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Hocus Pocus by What You Call Epic
Chapter 1 : Chapter One - The Letter
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I stood before the big red train nervously. This is crazy, I thought in disbelief, completely absolutely undeniably bonkers.


Someone appeared in the corner of my eye.


“You okay Sel?” Leo whispered beside me, gripping my hand firmly inside his larger one.


I laughed nervously, “Okay? I feel sick to my stomach.”

Leo grinned at me, “Yeah, but isn’t it amazing? I mean, who would’ve thought, a whole world full of magic, only an arms reach away.”


I grinned right back at him, remembering three months ago, when we first got our letter to Hogwarts. When we first found out about magic. When we first found out how special we are.




 I was in bed (as per usual) glad of the extra sleep. It was a Saturday after all, and with all the tests in school, today was my relief day.


No waking up at 7:00 a.m, no rushing to school late because I either ignored my alarm or (which is a more likely or) I had thrown it across the room and broken it.


Unfortunately that blissful, extra sleep did not last me long.


Tap, tap, tap.


My eyes shot open quickly, and I sat up, blearily checking the alarm clock. A groan slipped out of my mouth when I noticed the time. 8:00 a.m.


I lay back down in a huff, pulling the covers over my head, muttering “Please go away.”


Tap, tap, tap.


I pulled the covers firmly to my ears, deciding I would just ignore the insane morning person, who was disrupting my well earned sleep (I got three A’s this week, I deserve rest).


Yup, Sel, just ignore it and you’ll drift off –


Tap, tap, tap.


“Oh for the love of!” I growled shooting out my bed.


I grabbed my dressing gown, pulled it quickly on and marched downstairs, not even bothering to clean myself up. Hey, they woke me up, they have to live with me looking like a hobo.


I wrenched the front door open, and found someone in mid-knock. The frown that I had place was replaced by shock when I took the person in. The woman who stood before me was old (like in her fifties) and she had a blackish gown (or would robe be better?) on and a big witches hat that looked just epic.


My first thought was, I like her hat.


Then, wait, oh my god, there’s a person dressed like a witch standing in my doorway!


Then, this is why I got up?! Ugh, I’m going back to bed.


I promptly moved to close my door in her face, but her hand stopped it. I tried to force it closed, but to no prevail. Maybe I should start panicking because damn this woman is strong!


“Miss Slytherin,” She said my name with a slightly bitter tone, “I would very much appreciate it, if you did not slam the door in my face.”


I almost snorted. Like I could slam it in her face! I’ve been trying for five minutes now and the door didn’t budge! But I won’t tell her that.


Wait! Hold on! How does she know my name?


“How do you know my name?” I squeaked, repeating my thoughts.


If she was a stalker, or a murderer, she would not be intimidated by me.


Note to self: work on intimidation.


She gave me a calculating look, “All will be explained, when you let me inside.”


You got that right? She said when not if. Who the hell does she think she is?!


“Uh, I’m not letting you in; do you think I’m stupid?” I gave her a funny look.


She returned a flat stare, “Miss Slytherin, I did not imply you were stupid, but your behaviour is quite childish,”


My eyebrows shot up, “Childish? Childish? You come here dressed like, what, a witch? And you know my name! And you expect me to let you inside my house?”


She raised an eyebrow, but sighed, “I guess your situation is understandable, being raised a muggle,” What did she call me? “so I shall tell you what you need to know, but inside because this cannot be heard by other ears.”


I had a staring contest with the old lady. She didn’t seem evil or anything (though kind of annoying) and if she did attack me, I think I could handle her. She seems quite fragile. Plus Leo’s only upstairs.


I stepped back out of her way, “Okay, you can come in, but I’m going to get my brother.”


The woman nodded at me, coming in, “That would be nice, I need to talk to you both.”


I gave her another weird look, “What is this about anyway?”


“Why, your education and other things.” She told me.


She seemed quite serious. I frowned at this. Is this something about school? I mentally slapped myself. Well, duh Selene, she said education. But did I get in trouble again or something? Or maybe it was Leo… Wonder what it’s about… She said she needed to talk to both of us. Hmm, maybe we got expelled again?


