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I'll Like You For Always. by michaelasaurus
Chapter 4 : All Comes Tumbling
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I don't own Harry Potter, or anything related :(


After their son—whom they named Harry James Potter—was born, there was much celebrating in the Potter house. They named Sirius godfather to Harry and felt good knowing that if something were to ever happen to them, their kids would be looked after by their two best friends. Things were good for the young family. On November 14 they celebrated Elizabeth’s first birthday and it was such a wonderful first year Lily thought. She was truly happy.

Lily and James had nearly the perfect life, often they forgot about the war that was going on in the Wizarding World, just for a few moments. Peter became increasingly absent from their get-togethers and they were all really worried about him, he looked tired and worn out most of the time and he was jumpier than usual. But on life went for another year, just living enjoying their family, laughing, being in love, until one fateful day at the end of October.

It was Hallowe’en night, Lily was just putting Harry to bed in the nursery. She had been reading to her kids and they had both fallen asleep on her bed. She put Harry down in his crib and gave him a kiss.

"Good night Harry" She crooned. She turned out of the nursery to get Elizabeth so that she could put her to bed as well, when she heard something downstairs. It was James, he was protecting her from Voldemort, he told her to run, she heard Voldemort laugh, a high, cold, menacing sound.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” he shouted. There was a flash of green light and a light thump when James crumpled to the ground. Lily gasped. He was dead. James was dead. She ran back upstairs, she had to try to protect her babies.

As Voldemort strode into the nursery, he remembered Severus’ pleas to spare Lily’s life. He saw nothing special about her. Nonetheless, Severus had been faithful to him,

“Step aside.” he sneered. “I’m only here for the boy. Stand aside and you don’t have to die.”

“NO!” she screamed and stepped in front of her infant son. “No, not Harry!” she cried.

“Very well, AVADA KEDAVRA!” Lily saw the flash of green and that was it. Her body fell to the floor.

Voldemort chuckled and raised his wand at the boy. He would not allow a child to ever defeat him. He laughed at the idea. A jet of green light shot out from his wand at the boy, and then nothing, the curse rebounded upon Voldemort and he was gone.


Sirius Black was infuriated. Wormtail had betrayed the Potters to Voldemort. By the time he had gotten there, it was too late to save either of them. He found Pettigrew on a sidestreet in the city, he was going to end him.

“PETTIGREW” He shouted, “PETTIGREW I will KILL you with my bare hands you rat bastard!”

Peter panicked he shot a spell at Sirius, but knowing he was far outmatched he resorted to trickery, he cut off his finger, set off a huge explosion and changed into a rat. Sirius Black, being the only one around when the aurors arrived, was charged for Peter’s murder as well as several muggles who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Severus arrived at Lily and James' house and panicked. He could see it. If the fidelus charm were still intact he shouldn't have been able to see it. He burst through the door and saw James lying dead on the floor. He ran upstairs, Lily, she couldn’t be dead, he loved her. She was lying on the nursery floor. He sat down and wept. He was distraught, how could Lily Evans be dead? It was his fault, he told Voldemort the prophecy, he didn’t know that Voldemort would go after Lily, Dumbledore swore to protect her! He promised!

Dumbledore arrived at the house and shook the tears from his eyes. He walked in and saw James, it was nearly too much. He went upstairs and found Severus on the floor cradling Lily’s head in his lap and rocking back and forth. Harry was crying in his crib, and Elizabeth down the hall.

“Get up.” He told Snape.

Severus looked up at the old man. Dumbledore was furious.

“Get out of this house. You disgrace yourself. Lily’s son lies in that crib, and her daughter in the next room. You didn’t notice your own daughter. Get out. You didn’t look for her when Lily left, you never tried, you sat and wallowed in your own self-pity blaming James Potter, when you really should have been looking at yourself. You disgust me. Get out of this house immediately.”

Severus had never seen Dumbledore so angry, it startled him. 

"My daughter" Severus choked. "Where-"

“GET OUT” He bellowed.



Remus was shattered. His entire world had fallen to pieces in one night. Lily and James were dead. Sirius betrayed them to Voldemort. It wasn’t possible, but it had happened. Harry and Elizabeth were orphans. Sirius even killed poor little Peter. Remus didn’t know what to do. Albus Dumbledore showed up to talk to him. He told him that he was sending Harry Potter to live with his muggle aunt and uncle, and explained the blood protection. Remus protested, He didn’t want Harry to live like that, but Dumbledore was decided.

“What about Elizabeth?” Remus asked frantically.

"Voldemort likely did not even realise her existence. The prophecy spoke only of a boy, and the girl was sleeping in the next room when Voldemort arrived. She has no blood protection. It may be wise to separate Harry and Elizabeth, if Voldemort's followers learned of their relation, they might try to hurt the girl." 

“I’m her godfather, I’ll take her!”

“This is a more difficult issue” Dumbledore said gravely. “as, her father is still alive." Remus nodded, Severus was her father, and nothing would change that.

"However, I believe that Severus relinquished all parental authority when he didn't try to find her. He couldn't see past his hatred of James enough to find the true reason why Lily had left. I suppose that you would be the best option for her, but there is the issue of your ‘furry-little-problem’ as your friends called it.”

Remus sighed. How would he be able to care for a child when every full moon he turned into a raging beast?

“Ah, I truly am brilliant, if I do say so myself. A solution has just occurred to me. You will raise the girl, but for a few days out of the month, she will go to the home of one of the Order members. Perhaps someone who already had children. I can think of no one better than Arthur and Molly Weasley.” Dumbledore proclaimed proudly.
“Remus, I am so sorry for your loss. It is truly a terrible thing to lose not only ones friends but also a man such as Sirius.”

Remus nodded and looked up at the ageing headmaster, it seemed like everyone knew.

“Oh and Remus, she will be starting school the same year as Harry. I know that she will be nearly twelve by then, but sometimes it is difficult with birthdays so late in the year, and though I’m sure she will be a very intelligent child, it would be better if she had the extra time. Especially considering the tragedy that has occurred tonight."

So it was decided. Harry Potter would be brought up in Little Whinging by his Aunt and Uncle, and Elizabeth would be with Remus. Remus just hoped he could do a good job. But he was glad that not everything he knew was gone. He picked up little Elizabeth, and made his way home. The little toddler offered him a smile and Remus smiled back, they were going to be okay.


A/N Wow, okay so the prologue really was longer than I had originally anticipated, but it's done! Next chapter shall be Hogwarts Era! I can't thank you enough if you've read this far, because hopefully if you've read 4 chapters that means you like it? And if you like it, why not tell me so in the reviews? If there's anything that is confusing you go ahead and ask and I will try to answer as best I can without revealing any thing for the future! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for reading!!

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I'll Like You For Always.: All Comes Tumbling


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