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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 12 : The Kitchens and their secret-Part II
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We left the kitchens right after I was done. The noise was giving me a headache. House elves were very nice but I always thought that more than two at the same time was overwhelming. Their eagerness to serve drove me mad. The corridor was dark. Sirius took me by the waist again and pulled the cloak over us. We walked for a full minute in silence. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable, it was just silence. Then he looked my way.

-“So… what’s the price to pay for your two secrets?”- he asked me. I was about to answer when we heard a commotion. Someone was running towards us. I realized that the corridor was not big enough for everyone and I could tell it was more than one person coming. Sirius seemed to notice that, too. In a matter of seconds I found myself pinned against the wall.


-“Who the hell is running around the school this late at night?”- I complained. I chose not to say anything about the situation we were in because, let’s face it, I was not the one with the biggest self control in the world and having Sirius Black pin you against a wall was… rather tempting.


-“We’ll find out in three… two… one…”- four people ran in the corridor. Four people. Who the hell were they? I looked over Sirius’ shoulder, for which I had to lean a little against him.


-“It’s Josh, Snape… and the Carrows I think”- I whispered in his ear. The four of them were not running anymore, but walking. This wouldn’t have been a problem if it didn’t mean that I had to stay between Sirius and the wall for a longer time.


-“Slytherin scum”- he hissed. His breath tickled my neck and I shivered involuntarily. Unfortunately, he noticed –“Nervous, Naomi?”


-“You wish”- I said, going back to my original position. That is, away from his neck and the ridiculously good perfume he used. Was everything about this boy so inviting? Ugh. No wonder he had the biggest ego in the school.


-“True, true”- he replied. I looked at him, surprised. Had I heard right? Had he just admitted he wished I was nervous? Of course, he was counting on this reaction and he was ready for it. You see, for me to look at his face I had to tilt my head up because he was taller than me. Given the impossibly small amount of space between us, this movement combined with his own face looking downwards left our mouths separated by the width of a tobacco packet. I would call this a compromising position.


-“Why did you hook up with that stranger yesterday night?”- he whispered.


-“You are not seriously expecting me to give you an explanation, right?”- I hissed. I could hear Josh voice very close now. Could they not hurry up?


-“No, I am certainly not”- he replied, smirking. I wanted to rip my hair off. This was beyond ridiculous. I was positive that he was having it easier than I was. I was, literally, chanting to myself not to kiss him. When had he gotten so alluring? What was happening to my self control? Well, truth be told, I had never been in such a difficult position. I guess these things did not happen at an only girls school.


-“You can give in, you know”- he whispered, coming even closer. 


-“Pardon?”- it was a squeak. And I do not squeak. Sirius Black had managed to make me lose control of a situation. I had to give it to him, he was good. Anyway, my squeak had broken our moment. I had totally forgotten about the Slytherins and the word came out louder than it should have. They stopped talking and looked around. I apologized to Sirius with my eyes but he wasn’t paying attention. He was tense, I could feel it. I looked over his shoulder. Snape and Josh had stopped walking and were examining their surroundings carefully.


-“Snape knows about the cloak”- he whispered in my ear so softly it was hard for me to hear it. I understood immediately. If they found us we wouldn’t be able to stop them from stealing the cloak from us. Mainly because we were not carrying our wands with us and they were. I knew it was just right that I fixed this mess because it had been my squeak that had put us in it in the first place. If I were normal, I would said I felt guilty. Luckily, and like I said before, I had evolved past feelings.


-“Do not move”- I told him. The four of them were still not right next to us and I noticed that, even without the cloak, they wouldn’t be able to see us just yet because there was an armor in the way. This gave me a two seconds window. I had to be very quick or else they would notice the movement, but I had a chance. Just one. I put my hands around Sirius’ neck and, with a resolute twist of my wrist, pulled the cloak to the floor. It landed silently next to the armor, hidden in the shadows. Thank Merlin it was too dark to see it. His eyes flickered with approval.


-“Something moved over there”- I heard Alecto hiss. Now this was the hard part. The cloak was safe, we weren’t. I looked up at Sirius to say I was sorry for whatever happened next when he did the most shocking, unexpected, indecent and wonderful thing anyone had ever done to me. His hands flew from the wall to my butt. He grabbed me and lifted me. My legs reacted on their own accord, wrapping themselves around him as he pushed me against the wall. If I thought we were close before, this was maddening. Compromising position number two.


