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A Serious Problem by maraudersmisfit
Chapter 24 : Coming to a Close
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Hello my loves! Enjoy, again I don't own anything! This is the final chapter of Teddy's 6th year/ Victoire's 5th year so be prepared.

Vic POV:

I stared at Teddy curiously as he scribbled a few notes on his parchment before turning back to his text book. We were in the library and we were so close to O.W.L’s I hadn’t been able to focus on very much, well except for Teddy. For weeks he had been strangely distant, quiet and reserved, he had barley even explained what had happened when he was home but I decided not to push it. I had written mama and she had told me if he really wants to talk about it, let him come to me.

I tugged at the bracelet on my arm and tried to force my attention on my Transfiguration notes since they were my first test next week but I couldn’t stop myself from glancing up at Teddy’s noticeable darker hair. It was such a dark blue yet I could swear I could see a hint of green in the right light before finally his equally darker brown eyes caught my own.

“See something you like?” he grinned half-heartedly.

I smirked, “Nah.” I desperately had been trying to act as if everything was normal between us but my patients was wearing thin, especially since I noticed how much Raven loved to give me little grins whenever the boys would meet her before potions class. She just stands there smirking at me, making my skin crawl as if she knew a secret I didn’t.

Teddy reached across the table interrupting my thoughts of Raven and placed his hand over my own, “We both know that’s a lie.” He smiled once more before sighing and pulling back his hand to stuff the rest of his belongings into his school bag. “I’ve got to head back to the common room. I should really finish that Potions project.”

He pushed back his chair and walked around to my side and kissed my forehead softly. “Oh, okay, well maybe I’ll see you later?”

Teddy grinned down at me, “Sure thing.” Before he turned and headed towards the doors of the library, ignoring everyone who called his name out, only to be silenced immediately by the piercing hawkeyed glare of Madame Prince. I tried desperately to work for the next few hours, my afternoon classes had all been cancelled due to O.W.L’s coming up next week. I ran my hands through my hair and stared out the windows of the library watching the sun disappear behind the forbidden forest.

I couldn’t help but frown slightly as my mind wondered back to Teddy and how strange he had been acting lately but my thoughts were interrupted by Nicki and Cora slamming their books onto the table. “I thought we’d never find you,” Nicki sighed heavily.

“We have a problem” Cora sighed.

“No I have a problem,” Nicki cut in.

“Okay, Nicki has a problem” Cora turned to me, “Vic?”

I shook my head, trying to clear the thoughts of Teddy out of my head, “Sorry, what’s the problem?”

“Cora thought it’d be a brilliant idea to set me up with this bloke,” Nicki started. “And the only reason I’m going along with it is because you two have convinced me that this will get Chance to realize he’s being a tosser. But just go on and guess who this guy’s has for an older half-brother,” she said wildly before burying her face into her hands.

“Well first who is this bloke you’re seeing?” I eyed the two of them curious. Cora shifted uncomfortably in her seat and avoided looking at me. “Cora?”

“Well,” she sighed and turned to me, “I didn’t realize they were related.”

“Who is it?” I said more anxious.

“Heeff Hifphh,” Nicki said behind her hands muffling her words.

“Um, could you repeat that I don’t speak nargle,” I almost laughed had it not been the knot that was growing in my stomach. If they were avoiding telling me who this new guy Nicki had started seeing this much there was no way it was going to be good news. Cora had set Nicki up with some mystery boy about a little bit more than a month ago but this was the first I had heard about it. Guilt suddenly hit my like a brick wall, I had been so wrapped up in my O.W.L studies and Teddy’s odd behavior I had completely forgotten about the promised I made to Nicki to help her with Chance.

“Heath Haycliff,” Nicki looked up with me with her wide blue eyes that looked exactly like Louis’s.

I furrowed my brow in confusion as the name wasn’t ringing any bells. “You do realize how large Hogwarts is right? Am I supposed to know who that is?” I glanced between the two of them.

“Heath’s mother remarried… to Todd Copplestone,” Cora paused as I felt my eyes grow larger, “who, as I’m sure you’ve put together, is Owen’s father.”

I braced myself against the table, “Excuse me?” My brain was still trying to process the fact that Nicki’s current fling was my ex-boyfriend’s half-brother as I stared at them in shock. I had barley seen Owen since our very public falling out, I had been avoiding their usual hang out areas and had noticed he was never around when in a public areas for very long.  

“I had no idea Vic,” Cora started.

“Well… Is it working?” I said calmly as I watched Cora and Nicki glanced at one another.

“I did hear Chance hasn’t been doing so well in his classes,” Cora said in a soft voice smirking slightly.

Nicki grinned, “And not to mention he almost blew the game a few weeks against Hufflepuff.”

I couldn’t help but smile slightly, “Well I mean it’s not like it’s going to get serious now is it, so what’s there to worry about?”

“Well that’s the problem,” Nicki frowned. “Heath um, is very, um enthusiastic about the whole, ‘us’ business and went and owled his mum and dad and ugh!” Nicki buried her face into her arms against the table.

“And what?” I looked at Cora who sighed heavily.

“His mum owled your parents because apparently his mum and your dad went to Hogwarts together and were pretty good friends that lost touch and wanted to catch up now,” Cora said slowly as if letting me process each word she was saying.

I stayed silent my eyes darting between the two of them until Nicki finally shook her head and threw her hands up in frustration.

 “We’re having bloody dinner with the Coppelstone-Haycliffs after the school year, regardless if Heath and I are together or not. Dad owled me thanking me for finding his old friend! Like honestly! AND to be frank, I seriously suspect Heath plays for a different team, he’s far too much of a gentleman to be real,” Nicki said annoyed.

“SHH! This is a library!” Madame Prince came clicking by her wand waving above her as she sorted the books back to their shelves. She narrowed her eyes at us as until she turned the corner away from us towards a group of second years who were bewitching paper parchment to fly around above them.

