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Julietta: Lost and Found by Zyii
Chapter 8 : Tender Discoveries and Harsh Realities
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As always the world and characters belong to Rowling, the story is mine.

WARNING: Strong theme/topic/issue, Strong Language, Strong Violence, 

Draco, once the enemy, the bully, the cheat. It seemed impossible that one could change so much in so little time, yet here was the proof in front of her. He seemed to gleam in this new light she’d placed him in. The acts of before the war seemed to dwindle and fade. He was still capable she thought of being mean and belittling others but he no longer seemed to find amusement in it. Julietta suspected some of his chance was due to her but this didn’t bother her. She was merely glad for the change.

Julietta missed Blaise, she hadn’t been able to spend time with him recently. He’d been very secretive, always dashing off to the library or preoccupied with research – and really that was Julietta’s thing.

Blaise wiped his brow as he poured over yet another book. He knew he was being secretive but he didn’t want anyone else involved until he was certain of the facts. His dreams had progressed from saving Julietta to a misty grey fog with distorted moving images. He didn’t know what this meant but it lead him to research and gain some sort of insight of the witch that stole his sister.

So far he’d found little next to nothing but something told him to keep going. The library is where Julietta found him, deeply absorbed in a mountain of books, she went to touch him and announce her presence. She placed her hand on his shoulder only to have it ripped away by an unforeseen zapping force.

“Blaise” she whispered before she was once again plunged into darkness. Blaise was powerless against what had happened all he could do was hold her in his arms.

The darkness overtook her in one quick swipe. She vaguely heard herself call Blaise’s name before the vision too over. She was young again, playing in her room, the nanny had just come and gone, Julietta didn’t care, she was too busy playing with her toys. Though she did have an unsettling fear feeling, she wished for her twin. The door opened again and Julietta wished it was Blaise but it wasn’t. It was a woman, she made little Julietta’s skin crawl, she was scared of this woman. The woman seemed to think she was the nanny but Julietta knew better. The woman glared and neared Julietta in a few short strides, “I will take you Julietta, you will not stop him!” she cackled scaring Julietta further. She reached out to grab her but a far away noise stopped her in her tracks. With one last look at the infant Julietta, she swept from the room. Julietta was granted one last look at her terrified infant face before the vision faded back to black.

Blaise was scared for his sister, she had not yet regained consciousness but the library around her had been behaving erratically. Books had been falling from shelves, desks had been shaking and chairs overturning themselves. Half the students had run screaming from the library and Blaise had sent a confused second year to fetch Dumbledore. As Julietta’s breathing became normal so ceased the turmoil in the library. Blaise was struck with the sudden thought that it was his sister that was causing the library to shudder and shake.

“Blaise” she whispered, he looked down, her tear stained face pulling on his heartstrings.

“You alright Sis? You really worried me?” he muttered tenderly. She buried her head in his shoulder needing the love and comfort of her brother.

“She worried a lot of us” rumbled the deep voice or Dumbledore, “Blaise do you think you could carry your sister to the Hospital Wing?” Blaise nodded.

Once Madame Pomfrey had fussed over her enough, she was given space to breathe and tell her story to her awaited audience. They waited patiently as she spoke of the intimidating woman posing as another. Dumbledore was most intrigued by what the woman meant when she’d said she would not let Julietta stop him.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong but did you say your vision started after you’d touched Blaise?” Julietta nodded, “Hmm, this twin magic is like nothing I’ve ever seen, I’ll have to do more research on this” Dumbledore started muttering to himself in a Dumbledore like manner.

“Come Blaise lets leave your sister to rest. I must owl Lucius” Julietta watched as they swept from the room. Sleep was a welcome distraction after those events.

After a well deserved sleep, Julietta awoke and was given the all clear by Madame Pomfrey. It was only the early afternoon but Julietta intended on heading back to the Athena common room. The halls were quiet, most students busy elsewhere.

Julietta was deep in thought as she walked down the corridors, unable to forget her vision. So when her sight was taken away from her and she was dragged into a nearby empty classroom, she was taken completely by surprise. Whoever had her conjured ropes that tightly bound her hands together behind her back. 

The curse she screamed out was lost with her wand not in her hand. The overbearing leering body of Ronald Weasley stood above her his face curled into a distorted sneer, “Hello sweetheart” he said, trailing a finger down her cheek as she struggled against him, “Pleased to see me?” he mocked, her eyes widened.

"Hello Granger" Lavender emerged from the shadows, "I heard you got a nice heafty inheritance now your a Zabini. I'd like to get my hands on that inheritance if you know what I mean. Consider this a warning, if you don't cooporate, bad things will happen. So you best just hand over your inheritance to us now"

Was she completely insane, Julietta didn't even know she had an inheritance. Clearly the war had adled Lavender's brain. Ron was well, Ron was just following orders, he'd follow orders from anyone with big enough breasts. Julietta cursed herself for being so easily trapped, if only she could reach her wand, she could hex them.

However, someone managed to hex them before she could....

A cliffhanger I know, please don't hate me

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