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Heaps of Trouble by bri_5_stars
Chapter 1 : New Starts and New Friends
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 For three years James Sirius Potter had, had a very fulfilling Hogwarts career. In that time he relished in the relative freedom from his family that it had given him; he got acceptable grades, became Gryffindors Lead Chaser in his third year, as well as becoming notorious for causing small disturbances and troubles for students and professors alike. But beginning his fourth year he expected that things would surely change, at least a little.


Both his younger brother Albus and cousin Rose Weasley (who was almost a sibling anyway) were beginning their first year at Hogwarts. Which meant that all their parents would be expecting him to take on the big brother role at school now, as well as at home. He was not truly aggravated by it, as he knew that the time would come sooner or later that his free reign to cause trouble with out being tattled on would come to an end. Merlin knows that Rose was good at blackmail. Good thing that he knew a few silencing charms.


The Hogwarts Express pulled in to the Hogsmeade station, leaving all of James’ thoughts of tossing Albus and Rose off the train in the middle of a loch back in London. The two first years who had been in the compartment with him instantly hopped to their feet, buzzing with excitement. They had even gone to change into their robes in the first hour of the train ride.


“James! Look I can see Hagrid from here!” Albus exclaimed happily pointing out the window of the compartment toward the giant shape.


“I think you can always see Hagrid, he is so huge.” Rose replied, her excitement at seeing the close family friend more subdued.


“You can.” James added with a chuckle, as he took down their trunks and ushered them out of the compartment.


They weaved through the crowds of children at varying heights, all exiting the train. Once they were on solid ground he handed them their trunks.


“All first years, come this way!” Hagrid’s voice called over the chatter.


Suddenly after all the talk of going to see the castle, the two first years became hesitant at having to leave James behind. It was cute, and something he could probably use against them later in life, but they did need to get on a boat, so James beckoned them to go.


“Go, you get a better view of the castle this way anyway. Besides, I will see you at the sorting in not to long.” James said pushing them both toward Hagrid and the multitude of other first years.


“Fine, and we do have wands now remember.” Rose agreed as she and Albus walked toward the giant.


“I bet you get sorted in to Hufflepuff.” Albus heckled.


“I bet you get sorted in to, shut up!” Rose replied, elbowing him in the ribs.




“Hi there, Albus, Rosie!” Hagrid said when he noticed the bickering children.


Knowing they were in safe hands, James finally made his way to where the horseless carriages waited, hoping to find one still with an empty seat. Luckily there was one with only a few occupying it, his cousin Freddie, and his odd friends. The trio was all awkwardly large third years, who were about as boring as Professor Binns. Freddie, despite being a very, very tan clone of his father; was nothing like him. Having not ever gotten in trouble once… that any of the family knew, he was almost always silent and withdrawn.


“So how were your summer holidays?” James asked them, realizing after speaking that it was highly unlikely for him to get an answer.


Freddie just nodded his head, and the others pulled out and ancient looking spell book. At least he tried.


Just as the carriage jolted forward, a last passenger hopped on weighing down the step as they climbed in. James looked up to see the boy he knew as Scorpius Malfoy. What with the blonde hair and aristocratic features, who else could be sitting beside him?


“What are you looking at Potter?” Scorpius asked.


“Nothing important.” James smirked.


They weren’t unfriendly per say. But being on rival quidditch teams, and hearing their parents complaints of each others families growing up, they had a competitive friendship to say the least.


“I saw those first years. What is it a dozen Potters and Weasleys here now?” Scorpius asked grinning, ignoring Freddie’s glare.


“Close, I think there are five of us now. The little ones, my cousin Rose and my little brother Albus are first years.” James motioned back toward the boats in the distance.


“Ha, I would love to see just one of them get sorted into something other than Gryffindor for once.” Scorpius goaded.


“We haven’t all been in Gryiffindor. But what do you think will happen, you can turn them to the ‘dark side’?” James air-quoted. “Have fun with that, Red would likely implode if she was anything but Gryffindor. And Albus, well I’m not actually sure about him.”


