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Secrets in Disguise by x3CherryWatermelonx3
Chapter 27 : XXVI
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Well, I found time in order to finish this chapter up! YAY!! I didn't think I was going to get to it due to exam week. Since I did, we can celebrate! :D Anyway - I want to thank all of you for your support! Thank you to those who have left reviews and to those who have read all of my chapters! Without you, none of this could be possible! Gorgeous banner by Saranghae at TDA! :)

“Please, Minerva! There are other matters I must get to that are of high importance! Can’t you understand that?”

“Mr. Lewin, there is less than a month before school lets out. How can I let you go? There would be no possible way of me finding someone to take your place,” McGonagall responded as she looked at Bolton sharply.


“I’m sure anyone would be wanting to take my place! You could ask Ginny. She wanted the position in the beginning of the school year, I’m sure she would love to do it.”


“Now you’re just being dumb, Lewin,” she clipped. “Please use your brain! I cannot be asking a professor who’s pregnant to take on two different courses.”


“Well, then, couldn’t you ask Linworth?” 


“Do you carry no emotion for others?” After pausing, McGonagall leaned back in her chair and sat straight up. “I’m sorry, Mr. Lewin. I cannot let you leave your position. You will just have to wait for the thirteenth of June at noon. Do you understand me?”


Without answering her, Bolton stood up quickly and looked down at McGonagall hard. After a short moment, he turned and left her office quickly, the door slamming behind him.


It was the middle of the day, the sun high in the sky. The air was warm with a slight breeze. As the warmth enveloped everyone, their moods seemed to be more elated.

Ginny was sitting at a small café, under a bright red umbrella on the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley. The sun beat down on her back, but she smiled at the warmth. 

The owner of the café brought her a tall glass of raspberry lemonade. Ginny thanked him and took a big sip. She sighed as the cool liquid ran down her throat. Once half of it was gone, she set it down and leaned back in her chair, her hands resting on her stomach. 


Before long, the chair across from her scraped against the cobblestone, and Narcissa Malfoy sat down in front of her. Ginny’s smile faltered slightly as she saw the stony expression on her company’s face. Before either of them could say anything, the owner came back to the table and looked to Narcissa. “What can I get for you, ma’am?”


“Whatever she’s having,” Narcissa answered quickly, her eyes not moving from Ginny’s. 


Without responding, the owner left the two again. Neither Narcissa nor Ginny said anything as they waited for her drink to arrive. Once the raspberry lemonade was in front of Narcissa and the owner left, Ginny leaned forward and forced a smile onto her lips. 


“I’m just going to get to the point of why I asked you here, Mrs. Malfoy. 


“I know I’m not your favorite person, and I’m probably the last person you’d have with Draco. But I do love him,” she said softly. “And I know this isn’t what you or your husband want, Draco and I getting married. Although that’s how things are, I’d still really like it if you and Mr. Malfoy were at the ceremony. It would mean a lot to Draco, and to me, if you two would come.”


When she was done speaking, she looked at Narcissa whose expression hadn’t changed. She continued looking at Ginny as the silence between them continued. 


A good few minutes passed before Narcissa’s eyes grew kinder. Her lips twitched slightly into a smile, but it was gone in a blink of an eye. “Thank you. I will speak to my husband. We’ll be there.”


“Thank you,” Ginny smiled as she let out a relieved sigh. “I really do appreciate it, Mrs. Malfoy.”


“Call me Narcissa. You are, after all, having my first grandchild.”


After those words, the two began talking civilly. They discussed wedding plans, the baby, plans after the baby comes, and so on and so forth.


“I almost forgot you knew,” Ginny said.


“That’s all that has been on my mind. I cannot wait to have care for a small child again.”


“Does Mr. Malfoy know?” 


“Yes,” Narcissa said, her voice suddenly thick. 




Without pressing the matter further, Ginny changed the subject.


It wasn’t until a half hour later when Ginny broke the civil chatter. “I wish we could keep going, but I must get back to school. Thank you for meeting me,” she paused as she stood and said lightly, “Narcissa.”


