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Everyday by wish right now x
Chapter 1 : The Runaway
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‘Finally!’ Dom screamed as we jumped off the train. For those of you who don’t know, this was Dominique Gabrielle Weasley; my psychotic best friend. She was part-veela, which just made her so attractive, with tumbling red curls and perfect brown eyes. Next to her, I looked like a piece of shit.



It’s not that I was ugly. It was that compared to Dominique, I was about as boring as ‘Dead Poet’s society’. And that was pretty boring. I had long chocolate brown hair and wide brown eyes. My skin is flawless, but Dom’s is still better. 


It’s not that I’m jealous of Dom. She’s my best friend, and I love her more than anything. It’s that I’ve just finished my fifth year at Hogwarts, and one of the reasons I hardly ever have a boyfriend is because I’m with the completely and utterly beautiful Dominique Weasley, so every guys’ eyes just fly past me to the red-headed beauty that stands beside me.


‘Lexi!’ A loud voice called from behind me as I followed Dominique off the train. Here he was. The other reason why I’d hardly had any boyfriends. James Sirius Potter.


He’s an absolute idiot. An annoying prat who is just so arrogant and selfish, and thinks he’s sooooo great.


Which he is not.


‘What do you want Potter?’ I spitefully asked.


‘I want you, Lexi’ He smirked in an arrogant tone. I know what you’re thinking. Oh my goodness, James Potter fancy’s you how is you’re life that bad?


Well it is. And he is stupid. Any guy who isn’t totally befuddled by Dom’s presence and has the intelligence to smile at me goes strait to Potter, who makes it clear that I am his.


When did I agree to this?


Obviously Potter doesn’t like Dom in that way. I mean she’s his cousin, him being in love with her is just, well, gross. 


So because of the fact that poor Potter can’t have the most beautiful girl in the school (Because she’s his cousin), he settles for being ‘in love’ with me.


I’m Lexi by the way. Alexis Susannah Moore.


I searched the platform, praying that my parents weren’t there. All I needed to do was say goodbye to Dom and her family and then I would be out of King’s Cross before my insane parents could arrive and people could know that I was their daughter. 


‘Hello Dominique!’ I turned to see Dominique’s Aunt Ginny running towards us, her ginger hair waving in the wind. Behind her walked her husband, Harry Potter, holding the hand of a little girl with bright ginger hair. 


‘Auntie Ginny!’ Dominique screamed, running in to give her aunt a hug. And now I’m just standing here. Watching them hug. Well this is awkward...


‘Auntie Ginny, this is my friend Lexi’ Dominique introduced me.


‘Lexi? James has told me a lot about you...’ She smiled sweetly at me. Well done Dom, you’ve achieved the impossible and made this even more awkward.


‘Mum! Dad!’ James smiled strolling towards Ginny and giving her a hug. How sweet.


‘James!’ she smiled, embracing her son as if she hadn’t seem him in ages. Well, it had been a couple of months...


‘Dominique!’ Dom’s mother’s voice said in a thick french accent. Her and Dominique’s father ran towards her and enveloped their daughter in a hug. 


And now they’re saying hello and I’m just standing here feeling even more awkward. 


‘Right, well I’ll see you in September’ I smiled, opening my arms to say goodbye to Dom’ She leaned in and gave me a hug.


‘Please, Please at least try to come to Victoire’s wedding’ She begged.


‘What, you’re not coming to the wedding?” Bill asked.


‘No, I’m sorry, it’s just my parents and I are busy’ I easily lied. 


‘Lexi, it’s my sister’s wedding, can’t you cancel a few things?’ Dominique begged me.


‘No, I’m really sorry’ I asked, giving her a final hug. A tear started rolling down my cheek; this was the last time I’d be able to see this girl till September.


‘Alexis!’ A thunderous and most scary voice roared behind me.


‘Oh, shit’ I muttered


‘What are you doing with these people!’ my dad’s furious voice yelled.


‘Sorry Dad’ I whined, eager to get away from the group of Weasley’s/Potter’s that stood behind us staring at the scene ahead.


‘Oh, look who it is’ my mother’s nasally voice filled my ears as she noticed the man behind us. ‘It’s Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-lived’ she mocked.


‘Umm, Can I help you?’ he asked looking confused.


‘Mum, Dad, can we just go?’ I pleaded, only to be ignored.


‘Of course you can’t help us, but it was you who had my mother and father locked in Azkaban! It was you who murder the great dark lord!’


‘Mum! Dad! Can we please just go?’ I begged once again, to be ignored, once again.


‘I’m sorry?’ Harry asked once again, still confused at what my parents were asking of him,



‘Mum! Dad! Just go!’ I asked.


‘Fine’ They finally gave in, giving a look of sheer disgust to the Weasley/Potter’s and turning around and walking away.


Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Ever.


‘I am so so soooo sorry about them’ I apologized repeatedly before running and following my parents out of the station.





‘Dinner’ Our house-elf called. That was another reason my parents hated the Weasley’s. It was Hermione Weasley that changed the law to make it that we actually had to give our house-elf rights instead of treating it like a slave! The poor elf.


Dinner in the household was an uncomfortable event. My parents would often leave me alone for dinner, or I would enjoy it in the comfort of my room, however today was one of those dreaded days when my parents decided that we needed to eat together.


That meant silence whilst we ate our delicious meal with perfect manners. It wasn’t as if we had much to talk about.



Apparently though, today we did.


‘Alexis, you are an embarrassment’ My mother scolded me. It was ironic after the scene she caused today. ‘First you’re placed in Gryffindor and then you are friends with Gryffindor’s’ She continued.