“See you never know, I bet your Dad would lose it if he was Slytherin.” Scorpius said.


“Dad said that it doesn’t matter which house he got into since plenty of great people have come from each. Still if he does become a Slytherin, since I can’t, you WILL make sure nothing happens to him, or else.” James demanded, poking Scorpius in the chest.


“And if I don’t?” Scorpius asked, though looking at James like he was mad, he was intrigued by the sort of proposition.


“I will make sure you are the victim of any and all of my future dilemmas, you will also be the one shouldering all of the blame for it too.” James said, knowing that sounded ludicrous.


“You really expect me to fall for that? How about this, I nanny your brother if you let me take the lead in that start of term prank you pull every year.” Scorpius amended.


James thought for a minute. The castle and sorting neared. He already had the prank planned, and giving Scorpius the reigns would be less exciting. But there was still a chance that Albus could be in Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw, even in Hufflepuff. He could make piece with that if it happened.


“Deal.” James held out his hand for Scorpius to shake.


“So, what do you have planned?” Scorpius asked shaking James’ hand.




James sat in his usual spot in the center of the Gryffindor table. The first years had all been paraded in and led up to the steps before the professors table where the Sorting Hat was set upon a spindly stool.


He could see the messy black hair of his brother slightly above the rest, standing beside a shorter bright red head. Albus and Rose stood toward the back of the pack of first years. They like the rest, were visibly nervous, and James could see them holding hands for support. He looked across to the Slytherin table and could see that Scorpius had spotted them too.


The Headmaster, Neville Longbottom (yet another family friend), silenced the hall of students by standing at the podium beside the Sorting Hat and gave his welcome back speech. His own daughter was one of the first years and he couldn’t help but mentioning her.


When he had finished his speech, he levitated the list of first years into his hands. The chattering of first years and the rest of the student body started up until he announced the first name.


“If we could begin the Sorting… Abercrombie, Phineus.”


A small sandy haired boy hopped up on the stool. Not five seconds later did the Hat shout “Ravenclaw!” the Ravenclaw table cheered, and the Headmaster moved on with the Sorting.


The names had gone by slowly, one child absolutely terrified of putting on a talking hat, had taken several minutes to coax into being sorted. Finally the list had reached the P’s.


“Next. Potter, Albus.”


Albus hesitated, but Rose urged him forward. He sat down on the stool and plopped the musty old hat on his head.


“I see many of the same things in you young Potter, that I saw in your father. You have both the courageous qualities of Gryffindor and the cunning of Slytherin, yet none of his disdain for it. Therefore, I place you in… Slytherin!”


There was a collective gasp in the Great Hall. A loud “Ha!” came from Scorpius’ section of the Slytherin table at the same time James yelled, “Agh!” The Slytherin’s slowly began to clap, as Albus slid from his seat. He looked confused at first, but looked to see James nodding his head as if to say that it was alright.


He made his way to the Slytherin table, the students there looked at him like a hippogriff. An older and intimidating blonde boy made space for him.


“Thank you.” Albus said shyly.


“Not a problem kid. I’m Scorpius Malfoy.


“I’m Albus Potter.”


“I know.” Scorpius grinned, and looked back at the Sorting just as Rose was called.


“Weasley, Rose.”


She walked up and sat on the stool, just as it was set on her head it shouted “Gryffindor!” which was followed by the whole of the Gryffindor table, James and Freddie included, erupted in cheers. She sighed happily, and went to the spot that her cousins had saved between them.


The feast finally began. And it was time for the prank to start. James looked over to Scorpius who nodded in agreement that it was time. On Scorpius’ count they began setting disillusionment charms on small fireworks filled with a special powder that James had smuggled under his robes and shared after their deal. They discreetly levitated the invisible fireworks and stuck them around the great doors of the hall. The plan was to have them go off just as the students left for their Houses. Step two, release the powder that would turn the students the color of his or her House. Step three, get to their respective common rooms before anyone noticed they were still human colored. Cheers.


