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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

A/N: I'm back! :) I know i havent updated in forever but I've been super busy with college and life. The important thing is that I'm back now, so I hope you enjoy this chapter! It's pretty short, but the next one will be longer.




“Would you believe it if I said sleepwalking?” I ask Professor Chang and Andi giggles.


“Hardly!” she remarks, “Get to your dormitories at once and prepare to spend the next month in my office for detention. I will be informing Professor Longbottom of your punishments and forty points will be taken from Gryffindor. You are lucky you are not being expelled!”


 “Yes Professor,” we both mutter.


What a hag! Forty points! Do we even have that many yet? And a month of detention! My mum is going to flip. I know she sounded like she was joking when she told me to stay out of trouble, but she wasn’t. I think she really expected me to grow out of my “trouble-making phase” by now. I’ve been trying to tell her that it isn’t some phase to grow out of. That’s just how I am. She wants me to focus on school and work at the ministry with her after Hogwarts. I don’t have the heart to tell her that I have no intention of working at the ministry. I want to take over Weasley Wizard Wheezes in Hogsmead. I’m sure she will find out eventually, no need to upset her just yet.


By the time we get back to our dormitory everyone is sleeping. Thank Merlin! I really didn’t want to have to tell them about our detentions. Maybe Locran was right, Andi needs to run away from this friendship before she gets expelled.


“So, despite the detentions and losing forty points, did you enjoy your first adventure,” I ask Andi as we climb into bed.


“Yes definitely! Sorry about getting us caught," she replies “but if you’re up for it, I’m already ready for the next. Would your dad really let us stay the night there sometime?”


My dad offered to let us stay at the shop whenever we wanted, for a slumber party. It’s kind of a ritual with Lily, Lucy, and myself, and well Andi now too. Professor Longbottom (head of Gryffindor house) doesn’t seem to mind letting us stay there every once in a while (though we might have to wait a month until our detentions are served). He’s been friends with my family since he was at Hogwarts so he kind of favors us Weasley/Potters, or Wotters as James likes to call us.


“Yes, we always do it when we would take Hogsmead trips,” I tell her. “Just us girls.”


 “That sounds like fun. I guess we should probably get to sleep now,” Andi says as she yawns.


“Probably, Lucy is going to murder me if I don’t get up with her in the morning.”


“I’ll come to your funeral,” she tells me.


“Thanks Andi, that means a lot.”


“Anytime. Good night Roxanne.”


“Good night. Don’t let the hippogriffs bite,” I tell her as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.







The next month flew by rather quickly. I would never admit it to anyone, but I actually enjoy my classes. I’m taking almost as much classes as Lucy and Lysander, which is saying something because they’re both trying to become Head Girl/Boy and think they need to take every class available to them. Apparently, Andi feels the same way as I do because she is in all my classes. I’m surprised how easy it is to talk to her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-social or anything, I just joke around a lot and hardly ever have serious conversations. It’s different with Andi though, I feel myself wanting to hear everything about her. I think Lysander got a little jealous when Andi was assigned to be my potions partner, that honor usually belongs to him.




“Don’t worry babe, no one can replace you in my heart,” I tease.




“I wouldn’t be so sure, you two seemed to be getting pretty cozy lately,” he remarks.




“Oh be quiet, I don’t think she is my type. Considering she’s a girl and all,” I laugh.




“You never know,” he says as he winks at me.




“You’re such a pig! I’ve got to go meet the girls to get ready for our date.”  




“Okay, will you try to hurry?” he asks me, “I really miss you.”




I really miss him too. We spent almost every day with each other over the summer, but haven’t had very much time together since school started again. He has prefect duties and Quidditch practice and Lily insists on us training five days a week until our first game, which isn’t for another month. Plus, I’ve had detention every night for the past month. I’m surprised me and Andi are even allowed in Hogsmead this weekend. She has been my new sidekick lately. Which means, she has been serving detentions with me since our first night together.  Usually it’s Lily who is attached at my hip, but she has been doing her own thing lately.




“Of course, I’m not high maintenance.” I smile and kiss him.