I felt my world tilt slightly as this news processed, I realized how soon I’d be forced to spend time with Owen and his family and wondered in merlin’s beard was I going to explain this to Teddy. But it wasn’t until my eyes focused away from the two girls sitting across from me to the doorway of the library where the two figures walking through caused me to almost throw up my lunch. “What are they doing here together,” I heard myself say softly under my breath. “He said he was going back to the common room to finish his Potions project. Why is he here with her?”

Cora and Nicki turned to watch Teddy, a laughing smiling Teddy, walking into the library with Raven, her shining blue black hair hung down her back like a dementor's cape as they made their way to a table near the back windows. I hadn’t seen Teddy seem to cheerful in weeks since he had returned home from his Birthday, he was actually throwing his head back laughing. “She’s not even that funny,” I mumbled.

I saw Nicki shrug slightly as I narrowed my eyes at her, “What? She’s sometimes funny at practice.”

“Practice? She goes to Quidditch practice?” I stared at her wide-eyed.

Nicki shifted suddenly uncomfortable in her seat, “Well I mean, she uh, she showed up once, or um twice.”

“I’m sure it was just for moral support, for the whole team right?” Cora said grasping at straws trying to find a reason why Raven was at practice.

“Well, uh, um sort of…” Nicki struggled.

“She’s there for Teddy isn’t she,” I said finishing her thought.

“I’m sure it’s nothing though, right Nicki?” Cora questioned further, her eyes growing larger by the moment. I could practically hear her brain shouting at my sister to shut up.

“Uh, um,” Nicki’s face began to grow faintly pinker by the moment, “I’m sorry Vic. I just, I can’t lie to you.”

“Just say it,” I said crossing my arms against my chest, bracing myself. I could hear Teddy’s faint laughter echoing across the library sending shivers down my spine.

“She’s there every practice waiting for Teddy, they have that huge Polyjuice potion project that’s a quarter of their grade,” Nicki said hurriedly.

“So these practices,” I said slowly, “Aren’t they, uh, closed?”

“Well her and Wood are um, pretty good friends now,” Nicki said uncomfortable.

I dug my nails into my arm, “Are you bloody joking me?” I glared at the back of the navy haired boy when I noticed a different set of eyes on me. Raven was starting right over Teddy’s shoulder, straight at me, and winked.

I nearly knocked the table over trying to push back my chair to escape the library; suddenly I felt as if I was in a cell in Azkaban, “I need to go.”

“Victoire, wait!” Nicki tried to follow me just as I saw Teddy’s head snap in my general direction at the sound of my name. The look on his face showed how surprised he was to still see me here.

I hurried out the library, and raced down the hallway, my mind was reeling as I heard my name shouted after me, my heart twisted at the familiar sound of Teddy shouting my name, but I raced as far as my feet could carry me. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed but I took as many turns, stairs and shortcuts as I could until I couldn’t hear their voices anymore behind me. I finally stopped to sit down at a bay of windows that overlooked the Black Lake and rested my head against the cool window panel and took a heavy breath.

“Victoire?” I heard the sound of my name and groaned before turning around to see a familiar face.

I smiled slightly despite the pounding of my heart against my ribs, “Oh hello Ian.”

Ian McLain gave me a lopsided cocky grin and walked over taking a seat next to me. Kara had been putting in some serious time with him before she transferred to annoy Nate as much as possible and I wondered curiously if Ian ever figured out her motives. “Now what in merlin’s beard are you doing may I ask?”

“Um,” I took a deep breath, “it’s complicated.”

“Nothing’s complicated,” he said as I raised an eyebrow questioningly. “You just think it’s complicated, but really once you say it aloud, it actually becomes quite clear.”

“I don’t know,” I bit my lip unsure. It sounded plenty complicated in my head, saying it out loud would only make it real.

“Try me,” he said giving me an encouraging nod. “I know you probably think I’m just that tosser who fell for Kara’s games, but really half the time she only wanted to talk about Nate.”

“Really? I mean, I don’t really know- I mean we don’t really know each other that well and you want to hear about my problems?”

“Really, now tell me what’s going on,” his smile warmed my heart and I sighed. What did I have to lose? Kara did trust him after all, which was harder to do than get a Hippogriff to trust you.

“I think I’m just over reacting,” I said staring out the window to the Black Lake. “I mean really, nothing’s going on. I have no proof at least nothing’s going on, I mean no, and I don’t need proof because there is nothing going on.”

“Nothing is something,” Ian grinned.

“But I mean it’s nothing really. Nothing at all, but still, I swear there is something,” I mumbled half to myself as Ian laughed next to me. “Do you know that new student? Raven?”

“Of course, she was the one to write to Kara about switching schools,” Ian said.

I looked at him with wide eyes, “What do you mean she wrote to her.”

“Well Kara didn’t want to transfer really, I mean it wasn’t her idea,” Ian shrugged. “But then she got an owl saying how they are offering an exchange program-“

“Wait, so Raven was the one who offered to switch schools? It was all her?” I pushed further.

Ian frowned, “Well I mean I guess so. I didn’t even think it was allowed, to switch schools like that, but Raven said she knew people and could get Kara out of here at least for a year.”

“Only a year?” I ginned despite myself.

He nodded and smiled, “This time next year Kara should be back, if not earlier. It’s like a study abroad program but it’s tricky since Hogwarts you need to be sorted into houses, you can only trade spots if you’re sorted into the house the other student is from. Kara told me that’s why Raven wrote her, since Raven had been sorted into Gryffindor. She had to find someone willing to trade spots with her that was also in Gryffindor around her year.”

“Then why not write me? Or Corabeth?”

“Beats me, bloody girls mental,” Ian said making me laugh. “She gives me the creeps.”

“Welcome to the club.”

Ian sighed, “I do miss her though, Kara I mean. It’s funny, we never even were a couple, and she was just a good friend to me.”

“Really?” I said confused, from how Kara portrayed it, she was using Ian shamelessly.

