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Facts Of Life by OZ123
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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I’m not going to say I like it here. I don’t, because I’d rather be with him. He is with what he would consider as ‘family’. I watched his ‘family’s’ parents die. Her red hair flew around her, his glasses breaking on impact to the cold ground. That man with the crooked nose went to their house as soon as he heard. He cradled her in his arms, sobbing. Her body limp and cold. He loved, no, loves her. I’m the only one who saw it during school. It’s kind of sweet, in a creepy way. The-boy-who-lived. Silly if you ask me, it’s obvious that she loved him. Love is most powerful. I don’t see why people hadn’t realized that. But he and she are here too. They are very proud as to what their son has accomplished in about four and a half years of school. Hmm...funny, he lives with his crazy old aunt too. I’ve seen my parents too. It’s so nice to be able to hug my mom again, give my dad a kiss on the cheek, to feel them hug and kiss me again.


I think I was buried. I really don’t remember. It was all so overwhelming.

When he was in Azkaban, I watched him closer than ever. Oh, how I wished he would have died. I know that sounds awful, but he was an innocent man in prison, for caring. Caring about his friends. Protecting his friends. Betraying one of his friends, but that friend had betrayed him first. Only that skunk-bag, my lover, and all of us up here know it.

It’s hard not being able to tell someone who really needs to know something, something they just have to know. Fact of life. Secrets are hard to keep, yet necessary in some way or another, no matter how twisted that way may be.

My lover. I love him, does he still love me? As far as I know, he hasn’t met anyone else….


There goes his ‘family’. Playing hero. Again. None of his heroisms would be a reality if he did it by himself. Always drags his friends into it. At least that’s what I think. No matter how much everyone insists and I see they volunteer with the possibility of being attacked. I wouldn’t. But, if I was still down there, maybe I would think differently. Differently than the girl who was murdered by Death Eaters


I’m in tears watching him right now. He’s fighting so hard for his ‘family’. I should be his real family right now.

“Nice one James…” he says. That’s not James. James is up here, with Lily. I do wonder what that crooked-nose Snape is doing right now. Wait, focus on the situation here.

Merlin! Evil Witch!

He falls through that veil. His ‘family’ tries to go after him. Silly Harry. He’s gone forever from you. Maybe he’ll be with me forever, and everyone down there, never.

I wait. And wait. And wait some more. I break down, and let out a sob. Where is he?

“Mia?” I hear behind me.

I turn around. I knew his life would balance out. I knew we would be together forever! I don’t care if he’s twice my age. I never doubted there wouldn’t be something between us. I still see it in those eyes, beneath years of guilt and sadness.

“Sirius.” I breathe.


AN: All done! I really enjoyed writing this. It may have been confusing as to who Mia was talkingthinking about at that moment (sorry!) so I will answer your questions.

It was probably easy to guess who 'her lover' is, but oh well.

PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia Stephens-
Strawberry blonde hair
Dark green eyes
Skinny, nice figure


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Facts Of Life: Chapter 2


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