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Awkward Turtles by LittleMissPrincess
Chapter 1 : Alexie Bennett/Weasley - The toddler on a sugar rush.
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A/N : Usual disclaimer, Everything belongs to JKRowling, and everything else is my imagination.(:
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 “Are you kidding me?”

“Tell me you’re joking.”

“Go die in a hole.”


“Don’t kill the messenger!” I finally shrieked.

“This sucks.”

 “Why!” someone whined.

“Stop being a baby, Molly!”

“Stop being such a freak, Dom!”

“Technically, we’re all freaks, considering that we’re wizards, and all.”

“Albus, no one cares.”

“WILL SOMEONE LET ME CONTINUE THE NEWS?!” My voice rose over the entire Potter/Weasley clan’s noise level, and the entire Gryffindor common room.


“Oh, just go on with it, Weasley.” Fred told me.

That isn’t necessarily true. I’m not a Weasley. My name is Alexie Bennett. I’m an only child, and my parents decided to go to the Amazon, and do some complicated business that I have never understood, and meet the wizards there, but unfortunately, they never came back. I still don’t believe their dead, just probably busy, or something.

Anyway, my parents were really close to the Weasley’s, so when they left, I moved in with my best friend, now practically sister, Rose Weasley and her then-adorable little brother, Hugo.

When my parents never came back, I just sort of moved in with the Weasley’s for good. Ron and Hermione and like my second parents.

So technically, I’ve been living with them, since my second year at Hogwarts, and am now, completely tight with the rest of the Potter/Weasley clan.

And yeah, occasionally, people call me Weasley, because truth be told, I practically am.

“Okay, well, Uncle Harry told me,” I started off.

“Why did he tell you in the first place?” Molly said. “You’re only half Weasley. Why would he trust you?!

It was because Uncle Harry knew that I was the sensible one. Hah, boy, he had one big mistake going on there. James, Fred and I were known as the complete nutcases. But everyone loved us anyway.

Okay, I’m just kidding, he wrote to Rose, but she was in the shower, and so I opened her mail for her, so I read what Harry had to say.

“It’s because there are demented people like you in this family, Molly.” Albus stuck up for me.

Oh how I love that boy.

“Just let Al continue.” Dominique said.

“But Al was insulting me!” Molly protested.

“Not that Al! The female Al!”

Yeah, that means me.

“We are staying at hogwarts for Christmas because uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, Ron and Hermione, uncle George, and the whole lot of them are going away to check out some funny business going on with some leftover Deatheaters that could possibly be plotting our downfall.” I said, in one rush so that no one (cough cough Molly cough cough ) could interrupt me.

“Deatheaters!” Fred yelled.

“Deatheaters?” Rose asked, as if she didn’t believe me.

“Deatheaters!?” Scorpius just walked through the common room door. He is probably the only Malfoy ever, in the history of Hogwarts, to be in Gryffindor. I bet you it was because his father, Draco Malfoy, turned good, and became –well, not friends, but like, acquaintances with Uncle Harry and Ron during the time of Scorpius’s pregnancy.

Eww, bad mental images.

“YES, deatheaters!” I said. “But our family will be okay because…” I couldn’t really find a valid reason. “They just can.” I said for lack of better explanation.

“Plus, my dad can do anything.” James also states.

But everyone seemed okay with that answer.

Because, then again, you don’t really have to worry when the Harry Potter is with you.

I was actually surprised that no one was upset about staying at Hogwarts for Christmas. It probably hasn’t sunken in yet. Okay, prepare to get yelled at all over again tomorrow.

After the main bad news was over, they all just drifted away, like they normally do, in their usual pairs, Molly with Lily and Roxane, Fred with Connor, the only quiet one in our group, and who’s also not related to them, like me and Scorpius, Dom with another one of her boyfriends, and Rose disappeared somewhere with Scorpius. They are so secretly dating. Stupid people, haven’t told me yet.

It’s not like I would tell anyone.

I should go tell Connor this.

So I was sort of left alone. Wow. Great way to treat the messenger.

I tried to strike up a conversation with Louis and Hugo but they ditched me for the weird twins, Lorcan and Lysander, the sons of Luna and Rolf.

Actually, they weren’t so weird; it was just in their blood. Their mum was the author of that crazy magazine, Quibbler.

“Hey Lexie.” I jumped to see James, towering above me. It wasn’t that I wasn’t tall, I was 5’6. It was just that James was 5’11. Stupid quidditch.