He nodded, “Yea. She’s really does mean well, she’s just had a hard time being able to really open up to people. And ever since Nate she’s been much more guarded about her feelings. She’ll rip your arm faster than a Hippogriff will if you call it a big ugly brute.”

I couldn’t help but giggle, Kara was a Hippogriff, and there was no way around the realization. I made a mental note to write that to her, she’d probably send back some rude remark about my singing sounding like a mermaid above water though. “But that’s why I loved Kara. She did what she wanted and what she believed in, regardless of the repercussions.”

“Well schools almost over, O.W.L’s start next week,” Ian said before the smile melted off his face. “Sorry you’re probably stressed out, I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“No, no,” I grinned, “It’s quite alright”

“But Victoire,” Ian reached over and placed a supportive hand atop my own, “Whatever your worrying about, this nothingness that might just be something, just do what Kara would do.”

“You mean storm over and demand to know what was going on?” I giggled.

“Exactly,” he said as we sat grinning at one another hand in hand until someone cleared their throat next to us causing us to repel apart as if someone had cast a shield charm between us. “Oh um, hi Lou,” Ian stammered and I noted his cheeks tainted a faint pink.

“Was I interrupting something?” my brother raised his eyebrows are us questioningly.

I stood up and looked down at Ian where he sat, “Thanks for the talk Ian, I’ll see you around.”

“No problem,” he smiled as I turned back to my brother who was staring at Ian curiously and dragged him down the hallway.

“Ian McLain? I didn’t think he was your type Vic,” Louis chuckled half-heartedly.

I shoved my brother playfully until he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and forced me into a bear hug. “Nicki came and found me, she said you were upset.” I buried my face into his chest and just nodded as the tears threatened to spill but I took a deep breath, trying to force them to stop.

“Do you think something is going on between Raven and Teddy?” I looked up at my younger brother who seemed so much older in that moment as he looked down at me.

He eyed my face carefully and sighed, “I will admit, Teddy’s been awfully different since he went home for his birthday, he doesn’t even joke around on the pitch with Wood anymore. And not to mention Raven and how she has been annoyingly around a lot, but we can all see how much Teddy cares for you.”

“Then why hasn’t he told me about what happened at home? And why he’s been avoiding hanging out with me, he won’t even come to the library anymore with me like we used to for hours but he’s there, right now, with that, that, that daff dimbo!”

Louis laughed softly and I felt his chest shaking next to me, he hadn’t let me out of my hug and I was thankful for that. He smelled faintly of home and it comforted me more than anything else in the world. “Have you even tried to talk to him?”

“Well I figured he’d come to me when he was ready,” I said pulling back to wipe my eyes.

“Why don’t you ask him, you are his girlfriend, you have a right to know,” Louis said plainly.

“You and Ian make it sound so simple,” I mumbled.

Louis looked away pointedly and I noticed a small smile on his lips, “Well,” he turned back to me, his bright blue eyes shining, “You make it so bloody complicated.”

I smacked Lou as he wrapped his arm once more protectively around my shoulders as we made our way back to the common room. Louis was tactful enough to even sneak me past everyone and to the girl’s staircase to avoid their questioning eyes. I looked into the bathroom mirror and sighed, my eyes were bloodshot and my face was pink with blotches. I splashed cool water against my face and forced my eyes shut, trying to force out the images of Teddy and Raven together studying, and laughing before I finally swallowed my pride and stormed out from my room. If Kara saw me now she probably would have hexed me so I was going to do the one thing I had been dreading for weeks. I took the steps two at a time back to the common room only to see Raven perched on the arm chair of Teddy’s seat, they looked ready to snap a holiday card. I felt my eyes almost fall out of my head at the sight, and something inside me roared with rage.

I stormed across the common room until suddenly Teddy’s eyes broke away from Raven and his friends and locked in on me. The nerve, he was smiling, actually grinning at me!

“Vic, I’ve been looking for you forever,” he started before I stopped in front of him crossing my arms. The easy going grin quickly slid of his face.

“We need to talk,” I said pointedly as Raven snickered next to him. “Do you find that funny? Amusing to you Raven?” My breathing had increased and I was almost shaking.

Teddy stood up suddenly and placed his hands against the sides of my face and looked at me with worried eyes, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

And with that, I followed Teddy from the common room and once more out into hall of Hogwarts. We walked silently together until Teddy grabbed my hand and pulled me into the old trophy room. “I haven’t been here in ages,” I whispered softly but then remembered stiffly how I was supposed to still be mad with him and I dropped his hand to cross my arms once more against my chest.

“I know,” Teddy ginned at me, I knew he was trying to lighten my mood. He walked over to a tall glass case and pointed towards it. “There’s my dad’s name. He was a prefect when he was at Hogwarts.”

I forced myself to follow after Teddy and asked bitterly, “Did you ever want to be one?” I had cried for a week straight when I hadn’t been made prefect.

“A prefect?” Teddy asked and then shook his head laughing. “Never, plus Chance makes a much better prefect than I ever would.” I stared at the faceless name of Remus J. Lupin until Teddy placed a finger under my chin and tilled my face towards him. “Now what got your veela blood boiling earlier?”

I stared at him and tried hard not to break eye contact, “What is going on with you and Raven?”


Teddy POV:

I stared at Victoire confused, “What? She’s my lab partner, you know that. I told you about the Polyjuice potion assignment Vic, it’s due in two weeks. We’ve had a lot to do with it. We even have to take it in class to prove it works.”

Victoire narrowed her eyes suspiciously and I felt like I was suddenly on trial at the Ministry. “That’s it?”

“Vic what are you going on about?”

“I saw you, in the library with her today,” she said hurriedly.

I shook my head, “And? We had to check out a few books for our essay we have to turn in.” She crossed her arms against her chest and stayed stony silent.  I took a step forward and place my hands against her delicate face, “Vic I’m with you, not Raven.”

She just nodded, “Could have fooled me.”

“What does that mean?”

“I just don’t understand why you’ve been so-so-“

“I’ve been so what Vic?” I said softly because I knew how I had been.