“Take care of my grandchild. I’ll owl you with a few things,” Narcissa said before turning promptly and walking down the cobbled street before Apparating.


Ginny smiled once more and began her way back to Hogwarts. As she was walking, she began thinking of her and Narcissa’s conversation. Her smile grew wider at the thought that they’d be getting married exactly as it should be, with both of their families there. 


Eventually, Ginny walked through the entrance hall, her breathing hard. She took a deep breath and began ascending the many staircases, taking a short break in different shortcuts. 


Her class was already sitting in class, talking noisily as they waited for her. She stood in the middle of the doorway trying to catch her breath. 


I really need to talk to McGonagall about changing classrooms… she thought before she walked into the classroom, closing the door loudly. “Good afternoon, class!”


It was a few minutes after class - all of her students out of the classroom - that Ginny looked up from the few papers she was checking to see Bolton standing in front of her. She jumped slightly as her hand moved to her chest, feeling her heart beat rapidly. 


A smile grew on her face before she said, “Oh! Lewin, what are you doing here?”


“Did I scare you?” he asked softly as he looked at her under his brooding eyebrows. 


“Just a little,” she said as she stood up, gathering her papers. “I was just finishing up with these assignments, and then was planning to walk down to dinner. Can you walk and talk?” 


“Of course,” he answered.


Before he could say anything else, Ginny smiled at him, placing all of the papers in her bag. She then moved around the desk and the two walked out of her classroom, and started down the stairs.


“So, what is it you wanted to talk about, Lewin?” 


“Here, let me take that for you,” Bolton said as he took her bag, looking for a distraction. 


“Oh, thank you,” Ginny responded with a smile.


“I hear ‘congratulations’ are in order – the wedding and baby, I mean.”


“Well, thank you, I appreciate that.”


“How far along are you?” he asked as his eyes stayed in front of him.


“Just a little over a month,” she smiled as her hands rested on her stomach.


“Congratulations,” he said, his voice thick. He cleared his throat gently and continued,


“I’m sorry that I was late in congratulating you. I’ve been rather busy.”


She shook her head as if to blow it off. “Don’t worry about it. It’s that time of year where professors become busy with assigning homework, tests, checking papers and assignments, not even mentioning the exams that are coming up.”


“Yes,” he said as he nodded his head, “it is quite out of my territory.”


Silence fell between them as they reached the third floor. Bolton stole glances of Ginny every once in a while when she wasn’t looking. Eventually, Ginny looked over at him, the small smile that had been on her face gone. “What was it you wanted to talk about, Lewin? You seemed determined to talk about something back in the classroom.”


“It was nothing really,” he said quickly, his hand running through his hair nervously. 


“Oh, just spit it out. I know you want to,” Ginny said as she rolled her eyes slightly, her patience growing thin.


“I – it was just that I wanted to say congratulations before I left,” Bolton said, his eyes staying solely in front of him.


“Before you left? What is that supposed to mean?”


He cleared his throat before he responded, “I must leave as soon as I can. There’s something that I really must be getting to.”


Ginny looked at him in shock. They reached the entrance of the great hall before she began questioning him. “Have you talked to McGonagall? Is everything okay? Is there anything I can do?”


“Everything’s fine,” he said with a slight smile. “It’s just something that I really must get to. Thank you for your generosity, but there’s really nothing you can do.” 


“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do for you?” she asked as her hand reached out to his arm.


A warm sensation filled his body at her touch. For the first time since the fourth floor, he looked at her, his expression softening. His tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but couldn’t quite manage it. So, he then choked out, “Just be happy, Ginny. You deserve it.”


She looked at him curiously, her eyebrows furrowing. Without her saying anything, Bolton handed over her bag, and then moved into the hall. Ginny looked at the spot he was just standing as she chewed the inside of her cheek. 




After a moment, she shook her head and then walked into the hall, not being able to make up her mind on what had just happened. As she moved down the hall, past the students, she looked up at the table and tried to lock eyes with Bolton, who was talking to Neville. Having the feeling that he was avoiding looking at her, she sat down in her seat, and began to put food on her plate.