When the meal had finished, and the plates had been banished Scorpius stood up making his way to the doorway, like many other students were beginning to do. James saw him and followed suit. They needed to be ahead of the pack so they could set off the fireworks.


“Hey, you should come with me.” Scorpius told Albus, having him walk swiftly in front of him.


“Alright.” Albus shrugged.


“Okay, when we make it out of the hall I want you to go straight to the gargoyle beside the corridor to the dungeons. Stay there and wait until you see a Slytherin Prefect, then follow them.” Scorpius whispered as they neared the doors where James waited.


Albus nodded and hurried past them toward the gargoyle.


“You left your cousins?” Scorpius asked.


“Oh yeah, Rose will turn that color anyway when she gets angry at me for leaving her behind.” James shrugged.


“Ready.” Scorpius said holding his wand up as students began to pass by.


“Ready,” James answered.


Suddenly, a multitude of brightly colored fireworks exploded out over the students in the Great Hall. Screams and shouts in panicked voices began all around them, as every one started turning red, blue, green, and yellow as they ran about.


Many of the yellow and green shaded girls were in tears at the color they had become, since it had changed their hair and robes as well. Several boys had found that if they hit some one of a different color their own color would rub of on them, creating almost a fun game that the also powder covered professors had to sort out. James could see Rose angrily pushing her way towards the doors, looking like bloody murder.


It had become utter chaos, that James considered could be rather helpful if the point were to be organized. No need getting lost when your House Prefects were the same color as you. Both he and Scorpius had been protected by a charm, and were now vulnerable to being caught as the culprits.


“Now…” James began.


“Now we run!” Scorpius replied leading the way quickly out of the hall.


“James Potter I know it was you!” called an angry old voice.


“Filch, go!” Scorpius shouted.


He led the way down a main corridor, and toward the first door he was met with. They slowed on approach, catching their breath James looked around.


“Where are we going?”


“Well we are running into a dead end where I am gonna have a brilliant plan that basically involves not being in one.” Scorpius replied opening the door.


“You know who’s office this is right, mate?” James asked.


“Dear Merlin.”


“We are actually in Filch’s office, so what is your brilliant plan?”


Scorpius was uncertain for a moment, then the sound of footsteps drew closer. They had left the door open which was a clear sign that they were there.


“I’ll get you this time boy! I know you are in there.” Filch’s voice called.


“We are done for.” Scorpius submitted, quickly beginning to regret his decision to hide in an office.


“No we aren’t.” James whispered. He pulled a shiny fabric out from under his shirt and threw it over their heads, he then pulled them behind the open door.


They could here Filch enter the office by his raspy breathing. He walked around, searching for them. Confused, he looked frantically about even straight at them with out seeing them.


“What the..” Scorpius whispered before James clapped a hand over his mouth.


“Hmph. Sneaky blighter.” Filch muttered angrily and limped out of the office.


When James was sure that he was gone, he took the fabric off of them.


“What is that?” Scorpius asked admiring the cloth.


“Invisibility cloak. Thought it would come in handy.” James smirked.


“That’s a good safety net. If I had one of those before, I would have been doing this a long time ago.”


“Better late than never. Partners?” James asked, holding out his hand once again.


“Partners.” Scorpius agreed shaking his hand.


“Lets get this moving then. Cheers!”


A/N: Hi, thank you for reading! I wrote this for Singularity's ~The Doctor Who Quote Challenge~ Woohoo! So this is a prequel to TroubleMakers, and a pre-prequel to my ScoRose, Something About A Witch. I hope you liked this even though I am not entirely happy with it. Somethings feel a bit off. But what ever it was fun to write. Anyway, thank you for reading, and please review regardless of what you thought of it! Thank you!! :D 

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Heaps of Trouble: New Starts and New Friends


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