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The Madness That is My Life by frini19
Chapter 6 : The Madness of Hooking Up
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It wasn't even October and I was already failing Defense Against the Dark Arts.

I didn't even know how this had happened. I had never been THAT bad at Defense. Yeah, I struggled but I always managed to pull an Acceptable. Now, I had a Troll.

Yeah, I had a T.

The lowest grade you could possibly get. And I somehow managed to get it after only 3 weeks of school.

Let's just say Rose didn't know about this. She would have freaked. She would go on and on about how I needed to focus and how I would never be able to get a job with this.

Honestly she was worse than Draco or Astoria.


And they were very annoying about school. If I didn't keep all my grades above an A, they would take away everything. I'm not kidding. No visiting Rose, no leaving the house, no letters, no broom, nothing. I pretty much would have to stare at a wall.

The summer after first year was not a fun one.

"Addie, will you stop studying? It's lunch time," Alice said to me. I was doing the Defense homework that was due the next day. However, I hadn't even started on it yet.

That could be a reason as to why I was getting a T.

"I just want to get as much done before tonight as I can," I said, scribbling down an answer from the book. "Especially since I will probably have to rewrite it in order for it to be readable."

"Addie, what I have told you about doing your assignments?" Rose said. It was just Rose, Alice and I right now because the boys were held into Transfiguration for blowing up the rat they were supposed to be changing into an eagle. There were guts everywhere. It was gross. I had no idea how they managed to blow it up.

Well, Louis and Scorpius blew it up. Albus, of course, didn’t.

He was talking with Professor Morgan about the possibility of tutoring someone.

Prick. He just had to be perfect in everything.

I'm starting to think it was something the Wotter's put into their food. Because all of the children were great at everything. Even the stuff they weren't great at, they were better at then the average person.

Maybe I should get them tested to see if they are being given steroids by their parents to make them super-human-smarty-pants-attractive-awesome-Quidditch-players-and-appealing-to-the-other-gender children.


Oh, that would be funny.

"To do it in the library, right when it's assigned and not wait until the last minute. Only people who don't want to go anywhere in life wait until the last minute," I said, repeating what she had been telling me for the past six years.

"Why am I surprised that you didn't listen to me?" Rose asked. Alice and I both looked at her blankly.

"Rose you've known her for six years, I would think you'd be used to Addie not listening to you about school," Alice said. "She marches to the beat of her own drum."

Rose shook her head. "Well, that definitely is true. You never listen to anyone. Which is actually a good thing. But it would be nice if you listened to me at least once."

Even though she was semi-joking, I could tell she meant it. I could see how it bothered her when I didn't listen to her.

"Well Rose, I'm going to listen to you right now," I started packing my book away into my bag. I grabbed my essay off the table. I'm going to go to the library right now and I'm going to-"

But right as I turned, all of a sudden, I felt wet.

And cold.

Fucking great.

"Shit!" I heard a male voice say. "Shit I'm sorry!"

I opened my eyes to see a boy in my year who, because his tie was yellow and black, was a Hufflepuff. He put down the now empty cup (because he spilt it on me) and grabbed some napkins and handed them to me.

"It's fine," I said. And it was. Until I looked at my homework. It was covered in pumpkin juice, just like the rest of me was. "Fuck!"

"What?" The Hufflepuff asked. I think his name began with an R.

"Ugh shit!" I yelled as I grabbed some napkins to see if I could save my homework. It occurred to me that swearing in the Great Hall might not have been the best idea, but at this point, I didn't really care. "Fuck! No! No!"

"What is it?" The Hufflepuff asked again. I think his name was Roger?

"My Defense homework is completely soaked!" I said, as I watched the ink flow down the damp paper. "Shit I'm even more behind than I already was!"

"Here, let me see it," Roger/Ryan/Ralph said. I must have looked hesitant because he said, "I'm a Hufflepuff. I think you can trust me."

I cracked a smile at this and handed over my now dripping homework. Randall/Ray/Reed pulled out his wand and started mumbling. I was very confused.

Regan/Remus/Ren handed over my paper. "Here you go, good as new."

I looked down at the now completely dry paper he gave me and looked back up at him in shock. "How did you do that? It's completely legible." I examined it again. "And it looks like it's finished." I looked back at him. "This wasn't finished when I handed it to you. It was also sopping wet. So how'd you do that?"

"Oh, I was just saving a damsel in distress," he said, laughing.

"You do realize you caused my distress right?" I asked him.

He blushed. "Technicality. Any excuse to help a beautiful girl."