-“I think there’s someone here”- Snape whispered to the other Slytherins. I realized that Sirius could hear them, same as I, because he was a dog in animagus form. Felines and dogs heard more than other animals and, of course, people. It was a common feature of animagus, we developed some “extra” skills gained from our animal form. Anyone other than us wouldn’t have been able to hear the whisperings of the snakes.


-“No, I think they’re this way”- Josh’s voice was closer than the rest. I heard his steps approaching. At this point my body was boiling in a mixture of concern and irrational desire. Everything about Sirius lured me towards him, no matter how much I despised his ego and valued my pride. My determination was crashing and I had no idea how to regain control.


-“Are you sure?”- they gathered in the middle of the corridor. It was a matter of seconds that they saw us now, but it was okay. Sirius’ plan would probably work. It looked real. It even felt real despite my attempts at denying it. So there I was, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. And there he was, his hands… yeah, I had a nice ass. I couldn’t blame the boy for taking advantage of the situation.


-“If you tell anyone where your hands have been you will not use cutlery ever again”- I hissed. He smirked. Merlin, being this close his lips looked even better than they usually did. Inviting. Soft. Perfect. ‘Do it. Have fun. Just go with it’ the annoying little voice in my head said. I chose to ignore it deliberately. 


-“Why are you thinking about where my hands are? Shouldn’t you be watching the Slytherins?”- he said. I glared at him. Although he was making an effort to hide it, I could see a glimpse of humor reaching his eyes.


-“This is all your fault”- I told him. He raised an eyebrow. It was somewhat comical, I mean, people usually made out when they were in this… position. Sirius and I argued.


-“I did not squeak”- he retorted. I wanted to murder him.


-“I wouldn’t have if you hadn’t…”- I did not find the words to say it. What had he done? If I was completely honest, the reason I squeaked was because I was really considering the possibility of giving in. Had I not been so tempted I wouldn’t have lost it. And he knew it.


-“You can still give in”- he breathed leaning closer. His lips brushed mine and I learnt what losing control really meant. I had never felt something like that in my life. The way my body screamed for his touch was almost painful. I couldn’t call it a kiss, his mouth just brushed mine for a split second, but it was enough. Every fiber of my body ignited. I was, literally, on fire. The only reason I did not pull him closer immediately was that I needed to say something first.


-“This does not change anything, you’re still an asshole”- I hissed. 


-“And you’re still an upright bitch”- he replied.




His voice was deep and rush, his own lust dripped from every word. That was all I needed. I pulled him towards me and he kissed me willingly. It was the best kiss of my life. It was everything but caring. I had not realized until that moment just how much Sirius wanted me. And, what’s worse, I had no idea just how much I wanted him. It was one of those moments in which your brain shuts down and all you do is based on your instincts. We were pure passion, lust and desire. I couldn’t stop. He wasn’t just kissing me, he was possessing my mouth and, with it, my entire body and soul. Sirius bit my neck and my hands tightened. I knew I was probably hurting his back with my long nails but he did not complain and I could not do anything about it anyway.


-“Sirius…”- the moan escaped my lips softly. He groaned against my lips, kissing me again. I had never been with anyone so… wonderful. He was manly, strong, confident. He knew what he was doing and he was enjoying it but he was also making sure I was having a good time. His hands cupped my butt, holding me firmly while his mouth explored my skin. I felt it burn wherever his lips landed.


-“WHAT THE FUCK?”- reality came crashing on us in the form of Josh’s voice. I had forgotten about them, I had forgotten about everything but Sirius. The moment my eyes snapped open I wished he had not broken our bubble, because I knew I couldn’t possibly let it happen again.


-“Go away Ripley”- Sirius’ growled. I raised an eyebrow and glanced at his face. His eyes were dark, and narrowed… the perfect depiction of lust. My stomach twitched with deception. It would have been amazing to make love to him.


-“You dumped me for him?”- I looked at Josh over Sirius’ shoulder. I was shocked to see how hurt he was –“You ditched me for Sirius Fucking Idiot Black?”


-“No, I didn’t dump you for him. I dumped you, period”- I replied flatly. Sirius was looking at him over his shoulder.


-“You’re a whore”- he spat. I laughed coldly.


-“And a very good one at that”- I sneered. He looked appalled. Did he really think he’d offend me so easily?


-“You’ll regret this, Black”- he threatened him. I felt Sirius’ grip tense. If I did not stop it they would get into a fight and Sirius did not have his wand on him.