Shortly after, Draco took the seat next to her, kissing her head. When he didn’t get the usual reaction from her, he looked at her as he was gathering his dinner and said,


“What? Don’t you like kisses on the head anymore?”


“Huh?” she asked as she blinked a couple times and looked at Draco. A small smile came to her face as she saw him. “Sorry about that, I was in my own little world.”


“I saw that,” he chuckled. “Where were you at just then?” 


“I can’t really discuss it now,” she answered as she eyed past him to look at Bolton. “It has to do with Lewin.”


“Lewin?” he sputtered, coughing slightly after his taking a sip of his drink. “W-what did he have to say?”


“He said he was leaving,” she answered softly. “We’ll talk about it later though. How are you doing?”


He took another sip of pumpkin juice before answering her, “I’m good. I missed you at lunch though. Where did you go off to?”


“I went to see your mother, actually,” she responded as she bit her lip.


He coughed a couple times again as he looked at her. “Aren’t you full of surprises today.”


“We’ll discuss both issues later. I promise,” she said with a smile before she leant over and kissed his cheek. 




They began to eat again, enjoying small talk with each other. Draco was distracted by his thoughts that surrounded about the news Ginny had just laid upon him. Wondering what could be up Bolton’s sleeve now, and what his mother and Ginny could possibly talk about made him finish his dinner even faster than usual. About ten minutes passed and Draco looked at Ginny 


“Are you almost done?” he questioned eagerly.


“I’m done. Why don’t you go to your room? I’ll meet you there. I wanted to talk to McGonagall about something.”


“Do you know how crazy you make me?” he asked as a small growl formed in his throat. 


“Me? Make you crazy? Never!” she exclaimed with a chuckle. Looking at him for another minute, she let out a small laugh. “I suppose talking to McGonagall can wait.”


“Good! Now you’re all mine!” 


Before Ginny could even possibly conceive the notion, Draco grabbed her bag, and then scooped her up from the chair. A squeal of excitement sounded from Ginny as her arms wrapped around his neck. He then moved across the hall quickly, turning to the dungeons as he exited the hall.


“Isn’t this supposed to be night after the wedding?” Ginny asked with a chuckle.


“Who says practice doesn’t create perfection?” he asked in a soft, deep voice. 


She chuckled and kissed him as he entered his office before going up the small, spiraled staircase. He kissed her back and opened the door to his bedroom. As he walked over the threshold, he looked at her, closed the door, and moved to the bed to set her on the bed gently. 


They continued to look at each other, before Ginny sat up and kissed him softly, her hands running through his hair. Without thinking, Draco wrapped his arms around. As they continued to kiss, Draco’s hands moved up Ginny’s back, pulling her robes off of her slowly. Once her robes were off, leaving her in a t-shirt and jeans, she began to kiss him again, more eager.


Eventually, they were lying down together on top of his now wrinkled sheets. Ginny lied on his bare chest, her fingertips gliding along his skin softly as his did the same along her arm. It wasn’t until Draco kissed her on the head that the pleasant silence was interrupted.


“I believe there were a couple things you wanted to tell me, now that you’re done distracting me” he said gently, his breath tickling the top of her ear.


Ginny grinned as she looked up at him, her eyes sparkling. “Tell me you didn’t enjoy it.”


“That’s besides the point, Miss Trouble,” he chuckled. 


“Hmm….” She kissed him again softly before propping herself up on her elbow, her other hand still running along his torso. “What would you like me to share first?”


He looked at her, turning onto his side to see her better before answering, “Lewin.”


“Well, it started after class. He was just standing there, not saying a word. It hardly seemed that he was even breathing. So that was strange, but it wasn’t until right before dinner when things were even stranger. He told me he was leaving, before the semester ended. Isn’t that strange?”


“That is,” he said automatically as he pondered what she was saying. After a second, he asked, “Did he say anything else?”


“Nothing too important,” she said nonchalantly. 


“What else did he say, Ginny?” he asked, pressing the matter.


She looked at him, her eyes searching his before she looked down at the sheets. “Well, I asked him if there was anything that I could do for him because the way he made things sound, there was something really bad he needed to get to. And he finally said, ‘Just be happy, Ginny. You deserve it.’”


