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Becoming Parents by EverDiggory
Chapter 1 : Becoming Parents
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 Author’s Note: Enjoy y’all!



 “I love you so much.” He whispered. I looked down, picking the nail polish off my nails. It took me a moment before I gathered my Gryffindor courage and replied. “I’m not entirely sure you mean that.”


“Why wouldn’t I?”Draco asked,grabbing my hand.


“Maybe because you only meet with me in private,and you won’t tell anyone about us.” I snapped at him.


“Can you blame me?” he sneered. “What is that ‘pose to mean Draco?” I whispered, knowing exactly what was coming. I tried so hard to brace myself, but I already knew it was a useless effort.


“I’m a pureblood ‘Mione…and you’re a….” he started but I cut him off. “Don’t even! If you actually loved me you would not even pull that blood status crap on me!” I yelled, yanking my hand away from him. I stood up, and took off quickly. Out his room, down the staircase, and finally out of the large front doors of the Malfoy Manor.


I kept running in my bare feet,desperately trying to put as much distance between me and the man I loved. The rain was pouring and it caused my clothes to cling to me, and my hair to stick to my face. When I was finally reached the long path to leave the estate,I stopped. My tears were warm against my cold skin, and my sobs started to break free. My shoulders shook from the wave of sobs. I crumpled to the ground my jeans soaking even more so.


A mudblood. That’s all I was to him. A useless mudblood,unworthy of his time. “Mione,” I heard his voice call out me. I jumped up, turning to face him. There he was in all his perfect glory,absolutely drenched. I was in a momentary lapse, admiring how fluidly his strong muscles moved towards me,I felt him put his hands on either side of my face, and then his soft lips on mine. “You…are…such…a…dick…” I said,when I could pull away from his urging lips for a second. “But…I…do…love you,”he replied.


When he finally let me breathe, he was slightly out of breath.  He removed his hand from behind my neck, reaching into his pants pocket, letting go of me. I took a step back. What was he doing?


With a velvet box in his hand, he got down on one knee. My hands flew to my mouth, tears already welling up in my eyes. He took a deep breath,and my heart stopped. “I wanted to do this in the dryness of my home,but I suppose now is just as well…Hermione Jean Granger,I love you. So much, I know I don’t always show it,but I promise you if you marry me, you’ll never be lonely. I will love you everyday for the rest of your life, I swear to it. Mione…you’re the only one I was gonna get this right with.”



The memory was somewhat bittersweet, and I smiled, twisting the gorgeous engagement ring around my finger. I sat on the couch in the parlour awaiting Draco. We have been married for only about a year, and I had big news. Huge,actually. I didn’t know how well he was going to take it,but it’s not like I could just not tell him.


I kept twirling my ring around and around when I heard the door open. My breath caught, and my heart sped up. When he saw me, I walked towards him, then hugged him. He picked me up off the ground, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.


“Don’t you look nice?” he whispered against my lips,unzipping the back of my dress. Suddenly, I let go of him, and backed up. “Wait…I have to tell you something…” I said, the blood creeping up my cheeks.  He looked somewhat perplexed, and I grabbed his hand.


He traced circles onto my hand with his thumb, which was unbelievably side- tracking. “Can’t it wait?” he purred, pulling me back into him,and I shook my head. I lead him down the hallway, my breath quickening. When I got to the door,I turned to him.


“Ready?”I asked,the adrenaline flowing like ice water in my veins. He nodded,still not quite sure.  I swung the door open. The wall was a creamy orange, with white curtains. In the left corner,sat a cradle. In the left, was a dresser and changing area.


I turned to him,and he was smiling. “Are you really?” he asked, a boyish grin spreading across his face. I nodded, and he leaned down and kissed me.


6 Months Later…


“Draco, will you put this in the baby’s room?” I asked. “My ankles are so swollen,there’s no way I’m getting up those stories,” I smiled innocently. 8 months in already, they were coming soon.


Draco grabbed the bags out of my hand, and he walked up the stairs. I smirked. Little did he know there were a few changes made. The biggest being the second crib…


I heard a thud, which I assume were the bags.


“Oh shit,” I heard him say.


He descended the staicase, staring at me blankly. I smiled.


“Twins?” he asked.


I nodded. “Twins!” I replied,he smiled at me,shaking his head.


”Holy hell,” he laughed.


3 weeks Later


“Draco Lucius Malfoy….you are never touching me again!” I yelled as the contractions continued. I held his hand so tightly I heard his hand cracking.


He swallowed hard,frightened by my threats.


“Oh Merlin! This hurts! Get the nurse!” I whimpered.


“Why?”he asked,looking paniced.


“Get the bloody nurse!”I screamed.


“Okay!” he replied quickly.


Draco came back with a nurse,and Harry. “Harry!” I said,trying to said delighted through the burning pain.


“Hey Mione…”he replied.


The pain worsened,and I grimaced. “Give me some god damn medications!”


Two hours later


I grinned down at my precious Adeline and Sapphire. Draco smiled too,but I could tell the thought of two babies was already overwhelming.


“You are never touching me again,”I groaned.


Draco laughed,then Harry.


“I don’t think she’s kidding mate.”


Draco then silenced. “They both look like you,” he said,trying to cover the silence.


“I suppose so…”I replied,then laughed uneasily. “Hello to the first days of true hell,hope you didn’t plan on getting any sleep Draco” I smirked.



Author’s Note” Hey y’all,I hoped you enjoyed this. I wrote this in about an hour,just because I was in a sad mood when I began,then I randomly switched it t happy…but I hope you enjoyed it,and I also hope you leave me a review! Thanks ya’ll! Love you!

Edit: Just some of the cursing(: toned it down a bit! 


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