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These three words by Awesome1234
Chapter 1 : Hangover and Best mates
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Please leave a review this is my first story and im trying :)



 Me laying on Hugos bed after a crazy ares party where he carried me to his house and I have a huge hangover.

I woke up from a deep awful sleep. I feelted like a bloody vampre rolling over cause the light burn my eyes and I needed more whiskey to make this hangover go away. Its a evil cyle. I drink whiskey/voka/or anything I can get my hands on and when I wake up witth a hangover I drink more liuqor so this head ace can hurt less. I open my eyes slowly and saw Hugo over my bed.

"Ranny love, you smell like awlful." I grunted and put my arms up so he could carry me. He grabed me slowly and carried me to the bathroom. Where he took my shirt and bra orf but he left my underwear. He put the water on and he layed me into the tub. I just closed my eyes and let Hugo put water on me and take me a warm shower.

I know what your thinking 'Why the bloody hell are you telling a random guy take you a shower'. Well he's not a random guy  his my best mate Hugo and I've seen Hugo naked a thosand times. I really don't care I usally in his room with him and he usally takes care of me when I drink like as much as I do.

Which is all the time so I live in Hugo rooms and Im never home and he alway is taking care of me. I live with my brother Chuck since I was 12 when my parent kick me out for being a whitch. Chuck is'nt a caring brother he lets me to watever I want. He could careless if I slepted home as long as I leave him alone he lets me stay.

Hugo bushed my teeth and kept on taking me a shower. I closed my eyes as his big hands touched my back and hair softly. He put shampoo and conditioner in my long dark brown hair. He washed my hair and got me all washed up. I open one eye and watched as he turn orf the water and got a towel for me.

He picked me up and put a spell on my underwear so it would dry itself  the towel around my small shaking body. He let go of me and I fell righ into the tub smasking my head. I did'nt scream I just layed there motionless as Hugo picked me up as fast as he could and he carried me up and put me on his bed again.

I grabed the toy bear Hugo has in his room just for me and huged it. Hugo went to his draw and grab some of my cloths he has in his room. Hugo has most of my stuff at his house my cloths, my toy bear, a special pillow just for me, my makeup, and my perfum. He picked a plan black shirt and little white shorts and a red lace bra and a heart shaped underwear for me to hear.

He put a spell on me so I could dry. He took orf the rest of my cloths and changed me into what he picked. Then started brushing my hair out my face and fixed it up in a side braded and he put light grey eyeshandow ontop of my light brown eyes and put some pink lip gloss on my full round lips and put some eye liner carefully on my eyes. Then he put mascara on my already big eye lashes and gave me a mirror and I looked at myself.

I looked pretty Hugo had a way of making me look like someone heathy and not someone who just drank 2 bottles of voka. He whispers "You feel any better?" I grabed my toy bear and huged it again and answers honestly. "You alway make hangover feel half as bad as they really do."

He gave me a weak smiled and we went downstairs passing his Mum and Dads room trying not to make a sound. It was 7 in the morning its the first day of summer they must be sleeping in.

Hugo open the door slowy for me and I huged him goodbye and walked out the door and started walking over to my house when I stoped at the liuqor shop put a spell on myself that made me look 25. I grabed my fake i.d and took orf my sock and put a charm on it to make it look like a money enought to buy myself some more voka.

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