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The Abundance of Potters by Phoenix_Feather49
Chapter 9 : Dresses, Potions Whizzes and Surprising Kisses
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 “Rosie, what are you doing?” I ask. I’m lying on my bed, relaxing and trying not to think of today’s events or the upcoming party in a few hours. Meanwhile, Rosie has her trunk on her bed and is rifling through it, muttering to herself.

It’s six o’clock so we have three hours until the party. Which, for your information, I have no intention of going to.

I know, I know. It’s my party: I really should attend. But I really can’t face it.

“I’m searching for a dress,” Rose replies impatiently.

“Why?” I ask, confused. Rose looks up and gives me her famous, “Are-you-stupid?” face. It's a talent.

“The party. Duh,” she says. I blink at her.

“Oh. I didn’t think you were going with the whole Scorpius thing...” I trail off when I receive a steely glare. Rose completely lost it after the whole shouting match episode. She was crying for hours. The Potters reacted quite well if you think about it.

Okay, so maybe I haven’t seen Al since he stormed out and Lily locked herself in the bathroom for a few hours and when we asked her what was going on, she told us she was going to live there and live off toothpaste...

But James was fine. I think.

I hope...

“We’re Wotters. Something like this was always going to happen. I’m just surprised it was Rose. We all are,” was what he’d said to me. Lily had comforted Rose for a while, but then she’d completely lost it and run into her dorm bathroom. James had taken over comforting Rose and acted all calm.

A complete change of character.

I’d figured he’d be the one who completely lose it and go around cursing people.

Guess not.

Anyway, back to discussing parties with Rose.

“Just because the father of my unborn child turns out to be a twat doesn’t mean I can’t have a good time,” Rose says coolly. I shrug.

“Fair enough,” I say. Then I add, “You’re not going to drink are you?” I’m thinking of the baby here! Plus, I might need someone who is relatively sober to help me get a completely smashed James back to his dorm.

“Of course not! I’m not stupid you know!” Rose exclaims. I raise my eyebrows.

“Says the girl who’s underage and pregnant!” I laugh. She pokes her tongue out at me.

“Mature. You’ll make an amazing mature mother,” I say.

I’m a bit surprised how she’s cheered up so much.

Meh, actually I’m not. My mum was the same apparently when she was pregnant with Angus: she had MASSIVE mood swings. One minute she was all, “Let’s go shopping!” and the next she was yelling at us to get to our rooms.

Pregnant women and their hormones...

“Have you got your dress ready?” she asks me, not looking up from her trunk.

“No. I’m not going,” I answer readily.


An owl cage comes hurtling across the room and hits me.

“OW! Rose! What was that for?” I yell. She marches across the room and starts hitting me. With each syllable of each word, she punches me.

“You-*punch*-complete-*punch, punch*-ARSE-*punch*-Katrina-*punch, punch, punch*-Parker-*punch, punch*!” she screams.

“Rose!” I yelp. That girl is violent!

“Why aren’t you going?” she asks me, breathing heavily.

“I have good reason! Look, everyone will get really drunk, we’ll probably get in trouble and we’ll be ill anyway. And it’s my birthday, I should be allowed to celebrate it as I wish!” I reply impressively.

Or not.


“Ow, ow, ow! Rose!” I yell. She hit me over the head with the owl cage again. “What was that for?”

“James has worked so hard on this party for you! And Dom reckons he’s going-” she stops herself.

“Dom reckons James is going to what?” I ask curiously.

“You’ll have to come to the party to come won’t you?” Rose says pompously.

“You’re not going to let me not go to this party are you?” I sigh.


Thought not...


In the end, I’m quite happy with the result. I look pretty good!

Dom and Lily had come up to our dorm to get ready with us so I’d basically let them dress me.


I was their Barbie doll.

And they dressed Rose. Lily was acting a bit weird around Rose, really nervous, but Dom just took it in her stride. We were alone in the dorm anyways, so it didn’t matter. She even offered to do the expanding charms on Rose’s clothes once she started getting big- Dom has a knack for that spell.

I was a bit surprised when they all whipped out fancy dresses. I’d argued and said that it was James Potter party- everyone would be wearing clothes they wouldn’t mind puking on. Dom had whisked out the party flyer. To my surprise, it did have a dress code: formal.