Now it was my turn to blush. "," I said shyly.

He must have seen my blush because he smirked. But not like Albus' jerk smirk. More like a...yeah I flattered the hot girl smirk. He held out his hand. "I'm Caleb."

Well, there goes my theory of his name beginning with an R.

I put my hand in his and smiled. "I'm Addie. Thank you for saving me from distress."

"Well thank you for allowing me to put you in distress," Caleb said with a laugh.

"And thank you for getting your hands off Addie," said the loud, powering voice of a James Sirius Potter.

"I'm really sorry Caleb," I said quickly. "Really, really sorry."

"What for?" He asked, very confused.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't another boy flirting with Addie," James said as he came up behind Caleb. I saw that Freddy and Lou were also behind him.

"Hey James," I said, moving so that I was in front of Caleb. I noticed that my back was very, very close to his chest and I could feel the heat radiating from it. I would be lying if I said I didn't get butterflies. "What's up?"

"Not much Ads," James said. I saw that he seemed to notice how close Caleb and I were. "Who's the new boy?"

"This is Caleb," I said, not moving from my post in front of him. I was a little worried as to what James might do. Ever since the incident on the train, he had been very protective. "Louis, where's Scorpius?"

"He had to go up to the common room to get something," Louis said, eyeing Caleb. Why do I have such overprotective male friends? "Albus went with him."

"Yeah, Caleb, you know Albus right?" Freddy said, glaring at Caleb. Freddy had never been super protective before. Why was he starting now? I would have been fine for him not really caring about me at all.

"Albus Potter?" Caleb asked. "Yeah, I know of him."

"Yeah, Albus Potter," James said, glaring at Caleb. I realized we were causing quite the scene and many people were looking over at us. I saw Dom enter the Great Hall and saw what was going on and headed over here. "My little brother. I don't think he'd be too appreciative of you flirting with Addie."

That got my attention and I looked away from Dom and at James with a confused expression. "And why wouldn't he be okay with that?" I asked James.

All three of the boys laughed. "Because of what happened on the train," Freddy said. "You may deny it, but we know you two are hooking up."


Caleb moved out from behind me. "You're hooking up with Albus Potter?"

"No!" I said. Dom picked up her walking pace, heading straight toward us. Oh, please let her be trying to save me, instead of joining in her idiotic family. "And I've told these idiots that but they don't believe me!"

"Addie, you two have spent six years focusing only on each other," James said. "You haven't dated anyone else, except that one tool-"

"That's not by my choice!" I yelled at him. Maybe I was being a little over dramatic. But who cared? I was always melodramatic and people needed to accept that. "You idiots and my idiotic brother are so overprotective that it is impossible for a boy to like me without fear of getting killed!!"

"Killed?" Caleb asked, sounding scared. Great. The first boy who had shown interest in me in a long time was getting scared. Awesome.

I may as well accept the fact that I would be forever alone with 1900 cats.

Even though I hated cats.

"Addie, we're trying to protect you," James said.

"Protect me from what?" I said back. Freddy and Louis were watching, seeming thoroughly amused but still managing to glare at Caleb. "Boys? Why?"

"Because they'll hurt you-"

"So what?!" I said back. "So what if I get hurt, it's bound to happen sometime! I'm not twelve anymore, James. I can make my own decisions. You, Scorpius, Louis and whoever else need to stop being so over protective and over involved in my life. Just because I am a girl doesn't mean that I can't talk to boys. So you know what James? I'm going to the library."

James (and everyone else listening to our conversation) looked very confused at my statement. "Well...ugh...good Addie, you can focus on school-"

"With Caleb," I said and I grabbed his hand. I guess I should have asked Caleb if he wanted to come to the library or even be involved in this plan. Oh well. "If you need us you'll find us in the Restricted Section."

And I walked right past him, Caleb in tow.

Or, at least I tried. James was yelling after me so I just ended up walking faster and faster until I was running to the library. It's very hard to run while dragging someone bigger than you along so when we finally ended up in the Restricted Section, I was panting.

"Addie?" Caleb asked, looking at me worriedly. "Are you okay?"

I was panting and trying to make hand motions that said I was okay but he didn't seem to understand. I guess I'll have to try and speak. "I'm," pant. "Fine," pant.

"Do you want to sit down or something? Do you want me to get you a glass of water?" Caleb asked and as soon as I caught my breath I laughed. He gave me a strange look like he thought I might be mentally insane.

Which I may be. But that was another problem for another day.