Draco stayed quiet for a minute as he looked at her. As she looked at him, a slight smile formed on his lips as his fingers moved a loose piece of hair away from her face. “I don’t think that’s strange. His words are true. You do deserve to be happy.”


Another smile came to her face as she said, “I am happy, Draco. You make me happy.”


And before Draco could say something back, she kissed him again gently. He pulled away after a few minutes before they could get too caught up in each other. She chuckled softly as he put a finger to her lips and shook his head. 


“Those are a lethal weapon,” he whispered. “Before I let you poison me with them, you must tell me what happened with my mother, and what she wanted.” 


“I was the one who asked her to meet me, actually,” Ginny answered with a smile.


“Why’s that?” 


“Because I needed to talk to her. As you know, we hadn’t gotten a response from her or father about the wedding, and we’re getting married in less than a month. Although you don’t tell me, and you try to deny it, I know how much it means to you for them to be there. So, I talked to her about it, and she said she’d make sure her and your dad were there.” 


Draco looked at her, his body filling with delight – the tingles and warmth overcoming him. She continued to look at him, her eyes furrowing as she began to think she did something wrong. As she looked at him though, she noticed that she was seeing a side of Draco that many people never saw. 


His eyes stung slightly with tears as he looked at her. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he tried to push through his emotion. Before Ginny could say anything, he brought him close to her and hugged her tightly, his lips kissing the top of her head repeatedly. Her thoughts began whirring in her mind as she heard him whisper against her hair softly, “Thank you, thank you, thank you….”


A few minutes pass by, Ginny giving Draco the moment he needed to himself. He finally pulled away from her slightly and looked down at her. The gratitude that filled his eyes was enough for Ginny, and as he was about to say something, she shook her head and placed her finger on his lips. “Don’t say a word….”


Without wasting another moment, she kissed him softly before pulling away and lying her head down on his chest. They lied together comfortably without saying anything for a few minutes. Eventually, the two fell asleep, as the moon was high in the sky. 


Hours later, Ginny began to stir as a draft of cool air brushed against her bare arms. She moved closer to Draco and he kissed the top of her head.


“Shall we get under the covers?” he asked softly. She looked up at him and nodded. Crawling over her, Draco stood from the bed. “No need to get up.” 


He then grabbed the covers from underneath her and pulled the down. Moving around slightly, she pushed her legs under the covers. Draco then crawled back over her and lied down, covering them both with the sheets and blankets. 


When he was next to her, and the covers were over both of them, she laid her head down back on his chest, her arm wrapped over him. He rested his head against hers and began to let the silence envelope them so they could fall back asleep. 


“When’s your appointment for the checkup at St. Mungo’s?” he questioned softly. 


“Next week,” she mumbled half asleep.


“I’ll be there with you,” he whispered.


A smile graced her face as a soft moan escaped her before falling asleep.



The week seemed to have dragged on for forever. Ginny had tried to keep herself busy endlessly, the wait for the checkup day driving her crazy. It had finally come to the date and Ginny was the giddiest person in the school it seemed. 


“Okay, class, I’ve come to a decision!” she announced suddenly, twenty minutes into the class period. “I’m going to release you guys for the day, if and only if you promise me you’ll practice your charms for next class.”


A flurry of excited responses filled the air and Ginny released them. The chairs scraped against the stone quickly, the students beginning to file out. 


As the last student left, Ginny followed behind them, the smile that had been on her face growing bigger. She then descended the stairs as fast as she could, her breathing becoming heavy quickly. Faster than usual, she reached the bottom of the stairs and started for Draco’s classroom. 


When she reached hiss classroom, she knocked on the door and opened it, moving inside, she looked at Draco who looked up, his features seeming dark. She smiled at him and he smirked back. He began to make his way towards the door where she stood, checking a couple students’ notes.


“And what do I owe the pleasure of this lovely surprise?” he whispered in her ear. 


“Let your class go early, and let’s go to St. Mungo’s,” she whispered back excitingly. 


“The appointment isn’t for another hour.”


“If we go now, I’m sure they’ll let us in early. Please, please, please?” she pleaded.


