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Hidden In Her Shadow by AshleyElizabethxXx
Chapter 3 : More Like Her
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“…then I kicked his head and the impact broke my finger.”

                “Ohhh!… Wait what?” I asked confused out of my mind. We sat at the top of the winding steps that led up to the girl’s dormitories from the Gryffindor common room. Kasey began to reply, but we were interrupted by someone stomping up the steps. She sighed in frustration. The stomps grew louder as the girl reached the top of the stairs. And it’s who else, but my ever so loving twin. She fumed at me and continued walking past. I look over at Kasey to say something when I felt a sharp pain in my ear.

                “Come with me. NOW!” Meghan growled as she pulled me by my ear into her dorm. She slammed the door and turned to me.

                “I think you put too much blush on this morning. Your face is really red.” I squinted at her.

                “PEOPLE SAW YOU!” She yelled

                “And people can hear you!” I mocked her in a whisper yell. Crossing her arms she looked at me. Taking a breath to try and calm down.

                “Some of the student…” She began slowly.

                “Are wizards!?” I exclaimed throwing my hands to my cheeks making a surprised look.

                She gave me a glare before ignoring my sarcasm. “..came up to me asking who you were, what charm did I use, where’d I find it?” She looked at me to make sure I was following her. “You understand what I’m saying?”

                “No hablo Inglés.” I smirked at her before walking to the door.

                “Ugh! Why couldn’t I have had a normal twin!” She said irritated to herself as I stepped out of the room. “Instead I’m stuck with some sarcastic, self-talking freak!”

                That was the last thing I heard her say before the door closed. I look down at my feet and let them guide me. I walked out of the common room. Usually I don’t let Meghan get to me, but I can’t help getting upset seeing how much she doesn’t like me. She likes everyone else and everyone else likes her except me. Meghan does a good job though of keeping me a secret and those who do know me constantly compare me to her.

                “Why can’t you be more like Meghan? Why aren’t you a perfect like Meghan? Why can’t you be as nice as Meghan?” I mumbled a impression of everyone. I continued down an empty corridor still unsure of where my feet were taking me. “BECAUSE I’M NOT FUCKING MEGHAN!” I screamed before shattering a vase that sat on podium with my wand. I ran down the corridor and turned the corner.

                Turning the corner I ran into someone and fell to the ground. “And that would be a person.” I said to myself.

                “Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” They held out a hand, but I ignored it and stood up not looing at them.

“Wait. Meghan?” Kill me now. I kept walking, but was stopped by a hand on my shoulder. They spun me around in front of me stood the famous Albus Potter. That’s when all the girls scream and faint, but considering I’m in this corridor alone I have to do that.

I looked down at the dirty ground, “Yeahhh nope.” I said to myself.

“Excuse me?” Albus asked looking at me strange. I looked up at him and glared. I shrugged his hand off my shoulder before whipping around and heading back down the corridor. “Meghan!?” He called.

“She’s upstairs you damn bloke.” I said to myself.


I found myself outside and heading to the green houses. I felt the heat as entered 6. I sighed as I plopped down next to Hermie. Without looking at me he tilted the open end of his bag of Venus Fly Trap chips. I reached in and took one. I could get used to this. It’s a nice life, Hermie doesn’t mind me and I now Kasey can always find me if she needs me. Other than that no one will miss me. I’ll be known for the rest of my life as, ‘What’s-Her-Face!’ The Witch That No One Cares About! And Witches and Wizards could pay tons of money to see me! I’ll be like one of the Circle Animals that muggles pay to see.

Haha I’m just kidding. ‘No One Cares About’ me.


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