This is completely different for James.


Rose looks gorgeous in her floaty emerald green dress. She’d put product in her hair so it fell sleekly, shaping her face. She told me that the dress had been her mum’s before her, but she’d changed the colour so it wouldn’t clash with her hair.

Dom looks stunning (surprise, surprise) in her waist hugging, low cut dark blue dress. Lily looks amazing in her long, slightly less revealing sky blue dress. It goes beautifully with her gorgeous shade of hair.

For some reason, they all fussed over what I should wear, lending me dresses and make-up. Whenever I asked them why they were making a fuss, they’d blush and change the subject.

Even stranger...

 I’m wearing this sleeveless light purple dress my Auntie Gertrude bought me two years ago. Once we put an expanding charm (not very powerful though- I haven’t grown much in two years) on it and burnt off all the frills, it looked great! It fitted tightly around my chest (so for once, my basoomas actually looked good!) and my waist, accentuating my curves beautifully (whatever that means: Dom said it). It poofed out at the skirt bit, reaching my ankles.

I looked good.

No, I look good.

Dom had even done my make-up for me (using the products she bought for my birthday). She’d only put a little on me: “A little goes far for you!” she’d said. Then, she’d fought with my limp hair for about an hour, much to the amusement of Lily and Rose. Finally, I’d been finished with.

I’m now standing in front of the mirror, admiring my reflection. I can’t quite believe that the pretty girl gazing at me in the mirror was actually me. Sure, I don’t look as stunning and hot as Veela Dom, or as naturally bonny as little Lily or as striking as tall Rose, but I sure look good. I slip on some high heels so I won’t be completely towered over by Rose.

At ten to, we leave the dorm and head towards the Room of Requirement. People are flooding through the doors, not even noticing that the classroom isn’t there normally.


How do the teachers not notice this? I’m sure they do, they’re just lazy to do anything about it.

We hang back in the shadows, waiting until the crowds died down. To be honest, I think Dom just wants to make a big entrance.

Just before we are about to enter, I spot Professor Longbottom walk past us. I suck in my cheeks. This party was going to be over before it had even begun. Then to my utter surprise, he turns and winks at me before walking away.


I guess I was right.

Dom grabs my arm and drags me through the doors.

Everyone stops and turns. Normally, people ignore me and are automatically drawn to stare at Dom, or gaze at Lily or gawp at Rose. Today, however, a lot of people gawk at me.

This is different.

I blink a few times and look around the room. As usual, it and James have outdone themselves. People turn back to their partners or friends or begin dancing again. There’s a bar at one corner that just keeps re-filling itself with firewhiskey. There are tables and stools littered around the room although most people are dancing or standing. The dance floor takes up most of the space- it’s huge and filled with revolving couples. There are a few darkened alcoves in the far corners of the room- obviously that’s where the snoggers go.

Almost immediately, we lose Dom. I see her wade through the crows and latch herself onto a boy. They instantly start snogging.

Hang on, I’m sure that’s not the boy she was seeing this morning...

Ah well.

Lily hugs me goodbye a few minutes later to go and see Lorcan and Lysander.

“Tell them thank you from me for the present!” I yell over the music. Lily just smiles blankly and waves goodbye.

I don’t think she heard me.

Rose and I stride through the crowds ad sit down at the table furthest away from the dance floor and the pounding music. We sit and have a good laugh about the strange outfits some of the guests are wearing. The Scamander twins are wearing matching bright yellow dress robes. Lily is talking to them, completely at ease with their outfits.

“They look like the sky!” I yell at Rose. “Lily is the blue sky and the twins are the Sun!” She laughs loudly, in the most unattractive way.

A few people stare, but who cares?

A lot of people come and say hi and wish me a happy birthday. It’s nice to know people are sober enough to remember why they’re here.

A boy taps Rose on the shoulder. I squint at him and instantly recognise him as Mark MacLaggen. He’s Hogwarts biggest player (other than James of course) and has such a huge ego it rivals even James’.

However, he is extremely good looking. Everyone knows that looks are the most important thing in a boyfriend.


