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Windows To The Soul by girl_with_sapphire_eyes
Chapter 1 : Eyes Don't Lie.
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It was freezing. The sun was out and the skies clear, but it was still a freezing, early October afternoon.
Draco didn’t know exactly why he came here, just that he needed to think.
He was at Stonehenge.
As a boy he always found it eerie and intriguing. His father had told him how it was deeply associated with magic – you could feel it.

He groaned and sat down on one of the stones, even though he knew you weren’t supposed too.
Things had been getting to him a lot lately, and with what were going on at home he couldn’t stand to be there right now. Sighing, he let his head fall into his freezing hands.

She walked around the ancient stones, marveling at how old they were and wondering what they were for. She loved historical sites like these, castles too. She supposed she took after her mother in that respect, after all her mother was the one that used to drag around castles, abbeys and all those sorts of things when she was little.
She had wandered off from her family and with a sudden awareness of the silence; she realized that she had lost them. Whipping her head around she saw no one, not a soul.
Where had they gone? Probably back to the car to eat the sandwiches they packed, she thought to herself.
With a huff she turned back around. She was about to walk back to the car park to join her family when she noticed a dark blob in the middle of the ring of stones. She hadn’t seen anyone walk past her….
Feeling curious she ducked under the sorry excuse for the railing and made her way over to the stones.
No one was around and she certainly wasn’t going to do any harm.

As she drew closer she saw that it was a boy about her age, with such light, silvery blonde hair.
He was perched on one of the stones, slumped over and with his face in his hands – he looked utterly depressed and like he needed someone to talk to.
With that in mind the girl walked over and crouched down in front of him.
He must have sensed he was no longer alone, because as she was about to say something to the boy, he lifted his head up.

Startled by two, large dark eyes level with his he jumped back, a look of horror on his face.

“What do you want?!” Draco spat, realizing the owner of those eyes was undeniably a stupid, muggle.

The muggle girl recoiled and her already big eyes widened.

“No need to be so rude!” She snapped back. “You look troubled, thought you might want to talk…” Her voice was softer now, full of concern.

Draco wondered why he hadn’t told her to bugger off by now – people like him don’t look at people like her, let alone talk to them.
In truth, he simply couldn’t be bothered to tell her to leave, or leave himself for that matter. He was fed up with everything. So he just shrugged.

Then the vile creature took it upon herself to sit next to him on the large, ancient rock. He wanted to jump up, or push her away from him, but he didn’t.
His father would kill him – maybe that’s why he just remained sat there?

“So what’s bothering you?” She asked innocently, in her caring, soft voice that made her sound like she had the wisdom of the world.

Draco stared straight ahead, scared to look at her incase she’d be able to see what was wrong with him, the evil that he was.
He snorted, how stupid and pathetic he was being! She was a bloody muggle, she had no idea!

“You wouldn’t understand.” He grumbled, kicking the dirt up by his feet with his expensive shoes.

“You’d be surprised.” She sounded genuine – maybe she was wise beyond her years.

“Don’t want to talk about it.” He didn't understand why she couldn't just shut her mouth and go away.

“Suit yourself.”

He finally looked at her, hoping she had got up to leave.
Much to his dismay she had lay down – her back on the cold surface, staring up at the winter sky.
He felt anger course through him. Stupid, Bloody muggle! Couldn’t she just take her offensive self and go elsewhere to bother some other filthy being who would actually give a damn about her mindless nattering?!
But he still didn’t move, instead he studied her face. She was very pale, almost as pale as him, except for her rosy cheeks and a faint dusting of freckles, scattered across the bridge of her nose.
Her brown hair was fanned out like some kind of dark halo above her head on the stone.
Why couldn’t she be a pureblood?

The girl sighed, her breath swirling up in the air above her face.

“I love this time of year.” She stated; her voice dreamy as she stared up at the pale blue sky, her little, pointed chin sticking up in the air.

This threw him off. The girls he knew hated this time of year – it was far too cold to wear anything nice, according to them.

“It’s cold though.” He murmured, thinking she, like most other girls liked the summer or possibly the spring.

“And? I like the cold. I like the changing colours of the falling leaves, the dark evenings and the fresh, cold smell in the mornings.” She paused, pursing her full lips and breathing out.

“But most of all I love how my breath does that…” She giggled as they both watched her warm breath float in twisting patterns to the sky.
Her laughter was fresh and innocent - everything he was unfamiliar with. It was like music to his ears and despite his deep rooted beliefs about non-magical folk, he realized he had begun to listen to her ramblings and somehow had forgotten what was troubling him for the moment.

He was in such a dark place that maybe it would do him some good to talk to an oblivious muggle about nothing in particular. Screw his father and the fact that in normal circumstances this girl was deemed unworthy of being in his presence.
So he found himself swallowing his pride and pureblood beliefs to turn and engage with this young, wise girl like she were an equal. Because at that point he wanted nothing more than to be someone else who didn’t have to deal with the rubbish he did.


“My mother has eyes the colour of this sky. I was always jealous of them; so light and piercing!” After the brief moment of silence she had started rambling on again.

He rolled his silvery eyes, thinking for a moment that they were almost a similar colour to his. Well at least maybe before they had darkened by the evil he had witnessed – and of course the lack of sleep.