"You Hufflepuffs are always so nice aren't you?" I asked him, smiling and leaning against the bookcase behind me. "Offering me water, finishing my homework for me, pretty much allowing me to drag you here just to spite my friend." I looked up at him. "Why would you let me do that?"

That was the first time I got a real good look at him. And all I could say was: DAMN. He was hot. He had dirty blonde hair, dark, chocolate brown eyes, and he seemed to have a pretty good build. I think he was on the Quidditch team, which would mean that he had one nice body.

Quidditch players always had good bodies.

It was like a law.

"Well," he said, putting an arm on the bookcase behind me. If someone were to see us, they'd totally think we were about to hook up. Which I'd be okay with. He was hot. Not as hot as Albus, of course, but still he's pretty hot. "We are always willing to help people. Even if a pretty girl does drag us into the Restricted Section, just to spite her over protective friend. We can't help it."

Wait. What?

Did I just say he’s not as hot as Albus?

What was wrong with me?

I giggled, only half hearing what he said. "That's good then. You don't think I'm psychotic?"

Even though I may be, because I am one of the main hook up sections with a hot boy and thinking of how he was not as hot as another boy.

A boy I hated.

A lot.

"The jury is still out on that one," he said. I noticed that we were pretty close and he seemed to be leaning in. "You did drag a boy you barely know to the Restricted Section," he said in a whisper. Why was I even thinking of Albus? God Albus could never make whispering so sexy. Well maybe he could. "Even though everyone seems to think you're hooking up with someone else right now."

Really? Really Caleb? I was trying to focus on how attractive you were and you brought up Albus? "Well I'm not," I whispered back, trying to do the sexy whisper thing. I felt like I might have been failing. In order to get Albus out of my mind, I grabbed Caleb's tie and started playing with it in my hands. Channel the flirty, sexy girls Addie. "So I guess it doesn't really matter that I'm here with you does it?"

I guess that I was channeling the flirty, sexy girls because Caleb's gaze dropped down to my lips before going back up to my eyes. "I guess not," Caleb said.

We stood there for a minute, staring at each other and I realized he wasn't going to kiss me. Deciding to still channel the flirty, sexy girl I was pretending to be, I stopped playing with his tie, and pulled his head down to mine. Our lips met and it was...

It was nothing.

He was a good kisser, don't get me wrong. (Not that I had much to go off of but even I knew he was a good kisser.)

It made me weak in the knees but I didn't get butterflies.

Merlin, I somehow got more butterflies when I was talking to Albus.

Really brain? Really? You were making out with a hot boy, in the Restricted Section and you were going to think of Albus? Come on, at least think of a celebrity or something.

Although I guess Albus was a celebrity. Since the press follows him like crazy since he was the Harry Potter's son.

I wonder what making out with Albus is like.

Instead of Caleb's arms around my waist, they could be Albus' strong ones, pulling me closer to him, and his soft (at least I'm assuming they would be soft) lips would be on mine, I'd run my fingers through his beautiful, dark hair.

Merlin, I was getting butterflies just thinking about it.

I could just imagine him saying my name over and over again...


Yeah. Like that.

And suddenly Albus' lips were off mine.

Wait. I wasn't making out with Albus.

I was making out with Caleb.

And Albus was standing next to him, holding Caleb's robes, as if he pulled Caleb off me.

This was an awkward situation. I was standing there with the boy I was making out with and the boy I was imagining making out with.

"What the fuck, Addie?" Albus said to me. And, to be honest, he looked kind of hurt.

"What do you mean 'what the fuck', Albus?" I asked, trying to appear annoyed, though all I could think of was how I had just been imagining snogging Albus.

"Why are you snogging with some guy in the Restricted Section?" Albus said, raising his voice.

Ugh, I guess the Potter Boys were in a yelling mood today.

Caleb looked at me. "I thought you said you weren't hooking up with him?"

"I'm not!" I said.

"She's not!" Albus said at the same time, although he seemed much more annoyed with Caleb than I did.

Caleb looked between Albus and I with a strange look. He shook out of Albus' grasp and picked up his bag, which he put on the ground when we got here.

"There's clearly something between you two," Caleb said. Albus and I were both about to interrupt when he said, "I know that you say there isn't but there clearly something is. Maybe you two just hate each other or something, but I think James was right Addie." He looked between us again. "I think you two like each other."

And with that he left.

And Albus and I broke out laughing.

"What the hell is wrong with people?" I asked him as he leaned back on the book shelve behind him, mirroring my position. "Why does everyone think that because we're mean to each other we must like each other?"

