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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 20 : Take Care
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Reader: It’s all Jo’s

Having a heavy drinking session, the day after you’ve been knocked unconscious by a crazed bludger, to then fall sixty-feet to your death and be caught by none other than your worst enemy, was probably not my greatest move.


Firstly because I was most likely to still have some of that medication that Madam Pomfrey sadistically forced down my open throat in my body, secondly because the party that I was in attendance of was held by none other than the boy who had saved me, and thirdly because there appeared to now be the most awkward amount of attention surrounding me; attention which I neither wanted nor cared for.


And all three of these things;  including getting blind drunk, appeared to transpire in one night, and in very fast succession of one another.


‘I desperately need a drink,’ I moaned appealing to my best friend to live up to her title and get me one.


‘Do you really think you should be drinking Cal? I mean you did fall off the Quidditch stand and pass out only yesterday?’ Lily replied in a concerning mothering tone.


‘And saved by Sirius of course,’ Annie giggled in a most adolescent, girly manner.


‘Shut up you witch.’ I snapped angrily, ‘he would’ve bloody saved anyone, even Severus.’


Neither of my best friends were doing anything to lighten my mood. I was stuck in a foul mood, in a party held by four boys I despised, being ogled at by bloody everyone.


‘Bloody hell! You look awful Stebbins, that nose really is well and truly mangled isn’t it?’ Potter cried happily as he catapulted himself over the back of the sofa that I was currently sitting on, to then land quite (oh how I wished I didn’t have to say this) smoothly before looking at me directly, ‘oh no wait that’s how it’s always been, how unfortunate.’


‘You’re a fucking git, you know that right Potter?’ I seethed in unadulterated fury.


‘And you’re a bloody dozy cow for falling off a Quidditch stands Stebbins, really Stebbins; how attention seeking can you get?’


‘You know full well that bloody Sloper knocked me, after of course I was hit by a bloody bludger,’ I scowled at the boy, ‘Relayed by one of your beaters, may I add. And even if I was as attention seeking as you make out, I would not fall into the arms of Sirius Sodding Black, you bloody moron.’


‘Ohhh, feisty aren’t you Stebbins? I personally would have let you carry on falling, Padfoot’s  clearly a better man than me.’


‘SIRIUS BLACK YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING ARSEHOLE.’ Cried a voice cutting off my reply to pea-brain Potter.


The whole common room as one whipped around to see Lily covered in what I could only assume was vodka – head to toe, pointing a deadly wand at Black who was hastily trying to shuffle out of the whole bloody mess he was clearly at the centre of.


‘Clearly not a better man, and oh look he’s upset your one true love. What a dilemma hey Potter? You’re boyfriend versus the girl you could never get in your wildest dreams.’ I hissed bitchly.


‘She’ll be mine, I’ll show you Stebbins,’ he replied in a most childish and competitive manner, ‘and I can start my helping her out now.’ He smiled clearly ecstatic with himself for thinking of such a ‘gentlemanly’ thing to do and he bounded, ever so ungracefully over to Lily; the imbecile.


‘I definitely need a drink.’ I sighed to Annie who chuckled and dragged me to the drinks table.


‘Your head doesn’t actually hurt now does it?’ Annie asked in a concerned manner as she poured me a large firewhiskey mixed with half a bottle of butterbeer.


‘No An’, I’m more ashamed and embarrassed by the fact that Black bloody saved me.’ I said twisting my face in humiliation.


‘Ok, good, just checking. And don’t be embarrassed you silly girl! What Sirius did was genuinely really sweet, I’m actually very proud of him.’


‘It was most likely because he’s dating my sister, and if he hadn’t caught me then he’d run the risk of getting no sex.’


‘Don’t be so bloody harsh to him, he’s a lovely boy.’


‘Don’t even attempt to try that on me Annie, you may like him, but after six years, I loathe the boy, and that is never going to change.’


‘Fine, fine, fine.’ She sighed, ‘not even for Isla’s sake?’


‘Not even for all the money in the world An’’ I laughed downing my drink.


‘Another?’ I smiled happily.


Annie proceeded to pour another, her distraction however was caught my some tall, dark ruggedly-handsome blah blah blah sort of boy walking out of the common room. I neither knew nor cared for his name, I was however aware how much Annie did.