“Alright,” he chuckled. He turned away from her and looked at his class. The tone he used with Ginny completely changed as he addressed the students. “Finish up the notes on your own time. Class dismissed.”


In confusion, the students began collecting their stuff slowly. When they saw that Draco wasn’t trying to test them in some way, their movements quickened, and they rushed out of the room.




“I’ve been ready since last week!” Ginny exclaimed with a grin.


Draco chuckled again. Taking a hold of her hand, lacing their fingers together, he led her to his office and up the stairs. As he closed the door behind then, he looked at Ginny and asked, “Are you sure you want to leave so soon?”




He leaned down and kissed her with a smirk. “You know, I wonder….”


“What’s that?”


“I wonder who’s going to be more child-like, you or our child.”


“Hey!” she exclaimed with a grin, slapping him playfully. “I’ll be the best mom in the word…even if it means I am a bit childish.”


“Oh, I have no doubt you’ll be the greatest mom in the world. Our child will be the best child in the world, and I’ll be the luckiest man.”


As he finished his sentence, Ginny stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him. When he kissed her back, she pulled away and grinned. He began to lean in again to kiss her when she turned her head, his lips meeting her cheek. 


“No, no, no,” she said quickly. “You’re not going to distract me. Never play a game against its creator.” 


He laughed before grabbing a handful of floo powder, holding her hand tightly. As they stood in the fireplace, Draco threw down the powder and shouted, “St. Mungo’s!” 


They spun around over and over and over until their feet landed hard against the grate in the waiting room of St. Mungo’s. Stepping out of the fireplace, they brushed off the little soot that covered them and walked over to the front desk where a bubbly witch sat, a big smile on her face.


“How can I help you today?” the bubbly witch asked in a high-pitched voice.


 “We’re here for a checkup for myself and baby,” Ginny answered.


“Alright! And your name is?” 


“Um, Ginny Weasley,” she responded, her brows furrowed slightly. Draco scoffed slightly as the witch looked down at the sheet in front of her.


“Your appointment isn’t for an hour, Miss Weasley,” the witch responded. 


“We were wondering if we’d be able to get in a little early, we’re really excited.” 


“Let me see here,” she said as she looked through another booklet. “Well, you’re in luck! Healer Rodanthe is free. She’s in with a patient right now, but she should be out shortly. I’ll let her know you’re here, and she’ll see you shortly.”


“Thank you,” Draco said with a smirk as he led Ginny back to the waiting room. They took a seat, their hands still locked together. Ginny’s leg was bouncing up and down quickly, and after a few minutes, Draco squeezed her hand gently. “Will you relax?”


“I can’t help it,” she responded as her head turned to him. “We get to see our baby. Aren’t you excited?”


“Extremely,” he said, a true smile coming onto her face. “We won’t be able to find out the sex of the baby today, will we?”


“No, it’s too soon for that,” she answered as her free hand rested on her stomach. “I wish we could though.


“Miss Weasley?” a voice asked from the other side of the hallway. 


Ginny and Draco stood, and headed into the direction of the voice. “Healer Rodanthe?”


“Yes, it’s nice to meet you, Miss Weasley,” she said as she shook Ginny’s hand. “I’m a big fan.”


“Oh, why thank you! This here is my fiancée, Draco Malfoy.”


“It’s a pleasure, Mr. Malfoy,” Healer Rodanthe said. “Well, why don’t you come back with me, and we’ll get started.”


They followed her back, Ginny and Draco still holding hands. As Healer Rodanthe swished her wand in a pattern to unlock the doors, she asked Ginny, “This is your first pregnancy, correct?” 


“Yes,” Ginny answered.


“You two must be thrilled,” she responded as they walked through the double doors and into a medium-sized room. “If you could lie down on this table, Miss Weasley, that’d be wonderful. I assume, Mr. Malfoy, that you want to stay?” He nodded and she smiled. “Good. I’m sure it’ll be a treat for you too. You can have a seat in this chair.”