-“Josh, just go away and spare us the drama, will you? Don’t even try to hurt hi… anyone”- I blurted.


-“You actually care for him, you liar”- Josh snapped. I rolled my eyes.


-“Not particularly, no. I care for myself and you putting up a fight here will probably end up in detention for all of us. I do not enjoy detention”- the last words came out so coldly even I was surprised.


-“I will get back at you, Black. Mark my words”- Josh told him. He oozed hatred.


-“Consider them marked”- Sirius joked.


-“Ha, you two deserve each other”- Josh said –“We’re leaving”


-“Are you really not going to curse them?”- Snape asked. Josh shot me a look before replying.


-“It’s not worth it”- but I knew better. Josh had, somehow, fallen for me. He would not hurt me, even though I was hurting him. I was afraid that with all that had been going on that night of my life I would actually find myself feeling sorry for Josh or worse, guilty. Luckily, Sirius was right. Being nice to some people did not kill the bad seed in me. I did not give a shit if Josh was in love with me and, therefore, hurting. At that point, I realized the only time when a different Naomi surfaced was when Sirius was around. And, no matter what happened when he was with me, I was still terribly mean to everyone else. I needed to analyze this situation better, but it was a relief knowing that I was not just suddenly transforming from Black Mamba to White Kitten.


-“I… I guess I can put you down now”- Sirius stuttered when they disappeared. I looked at him, confused. Then I noticed that I was, indeed, still wrapped around his waist and my arms were still around his neck. 


-“Yeah, I’d appreciate that”- I said. He moved away slowly and I stood on my own.




The walk back was slightly awkward. Okay, no, it was beyond awkward. My brains were hurting from so much thinking. We had agreed this did not change anything so why couldn’t we keep talking like we were doing before? I liked being… whatever it was we were before. Then another thought crossed my mind. Why did I care if hooking up with him had messed up our ‘annoying each other game’? Did I really care? No, I didn’t. I knew the little voice in my head wanted to retort, but I just did not allow it. Merlin, coming to Hogwarts had not been such a good idea after all. I hated the school. I caught a glimpse of him and I changed my mind. I did not hate the school. I hated Sirius Black.








When we arrived at the Fat Lady’s portrait I was about to explode. Sure, this did not change a thing between us. I liked our weird relationship of constant arguing and secrets exchange. I did not want that to change whatsoever but I couldn’t possibly talk to her right now. I was having trouble walking, let alone speaking.


-“Night”- she said when we reached the staircase.


-“Night”- my voice was so harsh I didn’t recognize myself. I started climbing up the stairs, cursing under my breath. How could I be so stupid? “I guess I can put you down now”, seriously? This was my fault and my fault only. If I was going to bed in such pain tonight was because I had screwed up last minute. I almost had her. She wanted me. I was about to push the door to my room open when I felt it. One of those crazy impulses that push you to do something you never thought you would do. I ran back downstairs, determined to go find her. Dogs could go up the girls stairs. However, it was not necessary to go looking for Naomi. She ran in the common room at the same time I did.


-“This is ridiculous”- she said, throwing herself at me. I kissed her. I kissed her as if it was our last night alive.


-“Makes no sense”- I breathed between kisses.


-“I think I hate you”- she complained as my hands unbuttoned her blouse.


-“You annoy me to no end”- I replied as she took my shirt off. I pushed her on the first table I saw, sliding my hands up her legs. Her skin was the softest I had ever touched.


-“There will be no living with you after this!”- she groaned.


-“You can be sure, love”- I said before kissing her again. After that, words became unnecessary. The world became unnecessary. All that mattered was her. I would always remember how she whispered my name as we reached the end of it because it was that moment when I realized that Remus was right. I was absolutely and irremediably in love with Naomi Ivy.




I opened my eyes slowly. Remus, Peter and James were rushing across the room, trying to get ready in time. We were usually borderline late on Monday mornings. Why was I so tired? Last night… oh. Last Night. The memories of Naomi’s kisses, her touch, her moans, her body moving rhythmically against mine came like a storm. My pulse rose immediately at the mere thought of what had happened.


-“Padfoot! For Merlin’s sake get the fuck up! We’re gonna be late”- I heard Moony screaming at me but I simply could not be bothered to move. I was afraid if I did the images of my moment with Naomi would go away.


-“What’s wrong mate?”- Wormtail asked while fighting with his shirt.