‘Oh I'm hot,’ She began, feigning a blush on her cheeks by wafting her hand across her face, the cheeky liar, ‘shall we pop outside for a bit?’


‘Oh yes what a good idea An’’ I began playing along with her, to which she beamed ecstatically, she really thought I had not seen her gaping (it was bloody hard not to miss in all honesty), ‘I mean it couldn’t possibly be for the fit boy who’s just walked out of the portrait hole, could it?’ I smirked.


She squealed ashamedly at being caught.


‘How the hell did you notice that?’


‘Firstly, because I'm a highly intellectual Ravenclaw Miss Cornfoot.’


I began, to which Annie had the bloody cheek to snort.


‘And secondly because you’re jaw was practically touching the floor, there may have even been a little bit of drool hanging out.’ I teased.


‘Oh no! Was there really?’ She squealed again seemingly even more embarrassed at the idea that my lie could be true.


‘No you idiot.’ I laughed.


‘Can we please go out; I promise I’ll be two minutes.’ She pleaded in her sweetest voice.


‘Can’t you just go out on your own? If you find him I'm going to be standing there like a moron whilst you eat his face.’


‘I won’t! Well I mean hopefully I will, but by that point you can go back and find Lily, I just need some moral support to start off with. Please Cal? Please, please, please?’


‘Fine.’ I huffed.


‘Thank you!’ She squealed in delight.


‘But a couple of shots for courage?’ I suggested.




We took three shots in a row, (I won’t lie; the last one nearly did make me hurl my guts up) and left the common room.


‘Oh there he is!’ Annie squealed (she really was the token squealer in our group), spotting him the instant we were in the corridor like some avid predator to her prey.


‘You stalker.’


‘Stay here whilst I go talk to him in case I need saving?’ She asked hopefully.


‘I'm too good a best friend.’ I responded as I slumped against the window ledge.


She scurried off down to her new target; he was admittedly extremely good looking and very much Annie’s type. I sighed quietly, how had I ended up at a Gryffindor party, where only three people like me and all of whom weren’t keeping me company - bloody liberties I would say. Well I wasn’t going to stand around at the entrance of the Gryffindor common room looking like the complete loser I actually was. Nor could I face or afford to be caught out after hours by Filch or a teacher again (it was of course usually my luck to be caught on late night ‘adventures’ when I really hadn’t wanted to be out in the first place).


I strolled down the corridor, wondering whether to give up on the party and return to my bed, which currently seemed so warm and inviting. However my party girl side, which always appeared after several shots of firewhiskey, (that I was definitely starting to feel the effects of) did not want to and instead wished to find someone who would return to the party with me. Instead what I found, as I rounded the corner of the corridor was my little sister screaming at none other than Sirius Black.


Now usually any girl screaming at Black would be a source of great delight. Merlin, any chance for Black to be knocked down a peg or two in order to help deflate that ever-expanding head of his was always a good thing in my book. It was however a different matter when the girl screaming was my baby sister; especially when I could hear her practically crying out her words.


I stepped back slightly, to hide in the shadows, I did not want to be seen, and yet I most certainly wanted to hear what was going on and I didn’t exactly have to strain to hear.


‘I just don’t understand you sometimes Is’! What is your problem? Why the hell have you been so moody with me recently?’ The voice shouted.


‘Oh I’m ever so sorry Black, maybe it’s been the way I’ve been the complete and utter bottom of your priorities since we’ve been dating. I’m moody from the lack of bloody attention! You’re just not who you used to be! I mean come on! Saving Calliope? Fighting with Remus over Merlin-knows what! Who are you anymore?’ The distinct voice of my fifteen year-old sister screamed back.


‘Calliope?’ A voice whispered in my ear making me nearly scream the whole bloody castle down, though thankfully I refrained.


‘Oh Lily, you scared me! Oh you vodka like smell, I mean-’ I mumbled as a hazy unknowing substance took over my brain.


‘You’re wasted already?’ She giggled in a quiet tone.


‘No.’ I said in my most convincing tone.


‘You are,’ she laughed fondly, ‘but I don’t understand; where’s Annie? And why are you standing here?’


