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Then I Defy You, Stars by katti4493
Chapter 4 : The Fourth Visitation
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“You alright Rosie?” asked Cecelia, now devouring her third bowl of custard from Rose’s fridge, “I feel like we’ve not talked in ages!” Cecelia’s belly was now huge, and was now pushing six months. She craved food all the time, and what could Rose do but oblige?


“Life’s been interesting,” smiled Rose, trying to stop Scorpius climbing out the window as she spoke. Scorpius was a little terror, and she spent most of her day chasing him around trying to stop him sticking his fingers into plug sockets and pulling flowers out of neighbour’s gardens, “I think I’m going a bit mad if I’m honest with you.”


Cecelia raised one perfectly plucked eyebrow, and put down her custard. “What do you mean you think you are going a bit mad? Is Uther driving you nuts? Is work really dull? Because if it is just sit next to me and talk about it. I know Julia’s the better listener, but she’s not turned up yet.”


Rose laughed nervously as she placed Scorpius on the carpet, and sat down next to Cecelia. “Celia, if I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone? Will you take this secret to the grave?” Cecelia leaned in, obviously intrigued, eager to hear what Rose had to say.


“Of course I will, what is it?”


Rose inhaled nervously before fiddling with the hem of her shirt, and then turning back to Cecelia. “The reason I think I’ve been going mad, well not going mad, maybe hallucinating is the right word, yes, hallucinating is the right word. The reason is, well, I’ve been seeing Scorpius.”


Cecelia patted Rose on the shoulder, “Rose, you really are not losing it. I’m seeing Scorpius right now. He’s sitting on your carpet.” Rose turned to look at her little three year old, toddling around, singing and throwing toy cars around.


“No not him! As in Scorpius. Scorpius Malfoy, his dad. The day Uther proposed to me, he was in Arabella’s and I tried to follow him, but he disappeared. And then I saw him again at the Leaky Cauldron, and at work. He said he was trying to show me something, but I don’t know what. I don’t understand!”


Cecelia suddenly looked a little worried, and she smoothed her hand over Rose’s forehead to check her temperature. “You can’t be seeing him Rose. He’s dead. We all saw him die, we all saw him being buried. There is no way it can be him. You’re obviously just tired, or stressed. Take a hot bath; it will make you feel better. I can baby sit Scorpius for a night.”


“It is him Celia! I know it is! But I just don’t know why he is here!”


At that moment, the doorbell rung, and Rose leapt up to answer it. Flashing a look at Cecelia that clearly said “don’t you dare say anything,” Rose opened the door to find Julia shivering under an umbrella. Smiling, she stepped in the door, abandoning the umbrella and taking the seat beside Cecelia.


“Why are you looking so happy?” asked Cecelia sullenly, picking up her custard and continuing to eat it, “I’m miserable and there is you practically glowing.” It was true Cecelia wasn’t taking this pregnancy thing well, but it was odd to see Julia looking so cheery. Julia blushed slightly before taking off her jacket.


“Well, I’m going straight from here on to a date. It’s with a guy I met on that speed dating thing you set me up on. He’s really nice, charming, attractive, good job and well he’s the only sane one of all the people I met on that stupid thing,” finished Julia, narrowing her eyes at Cecelia, “I wonder how you would have felt meeting Mr Cannibal.”


“Sanity is overrated,” laughed Cecelia, shooting a quick look at Rose, “all the most interesting people having something slightly wrong with them like megalomania, or a fear of frogs or even believing they are seeing dead people in totally mundane places.


“Okay,” chided Rose, half joking, “I think I’ve had enough of you two now. It’s nearly Scorpius’ bed time and Julia you have your exciting date and Cecelia…I’m sure you have something to do that does not involve you sitting in my lounge.” She pulled them both off their seats, forcing Cecelia to abandon her custard as she marched them towards the door.


“Goodbye then my polite little friend,” snorted Cecelia, as they both stepped out into the rain, disapparating on the door step to avoid the cold. Rose slammed the door behind them; for some reason she was now feeling a little angry. Maybe it was that Cecelia was about to start a whole new life and family with Albus, or that Julia had a date and she was sat here alone apart from her three year old.


Rose sat down on the sofa with her head in her hands. She closed her eyes, letting the darkness calm her for a minute. She had got used to doing this now, and she accompanied this by rubbing her fingers in circles on her temples. But on opening her eyes she discovered that yet again she was not where she was meant to be.


She was in the Room of Requirement back in Hogwarts. The walls were draped with red curtains and candles hovered around her. The floors were covered in pink and red cushions, and there were no way to see the floor. It was all so recognisable, and as she turned around she saw what she was waiting for.


Her younger self and Scorpius were sitting by the door, gazing at each other with adoration. They were hovering together, as if about to kiss. Rose watched heartbroken as her younger self said, “this is the way it should always be, just you and me, together.” She wanted to scream that it wouldn’t be like that, that they would get ripped apart and she would have to wait a lifetime to see him again.


