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Genesis by ThePhoenix17
Chapter 13 : Paradise
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             The ground was frozen. The grass was dusted with frost and turned my feet a light shade of blue before I had even realized that I was outside. The grey morning wind brutally whipped at my white nightgown—signally to someone, something: I surrender.

            I turned my head, ginger hair slapping against my cold cheeks, behind me. The large gates were closed and sealed with a dripping layer or ice. I felt a gasp escape my frost bitten lips as I saw it—a peacock as white as the winter’s snow.

            Shit, shit, double shit.

            Looking forward, I saw a mansion almost as large, but equally as grand as the Delacour’s French chateau. The Manor was as beautiful as ever on this Christmas morning—as though it was from a story book.

            I did not want to go in there. Typical, Rose Weasley, never wanting to face my issues. There were only two choices though: freeze to death outside of the Malfoy Manor, only to be eaten by fucking albino peacocks who would forever have a taste for human popsicles. Or, my least favourite option, go inside and talk to Scorpius.

With a frown and a spine chilling screech of the ever-present wind, my choice was made for me. I made my way towards the main doors, holding my gown down as the wind tried to frantically expose my knickers. During this time, as I was busy cursing the world, I failed to notice my numb feet catch on an upturned root. With a rather unflattering howl, I fell onto the cold layer of powder.

“Rose?” a familiar voice called from my left.

“Merlin,” I sighed under my breath.

“Rose, darling!” There was a slamming of a door and the padding of footsteps making their way towards me with haste. And, soon enough, a slender hand was resting in front of my face. “Are you arlight, love?! What are you doing here? Dressed like that? You’ve got to be freezing!”

            I clutched the deluminator in my left hand, still gloved, and grabbed Astoria Malfoy’s hand with my right. With surprising strength, she lifted me to my feet and began to pull me towards the main doors of her not-so-humble abode.

            As she slammed the great doors shut, I felt the warm air engulf me with relief. Astoria clasped my face in her hands; examining my face carefully. Like her son, she was fond of my personal space.

            “For someone with blue lips, you sure are beautiful.” She smiled, kissing my forehead in a motherly manner. Looking back at me and grabbing my hands in her own, she spoke again: “I am so glad to see you, do not get me wrong, but I do not understand how you’ve come to be here. Magic, of course. But I cannot see you practicing magic underage. Are you in trouble?”

I shook my head mid-chatter. I had begun to fear that my teeth would shatter if I kept this up. Astoria gasped to herself; an embarrassed look crawled across her beautiful face. She was exquisite—everyone said so.

“I’m so silly!” She told me, raising her wand and summoning a large knit blanket that placed itself over me instantly. “I’ll make you some breakfast and then we’ll talk, okay dear?”

She gave me this look of approval, with just a hint of curiosity. The same look her only child was always wearing.

I was unsure if I was shivering of cold or not anymore.

            Before scattering off into the large kitchen, the raven-haired beauty turned to me: “Scorpius is still sleeping. Wake him up for breakfast, will you, love?”

            Was I supposed to refuse? No, thank, Mrs Malfoy. I’d rather not wake your absolutely idiotic son up from his stupid slumber.

            I nodded and made my way up the grand staircase; one dark wooden step at a time. I attempted to get lost, but my memory of the place got the best of me. Down the hall, to the left, two doors away from the large study that put my mother’s to shame.

            Should I knock?

            I thought it best not to. I opened the heavy door as quietly as possible; hoping that my teeth would cease their battle with one another.

            My attempts were in vain, though.

            Standing in front of the window, in all of his shirtless glory, was none other than Scorpius Malfoy—watching the sun try to make its way past the gloomy clouds.

            Something slammed behind me; the door. Forgotten.

            He whipped around as fast as the golden snitch I had always tried so desperately to catch—and sometimes, if I was lucky, did.

            “Rosie,” his face was scrunched up and his voice was unsure.

            “That’s my name,” I replied. My teeth chose that moment to rest.

            He came closer; careful steps. His eyes had glazed over—as though he thought I was a mirage of some sorts. “What—what are you doing here?”

            “It’s a long story,” I said, trying to find the exact words that would give him the impression that I was completely sane. “I… I can’t really explain it. I just sort of popped up in your garden and then your mum found me and I was falling on my face. She’s making us breakfast now and what’re you doing gazing out of your window like a sodding philosopher or something?”

            Scorpius’ demeanour told me that I had yet to obtain an aura of un-crazy. He came closer, a hand reaching out and then pulling back. “You popped up in my garden?”

            “That is correct,” I replied, shifting in my nightgown and the large woollen blanket Astoria had offered me.


