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Mutants by Space_mirrors
Chapter 12 : Clunky Shows Up
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Well this is awkward. Lysander and Tally are staring down at us, the anger increasing on their faces. I smile sheepishly, and slowly realise what a compromising position I am in.


Scrambling off Tori, I get hastily to my feet. She does the same.

"Erm... We were..." I tried, trying to find some sort of excuse.

"Looking! Um, we were looking for something." Tori jumps in and I nod enthusiastically.

"Yeah, Tori lost an... Earring!" I smile triumphantly.

We both know how bad the excuses sound. Whether we like it or not, we are almost definitely going to be in trouble. Looking back, maybe spying wasn't the best thing to do. But, hey! I was only following Tori. It's all her fault, so blame her.
Not really, that's a lie. Now I'm lying to my own head, that's fantastic. But it really wasn't Tori's fault, I mean, I shouldn't have followed her. But technically, if I hadn't been with her, she would have been discovered on her own, and have nobody to share the blame with her.
But then again, if it was just Tori, maybe she wouldn't have been discovered? Probably not, she's too clever. So, somehow, I arrive at the conclusion that this is my fault.


I can't help feeling a little hurt as I look at Sander, the way I imagine Tori is feeling about Tally. They're our best friends; why didn't they tell us?
Most people say it's different for guys and girls. I suppose that's true, but not for me! I expect my guys to tell me everything. It's all part of being in the MisterHood. Yeah, that secret organisation that I have in my head that nobody knows about......

But still. Why should that stop them following the rules? They should just know them, if they were really true best friends.

Oh look, Tally is about to start yelling. I know this because she has gone bright red, scrunched up her nose, opened her mouth, and-


Ah. There it is.

"You were spying on us?" Tally shouted.

"Spying!?" Sander.

"Spying!?" Tally.

"Spying!?" Sander.

If they say spying again I will explode.

"Yes! We were spying! But only because our 'best friend's' wouldn't tell us what was going on!"

Now it was their turn to look sheepish. Yeah. Take that, losers.

"Well.. Sorry guys. We just wanted to take things slow.. to make sure we didn't mess things up. " Lydander smiled, and I couldn't help but feel happy for him.

A high pitch squeak comes from somewhere. They all look at me.

"What, I'm not allowed to be excited?" I demand defensively.

They roll their eyes.

I can tell Tally is ready to burst, and I smirk.

"Omgosh!! When? What? How? Tell me!!" they link arms in unbearably girly manner and rush off, undoubtably to gossip about everyone and everything. It's sweet. Tori isn't girly much, but when she is she enjoys it.

There was an awkward silence.

"So...." I said, drawing it out. I knew just how to make him squirm.

"You and Tally, eh?"

"Yeah.. "

"how do you feel about that?"

"Pretty good you knob, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. " he says, pointing me out.


"Do you wanna hear a joke?"


" Really? It's a good one!"

"No. "

"Freddie laughed. "

"I said no Teddy!"


The christmas feast is tomorrow. Then it's the journey on the train, and then BAM! Home sweet home. Not that I'm excited or anything.
I love Christmas. My family christmas' are insane. And when I say that, I mean it. Last year there was so much insanity, I think some of it soaked into my brain. Me? Insane?


"FREDDIEEE!" I screec as loud as I can.It has the desired effect. He sits bolt upright, looking around like the room is on fire.

"Wha? When! Penguins!"

I giggle. Penguins? He must be dreaming about something dodgy.

"You've been asleep Freddie! Its time for potions! Get up!"
I do my best woodchuck impression as I say this.

"I don' wanna ge' up." Fred mumbles, rolling over.

"But you have to Freddo! It's the way if life! " I grin, as I know my favourite part of waking up my best friend is coming up.

"I don' wanna." He groans again.

Silly boy. He should know by now.

"Rictusempra!" I yell gleefully. A jet of silver light shoots from the tip of my wand onto Fred, and the merciless invisible hands begin to do what they do best; tickle. They tickle and tickle and tickle and tickle until Fred is laughing so hard he can barely breathe.

"Please- Stop- Can't- Breathe-"
He gasps out, and I laugh.

Yes. I know it's cruel.
Your point?

I relent, but only once I'm sure he is absolutely 100% awake. He is.

To any random passer-by, this may seem like a (somewhat) normal thing to do in the morning, before lessons start. But no, it just so happens that right now it's two o'clock in the afternoon, and we have lessons, err, ten minutes ago.

But it's potions. So I don't care. All potions is, is an hour of awkwardness with Melanie, and an hour of watching that stupid poncey professor prance, and half the girls swoon. Wait- make that all the girls.
What's so special about Professor Cratchet anyway? Is it cos he's Irish? I could be Irish. If I tried.
I can even turn my hair green! And my skin! Can he do that? No!


Once I have persuaded (forced) Fred out of bed, we dress and grab our books. I can't help thinking about the feast tomorrow; will there be good food? Will it be fun? Will there be decorations? Will Tori be there?

We are running through endless corridors, trying to get to potions. I spot the familiar dungeon door and we skid to a halt, make a 180 degree turn.
We burst through the classroom door.

"Sorry we're late, Professor Cratchet!" we pant, and he gives us a withering look, before pointing at the rest of the class.

"As you can see, we have already started. Also, we have had a new searing arrangement. Please find your table." Cratchet goes back to writing on the board.


I wander around, looking for my seat. Not much has changed, Tori is still with Fred, Sander with Tally. I spy my name written on green letters over a desk, and plonked myself down, only to nearly fall out of my chair in surprise when I see who my partner is.

I ask incredously.

"What are you doing here?"
Clunky (Rose) Weasley, first year was my partner. I was confused.

"The work in first year potions was easy. I already did my end of year exams, so I had nothing to do. My professor suggested I sit in here, and Professor Cratchet...."

Oh dear Merlin. Not Clunky too.
I snap my fingers in front of her face, to stop her staring dreamily at our Professor.

"oh er, right. Yeah, He said I could, so.. Here I am! "

I sat back, bewildered.

The rest of the lesson flew by, most of it just consumed with shock that she was here.

And you know what? She did better than me in every single way.


A/N: don't own it.

So.... Yeah.
Thanks so much for all my reviews; just past 40 now!! Next aim- 50.
Thanks especially to 'justanothergirl05' and someone who called themselves 'kristi', those reviews where fantastic!!

If you want to maybe earn a spot in my reviewers hall of fame, just type words into the dooblydoo down there.

Until next time.

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