-“Nothing”- I growled from underneath the duvet.


-“Come on! Don’t tell me you’re sick! We have important Quidditch practice today! As your captain I request you move your arse out of bed!”- Prongs exclaimed. Oh, right. Quidditch season’s upon us. I growled again but the three of them pulled me off bed quite roughly.


-“Oi! All right, all right! I’m coming!”- I groaned. They waited as I got dressed and we left the room. I was well trained in the art of getting ready in record time so it didn’t take long.


-“Now, what’s up with you?”- Moony asked as we exited the staircase into the common room. I, however, did not pay attention to him. My eyes flew to the corner were Naomi and I had been last night. It looked absolutely normal. It looked boring, dull. It was just a wooden table. And then there she was, looking at me with those impossibly green eyes.


-“OI! Padfoot!”- Wormtail hit me on the arm and Naomi vanished.


-“I’m sleepy! That’s all! Merlin’s pants, let me be!”- I complained.


-“I think he needs breakfast”- Prongs said. Yeah, I agreed on that. I was beyond starving. Food was a great idea.


-“I agree”- I replied. They all laughed. They did not bother me with questions anymore so we made it to the Great Hall in the typical silence that meant we were all focusing on raping the table. It was incredible how hungry a human could get over night. We walked in the hall and towards Gryffindor table. There she was, with all her friends, as usual. She looked more beautiful than ever before. She was… glowing. We took a sit next to them.


-“Morning”- Rhea greeted. I nodded in her direction and forced myself to focus on food and food only. I had promised Naomi that this… thing we had would not change anything between us and I knew that my only chance of it happening again was to prove to her I could keep the promise.


-“Rhea, do not forget about Quidditch practice tonight”- Prongs told her a couple minutes later.


-“Of course, I’ll be there”- she said, excitedly.


-“When’s the first match?”- Naomi asked. I looked at her but she was not looking at me.


-“Fifteenth October, which is a week and a half away”- Prongs replied.


-“Who’s playing?”- Meg asked. Naomi looked her way, then back a Prongs.


-“Gryffindor vs Hufflepuf”- he said, bored.


-“Huh, not very interesting then”- Naomi said picking an apple and then putting it back down. I swear to Merlin this girl does not eat a thing! I wonder how she manages to make it through the day. Of course, she had salad last night so maybe that’ll last her for a fortnight…


-“You’ll still be there, right?”- Prongs asked. A little too anxiously if I may add. Oh, great. Now I’m getting paranoid.


-“If it makes you happy”- she replied flatly.


-“We’re going to be late”- Red exclaimed, standing up. All the girls followed her. I watched as Naomi walked out of the Great Hall and, for the first time, I noticed just how many people watched her, too. She really was Queen of this school. Boys and girls stared at her all the same, some with clear jealousy, some with… lust. I felt sick. I had to get her for myself. Somehow, I had to find a way to have her fall for me. I could not live knowing that the entire student body wanted her and she could simply just go and have someone else. The thought killed me.


-“Padfoot, we’re late, come on”- Moony said.


-“You look like you’re about to vomit mate, did you eat too much?”- Wormtail asked me. I looked at him, slightly confused.


-“No, I’m okay”- I replied vaguely.


-“Okay, Padfoot we have History now and I do not think Binns will notice if we’re not there… so INTERVENTION”- he exclaimed. I did not have time to react. The three of them grabbed me and took me with them. I knew what was happening, we did this when we had to have a Marauders talk with any of us. They dragged me all the way to the Room of Requirements and then locked us in.


-“Start talking”- Moony said. They had put me on a sofa and I was looking at them as if I was in court. It was scary. I had designed the interrogation setting. It did its job.


-“I… ehm… it’s nothing, really, I’m just really tired, that’s all”- I tried. Prongs raised an eyebrow.


-“We know you are tired. What happened last night? You came to the room past three in the morning. Where were you?”- oh shit, I thought they had not noticed me coming in so late.


-“I… I took Naomi to the kitchens ‘cause she missed dinner”- I confessed. Moony smiled, Peter’s eyes widened… and Prongs looked slightly irritated. However, his voice tone did not give it away.


-“And it took you… five hours to go to the kitchens and come back?”- he asked.


-“Ehm… we ran into some Slytherins on our way back so we had to hide…”


-“Did you get into a fight?”- Wormtail asked.


-“No. Ripley was one of them and he would not fight Naomi. We had not brought our wands with us”- I explained. They all nodded.