‘Yes, well mum, I only have two years left of being an embarrassing Gryffindor at Hogwarts’ I reminded her.


‘No you don’t’ My dad interrupted. ‘Tomorrow we will be taking you out of Hogwarts and putting you in to Dumstrang, where they actually teach you’  


‘What? No you can’t take me out of Hogwarts!’ I proclaimed. ‘Hogwarts is my home!’ 


‘Well, too bad, now Dumstrang is!’ My mother cackled.


‘No! No mother I won’t go!’ I shouted, stomping my foot. Okay, I know I seem spoilt but she couldn’t do this! It was cruel.


‘Do you know what Alexis! I am sick of you. You disgust me! You’re father and I have been far too kind to you over the years!’


‘Yeah, because making your daughter feel worthless and unloved is the most kind thing to do’ I interrupted, wiping the floods of tears off my face.


‘Silence!’ My dad bellowed, stopping every sound in the room. 


‘Do you know what you need?’ My mother asked me, her smile becoming wider as she backed me into a corner. ‘Because I do...’


Crucio!’ she shouted, and I began to scream as pain overwhelmed my body. There was nothing more painful that this curse, and hearing my mother cackling in the background helped no-one. 


It felt like hours that I lay there in pain, but for those twenty minuets, I felt horrible. I wasn’t sure if I was going to live or die, but I was sure that I wanted to die just so the pain would be over. With sharpness, the pain ceased.


I lay there, curled up on the floor, gasping for breath and whimpering with pain, my cruel parents still cackling in the background.


‘You’re horrible people’ I cried, running up the stairs to my bedroom. I threw in what I’d unpacked and slammed my trunk closed, ready to leave the house forever. I carried the heavy trunk downstairs, tears still falling down my cheeks.


‘Where are you going?’ My father asked ‘You have no place to go!’ 


‘Anywhere is better than here!’ I cried, running out of the door and up the street. My father was right of course. I had nowhere to go. Keeping my wand tight in my wrist, I began to walk and walk, looking for somewhere to go.


That’s when it dawned on me. The knight bus. I sent my wand out into the street to be greeted with a tall purple bus nearly running me over.


‘Where may I take you too on this fine evening, my young lady’ A young boy with a thick cockney accent asked.


‘Diagon Alley, please’





knock knock knock.


I stood outside the door and waited for minuets, praying that they would be home.


knock knock knock.


‘One minuet, you’ll wake the baby’ A soft voice said. The door opened and a tall blonde girl of about 19 years old stood in the doorway.


‘Alexis! Is everything okay?’ She asked me pulling me into a hug. Only a small whimper escaped my lips as I burst into tears once again and the girl pulled me close to her. 


‘Come on Lexi, I’ll make you some hot chocolate’ she pulled me into the kitchen.


‘Ryan! Ryan get up, you’re sisters here’ she said, walking into one of the rooms of the small apartment.


‘What?’ My sleepy-headed elder brother came into the room. “Lexi! What are you doing here at this time?’ He asked me, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.


‘I’m sorry, I just didn’t know where else to go’ I continued to sob.


‘Don’t worry darling, you’re always welcome here’ Taylor, my brother’s wife smiled, handing me a nice warm mug of hot chocolate.


‘What happened’ Ryan asked, pulling me into a hug.

‘Mum and Dad’ I told them.

‘What did they do now?’ Taylor asked, handing another mug of hot chocolate out to Ryan.

‘They completely humiliated me at the train station, then they came home and told me I was moving to Dumstrang, and...and..I refused so mum she....she....’ I managed to choke out through my sobs.


‘She what Lex, she what?” Ryan asked, holding me close to him.


‘She used the cruciatus curse on me, and it was so painful’ I cried.


‘She what!’ Ryan yelled, his face going red with anger. A loud cry could be heard from the other room.


‘Ryan! You woke up Rio!’ Taylor scolded as she  went to go attempt to calm down her three-year-old son.


‘Sorry’ He whispered back, calming down a tiny bit. 


‘So, I came here’ I told him, wiping my final tears away.


‘And you’re going to stay here’ Ryan told me immediately after.


‘What! No it’s just temporary, Ry, you have a job and a son and a wife, you don’t need to take care of your little sister as well!’ I told him.


‘No Lex, you will stay here, because I am not having my baby sister going back to those people we once called parents.’


‘Thank you’ i whispered as I brought my brother into a close hug.


‘Come on, you must be tired, let’s get you to bed’ 



Somehow, sleeping on Ryan’s crappy sofa is a lot comfier than my own bed at home. I mean, my back still aches but I knew that no matter what I had Ryan and Taylor to protect me. 

‘Hey’ I said to Taylor as I sat by her on the small table that was in our lounge. 


‘Good morning’ she smiled brightly at me.


‘Thanks for letting me live with you guys’ I smiled at her.


‘What are sister-in-laws for?” she rhetorically asked me.


‘No, really thank you, I know it must be hard, with Rio and all but thank-you, for everything, for treating me like the sister you never had’ I thanked her again.


‘Your welcome’ She smiled at me. ‘Do you want to hear a secret?’ she asked me.


‘Go on then’ I asked her.


‘I’m pregnant again’ she smiled. I didn’t understand, through all this hardness, she was happy about having another baby in her house, and another teenager. I loved Taylor, she was sickeningly sweet and lovely, but sometimes it just surprised me so much how happy someone can be. 


‘Congratulations!’ I smiled, hugging her.


Yep, life is always difficult and confusing for Alexis Moore.




Hi, this is my new story and yeah. Please review and I hope you enjoyed it.


Check out my other stories. They're called 'The Taste of Regret' and 'Detention'

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