 I knew all this time how selfish I had been since I returned to Hogwarts. Everything I did made me question if my parents had been here, had they walked into the trophy room ever, or did they like the same couch as I did in the common room? I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that they were gone now; they seemed so alive in the memories. So alive that I had watched the same memories over and over, savoring every moment and memorizing each detail but I had forced myself to stop watching any new memories. I knew if I allowed myself to continue watching the memories, I would but stuck with the gut wrenching realization that that’d be it, those were all the memories they could leave me. I knew I had been distant with Vic I just, I knew if I talked to her, I’d even up telling her what happened. And I wasn’t sure if I was ready to deal with that yet. I didn’t know how to admit to the fact I was struggling to cope with the loss of my parents all over again. I felt guilty about it; a weight the size of a quaffle filled my stomach. How could someone who had never met their parents, grown close to them, got to even know them, even possibly miss them. I felt childish, like I was seven years old again, crying into Ginny’s arms all those nights when I asked her why I didn’t know the people who shared the same last name as me.

“Nothing, it’s nothing,” she forced a smile and stood on tiptop to place a soft kiss against my cheek. 


“If you say nothing’s going on, then, then I trust you,” she said forcibly before smiling once more. “Come on, it’s almost curfew, we don’t need to lose any more points for Gryffindor.”

Our walk back the common room was quiet and almost uncomfortable, I felt awkwardly tongue tied for the first time in my life around Victoire and she seemed rather distracted with something else and kept oddly silent.

“Vic I just, are you sure everything is okay between us?” I stopped her outside the portrait. There was a horribly nagging feeling in my stomach but I tried to brush it aside.

She sighed but nodded, “I trust you Teddy, I’ve always trusted you and if you’re saying nothing is going on then I believe you.”

“I know I’ve been distant lately I just,” I sighed, and looked down at our hands intertwined, “But I promise I’m going to make it up to you.”

I looked up to her hopefully to see her smirking. “Oh really? And how do you plan to do that?”

“Well,” I reached up and tucked a stray hair of hers behind her ear, “Are you busy after your O.W.L’s?”

Her golden laugh echoed around us, “So you’re asking me out a week and a half in advanced?”

I couldn’t help but laugh with her, “I guess that’s when it will have to be.”

“What did you have in mind?” She eyed me curiously.

“It’s a surprise,” I grinned mischievously. “Just trust me.”

“I do,” she smirked and I felt the awkward tension between us melt slightly. And I took a huge breath of relief and kissed her softly.

“Wood’s probably doing bed checks,” I groaned as we walked through the portrait.

“Bed checks? How does he check on the girls exactly?”

“He has his ways,” I grinned. “Are you still coming to my game?”

Victoire looked at me like I had just asked her to go on holiday to Azkaban. “Are you mental? Of course I am.”

“Good,” I grinned, swooping down to kiss her soft lips. It left me with an aching pain, wishing I could spend more time with her but Wood was stocking around the common room, already in his Quidditch robes eyeing his pocket watch counting down the seconds till the Quidditch team’s bedtime.

“Alright Quidditch players,” Wood called out, “time to pack it in!”

“That’s my cue,” I turned and sighed, but Vic stopped me and kissed me harder than before. An almost urgency was behind the kiss but before I could really tell she pulled away and smiled.

“Next week, it’s a date.”

“It’s a date,” I smiled back trying to ignore the forced smile on Vic’s face as she slipped back upstairs to her dorm room. I was really going to have to make it up to her. I glanced over where my roommates and Raven sat and sighed. Raven’s dark eyes bore into mine as I made my way back over to them, making a point to avoid her eye as I grabbed my bag off the floor.

“Your little girl friend seems to be getting her nickers in quiet the bunch over us,” she grinned mischievously.

“Drop it Raven,” I muttered as I made my way to my dorm with Chance and Nate following after me and exchanging nervous glances.  None of us bothered to say good night to Raven as Wood’s watchful eyes were on us making sure we were headed to bed.

I dropped my bag onto the floor and fell onto my bed and stared at the ceiling as Chance took a seat on his bed and stared at me. “Mate, you’re sort of, um falling apart,” Chance started awkwardly.

“We can’t have our seeker blowing the game,” Nate challenged as he leaned against the poster of my bed frame.

“Right because it’s my fault we almost lost the last game,” I mumbled as the angry monster in my stomach began growling. All the stress of the past few weeks along with all everything else on my plate made my blood boil, I felt like Victoire’s veela blood was pumping through my veins as I glared at Chance.

Chance stood up suddenly and crossed his arms against his chest, “You have something to say?”

“No, I just, I don’t need this right now,” I stood up and grabbed my curtain to shut it but Chance put a strong hand against my shoulder.

“If you have something to say, you should just say it,” Chance forced through his teeth.

“What? You want me to spell it out for you?” I stood up forcing Chance to take a step backwards; we stood eye to eye and glared at one another. “You’re a bloody idiot, letting Nicki go like that. She is perfect for you yet you’re too bloody proud to go for it!” I scream at him. I felt just as protective over Nicki as Louis did, she was practically like a younger sister to me and to have some guy hurt her made me clench my fists angrily at my sides. On top of everything I didn’t need my best friends coming at me.

But Chance stood his ground and retorted, “Really? Your one to talk, you’ve been sulking around like a dementor sucked out your soul for the past month. You won’t tell either of us or Vic what’s going on.  And not to mention you should be the last one lecturing me about girls when yours is retreating like a spider from a basilisk.”

I felt something inside me snap bitterly, had I really been that obvious to Vic? I mean I hadn’t know she had felt so alone until she called me out earlier this evening, could I have been pushing her away this whole time? “Who was the one who missed every shot during out last game but I caught the snitch ending the game? Or almost failed the charms lesson but I helped you by whispering the spells to you?” anger was bubbling in my chest as I glared into Chance’s eyes. Rarely if ever did we fight but who was he to say anything to me, he had no right, he had no idea what was going on with me and my life.