-“What happened then?”- Moony asked, smirking. Ugh. I was going to have to tell them. Could I? No. If I said it out loud it would become real. I could not…  I could not just say ‘I am in love with Naomi’. I couldn’t.


-“Then… well, you know… we kind of…”- I stuttered. Moony smiled broadly.


-“You got with her!”- he exclaimed. I looked at him and did the only thing I could do. I smirked and lied.


-“Yeah, I did. Finally. She’s hot, let me tell you, and she knows what she’s doing”- I leaned back in the sofa and relaxed, hoping they’d buy it.


-“YOU SLEPT WITH HER?”- Prongs squeaked. I looked at him. There was something odd with this situation but I just did not understand what it was. Moony looked funny at James.


-“Yeah, I did. What’s the problem?”


-“Well, what’s next?”- he urged me. I frowned.


-“What do you mean what’s next?”- I did not understand a thing. No, really, I was beyond confused.


-“Are you dating her? Seeing her? Did you talk?”- Prongs stared at me a little too intently.


-“Well, Prongs’ right. How do you feel?”- Moony added. Okay, I was panicking now. How did they know? I was positive I had not given anything away basically because I had found out about my feelings a couple hours ago and I had been sleeping for the majority of the time. Ergo, either they could read my thoughts or there was something else to this conversation.


-“What do you mean what do I feel? I feel good, I just did the hottest girl in the school”- I exclaimed.


-“We mean how do you really feel. As in, feelings for her”- Wormtail explained. I knew what they meant, I was just playing dumb.


-“Do not tell me you did not feel anything”- Prongs said in aggravation. Why was it so important?


-“What is this all about? I told you I wanted to get the chick in bed, I did, I’m happy, full stop. There’s nothing more to it!”- I snapped, standing up.


-“Are you serious? Do you not… want more?”- Moony asked, confused. I felt claustrophobic. I had not come to terms with my feelings; I could not talk about it just yet. I had never been in love, I wasn’t supposed to know what it felt like but I knew. There was no doubt that I was completely in love with Naomi. The certainty of that scared me because it could only mean one thing. If I had no idea what love was and had never experienced it before, yet I was positive it was love that I felt for her… it meant that she was what some people liked to call “The One”.


-“I don’t, okay? She’s just another girl. Now, third degree is over”- I said. They looked appalled but none added anything else so I just left. I knew I would have to apologize to them, eventually. I just could not face it at the moment. It was too much. Way too much.








Rhea had just left to go to the Quidditch practice and Jo was in the library doing some research. Meg was with Dom somewhere and Lily had patrols. I took a cigarette and sat on the window pane. It was ridiculous how such a small thing made me so happy. I looked out the window and saw the Whooping Willow down there. I still had to find out what it was that made the tree important to Rhea and Sirius. And I had to keep searching for Death Eaters. When the cigarette was finished I went down to the common room but there was no one I wanted to talk to there. I exited Gryffindor Tower and just wandered around the school.


-“NaomI! What’s wrong? Is everything okay?”- Lorena and Hannah were walking towards me. Ugh I was really not in the mood for minions now.


-“Fantastic”- I replied coldly.


-“Oh my God, I love your shoes!”- Hannah exclaimed.


-“Manolo’s”- I replied. She looked at me adoringly.


-“Do you need anything? Can we keep you company?”- they asked. I rolled my eyes .


-“No, go away”- I dismissed them. They nodded and left. I was annoyed. Like really annoyed. I had no idea why I was so grumpy and moody but I felt mad at the world. I threw myself on the closest window bay and shut my eyes. What was wrong with me? Nothing. Everything was good, actually. My minions loved me, I had had two boys in the same weekend and I had handed in all my essays for that day. There was no reason for me to feel so angry. I took a deep breath and decided I needed to go for a run that night. Yeah, that always made me feel better. I stood up and walked back to my room.




I was lost in thought as I walked back to Gryffindor Tower so I did not see him until it was too late. He caught me right in time, thank Merlin I did not fall. Geez, that would have been really bad.


-“Thanks”- I said. Josh looked at me.


-“It’s all right”- he murmured. I half smiled at him but he spoke again before I could resume walking –“Are you seriously not dating Black?”


-“I am seriously not dating anyone Josh”- I replied. He looked relieved.


-“Will you not give me another chance? I can make it work”- he said, coming closer. Oh no. Oh no, no. I hated this. I wasn’t good at dealing with feelings.