            “Magic. I’m assuming.”



            The following silence was defining; like the white noise of muggle television long after the programmes are over. I should be screaming at him. I should be apologizing. He should be shouting at me, telling me to leave him alone as he eats his delicious breakfast. He should be begging for my forgiveness whilst simultaneously letting me know that I am as equally as horrible as he is.

            “Look, I know that you hate me and that I should’ve let you tell Al but I couldn’t do that to him. It wasn’t like I was choosing between you two; I was choosing between which option would sit better on both of our conscience. And, Rosie, I’m—”

            “Sorry,” I finished his soliloquy for him; dropping the large blanket, padding over to him, and placing my hands around his bare torso. “I am sorry. I should never have put you in the position. I shouldn’t have put myself in that position. I was a stupid cow who’d gotten caught up in a bunch’ve secrets. Now, I’ve gone and ruined everything.”

            His hand made its way to my hair, sliding a large hand over it soothingly. His chin rested atop my head and I could feel his smile. “Nah, you haven’t. You’ve got me. And Al will come around. Once you’ve got him—the rest will follow.”

            “I suppose,” I stated. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. “Scorpius, I’ve got to talk to you about something…”

            “Is this a nightdress or one of Dom’s favourite getups?” he asked cheekily, toying with the flimsy fabric. I was suddenly very aware of my state of undress. And, then, with a look at his bare chest—I was aware of his too.

            “My mum packed it, okay?” I giggled. The familiar sound of a fourth year had escaped my lips. I suddenly wanted to smack my head, repeatedly, against a wall.

            “You’re mum packed this? Someone wants grandkids early…” he winked. “I’d be perfectly happy to oblige but you have made it perfectly clear that you’re uninterested.”

            “That has never stopped the advances before, mate.” I smiled.

            “Oh, no,” Scorpius replied, leaning closer. “Yet, the thought of Cornish saliva on your lips… completely unattractive, you know. Speaking of him, he probably wouldn’t like this rather sensual hug.”

            “That is over,” I shrugged, grinning stupidly. I wondered how long he could go on with his cheek.

            “Good,” he replied, swiping strands of ginger from my eyes. “I hope you’ve brush your teeth constantly since. Every five minutes would do the trick. I could loan you some mouthwash. Maybe some of that disinfectant you keep in your purse.”

            “Perhaps I should just burn my mouth off…” I suggested.

            “That could work. It would be a shame to see such a pretty mouth go to waste. Merlin, I could punch that Cornish in the face again just because he’s completely soiled you, Weasley.” Scorpius said thoughtfully.

            “Again?” I asked. “You’ve punched him before?”

            “You hadn’t heard?” His eyebrows migrated to his hairline. “Right before I’d gotten on the train, he came up to me and tried to get me to beg for your forgiveness. Talkin’ some nonsense about using you for Quidditch and being a complete idiot. So, I hit him square in the nose. Broke it. I missed the train because I was kind enough to take the idiot to Madam Montague. I reckon he’ll have a lovely Christmas—”

            Without warning, my body moved on its own accord, I kissed Scorpius Malfoy.


Scorpius sat bedside me; shovelling his scrambled eggs with chives into his mouth at a rapid pace. He was nervous. Astoria sat across from us, beside an empty seat that was meant for her husband, and stared at us with motherly affection.

            My body was tingling; aftershock.

            My mind was racing; the awkwardness of the situation wafting around the breakfast nook.

            “Rosie. Eat,” Scorpius commanded with a very visible mouth full of food. I looked down at my plate with the first recognition of the meal sitting on it. My friend—or whatever he was now—nudged me in the ribs with his hulking elbow. “The diabetes. When was the last time you ate?”

            “Yes, love. You look peaky,” Astoria added, pouring me a cup of tea—sans sugar.

            “Uh, last night at the wedding rehearsal.” I stated, without a thought or care. Then, it hit me. “The wedding. The wedding is today. Vic and Ted are getting married today in France and I’m in Wiltshire. Shit. Oh—sorry, so sorry, Mrs. Malfoy!”

            She waved a delicate hand: “Not to worry, love. Curse words are better than actual curses.”

            “Rose,” Scorpius swallowed his last bite. “We’re invited to the wedding. We’ll be there. You can come with us.”

            “You’re invited?”

            “Well, yes. Teddy is my cousin and I’ve spent as much time at the Potter house as he has. We get on pretty well.” Scorpius replied.

            “Such a lovely young man,” Astoria commented, sipping her coffee.