Nate took a step between us and with a forceful push, shoved us onto our beds so rather than standing we say across from one another glaring. “If you two are going to turn into such girls about this I’m going to hex you both that you’ll be in the hospital until school is well out,” Nate glared at each of us. “Chance your being a thick head about Nicki. And that coming from me should be as insulting as it sounds.” I watched Chance frown but look at Nate and gave him a nod. “Ted, mate, you have been off lately. You’ve been ignoring Vic and you’ve been studying with Raven quite a bit, which doesn’t look good. No matter which way you spin it, you still were picking Raven over your girlfriend. Yeah, you two really fell into shitter these past two weeks; Kara is going to get a kick out of this when I write her.”

A sad smile tugged at his lips, “I can’t believe Nate’s lecturing us.”

“I can’t believe you’re going to tell Kara,” I mumbled but couldn’t help but grin. “You love her still don’t you?”

“How could I not?” Nate grinned and shrugged. “I love the thrill of the hunt.”

I glanced over at Chance who was staring at me intently before he sighed, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gone off on you like that; I just, this seems really lame but I’ve noticed you’ve been off since-since you went home.” I gulped and stared at the floor between us rather than Nate or Chance’s eyes. “You know, if you’re in some sort of trouble or-“

“I’m not,” I looked up at them. “I’m not in trouble, I’m-I-,” I took a heavy breath. “My parents left me something, for my birthday.” I looked down at my hands and forced the words out, “Memories of them, with me, before they- they um, yea.”

Silence settled in the room between us until I looked up at Chance and Nate who were looking at me with heavy eyes. “That must have been… difficult,” Chance said after a moment.

I nodded, “I wasn’t really prepared. I just keep thinking about it.”

“No one could mate,” Nate put a strong hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks, I didn’t mean to take it out on you guys,” I said.

Chance stood up and shook his head, “You should probably tell that to Vic.”

Nate walked over to his bed and tugged at his tie, “Right, well as much as I love Raven, she’s still a girl. And girls are trouble.”

I shuddered, “I can’t believe you’re giving me dating advice.”

“I can’t believe it took you both this long to figure it out-actually no, not figure it out, have a screaming match about it only to have me point out your flaws,” Nate grinned, clearly pleased with himself.

I glanced at Chance who threw his head back laughing, “Chalk it up buddy, this will be the only time this ever happens.”



Vic POV:

I stood by the window glaring at Raven as she ran around with the rest of the Gryffindor team cheering and celebrating about their most recent Quidditch win. “Come on Vic,” Corabeth said softly. “We need to get up early to get our table at the library anyways.”

I nodded and placed my barely drank butterbeer on the table and followed after Cora until I felt a hand wrap around my wrist stopping me. I glanced back at a gleeful Teddy who’s hair had turned back to the normal navy color and with bright shining brown eyes.

“Are you leaving?” he asked.

“Yeah, I um, I wanted to get up early with Cora. We still have O. W. L's to study for and um-yeah,” I finished rather lamely. I had been forced to watch Raven gallivant around all evening as she owned the place and the entire Quidditch team. She was currently hanging off of Nate and Wood as they sung that same old Weasley is our king song that had been created for my Uncle Ron. Nicki and Louis stood on the table bowing and grinning like mad, thanks to their legendary beater skills they had single handedly stopped the other team from scoring anything tonight.

“Oh,” Teddy frowned. “Hey, come here.” He pulled me into a hug, wrapping his arms protectively around me. I tucked my head into his strong chest as he rested his atop my own and I breathed in his heavenly scent. “Want me to smuggle you and Cora some lunch tomorrow?” Teddy murmured into my hair.

I pulled back and couldn’t help but smile. “I’d like that,” I stood up on my tiptoes and kissed Teddy. He wrapped his hands into my hair and pulled me closer.

“Are you sure you have to go to bed?” he pulled back and rested his forehead against my own. “I’m sure I could help you wake up if you feeling tired. “

I laughed softly and shook my head, “You’re a bad influence on me.”

“You’ve never complained before,” he grinned.

I kissed him softly once more before I forced myself to pull back, “I’ll see you tomorrow. I expect lunch Lupin.” I winked at him and turned to follow Cora to bed.


Teddy POV:

The rest of the week was hell. I could barely see Victoire for longer than five minutes before she’d be forced back to studying or Cora would quiz her with a practice question. They were held up in the library for the better part of most of the week and when they were in the common room it was an unwritten rule that if there was talking, it was only if they wanted hexes or curses to be practiced on them by the Cora or Vic. I almost laughed this morning when Vic nearly fell asleep in her Shepard’s pie at dinner but stopped when she nearly broke into tears because she had dumped gravy onto her parchment notes. I quickly syphoned most of it off leaving it slightly smoking but Vic wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard to thank me.

“We’re still on for tonight right?” Vic smiled at me as she pulled away from our kiss.

“Of course, I’ll meet you outside the Great Hall doors around 9 tonight?” She nodded and gave me one last kiss before she grabbed her bag to rush off to find Cora, apparently realizing they had missed an entire chapter in their charms studying guide.

“Well aren’t you just a knight in shining armor,” Raven smirked at me from behind her goblet.

“I try,” I smiled as I watched my favorite blond plow over some first years as she disappeared through the doors of the great hall.

“Come on, potions final is today,” Chance stood up taking one last gulp of pumpkin juice before grabbing his bag.

Nate, Raven, Chance and I made our way through the bustling corridor, a number of frazzled looking students looked nearly to tears as they continued to pour over there last minute notes before their exams. “Move midgets,” Nate called out as we made our way to the dungeons.

“Your cute when you’re cranky,” Raven teased as we walked into slughorn’s classroom.

“Oh, I hope you’re ready Teddy my boy,” Professor Slughorn clapped me on the shoulder. “Hope your potions ready, however if you ask me, it looks top notch. Top notch if I’d say.” He winked before he scuttled to the front of the classroom with his arms full of papers than began waving his wand to distribute them to the students as they made their way to their seats. “Now that everyone take a seat and begin the final steps of your potions!”

