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Innocent by SiriusPotterhead
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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“Fat Arse,” James shouted. “It’s time to get up, sleeping beauty.”

“Fuck off,” I shouted back.

“Jessica, watch your mouth!” My mum called as she walked past. It’s just bloody typical of her to be walking past at that exact moment.

“Do you have a reason for waking me up so early?”

“It’s two in the afternoon,” James frowned.

“Exactly!” I tried to cover my head with my duvet but James pulled it off.

“You went to bed at 10 last night, how are you still tired?” James was looking at me in that annoying way, like her knew I was about to lie.

“Your snoring woke me up. It sounded like an earthquake and I couldn’t get back to sleep.” I stuck my tongue out at him. The truth was, I had snuck out at one to some muggle club in London but he didn’t need to know that. He also didn’t need to know that Sirius Black had gone with me.

“I do not snore!” James pouted indignantly.

“Yes you do,” My mum shouted as she walked past a second time.

“That is not the point! J, you need to get dressed, Moony and Padfoot should be here soon and your current outfit is not acceptable.”

I looked down at my black silk shorts and camisole. I knew I looked good but my darling brother doesn’t like me to look this good in front of his friends. I rolled my eyes as James went in the shower. We had shared a room for our whole lives and I loved it. The room was half me and half him. The school holidays were the only time I got to have quality time with my brother and we always went back to acting like kids together. I slept in the boys’ room sometimes at school but it was never the same as it was at home.

There was a knock at the front door so I went to answer it just to piss James off. I opened the door and immediately gasped. Sirius stood there with his usual smirk as his eyes travelled up and down my body. In the few hours since we’d left the club, he’d been attacked; he was covered in small cuts and there was a huge gash on one of his arms.

“Hey, J,” He said as he pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head.

“What happened?” I whispered into his chest as he held me.

“My mother caught me coming back last night and told me that the house elf had been ordered to tail me. She knew where we went and I told her I didn’t care what she thought. I said I was leaving and she really lost it.” Sirius still had his arms around me as he whispered into my ear. “Don’t tell Prongs about the muggle club part.”

I raised my eyebrows as if to say ‘Do I look stupid?’ We heard James coming down the stairs so we broke apart. James didn’t really like to see our displays of affection even though he knew nothing was going on between us. Sirius was one of my best friends but the girls at school didn’t really believe that.

“Hey, Padfoot,” He stopped as he noticed the cuts. “Merlin, she really went for you this time.”

“I know. Normally, she doesn’t touch the face, thank God!” Sirius smiled and I giggled. This was a big mistake because James noticed I was there.

“I thought I told you to get changed.”

“Well, you vain arse was hogging the bathroom.”

Sirius let out a bark of laughter and James shot him a murderous glare before turning back to me. “Jessica, get upstairs and get changed now!” I stomped up the stairs and heard him say, “She was out last night. She thinks I didn’t know, Pads.” They both laughed but Sirius’ sounded a bit too forced.


“J, are you decent?” There was a knock at the bathroom door and I wrapped a towel tightly around myself before opening it.

James took one look at me and stared resolutely at the wall behind me. Sirius let his eyes travel lazily up my body with a grin before locking eyes with me.

“J, you’re gonna have to move into the guest room for the rest of the summer. Sirius is staying with us and it’s just easier to share. You’ll get your own space for all your girly shit.” James looked at bit nervous as I tore my eyes away from Sirius to glare at him.


After I had got dressed, I went to sit in the garden and Sirius came to find me. My mum had healed most of his cuts except the big one on his arm.

“J, he didn’t want to upset you. He told me it was ‘inappropriate’ for you to stay in there with us. I’d be in there while you were sleeping in those silky shorts…”Sirius trailed off as he thought about me opening the door. I hit him and he continued, “Now, you can get beauty sleep in peace, not that you need it though.” He winked at me and I hit him again.

“I’m being kicked out of my room for you!” I spat.

“Sorry, love,” He bent down, kissed my cheek and went back inside. Unlike most girls, Sirius’ charms didn’t work on me.


I sat in my new room, looking at the pale yellow walls with disgust. This didn’t even come close to my wonderful room that didn’t belong to me anymore.

“Night, J,” James said as he hugged me and both boys look guilty.

“I’m sorry” Sirius whispered as he hugged me too.

I lay in bed, tossing and turning for hours that night. At two, my door opened and a topless Sirius came in. He sat on the bed next to me and put his arm around my shoulders.

“Last night was fun. We should do it again sometime,” I whispered sleepily.

“James knew you went out.”

“Oh, I know. But he doesn’t have any proof.” I grinned.

Sirius shook my slightly as he laughed. “Remind me again why you’re not a Marauder?”

“Ah, because Darling James thinks I’m too innocent!”

“Hmm, if only he knew…” Sirius gave me a light peck on the lips and we fell asleep.

“Sirius, wake up! It’s five in the morning. James might wonder where you are!” I had nearly had a heart attack when I saw the time. He woke up as soon as I said ‘James’ and jumped out of my bed.

“Sweet dreams, J, love.” He kissed me softly before leaving the room.


Sirius came into my room most nights for the rest of the holiday and he slept with his arm around me.

“Sirius, why do you sleep in here?” I asked him the night before we went back to school.

“Your brother snores and I can’t sleep. Honestly, it sounds like an earthquake or something.” He laughed and held me tighter. I was nearly asleep when he whispered, “And you help me to forget. I feel calm with you.”



A/N: Anything you recognise belongs to JKR...Please Review x

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Innocent: Chapter 1


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