-“Josh, it’s over okay? Find yourself someone who wants to be in a relationship. A real one”- I told him.


-“Ours was real”- he tried. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.


-“Josh, don’t fool yourself. You dated me ‘cause I am who I am and I dated you ‘cause you were the most suitable candidate. There’s nothing real to that”- I said nonchalantly. He looked hurt.


-“I will wait for you. Someday you’ll grow tired of playing Queen and you’ll want someone to be with you”- he said, smiling. I raised an eyebrow.


-“Whatever you say. Bye, Josh”- I just walked away. I waited for it to come, the guilt or maybe the pity. It never did. I did not care for Josh whatsoever; neither did I feel bad about the fact that he’d suggested I would need someone to love me at some point. I had passed the test; whatever it was that happened with Sirius last night it had not changed me at all. All was well.




-“Where did you go last night?”- Lily asked me as we made our way to the Great Hall the following morning.


-“What?”- I was sleepy. Really tired. Sunday night I’d came back really late because of Sirius. Last night I had been running around for more than three hours.


-“You left when everyone was sleeping and didn’t come back for like three hours”- she said. I looked at her.


-“None of your business, okay?”- I sneered. She smiled.


-“Thought you’d say that”- she pushed the Great Hall door open and I walked in first. We sat at our usual spot and I poured myself some orange juice.


-“So, have you heard from the guy in the pub?”- Rhea asked me. I frowned.




-“The guy from the pub. The one you got with on… Saturday”- she said. It took me a moment to remember his face. His name would never come back to me.


-“I don’t even remember his name Rhea”- I said, bored. She looked preoccupied.


-“Why did you kiss him then? If he’s nothing to you?”- she asked. I laughed. It came out louder than I wanted it to but the situation was just too comical.


-“What’s so funny to have you laughing so early in the morning?”- Remus asked, taking a sit next to us. The rest of the Marauders followed him.


-“Rhea does not understand why Naomi hooked up with a stranger at the pub… and she’s freaked out by the fact that she doesn’t even remember his name”- Jo explained. I looked at them, intrigued. I really wanted to see how they reacted to that.


-“You are quite a man, aren’t you?”- Peter said. Rhea’s mouth dropped open.


-“You did not just call her a man, did you?”- she asked. I started laughing again, I just couldn’t help it. Rhea was way too innocent.


-“Do it like a man, my mantra”- I said. Rhea looked puzzled.


-“She means she can sleep with people and not feel anything for them, you know, like men do”- Meg explained.


-“Oh… like… oh”- she muttered. Everyone laughed. I did not want to pay more attention to him than to everyone else, but I couldn’t help but to distinguish his laugh among all others. It was so much like a bark that it was impossible to miss it.


-“So, what time is training tonight?”- James asked. I looked at him. He looked at me. All my alarm bells rang. There was something dangerous in the way he was looking at me today. Something that was not there yesterday.


-“Half past six”- Lily replied. He broke eye contact and looked at her. I eyed him carefully… yes, the sparks were there. We was still madly in love with Lily. What was with the look to me, then?


-“Cool”- he replied before resuming his breakfast. I drank some juice while thinking hard. I had noticed that since Saturday James had somehow managed to get over my sex appeal; it was almost as if our little moments had never happened… but this morning it was back and it was stronger than before.


-“Naomi, we need you!”- I sighed, irritated, and turned around to see Silvia and Odette.


-“What’s wrong now?”- I growled. I did not like to be interrupted when I was thinking about something related to boys. I hated to be interrupted any time, actually.


-“Lorena’s not okay. Frank cheated on her and he won’t tell us with who…”- Odette began. I raised my eyebrow.


-“Frank cheated on Lorena?”- Lily asked.


-“Yes. He told her last night”- Silvia informed us. I looked past them to where all my other minions were. Yeah, Lorena looked quite bad. I did not give a shit if she was okay or not but I could not have one of my girls looking like that in public. It was outrageous.


-“Come on”- I said, standing up.


-“Are you really going to help her?”- Sirius asked. I turned to look at him.


-“No, I’m just going to stop her from publicly humiliating herself”- I replied. He frowned.


-“I don’t understand”- he said. I did not bother replying, but Rhea did.


-“Lorena is crying in public and she looks like hell. Naomi is going to remind her she’s not allowed to look like that. At least not while she’s one of our minions”- she said. I did not turn to see Sirius’ face but I knew he was glaring at me. I did not have time for a fight, so I just walked towards Lorena. I’d pick up on the argument later.