“I know, I love you Roxy,” he whispers in my ear and sends shivers up my spine.




“I love you too Lysander.”







Okay, I may not be high maintenance, but it did take me forty minutes to get ready to meet Lysander again. Give me a break I had to shower, shave, fix my hair and makeup (which is a lot easier to do when you can use magic, thank god!), pick out an outfit, and pack an overnight bag for our sleepover. See I have a valid excuse.




“Wow, you look amazing Roxy,” Andi says when I step out of the bathroom.




“Thank you, you look great too. I told you that shirt would look perfect on you,” I tell her.




Yeah, we’ve reached that stage in our friendship where we borrow each other’s clothes. Andi has the prettiest blue eyes, so I practically forced her to wear my favorite blue sweater. I wasn’t lying either, she looks great in it. I’m starting to think she is one of those girls I would hate if I didn’t like her so much.




“Let’s get going, Locran is probably upset that I took so long!” Stephanie complains.




“You didn’t have to wait on us, were not even going as a group,” Lily retorts, “and I seriously doubt Locran cares, he doesn’t even like going to Hogsmead.”




Here we go again! Every time Lily and Stephanie are in the same room, Stephanie gloats about her relationship with Locran and Lily is always ready with a smart ass remark. It really caught us all off guard because Stephanie usually isn’t one to try to put other people down, but it seems like she is trying to get under Lily’s skin. To make matters worse, Lily hasn’t even spoken to Locran in weeks, which is definitely taking its toll on her. They are usually always together but haven’t been since we all got back to Hogwarts. I’m worried Lils is going to snap if they don’t get over whatever this is soon.




“That’s stupid. Why wouldn’t he?” Stephanie snaps.




“Because he doesn’t like being in large crowds and Hogsmeads is always crowded. You’re his girlfriend, I shouldn’t have to tell you these things,” Lily replies coolly.




“Your right. I am his girlfriend, so I would appreciate it if you would stop pretending that you know everything about him to make me jealous.” Stephanie barks.




“I am not pretending! I’ve known him since we were kids. So naturally I know what he likes and what he doesn’t. Though I am surprised that he could like a stuck up bitch like you!” Lily responds.




“How dare you!” Stephanie screams, “You’re just jealous because Locran likes me and he will never see you as more than one of the guys. Maybe if you started acting like a girl, he would actually pay attention to you.”




“Like I would ever be jealous of you! I don’t care that you’re dating Locran, I care that my best friend is dating a frigid bitch!” Lily screams back.




“Oh don’t make me laugh.” Stephanie hisses, “You have been after Locran for as long as I can remember. Always sitting on the side lines watching him hook up with girl after girl hoping maybe one day you will get your chance. Well you will never get your chance, Lily, so move the fuck on. You look pathetic chasing after your best friend every single year!” She really put emphasis on the word best.




Before any of us had time to digest what happening in front of us, Lily throws herself at Stephanie and hits her, breaking her nose and sending blood everywhere.  Stephanie screams and grabs Lily’s hair, pulling her to the floor, while Lily repeatedly hits Stephanie in the face.




“LILY STOP!” Lucy shouts.




Andi and I intervene and pull Lily off of Stephanie. “CALM THE FUCK DOWN!” I scream at Lily. She yanks my hands off her arms and storms out of the room with tears in her eyes. Lucy runs after her with a look of horror on her face while Stephanie is laying on the floor sobbing.




Well shit! I guess Lils finally reached her boiling point. Remind me to search for that seer in my family tree when I get back to Hogwarts tomorrow.




“Stephanie, do you need us to take you to the hospital wing?” Andi asks politely as she reaches for Stephanie’s hand.




“No, I don’t want you to touch me!” she shouts.




“She was just trying to help you. You don’t need to yell at her!” I comment. She really isn’t in any position to be screaming at other people.




“I don’t need any help. I’m not going to the hospital wing. I’ll fix it myself. Just go away” She cries.




“Suit yourself. Make sure you clean up all the blood, and maybe next time be careful who you mouth off too.” I say coolly.