“So do you want to turn into me or vice versa?” Raven wriggled her eyebrows.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” I said as I read through the final instructions of the potions. I sudden pain ripped through me as Raven grabbed a fist full of hair and grinned.

“Sorry, I’m a little rough sometimes,” she winked before turning back to add the hairs to the potions she had poured into a tall glass. The bubbling swamp green muck turned a shimmering turquoise blue as she added my hairs to it. I watched with slight horror as she smiled and chugged down the concoction without even gasping. A crash of glass shifted my attention to Chance who stood clutching his throat before rushing over to the sinks where he was sick. A number of other students if not all of them followed quickly after him where a few stayed rooted to their seats. One student grabbed an empty cauldron and lost it where another lost it all over the front of his robes.

I turned back to look at Raven, or rather, myself who stood grinning back at me. “Watch this!” Raven morphed my or rather, her hair to long flowing red locks that reminded me of Lily.

“I take it I don’t taste that awful, you seem to be the only one who could hold it down,” I grinned as I looked at Chance walking back to Nate. Or rather two Nate’s grinned at each other.

“WICKED!” the high fived and laughed.

“I don’t think I could handle two Nate’s,” I laughed as I looked pair of them.

“I think Raven’s onto something Ted,” Nate, the real Nate, nodded towards Raven. “You look smoking with the red hair. I think you should make a permanent change.”

“Oh really?” I laughed as I morphed my hair to match Raven’s long red flowing locks just as Professor Slughorn walked over.

“Oh my dear, seems you two have done fine,” he laughed giving us full marks on his sheet. “Mr. Weathering wasn’t so lucky,” he chuckled as he flicked his wand to send our reports into a pile in the front of the classroom. We all glanced over at Mitch Weathering whose face was slightly dropping and his hair was falling out in patches. “Well done! Well done indeed!” Mr. Slughorn clapped his hands together happily. “Now, as the potion you drank is going to last and hour it is imperative you make sure to keep an eye on your twin for the time being,” and with a wink he dismissed us.

Raven continued to change my facial features on her face, at one point I had a cat’s nose and whiskers, snake slits for eyes and chubby cheeks that went well with the enlarged buck teeth and bushy brown hair she had given me. “I beat I look adorable,” she purred.

“A real keeper,” Nate, the real Nate laughed.

“This is so blood confusing,” I muttered as we walked to the common room. “At least Raven can change her appearance so you can tell us apart.”

“Oy! You mean you’re telling me I sound like Nate now!?” Nate asked, well the Nate that I figured to be Chance.

I grinned, “Well it’s rather confusing. You’re starting to talk like each other.” The next hour was the most confusing conversation of my life my head was spinning. “I think I need to lie down,” I place the palm of my hand against my forehead.

Raven, her face was slowly starting to fade back to normal her long blue black hair was raining down her back now as I watched the rest of her features return to normal. “Are you sure you’re feeling okay? You look a little green.”

I nodded but the room began spinning, “I better head to the nurse’s.”  I stood up but the pain shot through my head.

“Here,” Raven handed me a small flask, and I eyed it apprehensively. “Don’t worry it’s just pepper-up potion. It will make you feel better, I brought some with today in case I got sick in potions but you might want to go lie down for a couple hours.”

I glanced at the clock, it was only six, I still had plenty of time to rest up before I had to meet with Vic. “Thanks Raven,” I grabbed the flask from her and chugged down the potion as it stung against my throat.

“Whoa there,” Raven giggled, “Go lie down Lupin, I'll take care of everything for you down here.”

The two Nate’s were over talking to Nicki and Louis who were laughing at the hilarity of the thought of two Nate’s being possible. “Yeah, can you send one of the guys up to get me around 8:30?” She nodded as I excused myself upstairs, tumbling into my bed and I was out before I even realized it.


Vic POV:

I crossed my arms against my chest as I stood outside the Great Hall waiting for Teddy, I had come from my final O.W.L in charms, which thankfully had gone well, but it was nearly nine fifteen and Teddy was rarely ever late. I glanced up at the Grand Stair case just as Teddy came sauntering over to me.

“Lupin you’re late,” I grinned, reaching up to kiss him only to feel Teddy not kiss me back. I frowned, “Um is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I um, I just need to talk to you about something,” Teddy sighed, scratching the back of his neck uncomfortably. “Vic I just, I’ve had a lot of my plate lately, and I’ve been really stressed out…”

I gulped; there was a sudden tightness in my stomach as I watched his brown eyes look away from me. “What are you trying to say? I thought things were fine now, your potions project with Raven is over, thank merlin-“

“Vic I just, I can’t do this right now!” Teddy looked at me fiercely. “Next year I have my final classes; my NEWTS are going to keep me really busy same with Quidditch. I just, I don’t want you to think I don’t have to wait around for me-“

“I’m not waiting around for you Ted!” I felt my voice rising. “Are you bloody mental?”

“I need to focus on my studies Vic; I need to make sure I’m on the right track in my life. I can’t have some girl distracting me,” He shoved his hands into his pockets.

I felt the air catch in my chest, “Are you joking me? Since when have I ever been just some girl Lupin? Even if we aren’t dating we’re still best friends.” I said so desperately I felt pathetic. I couldn’t believe my ears, after everything, everything we had been through; he was going to throw it away?

“Vic I just can’t! I been planning to do this for weeks I just couldn’t find the right time,” he began.

I felt my blood begin to boil, “Weeks, you’ve been planning to do this for WEEKS?”

He looked at me and shifted his weight from foot to foot, “Look I’m sorry Vic, I really wanted things to work out between us I just- I don’t think right now is the best time.” I smacked him as hard as I could across the face and watched him stagger back a step, “What the bloody hell was that for?!”

“You are pathetic Lupin. After all this time, after everything this year your just, you just-everything your ending it?” I felt the tears burning behind my eyes, threatening to spill.