I chuckled slightly. That would be funny, but I’m kind of tired of being expelled for doing nothing.


Okay, so it’s not always nothing but it’s not like I plan for laboratories to explode! No one told me mixing sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid wasn’t good.


But it is quite funny.


“Um, the sitting room’s in there, you can make yourself comfy,” I told her.


“Thank you,” She said and headed where I had indicated.


I then rushed upstairs, crashed Leo’s door in and yanked the covers off of him.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I yelled.


He groaned, curling up from the cold, “What do you mean?” He mumbled.


I glared at him, “What do I mean? What I mean is, why is there an old lady downstairs talking about education and crap at eight a.m?”


He pulled the pillow over his head, “I dunno, ask her.”


I slapped his arm, “C’mon, you need to get up; she wants to talk to both of us. Hey! You lazy git, get up!”


He ignored me. I proceeded in grabbing his ankle and yanking him off of his bed. He fell with a yelp, and glared at me from the ground. “Oi!” He protested.


I just smirked at him, “Your own fault.”


“Ugh, Sel, you’re so annoying!” He grumbled, sprawling out on the ground.


I grinned at him, “That’s my job. Now, get dressed before I get the bucket.”


That made him get up.


“I’m up! I’m up!” He said hurriedly.


I smiled sweetly at him, chuckling. You see, the last time he didn’t get up, I filled a bucket half full of ice cold water and threw it all on him.


Just another one of my brilliant ideas.


I decided to get dressed as well, so I rushed into my room, threw on a pair of jeans, a plaid shirt and my awesome boots. They were knee high and black leather, with straps around the calf. I quickly brushed my teeth and ignored my hair (it would take too long anyway).


Thinking that I had outdone Leo, I grinned to myself and entered the sitting room. My grin slipped from my face when I noticed Leo sitting in front of the woman, looking as though he had been awake for two hours and not two minutes.




I walked as casually as possible to where Leo sat, and seated myself beside him, turning expectedly to the woman with the cool hat.


“So, what did you want to tell us?” I asked in an overly bright voice.


Leo and the woman gave me a look. Hey, I’m not good with the whole tension thing. I’m bracing myself here for an expulsion or something.


To my surprise, she didn’t say anything, she just handed me a letter.


“Please read,” She said.


I raised an eyebrow, but proceeded to read it anyway. I felt Leo lean over me to read as well.


I cleared my throat and began to read aloud, “Dear Mr. Helios and Ms. Selene Slytherin, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts(?) school of Witchcraft and – WAIT WHAT?! What is this?” I exclaimed, standing abruptly.


My brother stood with me, “Is this some sort of joke? Witchcraft and wizardry? Were you put up to this?”


She gave us a dead serious look, “No, I was not put up to this. Now sit down and I shall explain.”


Something about the tone of her voice made us sit and listen. And explain she did.


She told us that we were a witch and wizard, and a powerful one at that. Apparently Hogwarts is a school where people like us can develop our ‘magical’ abilities and we’re special because we’re related to one of the founders – now I get why our name is so weird, it came from a freakin’ magical, conniving (apparently) person himself.


I didn’t believe a word of this and told her to leave, inventing such crap, but Leo told me to shut up. I swear my eyes were as wide as saucers and I was about to retort, when the woman (called Minerva McGonagall) did the impossible.


She pointed her ‘wand’ at the coffee table, said something and then – guess what? It floated. Like in mid-air.


At that moment, an almost childish excitement washed over me, and I saw that Leo was the same.


Oh. My. God.


I’m a bloody witch.


*End of Flashback*


Now here I was, in front of the train to a whole new world. And it was kind of scary. I know what you’re thinking – after three months of knowing about being magical, she should be used to this by now, right?


Well, wrong. I’m still pretty dazed about this. Sheesh, I’m only human – err, well, kind of human…Hey, if I’m a witch, does that still make me human?


Note: Ask somebody if you're a witch, does it still make you human.

“You ready, Sel?” Leo asked me, a huge grin on his face.


I managed a smile, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”


And so we boarded the train. No second thoughts now. I reminded myself.


And then it hit me.




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Hocus Pocus: Chapter One - The Letter


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