I link arms with Andi and we walk out, leaving Stephanie on the floor. She really has turned into a major bitch. I look around the common room for Lily and Lucy but they are nowhere to be seen so we leave the Gryffindor tower and continue our search.




When we reach the castle doors I see Lucy talking to Locran and Lysander. Nobody looks surprised so I’m assuming Lucy didn’t tell them what we just witnessed.




“Where’s Lily?” I whisper to Lucy.




“She’s taking a bath in the prefect’s lavatory. She is going to meet us at the store after she calms down.” She replies.




“Where is Stephanie?” Locran asks.




“Umm, she isn’t feeling well. She said she is sorry but has to cancel,” I reply.




Hey I just told a lie and it wasn’t awful. Hooray for me. Okay maybe that’s not something to get excited about, but I have to find some light in the current situation.




“At least we don’t have to go to Hogsmead now,” Locran says, “I really can’t stand it there.”




“Don’t tell Stephanie that.” Andi mutters.




“Well you look great Roxy, are you ready to go?” Lysander asks me.




“Yes, I’m starving lets go to the three broomsticks first.” I exclaim.




“I had a feeling you would say that.” Lysander laughs and takes my hand.




“I’ll see you guys later tonight,” I wave bye to Lucy and Andi.




Lysander and I walk hand in hand towards the three broom sticks talking about our classes and quidditch. It’s nice to be able to just be around him and not worry about anything else.




“So what really happened to Lily and Stephanie?” Lysander asks me as we sit down at a table.




Okay so maybe I’m not as good of a liar as I thought. I guess there is no point in lying about it now.




“They got in a fight,” I explain “Or rather, Lily fought Stephanie, while Stephanie pulled Lily’s hair.”




“How did that happen?” He asks, looking surprised.




“Stephanie made one too many comments about her and Locran and Lily was tired of it.”




“So I take it Lily wasn’t serious when she said she was over Locran on the train?”




He is joking right? Of course she wasn’t serious. Lily may think she was fooling everyone, and maybe she was considering that Lysander was oblivious to it, but she wasn’t fooling me. As much as I hate to admit it, Stephanie is right. Lily has always wanted Locran and Locran has never noticed. That isn’t going to change in one month.




“It doesn’t appear that way,” I say.




“I don’t think Locran wants to date Stephanie anymore.” Lysander admits.




“Why doesn’t he just break up with her then?” I ask.  Seriously that would have saved us a lot of drama this past month and saved Stephanie from having to fix her face.




“I don’t know, to tell you the truth. I wish he would, she’s gone a little mental this year,” he jokes.




“I couldn’t agree more with you there,” I laugh loudly.




“I hope when we have kids, they have your laugh Roxy,” Lysander says.




Whoa. That’s the first time he has ever mentioned having kids with me. We don’t even talk about getting married. Are we to that now? I guess it would be a bad time to tell him I don’t ever want kids. Ever. Babies are just not my thing. It’s a good thing I’m one of the youngest in my family because I think I would have gone crazy if I had to deal with a million baby cousins.




“Well you would have to marry me before I consider having your babies,” I joke.




He smiles, “I plan to.”




“Oh really, and when do you plan on doing that?” I ask.




“Whenever the time is right. You would marry me wouldn’t you?” He asks quietly.




“Of course I would!” I exclaim “I would marry you tomorrow if you thought that was the right time.”




At least I think I would...wait. Of course I would. Why am I doubting myself? I love Lysander and I’ve only ever loved Lysander. Why wouldn’t I marry him? I would. I definitely would. I mean maybe not tomorrow. I’m only sixteen. But maybe in a few years. Or when I’m twenty. Or twenty five.  I don’t need to worry about it right now. Right?




“How did I end up so lucky Roxy?”  He asks pulling me away from my thoughts.




“I was just thinking the same thing,” I tell him.




Okay, maybe not the exact same thing.


So I know I said Lily was more of a tomboy so her chapter image doesnt really go with what you might have imagined, BUT she is going to go through a transformation later so I thought you should see the new and improved Lily. :) Anyways, let me know what you think. Reviews really make me day!

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