“I’m not the pathetic one Vic; you need to get a grip. How long have you been throwing yourself at me? Just stop Vic, I can’t do this and you need to date someone your age. I’m leaving; I’ll be gone by this time next year, why are we even messing around like this? You know just as well as I do, this is why we never told everyone in the family. How do you think they’ll react? We’re practically family, we were raised together, this will sicken them.”

“They-they will be fine, Harry and Ginny know don’t they?” I breathed heavily, the world felt like it was tilting and I wanted to throw up. “My mom knows, I mean we-I thought we were going to tell them this summer, when were got home.” Tears were falling freely and I hiccupped. “Teddy, Ted, what are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?”

“Vic it’s time to grow up, we can’t just keep playing this same old game,” Teddy narrowed his eyes. “We need to stop kidding ourselves. I just, I can’t do this.”

“Is this why you’ve been so weird these past few weeks? Because you’ve been waiting to break up with me?” I glared at him as he stood there unable to say anything but sighed heavily like he was annoyed. “So that’s just it, we’re done?” I cried.

“Stop crying, you should have realized this would have never worked. You should have seen it coming,” Teddy said shortly. “Vic it’s over.” He turned and began walking up the stairs but I ran screaming after him.

“You tosser! You bloody filthy little wanker Theodor Remus Lupin! You are just as bad as Owen,” I breathed heavily. Teddy turned suddenly just as I caught up to him and I came crashing into his chest. The chest I had found comfort in so many times, and I tried to hold onto it but he put his two hands onto my arms to force me back a step and looked at me hard. “Teddy, please, why are you doing this?”

“Because you’re just this kid Vic, this will never work out. We will never work out; you’re a pathetic little girl who had big dreams that I’m sorry but won’t work. I’m done and over playing this stupid little game with you,” Teddy’s chocolate brown eyes bore into mine and flashed a dangerous storm gray. “You need to get over yourself Victoire; stop pretending like it’s going to happen. It’s never going to happen. I knew I was never going to love you, I never could. Your too much like my family, I could never look past that, I’m sorry I wasted your time but your practically like my sister or cousin. When I kiss you it feels wrong, it twists my stomach into knots and I just can’t pretend with you anymore Vic. We’re over.”

I watched Teddy turn one last time and head back to the Gryffindor common room as I fell onto the steps of the Grand staircase in a heap of robes, balling my eyes out until I felt physically drained. A soft hand on my shoulder made me glance up to see my Louis standing above me. He must have just finished his last final I thought as I sniffed and reached out for his hand as he pulled me to my feet. “Why are you always saving me lately?” I forced a chuckle but my breath caught in my chest.

Louis hugged me tightly and rubbed my back as I hiccupped into his chest. “What happened Vic?” I shook my head and buried my face into his chest as the tears erupted once more. “Come on Vic, let’s get you to bed.” He half carried, half dragged me upstairs until we were outside the portrait.

“Wait,” I sniffed. “I-I don’t want to go in there.”

Louis looked at me sideways and sighed. “What happened with you and Teddy?” I shook my head and bit my lip, scared if I said the words out loud I’d actually have to admit they were true. Louis tried again, “Did you two, um, did you two…” he didn’t need to finish the sentence as I squeezed my eye shut and took a heavy breath. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Louis left me for only a minuet but he came back through the portrait grinning and reached out, “Come on Vicki.”

I followed Louis through the portrait and towards the staircase, the common room was pretty packed since it was the last day of term but just as we got there Louis threw me over his shoulder, then somehow managed to jump onto the broomstick I didn’t realize he was carrying with him and flew up the stairs to my dorm. We landed softly on the landing and I stared in amazement at how coordinated Louis was.

“Why did you fly up here?” I said, almost laughing.

“You do know what happened when boys try and walk up the stairs don’t you? We are forced to speak in some type of poem for the rest of the week,” Louis laughed.

I sniffed and couldn’t help but grin, “Why did you do that?”

“Vic, you might be my older sister but I can’t just leave you alone looking so miserable,” Louis gave me a half smile. “No go in there, tell your roommate’s I’m coming in.”

I nodded and opened the door to see Cora reading a book in her bed. “Vic is everything-“

“Louis, you can come in,” I shouted back to my brother.

Louis came walking in and nodded towards Cora, “Hey Corabeth. I just don’t want Vic to be alone.” Cora nodded and got up from her bed. She opened my trunk, tugging out a pair of soft blue sweatpants and old Quidditch shirt.

“Not that one,” I glared at the shirt in hand and realized it was one of Teddy’s. Cora nodded and I walked automatically to the bathroom and sunk to the floor until I heard Cora walk in and shut the door. She sat down next to me as I buried my face into her shoulder and cried tears I didn’t even realize I had left in me.

Finally after I forced myself to my feet and changed into pajamas to enter my dorm room once more to see Louis lay in my bed staring at the ceiling. “Come on Vic, lets get you to bed.” He stood up, pulling back my covers as I crawled into bed and he tucked the blankets around me. I turned onto my side and tears leaked from my eyes. “I’m so sorry Vicki,” he tucked my hair that had fallen into my face. “I love you. I can hex Teddy if you want,” he grinned.

I laughed and sniffed trying to whip my eyes, “Thanks Lou-Lou.”  

“Ugh Vick, not that nickname,” he grinned down at me. “Want me to sing you to sleep?” I nodded as Louis’s soft voice sang me a soft lullaby,one he used to sing to me when we were children, and I felt myself floating into a deep sleep.


Teddy POV:

“Dude wake up! You need to finish packing!” Chance shouted at me. I clutched my head, I still felt sick after everything that happened last night. My head was pounding and I thought I might throw up.

I pushed back my hangings and sighed, “What time is it?”

“We still have an hour or so,” Chance said waving his wand so his final books flew into his trunk before it snapped shut. Chance sat down and looked at me. “What the hell happened last night Lupin?”