Healer Rodanthe had the chair move next to Ginny as she got onto the table. She lied down and Draco took the seat beside her, taking her hand in his once again. When they were all set, Healer Rodanthe finished writing something down in Ginny’s file before closing it and setting it down.


“So, Miss Weasley, how far along did you say you were?”


“I am a little over a month. I’m not too sure,” she answered as she bit her lip nervously.


“Okay,” Healer Rodanthe smiled. “And have you experienced any problems such as cramping or bleeding of any type?”


“No, there’s been none of that.”


“Good. Alright,” she said as she took her wand out again, “here we go.”


She began flourishing her wand in the same sort of pattern that Madam Pomfrey had. Before long, a quick thudding sound echoed around the room. Ginny’s jaw dropped and Draco, in a panic, asked, “What’s that? What’s happening?”


“Everything’s okay, Mr. Malfoy, I assure you,” Healer Rodanthe said with a smile.


“That’s just your baby’s heartbeat.”


“I-its heartbeat?” Draco questioned.


Healer Rodanthe nodded her head as she continued to wave her wand in different patters. Suddenly, there was a image hovering above Ginny’s stomach. All three of them looked at the image, Draco and Ginny in awe, and Healer Rodanthe with a smile.


“Well, Miss Weasley, you’re further along than you expected. You’re a little over four months pregnant.”


“How is that possible? I just started with symptoms a little over a month ago, and my figure hasn’t really changed,” Ginny argued.


“There’s no need to worry, Miss Weasley. Every woman is different. Normally, women who are in good shape, such as yourself, will hardly show until at least the sixth month. And the symptoms always vary between each woman. Someone could develop symptoms within a month of their pregnancy, later on, or sometimes not at all. There’s nothing to worry about that though.”


“So the butterflies or small flutters in my stomach don’t mean anything?”


“That’s actually your baby moving around, Miss Weasley. You may have noticed that a couple months ago.” 


“That was the baby all along?”


“Yes,” Healer Rodanthe smiled. “Would you guys like to know the sex of the baby?” 


Ginny and Draco looked at one another, smiles on their faces. “Do you want to know?” Ginny whispered.


“Let’s keep it a surprise,” he answered as he kissed her hand. 


“Alright. How about a picture?” Healer Rodanthe smiled as they each said “yes” excitedly. She then handed Ginny a picture and said,“You guys are all set then. Everything looks perfectly fine. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to owl me or floo in. Okay, so how about we make up a schedule for appointments?”


“That sounds good,” Ginny said, slightly relieved.


“This is about your second week of the fourth month. I want to see you once a month until you’re in your seventh month. Then from the end of your seventh month until labor, I’ll see you twice a month, just to make sure everything’s going, as it should. How does that sound?”


“Excellent,” Draco answered before Ginny good.


Healer Rodanthe chuckled gently. “Go ahead and talk to Patti. She’ll set up the next week’s appointment. Don’t forget, if either one of you have questions, don’t hesitate to get a hold of me. Congratulations!”


“Thank you,” Draco answered as he stood and shook her hand.


“Yes, thank you,” Ginny said afterward as she slid off the table and shook Healer Rodanthe’s hand.


“It’s my pleasure. I’ll see you in a month, Miss Weasley, Mr. Malfoy.”


Healer Rodanthe then walked out of the room, leaving Ginny and Draco to themselves. Once the door closed, Ginny jumped and hugged Draco tightly. Draco smiled as he hugged her back. 


“Oh, Draco,” Ginny said happily as she unwrapped her arms from him. “I can’t believe this is happening.”


“I can’t either. Did you hear that heartbeat? That was amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it before. Or this picture?” he asked, looking at the picture in Ginny’s hand.


“I can’t believe she’s already that big!”


“’She?’” Ginny questioned.


“I have a feeling it’s a girl,” he answered as he shrugged. “And if it is, I hope she’s as beautiful as you are.”


Ginny smiled and kissed him. “I think you’re wrong on that though…. I have this strong feeling that it’s going to be a baby boy. Another heir to the Malfoy family.”


“One person will be a member of the Malfoy family before this little one comes,” Draco said as he smiled down at Ginny.


“Less than a month away…,” she breathed with a smile.

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