            I gulped. I suppose that made sense. Or, it would have if I hadn’t been focusing on Scorpius’ lips; even with yolk smeared on the side of them, they were suddenly so very appealing. I was about to let out a sigh when my stomach let out a large grumble. Two pairs of eyes narrowed in on me.

            “Suppose I should eat.” I stated, grabbing my toast. “Don’t want to faint again…”

            “Yeah, mate,” Scorpius agreed. “It is getting a little dramatic.”

            “Oh, shut up!” I replied, a mouth full of toast.

            Astoria’s ever-present smile grew as she collected our dishes and charmed them into the sink and gave us both red kisses atop our heads. “You two can laze about for a bit—the invitation says the wedding doesn’t start until tonight, so we have some time before we need to floo over. I’m going to run some errands and then write a letter to your mum, Rose.”

            I froze. “M-Mrs. Malfoy—I don’t think that is such a good idea. My parents will be so wrapped up in the wedding; they won’t even notice I was gone. They’re probably still sleeping. Everyone was up into the wee hours because of the rehearsal dinner. Everyone wants to be awake for the whole wedding—considering it doesn’t start until midnight and such.”

            Her brow furrowed. “Sneaky, sneaky. I don’t like it—but I suppose you’re right. I’ll let you have this one, loves.” She flashed a stern, yet soft, look as she swept away from us and into some unknown quarters of the house that we dared not retreat. As she did so, I felt panic creep onto my radar—I was alone with Scorpius. Last time we were alone, I had done some very, very unladylike things. And, now, we were standing beside each other—him wearing a very puppy-dog-kiss-me-face and me with a holy-crow-what-the-bloody-hell-am-I-doing-face.

“We need to talk,” I said, grabbing his hand and waiting for him to insinuate that by ‘talking’ I had meant ‘snogging’. Alas, there was not a peep from Scorpius as I dragged him up the stairs, past the study, and into his room.

I placed myself on the silken sheets—very un-seductively.

“We need to talk,” I repeated.

“Yeah,” he said, placing his arms over the jumper he had covered himself up with before breakfast.

“I think… I think what happened was a…” I struggled to find the words.

“… a mistake?” Scorpius concluded my statement with a question.

My eyes shot up from their original target, my hands; one gloved and one bare, and set their sights on the boy before me. “What?”

He said nothing, daring not to look me in the face.

“You think it was a mistake?”

“No!” he scoffed; his accent growing gruff. “I thought that was what you were saying!”

“No, you idiotic nargle!” I yelled, punching him in the side as he sat beside me. “Is that why you’re so quiet all of the sudden—you think that I think that the… the…”

“Kiss,” he said. “You can say it, Rosie. It isn’t a dirty word.”

“Oh, shut you’re hole.”

“I love it when you talk dirty,”

I slapped him. Obviously, this… relationship, if that is what you would call it, would be slightly abusive on my part. “There is the ole’Scorpius, that I know and love.”

Oh, Merlin’s Mother, Roses! Do you ever think before you speak?!

Scorpius went a shade of red—that was usually reserved for my colouring. Thankfully, he said nothing and let me continue with what I had begun to say earlier.

“I would never think it was a mistake,” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder. “To be honest—I… I’ve never felt anything quite like that.”

He turned away, sulking. “Not even with the great Klaus Cornish?”

“You know, with him… it was exciting and such a rush. He was my first kiss and everything just sort of fell into place, you know? With him, I felt like I was floating because I was so… excited. I was always second guessing what I was doing—hoping that it was right.”

“You really know how to perk a bloke up, eh, Rose?” Scorpius looked sideways at me.

“Oh, just let me finish!” I shouted; there seemed to be a lot of that going on today. I calmed myself, preparing my words properly. “However, with you… it just feels like every single millisecond counts. It feels like it is the end of the bloody world and we’ve chosen to spend those seconds intertwined. It was natural and special; I was vibrating with adoration and comfortableness. I felt like I was…you are going to make fun of me forever for saying this… I felt like I was at home in your arms.”

Merlin’s mother, where did you come up with that? A Celestina Warbeck song?” Scorpius laughed heartily and I joined in—we both fell backwards onto his pool of sheets in a fit of hilarity. And, somehow, in a sea of silk—our arms found their way home again.


My apologies for the shortest of short chapters! I swear—the next will be a HUGE, HUGE chapter. I recall making a promise last chapter that the wedding would be included in the chapter—alas, I sort of kinda lied. No fear, my dear—the next chapter will be a giant because it will include the WHOLE wedding and all of the ruckus that will be involved. Are you excited? Muahaha.

Please leave a review and tell my how horrible this was! 

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