“Would you like to dance with me?” he shouts in Rose’s ear. She blushes and nods, much to my chagrin. He holds out his hand and she takes it. He leads her to the dance floor without a second glance at me.


He couldn’t have set me up with his good looking Ravenclaw buddies could he?

Nope. Course not.

I watch them dance for a while. Well, I say “dance”. The dancers’ version of dancing is leaping up and down in time to the music, wiggling their hips every so often.

Maybe I’m not missing out on much...

I get up and mingle with a few of the guests. They all seem to be having a great time, which is good. I goggle at a few outfits- some slightly terrifying. I swear, Coriander (what sort of name is that anyways?!) Brown’s breasts are practically bursting out of her dress. A lot of boys are wearing dress robes but most are wearing muggle shirts and ties.

As times have rolled on, the wizarding world has finally caught on with muggle clothing.

I see Scorpius sulking in the corner, sending death glares at MacLaggen. Stupid prick. He could be the one dancing with Rose if he hadn’t acted like a complete twat earlier.

Polly Parkinson’s older sister, Divina, is dancing seductively in front of him, and he hasn’t even looked at her once. Stupid, stupid prick. He’s got it bad for Rose and he’s completely gone and blown it.

Divina shakes her arse in his direction.

What. A. Fail.

She looks fucking ridiculous.

I lean against the wall and gaze at the couples. There is one couple practically going at it right then and there. I squint at them and look closer. The break apart for a breath and I recognise them instantly: Sarah and Al. They gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment and then begin kissing again with enough passion to fuel all the lights in Time Square.

Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

My heart breaks all over again.

I should be used to this now- practically every time the stupid prick (no, not Scorpius. He’s stupid prick one) speaks, he breaks my heart.

Without thinking, I make my way through the crowds and pour myself a firewhiskey. It burns my throat but a sense of well being instantly washes through me. Without thinking, I pour myself another glass.

And another.

And another.

And another.

“Woah, steady on there tiger!” I hear a voice behind me. I turn and see a very wobbly blob sitting next to me.

“’Lo,” I manage to say. The blob becomes clearer and soon I can make out his features.


It’s James and he’s looking at me with some amusement.

“How many have you had?” he asks incredulously.

“Five!” I slur, holding up two fingers. Except, it doesn’t come out a crisp “five”, oh no. It’s sounds like this:



 “That is strong stuff for a beginner,” James winks evilly. However, to me it sounds like a foreign language.

Brilliant. The drink had gone to my hearing.

I see his mouth move but I’m distracted. Suddenly, I have the urge to run across the room naked...


I turn back to James. He says something else but it sounds like he’s choking.

“Bless you!” I smile at him. He blinks at me.

Guess he didn’t sneeze...

He reaches into his pocket in his trousers and pulls a bottle of something out. He points to it, then to me, and then mimes drinking it.

“Whaddya wanme to do?” I ask innocently. He sighs and opens the bottle. Then, he pours its contents into my mouth.

It tastes like Goblin piss.


But instantly my senses return to me. Every blob/person comes into focus, I can hear properly again and I don’t feel much like running around naked anymore.

James laughs at me- I suppose I must have a pretty shocked expression right now.

“Wow!” is all I can manage. I take a deep breath and then say, “What is that stuff?”

“It doesn’t have a name as yet. It’s just a potion to sober you up!” he replies, smiling at me.

“Where did you get it? You should sell it!” I giggle.

“Made it myself,” he shrugs.

I blink at him.

“No, seriously. Where’d you get it?” I repeat. He’s joking right?

“I made it myself...” he answers slowly, evidently confused. I burst out laughing.

James Potter creating a potion?!


He looks deadly serious and slightly offended.

I quit laughing immediately.


“I thought Al was the Potions whiz!” I joke, attempting to lighten the mood.

“He is. I’m good, I guess, at my subjects. I just can’t be arsed with them,” he shrugs and smiles cheekily. I can’t help but smile back.

“You’re amazing,” I tell him, grinning at him. He blushes. Then he blinks at me and frowns to himself, looking like he’s thinking. Suddenly, he leaps up and holds out his hand. I take it uncertainly.