“They say eyes are windows to the soul, don’t they? Well what’s that supposed to mean?” She propped herself up on her elbows, glaring at him as if he held the answer.

The muggle continued to stare into his eyes, making him feel uncomfortable and like he wanted to squirm under her scrutiny. He had that feeling again - like she could she past everything, to right, deep inside him. Grimacing he snapped his head away, breaking the eye contact.

She sighed, a soft defeated sound and let herself fall back down again.
“It seems to be true with everyone bar me.”

He could barely hear her and he didn’t know whether that was meant for her alone or not. But he did have a feeling that she had figured him out, just from examining his eyes like that. He wanted to say that it was true for her too. That her eyes were so deep and knowing, he had no doubt her soul was too. But there was no such thing as nonsense like that, so he stayed quiet and continued to watch her as she frowned.

“Why are you here anyway?”

Draco found himself frowning at that question. Oh, I just fancied getting away from the death eaters that are plaguing my manor….

“I like to come here to think.” Yes, that was a good enough answer. Vague but true, it was all she really needed to know.

She nodded in understanding. “I can see why, it’s quite peaceful when there's not a massive throng of people surrounding it.” She beamed and he too found himself smiling slightly. It felt strange to be smiling with someone like her, it was the first time he had talked to a muggle and it didn’t seem too bad. Maybe she was just different, though?

“It’s my mother’s fault why we’re here today. She just finished reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles again and managed to convince us to come on a bloody family outing.” She laughed and he didn’t quite understand, Tess of the d’Urbervilles? Must be a muggle book.
“Ah, my poor mother….” She sighed yet again, absentmindedly playing with a toggle on her duffle coat.

“What’s wrong with your mother?” It was the first time he had said something above a mumble and his tone sounded mocking.

She shot up and stared at the blonde headed boy, frowning.

“Nothing, why?!” She leant away from him now like she was offended.

“The way you said your poor mother sounded like there was something wrong!”

On hearing this, her face softened and her shoulders slumped back down into a relaxed posture.

“Oh. She’s just naïve sometimes.” Her voice was caring and full of love, an adoring smile on her porcelain face.

“How old are you?” He was genuinely curious. She only looked the same again as him, but sounded as old as a grandmother!

“Seventeen, why's that?” She was always asking bloody questions!

Draco chuckled, a husky sound that made the girl smile.

“You sound like a hundred year old wise man!” He exclaimed, causing her to giggle enthusiastically. It was captivating, the sound and he couldn’t help but laugh with her.
Oh Merlin, what would his parents say?

He found her eyes so fascinating that he couldn’t help but stare. Never had he seen eyes so open and dark as hers. He couldn’t work out if they were the deepest blue, grey or even green. They seemed to change colour the more he studied them. Eventually he settled on deep blue with a ring of grey around her pupils, but not before his gawking went unnoticed.

“What are you staring at?” She narrowed those mysterious eyes at him, although her tone was still soft.

He felt stupid and embarrassed.

“Nothing!” He snapped, turning his head away from her and clenching his teeth together. He couldn’t believe he was caught staring into her eyes. A muggle’s eyes! Draco was confused to say the least, he should be repulsed, but he was only fuming that he wasn’t.

“God, you really are troubled.” She was muttering to herself again, but this time it was much louder. It annoyed him slightly, although she didn’t know any better.

He considered for a moment just telling her everything. Telling her all about magicand Hogwarts, about Harry Potter and the Dark Lord. And about what he was, what he didn’t want to be.
For a muggle she wasn’t stupid, and he could always obliviate her if things didn’t go well.
He needed to talk to someone, what was one muggle knowing?

“Is it ridiculous that I imagine this place had something to do with some kind of magic? I mean, it’s so ancient and mysterious it’s hard not to think so isn’t it?”

She was just rambling mindlessly again, chattering away to herself in her own little dream world, but he couldn’t help how she had just voiced what he had always believed, or rather, known.
He gaped at her, his eyes wide. This caused her to blush, her dreamy smile faltering.

“I-ignore me. I’m just being silly.”

He shook his head. He was going to tell her, even if it was the stupidest thing he’d ever do.

“Listen, I –“

“Olivia!” A woman’s voice in the distance cut him off as he was about to spill everything to her.

The girl snapped her head in the direction of her mother calling her.

“Sorry I’ve got to go.” She slipped off the rock and brushed herself down. She stood in front of Draco now, sticking her hand out to him.

“Olivia Clarke.” She stated, smiling sweetly.

He stared at the small, creamy-white hand for a few seconds. Was a pureblood going to shake a muggle’s hand? Surely not!

“Draco Malfoy,” he replied, taking the petite hand in his.
Olivia grinned; her full red lips stretching over her teeth and making her dark eyes twinkle.

“It’s been nice chatting to you. Maybe I’ll see you again?”
Draco smiled back, slightly disappointed. He knew he wouldn’t see her again.
As she walked away to join her family, he felt the familiar, dark cloud come over him once again.
‘I’ve gone mad.’ Was his last thought before he disaparated back home.



Hello :)

I hope you enjoyed that, or at least kind of liked it. It's my first fic that I've got the courage to post, ahh it's silly but I feel nervous?

Is the chapter too long? I was unsure see.

Anyway, let me know what you think? Views on the character of Olivia? Anything really, it'd be lovely as I'm so new to all of this!



Thank you...


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