“Hey JayJay.” James and I have these own nicknames for each other that no one else is allowed to call us. Most people call me Al, which can get pretty confusing, considering the fact that Albus, is Al, too.

He sat down on a couch and pulled me on top of him. I raised my eyebrows at him.

“I’m cold.” He explained, like it was the simplest thing in the world. “And you’re heavy.”  

“Excuse me?” He was the one who make Freddie and Conner and I do all those food bets stuff with him.


I smacked him on his ear. I know what you’re thinking. His ear? But he has a pressure point there, and he made the stupid mistake in telling me.


“AAAHHHHH!” He shrieked like a girl. “OH THE PAIN, IN MY EAR!”

I gave him my best smirk. And I know which my best is because Rose and I used to practice in the mirror in the summer holidays for using them whenever we outsmarted someone. A.k.a Hugo.

Thats right. Rose used to be fun to hang around with.

“I’m also cold.” He repeats, rubbing his ear, as if that would make me forget the heavy comment.

 I was cold too, the fires in the Gryffindor common room are no way near as warm as the ones in the Hufflepuff common room. So I’ve heard.

Anyway, so im sitting on top of James, who, as the five year old he really is, fell asleep due to the warmth, charming the ends of his hair bright pink when my arch nemesis, Taylor Burns walks up to me with all her little cronies.

“Bensley.” She says to me, in her stupid annoying high pitched voice.

Also, who does she think she is? Clubbing words/names together? That is so me and JayJay five years ago.

Look who’s late.


“It’s Burns.” She tells me with sarcasm. She knows I know her last name as much as she knows I hate it when she clubs words together.

“It’s Bennett.”

“It’s called combining.” She says, as if shes talking to a child. Just speaking to her makes my blood boil. “Heard of it?” she asks, raising one perfectly shaped eyebrow.

“I have.” I say. “Five years ago.”

Her friends laughed. Some friends those were.

She huffed. “Anyway, I came here to tell you that if you wanted to overact, and think you’re so cool with the Potters, than do it somewhere were normal people can’t see you.” She said.  

“I’m assuming when you say normal, you mean yourself?” I tell her.

Her face turns bright red.

“Oh just leave.” I wave her off with a swish of my hand.

I look back at James’s pink hair. I give it purple highlights.

I remember when I used to be bothered when people would tease me with Jay, because it was his little brother I’m in love with.

Oh Merlin, did I just think that?

Thinking of Albus, he just stormed up to his dorm room.  Whatever’s bothering him, he would so drown it in a shower. I mean, isn’t that what girls do?

I better go check on him with some chocolate.

“Hey, what up with the Al-ster?” James asked.  He seemed to have woken up by my movement.

“I should go check on him.” I said.

“Sure thing, bring chocolate. That’s supposed to soothe the female soul, right?” James said, about to let go of me when Roxane walked by him saying, “Hey, nice hair, lover boy.”

James eyes grew wide. He tightened his hold on me.

He summoned a mirror and looked at himself for awhile.

There was a pause.

“It makes me look sexy, don’t you think?”

I rolled my eyes. Only James would find having pink hair, sexy. I change the topic. “Jay, let me check on our female Al.”

“But you’re my teddy.” James said with a pout. “And plus, I want to see what other wonders you can do to my hair.”

“Go bother Fred. He can be your teddy.” James raised an eyebrow at me. “Okay, tell him to be your hair stylist.” He raised his other eyebrow at me. “Fine, make him your second musketeer. I’ll be the third when I come down later.”

“Okay!” He got up abruptly (he was such a child at times), in the process letting me fall to the floor with a thump. “Whoops.”  He will be the death of me someday, and won’t even care.

“Feel the love, tosser.” I made my way up to the sixth year boy’s dormitory. There was a bed with the curtains pulled over it. Strange sounds were coming from it.

“Al,” I whispered. “Albus? Are you crying?”

 The noise suddenly stops.

I pull back the curtains to see Scorpius and Rose sitting at such proximity that their noses were a millimeter apart.

They looked at me, shocked.

“I was right!” I yell, because I SO knew they were together.

And then I remembered that they were my best friends, and that this was disgusting.

“I think some dinner is coming back up.” I run to their bathroom and pretend to puke.

Only to see Albus coming out of a quick shower with only a towel round his waist.

Oh for the love of teeny weenie cupcakes.

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