-“Move”- I said. The girls moved to the sides, leaving more than enough room for me to approach Lorena. She looked up at me with pleading eyes. I was about to start scowling her when something caught my eye.


-“Whore”- I spat. Lorena looked horrified.


-“Why?”- she squeaked. I looked at her.


-“Not you, idiot. Grace. It was Grace”- I explained. I glanced at her. I was sure it had been Grace. She was sitting next to Narcissa and whispering something to her ear and the blonde looked pleased. They had the typical smirk you cannot hide when things happen according to plan.


-“How do you know?”- Lorena sobbed.


-“I think Naomi’s right, look at her”- Lily said. I glared at her.


-“I’m always right”- I snapped. She nodded.


-“What do we do?”- Rhea asked. That was a complicated question. Of course, she could not get away with it simply because attacking my army was like attacking me. But I could not make a huge deal of it because it would seem as if I cared too much about my minions, and that would make me look weak.


-“Lorena go to your room and get yourself looking decent. Do not dare to come out until your face does not resemble a pink balloon anymore”- I told her. She nodded, slightly scared at my frosty tone –“Hannah, you go with her. Jo, find out when and how this happened. Meg and Rhea, I want you to ask Penelope and Letty all about Grace… where the fuck are these girls?”


-“They’re in the library. They have an essay due today and hadn’t finished it so I think they did an all nighters”- Jo explained.


-“When you get all the info come back to me, I’ll decide what to do then”- I said, leaving them. Lily came with me. We had free period first so we walked back to the common room.


-“So, how are you liking Hogwarts?”- Lily asked. I grimaced. Lily knew better than to ask stupid questions.


-“What’s with the question?”


-“Well, it’s the third of October. We’ve been here a month… do you like the school? I’m not talking about… social life, I mean like classes and stuff”- she explained. I couldn’t stop my smile. Lily Evans, scary fiery red head with golden heart.


-“Classes are okay, the teachers know their stuff. Besides that, I’ve been focusing on socializing as you already know”- I replied.


-“Do you have any hobbies? I mean, besides hexing people and terrorizing girls with no sense of fashion whatsoever”- she half joked. I chuckled.


-“I play the piano and dance”- I said. Lily looked shocked.


-“You play piano? Really? Wow, I was not expecting that”- she exclaimed.


-“I can tell”- I retorted.


-“There is a music room, you know”- she informed me. I tilted my head to the side slightly.


-“Show it to me”- I demanded. She nodded happily and I followed her around.




The music room was quite the place. It looked like it wasn’t used very often but it had every instrument you could think of. It also had sofas and small tables; as if people went there to listen to someone play. The windows were a little dirty so the light scattered upon entrance, giving the room a gloomy atmosphere. I felt like listening to a blues almost immediately. Lily sat on a sofa.


-“Go on, play something”- she asked. I raised an eyebrow.


-“I don’t do private shows. Or public shows. I don’t play for people”- I said icily. She frowned.


-“Come on, Naomi. It’s just me. It’s not like I’m gonna tell anyone you can do music”- she retorted. I glared at her.


-“I said no”- I sneered. She shrugged.


-“Will you ever warm up to anyone?”- she asked me. The question caught me totally off guard.


-“I do not think I am capable of warmness”- I replied.


-“I don’t believe that. Come on, there must be at least someone. Will you not give anyone a chance? Will you never be nice to anyone?”- Sunday night’s conversation with Sirius replayed in my mind.


-“Oh my god! You already have!”- she exclaimed, smiling.


-“My dad”- I blurted. It was the only thing I could come up with to avoid answering uncomfortable questions about Sirius. I did not want the girls to find out.


-“Oh”- she looked disappointed but did not add anything else. I wandered around the music room. There were quite a few good pianos and some guitars as well. I took an old Acoustic guitar and caressed it. It reminded me of my mom, she used to play guitar for me when I was little.




Thinking about my mom reminded me of the fact that there were Death Eaters walking these corridors and I still did not know who they were. It was pissing me off. I needed to do something to find out who bared the mark and who didn’t. I put the guitar down again and motioned for Lily to follow me out the room. She walked next to me in silence. How could I find out who they were? It was obvious that they would not go around showing their mark and I couldn’t ask for evident reasons. I decided I would talk to Walter that evening since we had a training session. 

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