Scorpius then put his head in young Rose’s lap, and it made her older counterpart want to cry. “I don’t know what this is Rose, but this is something so special.” She watched herself play with his hair, the look of joy on her face tangible. The incredible pain this unleashed inside her was like the rupturing of an old wound, and her eyes stung with tears.


“He’s dead! This is just some stupid hallucination! I can’t be seeing this.”


“Kiss me Scorpius, like the time in the maze and by the beech tree,” purred younger Rose, and the wiser Rose just sobbed hysterically, closing her eyes to the room, the sound and the smell of Scorpius. He was all around her, haunting her like a ghost, like she had done something wrong, when all she had ever done was love him.




Opening her eyes she saw she was back in the living room, with Scorpius’ son playing on the carpet. Her son was looking up at her bemusedly; it was obvious she had been screaming. Standing up, she gazed around, knowing full well that he would be here. “This is unfair Scorpius! You are torturing me!”


She ran into the hallway and saw him, his back to her, slowing walking up the stairs, not even daring to turn round and she followed furiously, running as fast as she could, but he always seemed out of reach. “Stop doing this to me! I thought you loved me!”


He had walked into her bedroom, and she followed. Scorpius stopped over the other side, by Uther’s part of the bed, before turning round, giving her a brief, half-hearted smile and then fading away as if he had never been there. All Rose could do was fall onto the bed, sobbing in distress.




Julia gazed at the menu in her hands. She was five minutes early, and she thought that Jack would be one of those people who were slightly late for everything. She did have to admit, that for once, Cecelia’s stupid plan had worked. She had a chance to get over Uther with Jack. Ten minutes passed until she saw Jack enter the little Muggle Italian Restaurant, out of breath, his hair plastered to his head by the rain.


“So sorry I’m late,” puffed Jack as he sat in the seat opposite her, “I hope you didn’t think I had stood you up.” He leant forward and kissed her on the cheek, but to her surprise it did not tingle as it normally did with guys she fancied. When Uther kissed her in a friendly way, she sometimes felt as if she was going to faint.


“Do you know what you are ordering?” asked Jack kindly, and Julia nodded. “I think I’m going to go for the macaroni, it’s always the safe option.” Placing her menu down, she watched as Jack scanned through the menu, adeptly choosing his food, summoning the waiter over and ordering.


“So, tell me, what was such a beautiful girl as you doing going speed dating?”


Julia chuckled before replying, it was clear he knew how to be charming, “well, my friend urged me to do it. She’s all for taking risks you see, and she thinks I’m still hooked up on my ex, but I’m not, honestly. The truth is, my friend has recently got engaged, and I’ve kind of been into her fiancé for a long time. This was just a chance for me to try and get over him.”


“Same reason as me then,” answered Jack, smiling dreamily, “I’ve been working with this girl for a couple of years, and I’m totally in love with her, but she doesn’t even see it. We had one night together a couple of years ago. I said I don’t remember any of it, but I lied. I remember every moment. She’s got a kid, who is the nicest little boy in the world, from a previous relationship, and is engaged to this guy who no one can compete with. He’s the son of an ex-previous Minister of Magic for Christ’s sake.” He sounded very bitter, and he looked away from Julia for a moment as if to blink back tears.


Julia stared at him open mouthed. “This girl wouldn’t happen to be Rose Weasley would it?” He stared back at her, equally as shocked, “It’s just, she’s one of my best friends, and come to think of it, she’s mentioned you before. Jack, Jack Spencer. You see, I’m totally in love with Uther, her fiancé!”


“Do you think they’re right for each other?” asked Jack conspiratorially, leaning in with ill disguised glee, “I mean, Rose complains about him, a lot, about how clingy and needy he is. She wishes he was a bit more unpredictable, and bit more rough and ready! She needs the romantic lead type, not a safe stay at home guy.”


“You see, Rose upsets Uther because she’s too unpredictable! He will wait hours for her to come home, only for her not even talk to him. I think he realises that he doesn’t totally have her heart, and I think he’s scared of what will happen if they break up. They argue and they fight, and if I’m honest with you, she sees him as a poor substitute to the guy she really wanted, Scorpius.”


“So, we both agree that we would be better for them than they are for each other? I mean, we both think they are like oil and water,” asked Jack incredulously, “for if that is what we are saying, I think we need a little plan for them to really see what is right in front of their eyes.”


Julia, for the first time in her life, felt like she was doing something that maybe she shouldn’t be doing; “oh yes, I totally agree.” Suddenly, she found herself leaning closer to Jack as they carefully formulated the best way to break two people up.



I feel really bad, it's been nearly a year for this excuse of a chapter. But Legendary just took on a life of its own, and now finally, with only two chapters of Legendary to go, I can concentrate more on my other stories. I've also sorted out all the plot problems I was having with this story, so I can tell you this story will be ten chapters long! Next time (and this is true this time...Julia and Jack double date with Uther and Rose and Operation Break Up is put into action...

Please read and review!

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