“I don’t know what came over me,” I began but a sudden wave of nausea came over me and I forced myself to lie down. “I feel sick to my stomach.”

“I’m not surprised,” Chance said before he stood up. “I’ll meet you downstairs,” he said before he left me alone in our dorm.

I tried once again to sit up and forced myself to begin tossing my belongings into my trunk until the final sock finally was tucked and locked away. I tugged a dark gray sweater on with a pair of jeans before I tucked my wand into my pocket and headed downstairs to meet everyone. The common room was eerily quite but I found Chance and Nate sitting by our favorite couches. The nausea came over me once more like a tidal wave as I sat down.

“I don’t want to talk, I just need to sit,” I mumbled as I buried my head into my hands until we were told we could head downstairs to leave for the Hogsmeade train station.



Vic POV:

“Don’t leave my side,” I mumbled to Corabeth, “I think I’m going to be sick.”

Corabeth squeezed my hand comfortingly, “Don’t worry.”

“We aren’t leaving your side Vic,” Nicki said to me, and I glanced at Lou who put his arm around me protectively.

“I’ve got you,” he whispered to me as we made our way to the train station. “Come on, let’s sit up here.” Louis directed me towards one of the front compartments of the train and I fell into the seat.

The train ride was a blur as I kept mostly to myself, warped in a blanket Nicki had nicked from her bed from school. Cora sat next to me braiding my hair or reading while Nicki and Lou played wizard chess. We kept the compartment locked and didn’t bother answering it even when there were persistent knocks and shakes of the door from a number of unknown guests. As we rolled into Kings Cross I followed my siblings and Cora in a daze until we met my father on the platform. He was wearing a pair of bright red dragon hide boots with a matching jacket. Louis and Nicki seemed to have some hot gotten word to him as he hugged me tightly and did let go.

“I love you Vicki, you’ll always be my little bumblebee sweetheart,” he whispered as he kept his arm around me while we made our way through the crowd until we found the car. I fell into the back seat with Nicki and Cora as Louis and dad took the front seat. Cora was spending most of the summer with us as her parents were traveling to the US.  I stared out the window until we pulled up to Shell Cottage where my mother was waiting in the front lawn for us. A shawl was warped around her thin figure as she hurried forward wrapping me into a tight embrace.

“Oh mon bebe, come in zide,” my mother whispered to me as she helped me to my room. “I’m so zorry my darling.” She kissed my forehead and drew the shades.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” Cora asked softly.

I shook my head, “No I just want to be alone for a little bit.” She nodded and followed my mother downstairs shutting the door and the rest of the world out.


Teddy Pov:

I glanced around Hogsmeade station for Victoire but realized with a jolt she was nowhere in sight. Neither was Nicki or Louis or Corabeth. “Do you guys know where Vic is?”

Chance and Nate exchanged a nervous glance between each other. “Um, what?”

“Mate what are you talking about?” Chance looked at me like I was mental.

I stared at them confused but turned to find a compartment as Raven came skipping over to us. “Oh are my boys going to miss me?”

We found a compartment near the end of the train as I threw myself into a seat the three of them sat down. “Are you really leaving?” Nate asked her faking a frown.

“Well I might be able to weasel my way into staying a little longer,” she smirked.

I stood up suddenly; all their eyes were on me, “I’m going to find Vic.”

“Mate I don’t think that’s a good idea-“ Nate started.

“Teddy you broke it off with Vic last night…” Chance said slowly cutting across Nate. I looked between them bewildered.

I stammered, “What are you talking about? I was passed out all of last night!”

“Well she came back pretty upset,” Nate added.

“Nicki said if you try and talk to Vic she will quote, ‘rip your head off faster than a dragon if you step anywhere near her sister’ end quote,” Chance said.

I sat back down, the feelings in my legs had left me and I couldn’t support my own weight. “What, no I-“

“You came down stairs a few hours after you went upstairs to meet up with Vic but you- you said that you didn’t think it was working. That you needed to really focus on your studies and that she shouldn’t be waiting around for you since you’ll be leaving,” Nate said.

“I-I mean I never. I didn’t- I mean I thought about it but I wouldn’t. I mean I didn’t,” I fumbled with my words completely at a loss.

“Mate you did, and then you came back and said you were going to bed,” Chance said.

I could barely think for the next few hours as we sat in our compartment, “I need to find her.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Nate asked.

“I just, I need to find her,” I said as I stocked out of the compartment. After many angry and rude words with a number of compartments I disturbed as I threw open the doors to try and find Vic until I finally came across one that was locked. The window curtains were drawn closed and try as I might the door stayed locked. I knocked and knocked but finally screamed in frustration and staggered back to our compartment. Raven and Nate were laughing hysterically over a copy of the Quibbler as I fell into my seat in a daze.

Had I really done that? Broken up with Victoire? I couldn’t even remember last night it was such a daze. I had always had those thoughts; those doubts were what had held me back before. But not now, not anymore since Victoire and I had gotten together, all those ideas had simply melted away. Being with Victoire was like, was like breathing. It was natural and easy and painless, there wasn’t a question in my mind I needed to be with her. At least till now, I put my face into my hands and tried to focus.

What did I do, could I have really told Victoire all those worries I had about us? Before I could process another thought we were rolling into Kings Cross. I jumped up and raced to the platform, watching carefully for a favorite blonde until I saw her, and what I saw shattered me.

Her eyes were blood shot, her long blonde hair hung in front of her face as she walked with Louis towards her father. I caught Nicki’s eye who just shook her head and I knew it. I turned to see Harry and Lily standing there waiting for me. Lily walked forward slowly and studied my face before reaching her arms up. I knelt down and hugged her tightly burying my face into her hair.

“Teddy, are you alright?” she asked in a timid voice as Harry walked over.

“No, I’m not Lily. I don’t know what just happened.”


PLEASE DON'T HATE ME.... I love you all, I hope you enjoyed it! More to come VERY VERY SOON.... and one of our fav people is coming back, in a big and bold way.

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