke of some sort. A rather sick joke that I really hoped was not real.

"Yes I know that," I snapped irritably,"And what does it matter? You're not supposed to be on their side!" I guess when it came to dating and such, I was never rational. I sighed and bit my lip, twirling a strand of my hair. Rationality usually came au natural to me, but this was simply ridiculous. Adrianne was my best friend! And best friends didn't choose somebody else's side in a situation such as this, right? Or is it just me that's crazy?

Adrianne shifted her weight,"Well, Rosie, I kind of er- I kindofknewitalready." She said that last part really softly and fast. As if saying it that way would make it hurt less. As if.

A million things ran through my mind. I had known, that Adrianne and Adelina had been friends since they were born. I never thought that she would do this to me. Three betrayals in the same day. How pathetic. I must have broken some sort of sick record. Rose Weasley! The winner of the most betrayals in less than 12 hours! Give a big round of applause everyone!

I abruptly stood up and thought about the things I could do at that moment. I could do a thousand things. Instead, I calmly began unpacking my clothes and disregarded what Adrianne had said. My back was turned to her, though I could feel her staring at me like I was crazy. Honestly, what did she want me to say? She had been my best friend who betrayed me. Nothing more, nothing less. I would not break down crying. There were other people coming in and I didn't want to scare the hell out of them. Or that's what I told myself.

Ginger chose this moment to come out from under the bed and she rubbed her orange side against my legs. I placed some food in her bowl for her, and she enthusiastically began to eat. I took my wand from my pocket and fingered the smooth, wooden surface. I set it down on the nightstand next to my bed and then opened the drawer to uncerimoniously dump my rather meager supply of cosmetics into the drawer. I was well awar of Adrianne staring at me still. I was frozen though; I couldn't face her. it was much easier to pretend that she wasn't there than turn and face my own feelings. And yes, I know that feeling was of cowardice and denial.

I swallowed nervously as I finished the last of my upacking and just as I was about to turn around, a pair of giggling 7th years entered the dorm. I vaugely recognized them. The first one, olive skinned, with long, dark hair was sort of pretty. Her name was Evangeline Rahim. The other was a dirty blonde, with a very skinny look. She was Marie Stein. They were gossipers, more Evangeline than Marie, but still.

Marie must have sensed the tension,"Oh, um hi guys. Would you like a moment?" she looked at us, her soft brown eyes flickering back and forth, between Adrianne and I. Almost like Marie was trying to follow a fast-paced Muggle tennis match. I hated that sport.

Before Adrianne could answer I said firmly,"No, Marie I have no wish to speak to her." With those words, I realized I just reinforced a barrier between Adrianne and I. The invincible team. Oh wait- The once invincible team. Marie and Evangeline went back to talking and filed the silence. I finally turned and glanced swiftly at Adrianne.

She was sitting on her own bed, with a blank look in her eyes. For a millisecond, I felt horrible. I wanted to cry. Then it passed. It looks like everyone I knew really did hate me. Okay, maybe that was a tad dramatic. Still, it sure felt like it. They say that friends come and go, but I had never imagined being like this with Adrianne. I felt cut off. Oh, mark my words, this was much, much worse than losing Jake. Jake was at the bottom of my priority list as of the moment.

I announced to nobody in particular,"I'm taking the showers." I had grabbed a pair of comfy, purple pajama bottoms and a white cami. That should be enough because it wasn't too cold tonight.

"I call second!" Evangeline said in response. I nodded then swiftly took a shower. The hot water didn't soothe what I felt inside. I hated how I did that. I always had to pretend I wasn't hurt. Like I would pretend everything was fine, but I would really be dying inside. Not that I'm into self-inflicted pain or anything like that. I am no masochist either.

I dried myself off and then stared at my figure in the mirror. I was not like Adrianne; I was more slender and had a runner's figure. Which, did include muscles, thankfully. I then put my clothes on and stepped out of the bathroom. Cold air hit my bare shoulders, because of the warm mist of the showers.

Marie and Evangeline were giggling again over some 'juicy' peice of gossip. Adrianne was stroking Ginger on her bed. I felt a stab of annoyance at Ginger. Dumb cat, couldn't be loyal to her own owner who fed her and gave her shelter! I whistled,"Ginger! Come here!" I said in a coaxing voice. She blinked green eyes at me lazily, then slowly got up and came to me. At least she knew who the real master was. Ginger rubbed against my pale legs then climbed up onto my bed and curled her tail around herself.

I used a quick spell to dry my hair and it instanty dried. It was fluffier than I liked so I put it up in a ponytail. I had already brushed my teeth and such so I was good. I slid into my bed and pulled the covers up, though I was sitting up. Ginger meowed in protest, but settled down once I pulled the covers over my legs. I grabbed my wand from my nightstand and whispered,"Accio, Wuthering Heights." the book sailed from my trunk to my outstretched hand.

I didn't really feel like finishing my book, but I needed something to do. So I flipped to the page I was on and tried to read. I failed miserably. I sighed and set it down atop the nightstand. I stroked Ginger absentmindedly and felt slight comfort in her warm fur.

Who knew that the last year of Hogwarts would be my worst? I certainly hadn't bet on it. I rubbed my face, oblivious to Ginger's loud purring. 7th year was supposed to be fun and worthwhile. It was supposed to be the epitome of awesomeness. It was supposed to be anything but this. What it was now, was not supposed to have happened. This was just a dream. When I wake up, I will be back in my bed, my alarm clock ringing. With that, barely hopeful thought, I closed my eyes and entered a dreamless sleep.


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The Weasley Girl: Just a Dream


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