"I don't know," Albus said. We both stopped laughing and looked at each other. And I realized what I was thinking earlier was true.

Albus was way hotter than Caleb.


"What?" Albus asked me. "Why are you staring me down?"

"I'm not staring you down," I said and looked over his head. "I'm looking at the books behind you."

"No," Albus said, getting up from leaning on the bookcase to look behind him. He pulled out a book and held it in front of my face as he walked in front of me. "I highly doubt you were looking at Fifteenth-Century Fiends."

I took the book from him and held it in my hands. "Actually," I said, opening the book. "This is exactly what I need."

I looked back up at him with a small smile on my face and saw that he was smiling back. Even with that, for some reason I got butterflies. We weren't any closer than Caleb and I were and yet it was having more of an effect on me.

Which was odd.

Because Albus and I hated each other.

Yet I was imagining making out with him earlier.

"So what's the deal with you and that Hufflepuff?" Albus asked, looking down at the ground. Now that we were "friends", I noticed that he did that when he was uncomfortable or trying to figure out a way to say something.

"His name is Caleb," I said.

He looked at me, as if asking if his name was relevant. "Fine. What's going on with you and Caleb?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I brought him here because James was being an overprotective prick and I kind of brought Caleb here to spite him."

"You made out with someone to spite my brother?" Albus asked, smirking. "That's a low blow, even for you."

I hit him on the chest. "I didn't snog him to spite James! I just brought him here to spite James into thinking we were snogging!"

Albus laughed. "Malfoy, you are such a piece of work."

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"So if you just brought Caleb here to spite James, how did you two end up snogging?" Albus asked.

Of course I couldn't tell him the truth. That I made out with Caleb so I could stop thinking about Albus, even though that turned out to be a huge fail.

"I don't know we just did," I said. I looked down at the book, which was still in my hand. "Do you know how you end up making out with girls half the time?"

"I guess not," Albus said. He tried taking the book out of my hand but I refused to let it go. I looked up at him.

"You really going to try to take the book away from me?" I asked.

He smirked. "I'm not going to try to take it away, I will take it away."

"Oh you will?" I said smirking back. I stopped leaning on the bookcase and took a step closer to him.

"Yeah," Albus said, not backing off. "I will."

We started a tug of war of the book. I tried moving my hand so that Albus couldn't get it but his grip was still on it. We nearly fell four times until the book was out of both our hands and I was up against the bookcase, Albus leaning on me, both laughing our arses off.

My head was right in his chest and I was holding his robes to keep myself standing while I laughed. Albus hand his hands on the bookcase behind me and was using that to make sure he didn't fall.

Albus stopped laughing first. I nearly fell because I was still laughing so I clung to his robes even more and he put his arms around my waist when he saw that wasn't working. I started laughing even harder and pulled myself close to Albus and put my forehead on his chest.

"Wow, you laugh a lot Addie," he said, laughing himself. I could feel the vibrations of him speaking from his chest. I could also hear his heart beating really fast, nearly as fast as mine.

Man, laughing made you tired. It was quite a work out since both our hearts seemed to be hammering.

I looked up at him, still holding his robes and staying very close to him.

Did working out cause you to have butterflies?

"So who ended up getting the book?" I asked him.

"I don't know," Albus said. "I don't think either of us did since it ended up on the ground."

"Oh," I said, as I looked at his lips. They really did look soft. Really soft. I looked back up at his eyes.

"Hey Addie?" Albus said, looking down at me.

"Yeah?" I said back, ignoring the fluttering in the stomach.

"You have really pretty eyes," Albus said softly.

I couldn't help but smile at that. "Thanks. So do you."

"Thanks," Albus said.

Now, maybe I imagined this whole next part but I don't think I did. His arms tightened around my waist and his head started leaning in toward mine. I rose up on my toes as if to meet him in the middle. The butterflies in my stomach were insane.

Our heads were close. Really close. Our foreheads touched first and we stopped and just looked into each other’s eyes. His beautiful green eyes. They looked different and he was looking at me in a way he had never looked at me before. I could feel his heart underneath his robes and it was beating like crazy. It's good to know I wasn't the only one who was feeling whatever we were feeling at that moment.

He shut his eyes and leaned his head down. I shut mine as well and waited for his lips to meet mine.

"Shouldn't you two be in class?!"

A/N: Yay new chapter!! OMR THEY ALMOST KISSED!!! It's exciting! major Addie/Al action. Do you like it?

I'm sorry I haven't updated but I've been caught up in school, life, the usual.

Please review!!



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