“Come with me,” he smiles as he pulls me up. My heart beats in time to the rhythm of the loud electronic muggle music that is pulsing out of the speakers. I let James lead me to one of the darkened alcoves.

“James,” I begin uncertainly. “Isn’t this where the snoggers come?”

“Nah. It was originally just a quieter place you could hang out. The Room just accommodated for the couples,” he shrugs indifferently. I let it slide.

“So, what did you want?” I ask nervously.

“I didn’t plan it like this... Figured you would be slightly more sober... But I’ll come right out and say it...” he murmurs, mostly to himself. He runs his hand through his wild hair apprehensively. It messes it up even more so, it flops into his eyes. I blink at him.

He looks amazing.

No, focus Katrina! What’s he going to say? Oh God, he hasn’t guessed you fancy Al has he? Shit, he has! He’s going to laugh in my face, and then announce it to the entire party! I knew this was all a ploy! Everyone is going to laugh in my face and-

“Look, I... Okay,” he takes a deep breath. I hold my own. “I really like you,”


I didn’t expect that.

I move my lips but no sound comes out. James seems to take this as an invitation to carry on.

“I’ve liked you for ages but I didn’t know how to woo you.”

Did James just say “woo”?

What has the world come to?

Anyway, I digress.

“And anyway... I’d really like you to be my girlfriend,” he finishes, kind of lamely. He grins at me hopefully. My jaw drops into an “O” shape, so I sort of resemble a goldfish.

Such an attractive facial expression.

“So you interested then?” he prompts, his confidence returning to him. I can’t seem to say anything. My overall instincts are saying, “NO!”.


Well let’s see... I’m in love with his brother.

Good enough?

But such a lot of me, not just the still tipsy side of me, is telling me to go for it.

“Uh, Kat?” What do you think?” James frowns at me.

Speak Kat, speak.



“Shwigeurhgs,” I manage to choke out.

“Pardon? I didn’t catch that,” James looks slightly scared now.



I managed a word!

“I’m not sure...” I continue. James leans forward and gives me a little shake.

“Come on Katrina! What’s the worst that could happen?” sighs James.

And that’s when my brain whirs in to action. I begin over-thinking.

I think over the worst possibilities. They all happen because I say yes. So it’s a no then.

“James, listen-”                         

WAIT! Shut up!

I can’t say no! Then...

“You’re over-thinking again, aren’t you?”

He knows me so well.

“What? It’s only being sensible!” I exclaim. James chuckles and leans forward again.

He kisses me.

Fireworks explode inside of me, my head feels light and my legs turn to jelly.

But in a good way.

I kiss him back, passionately. I know it’s wrong; Al’s face keeps flashing up, imprinted on my eyelids. Then the image of Al and Sarah kissing pops up.

I remember the pain I always feel when they kiss.

I don’t want that.

And as James and I break apart, I look into his eyes. They’re filled with yearning and something else. Something I know I’d never see in Albus’ eyes for me.

James wants me.

“Let’s give a go, yeah?” James says, smiling.

I answer with a kiss.

I wrap my arms around James’ neck, and his slither around my waist. We begin our own little piece of heaven.

Al’s got Sarah now.

I’ve got to let him go.


A/N Yey!

James and Kat’s relationship has FINALLY begun!

I’m very pleased with myself. Moving fast, eh? But I always figured that that was how their relationship was going to be: fast.

I’m not particularly happy with this chapter- I don’t think I’ve done it justice to be quite honest. I’ve built up to it and built up to it and then... *Loud farting sound*.

I just COULD NOT get it right. Ah well, I suppose it being raw adds to it.

You know what I mean?


Doesn’t matter...

AofP (Abundance of Potters- gosh, get with it!) might be a little slow-I have started some new projects (fan fiction wise) and I’ve been working on them... They won’t be ready for a while yet, I don’t think. So I’ll stick with this for a while longer.

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired at the moment, not sure why. So I was having trouble writing this chapter. But, I looked at how many people have read this story, and people actually like it, and it made me want to write again. So thanks you so MUCH! You’re all my muses.

Thanks for reading!! Please, please, PLEASE review!

Phoenix_Feather <3

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