‘- Oh what so I'm just meant to let your sister fall to her death am I Isla? Merlin I just can’t fucking win with you!’ Came Black’s voice stopping mine and Lily’s conversation.


‘And the Remus thing?’


‘That’s absolutely none of your business Isla, so keep out of it.’ Black’s livid voice hissed.


Lily raised an eyebrow at me, I shrugged unknowingly. In all honesty as the conversation progressed it became less coherent, though that was more the influence of alcohol than their own inability to speak or pronunciate.


‘Oh so I'm just not meant to care about my own boyfriend? Oh great well, you know what Sirius, I’m done, done with you, done with your stupid band of loyal sluts telling me every day to break up with you, done with your stupid pranks and countless detentions, I’m just done. We’re over Sirius.’


‘Come on, we need to go!’ Lily muttered attempting to pull me along with her.


‘Fine with me Isla! You weren’t even that worth it anyway.’


The problem was that the mix of potions that Madame Pompfrey had given me, and the mixture of drinks that I had consumed had left me; now that I had stood still for longer than ten minutes; incapable of walking.


‘See you around Black. Guess Callie was always right about you, she was right to despise you. Shame now the feelings not mutual right Sirius? Hey you never know, you might be able to take advantage of her in her drunken state like Remus did and you might actually be able to kiss her.’


There was a pause in their conversation.


‘Lily what are they talking about?’ I hissed as she attempted to pull me away.


‘I have no idea Cal.’ She said hastily.


‘Oh, hit a nerve have I Sirius? Is that possibly why you were fighting with Remus, two best friends fighting over the same girl? No wonder you beat Sloper to a pulp for pushing Cal off the stands! Eurgh, I’m so done with this. The only good thing is I can’t wait to hear or see when she rejects you. Well have fun finding her Sirius.’


Lily and I both paused for a moment in our struggle to get me moving to hear a set footsteps clearly turn and head in the other direction.


‘Come one let’s go!’ Lily hissed and with one final attempt to make me start moving; a tug that was far too ferocious for someone as drunk as me.


Causing me to fall flat on my face.


Even the alcohol didn’t cushion the pain of the fall.


I fell, as one would say, like a ton of sodding bricks.


The crash evidently gave us away as I heard footsteps come running along the corridor. I groaned at my own bloody luck.


‘Stebbins? Why the hell are you laying on the floor? Is there something wrong, some sort of after affect from the fall yesterday?’ Black voice said in an almost worried tone.


‘She’s fine Sirius.’ I heard Lily say.


‘Oh Lily! Didn’t see you there.’ Black said laughing rather awkwardly.


‘Surprising.’ I heard Lily mutter ever so quietly under her breath.


‘Shall we get her up then?’ Black asked.


‘Please.’ I groaned.

I was hoisted up under my arms and rested against the wall once more. I groaned in agony.


‘She’s wasted.’ Black laughed as my head lolled against the wall, clearly I wasn’t sobering up.


‘Can you help me with her? Can you help me get her back to the common room?’


‘Sure.’ Black replied.


I felt arms hoist me up and place my arms on their shoulders in order to drag me along. But I couldn’t even drag my own feet across the floor. How the hell had I managed to get this drunk so bloody quickly?


‘Oh this is bloody pointless,’ I heard Black sigh before I was lifted clean off my feet and into what I presumed (I let a shudder run through my body at this point) was Black’s arms.


‘Lil’s what are we going to do with her once we get into the Common room? You can’t carry her up to your dorm, and neither can I. And we can’t exactly leave her on a sofa whilst the party carries on.’ Black muttered to Lily as I felt myself be carried along the corridor.


‘I'm not even that drunk.’ I moaned.


In fact I was so drunk that I ended up having to be put to bed in Charlie’s room to sleep off my hangover.


Moral of the story: I need to learn not mix potions and alcohol.


I’ll be there for you, I will care for you

I keep thanking you, just don’t know,

Try to run from that, say you’re done with that on your face girl

Take Care – Drake.


Reader: I am so utterly sorry that this has taken so so long to come to be put on here. If there any readers left (though how I don’t know!) thank you for your patience, a new chapter is already being written!

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